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 Covid Summit webinar (May 23 2021)

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Ivermectin use in Zimbabwe – Dr. Jackie Stone

  • Hit hard, hit early, hit with combination therapy
  • Almost tenfold reduction in mortality
  • No further deaths in their hospital after adding Ivermectin to treatment protocol
  • Improvement in oxygen saturation and circulation within 12 hours
  • 95% of patients who need to go to hospital are managed at home
  • Lockdown not effective in bringing numbers down
  • Immediate drop in COVID deaths once Ivermectin became widely available

Early to treat, early to cure – Dr. Sabine Hazan

  • Conducted the first placebo controlled clinical trials on Ivermectin
  • Several cases of high risk patients on the verge of hospitalisation improving within hours after Ivermectin
  • Over a hundred patients with oxygen saturation between 73% and 90% recovered
  • The two patients that refused Ivermectin passed away
  • The importance of combination therapy

Ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment in Peru – Dr. David Scheim

  • 14-fold reduction in nationwide excess deaths
  • 13-fold increase in deaths after Ivermectin use restricted
  • Excess deaths by Ivermectin distribution: maximal: -86%, medium: -70%, minimal: -25%
  • Sharp drops 1-11 days after Ivermectin distribution in states with maximal Ivermectin distribution, except 2 states
  • Confounding effects, including lockdown effects were ruled out
  • Study in hamsters reduced severity of symptoms by two-thirds with low doses of Ivermectin
  • Study in mice with related virus cut viral load by 50%
  • On 20 randomized controlled trials (RCT), pooled mortality showed 78% reduction in mortality
  • On the RCT with the highest dose of Ivermectin, there was a 92% reduction in mortality
  • A single low dose of Ivermectin yielded 50% reduction in symptoms
  • Explanation on the biological mechanism of Ivermectin

World data – Dr. Jennifer Hibberd

  • India – Data detailing how and why the outbreak spread in India
  • India – New variants of concern detected where AstraZeneca vaccinations implemented
  • India – Cases peaked a week after the Ivermectin protocol was implemented
  • India – Sharp drops in states where Ivermectin protocol was implemented
  • India – In states where Ivermectin was withdrawn from the protocol, cases continued to sharply rise
  • Peru – Sharp drop after Ivermectin, and sharp rise after Ivermectin limited
  • Mexico – In Mexico city trial shows 76% reduction in hospitalization
  • Mexico – Results in more than 200,000 patients showed 73% reduction in severe symptoms
  • Mexico – Implemented nationwide, 18 consecutive weeks of case reductions
  • Mexico – Cases are now at lowest level since the pandemic began
  • Mexico – Excess deaths follow the same pattern as the cases
  • Mexico – Recent data shows that Mexico has COVID-19 under control and Ivermectin was the main driving force

Ivermectin as a prophylaxis and treatment – Dr. Lucy Kerr

  • Detail how SARS‑CoV‑2 infects the cells: ACE2 receptors, lungs, inflammatory storm, immune system
  • Ivermectin blocks the virus from docking into the ACE-2 receptors
  • Ivermectin prevents entry to the nucleus and replication
  • Ivermectin inactivates hypertoxic proteins
  • 52 proteins related to the virus are regulated and inactivated by Ivermectin
  • Ivermectin has potent, broad spectrum antiviral properties
  • Ivermectin has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immunity modulation properties
  • Ivermectin is beneficial in all phases of the disease
  • Prophylactic protocols for COVID-19
  • Ivermectin is safe and cheap. Safety has been proven over billions of doses, no significant side effects
  • Vaccines targeting the spike protein may introduce mutations, where Ivermectin does not
  • Vaccines safety is still unknown
  • 54% fewer cases, 72% fewer deaths 30 days after introduction of Ivermectin
  • The low vaccination rates can not explain the reduction in cases/deaths

In-vitro investigations of Ivermectin as an anti-viral agent – Dr. Kylie M. Wagstaff

  • Ivermectin has anti-viral activity in-vitro against a range of viruses
  • Effective in-vitro against dozens of viruses, e.g. SARS‑CoV‑2, West Nile Virus, Zika, Dengue
  • 48 hours after Ivermectin there was no substantial viral RNA in-vitro
  • Why the high in-vitro dosage on monkey kidney cells isn’t applicable in clinical use
  • The likely mechanism of how Ivermectin works
  • Ivermectin has a prophylactic potential
  • Smaller repeated doses seems to be more effective than a single larger dose

Sharing evidence on Ivermectin – Dr. Tess Lawrie

  • The role of researchers and biomedical journals
  • On 2015, the WHO along with its stakeholders agreed on norms regarding data sharing in health emergencies
  • These norms were not followed during the current pandemic
  • By January 2021, there were 15 RCTs showing positive results from Ivermectin from low and middle income countries.
  • There was systemic denigration of the quality of the studies
  • Systemic hindrances to publication
  • Systemic disinformation and censorship from big pharma and big tech
  • Ivermectin has evidence at every level of the evidence pyramid
  • Meta-analyses which are the top of the evidence pyramid, show 62% reduction in deaths
  • Meta-analysis shows 67% reductions, 90% reduction in death used early in mild/moderate disease with high certainty
  • Honduras – data shows a big drop in the case fatality rate weeks after Ivermectin treatment started
  • Honduras – when cases rised in June, Ivermectin was delivered to the sick and their contacts. Rates have remained low since
  • Mexico City – 200,000 participants were dispensed with medical kits. 52%-72% less hospitalization.
  • Authorities that have approved experimental treatments without safety data.
  • The same authorities rejected safe and effective medicines such as Ivermectin
  • Ivermectin is a WHO essential medicine. Over 3.7 billions doses have been given over three decades.
  • Ivermectin has orders of magnitude less deaths and adverse events compared to Remdesivir and the vaccines.
  • The pharma companies were one of the few who gained from the pandemic, almost everyone else lost.
  • The leading media companies agreed to promote the global vaccine rollout. This led to media silence on early treatments.
  • Big tech has censored and spread disinformation about doctors who presented evidence of early treatment

Closing keynote – Dr. Colleen Aldous

  • Global health authorities were always behind the curve – human to human transmission, asymptomatic transmission, airborne spread, etc.
  • These delays increased the scale of the pandemic and cost countless lives
  • Global and national bodies are slow to review and accept evidence
  • The dominant medical paradigms are ill suited to pandemics
  • There is more than enough compelling evidence
  • The right to health and life is denied for everyone
  • We need to combat the pandemic in every way. Vaccines on their own aren’t enough
  • Many countries are working past the current recommendations
  • Ivermectin is safe, effective, low cost, and easily distributed
  • Ivermectin brings hope
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