‘Father, I’m not afraid of the virus, I’m afraid of the government’ (Fr. Daniel Nolan)

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Fr. Daniel Nolan’s “Vaccination Series” … or rather “Don’t get Vaccinated” Series.

Fr. Daniel Nolan discusses the problem of atheistic fear and the need for people to be vaccinated against it. We need to put our trust in God.

Get Vaccinated against ‘Fear’

Sept 27, 2021 | YouTube | CourageousClergy

  1. All of us is going to die someday. Death is not to be feared. Only an unprepared-for death. Being caught ‘unready’ to leave this world and enter the next. If we are prepared properly for death at any moment, I would have an unshakeable peace. That’s the true ‘vaccine’ – that’s the true ‘antidote to fear’.
  2. In the world today we’re seeing an excessive fear of death. It implies a lack of trust in God, and a misunderstanding of what’s really important. An ‘inversion’ of Goods. It seems everything these days is about ‘survival’. We have to ‘save ourselves’ from this pandemic, everything is all about this life and this life only. Even the ancient pagans recognized that somethings are more important than life.
    • ‘A country must preserve itself, but not at the expense of it’s honour”
    • Honour, Integrity, Purity – those used to be worth sacrifice ones life for, but no longer.
  3. What you put into something is what you get out of it. The whole way this pandemic has been handled has been “be afraid of death as much as possible” is the message we’re getting.
  4. We have a problem when the church is just going-along with what the world says, there’s an implicit ‘atheism’ there, an implicit lack of trust in God. This is a great teaching opportunity for the church to tell the world “you don’t have the right attitude about death, sickness, and viruses, and so on”.
  5. Many are saying to me, Father, I’m not afraid of the virus, I’m afraid of the vaccine, I’m afraid of the government, I’m afraid of losing my job, I’m afraid of the governments campaign of fear against the unvaccinated. These are legitimate fears.
  6. Fear can be debilitating, fear can remove reasoning capabilities. If you keep adding fear, you can end up with panic, and panic removes the ability to reason. It’s clear to me that that’s what governments are trying to induce in citizens; elevating fear-responses so they stop thinking for themselves.
  7. How do we not fall into that trap?
    • Vaccinate yourselves against fear. I want you to get vaccinated ‘with attitude’.
    • Fear is the wrong attitude about danger: ‘I fear something obsessively – I don’t have the right mindset, I’m not approaching it properly’.
    • If you approach danger, if you approach something fearful, with the right attitude, you won’t be excessively afraid.
  8. The right attitude is not what the government has told us – ‘sit there cowering in your rooms in lockdown, waiting for the government to save you with a vaccine‘.
  9. There’s a right way and a wrong way to handle fear.
    • If there’s a virus, that is attacking me, I’m going to work on my health, I’m going to ‘do something about it’. If a virus is attacking me, I’m going to attack the virus.
    • That’s the attitude that you want to have.
  10. An attitude of ‘not being a victim’, but doing something pro-active.
    • What does God want me to do, what’s the proper course of action?
  11. The same with anything – if I’m afraid of losing my job, well, what am I going to do?
    • Sit there and get fired? Or, investigate the law:
      • what are the rights of my employer?
      • what are my rights?
      • what does the law say?
      • what can I do?
      • what action can I take?
      • can I look for a different job?
      • can I become the guy so valuable they can’t afford to fire me?
    • It doesn’t matter what you come to, it’s the attitude that’s important.
    • The attitude of “I’m going to do something”.
  12. There’s a properly ‘super-naturally’ response to fear as well. Because what happens when despite my best-efforts, I do get fired. I do get the virus. The “thing that I’m afraid of” – what if it does happen? What now? Supernatural attitude. Because God always does one of two things
    • Either God will prevent evil from happening to us.
    • Or, if evil does happen to us, he will give us the grace to deal with it well.
  13. God does not want evil to happen. God permits evil, because he knows he can draw a greater good out of it. Anything outside of my control, is in God’s control, and what God permits happens, that’s his will for me. God’s will is whatever’s happening to me in life right now.
    • People say “If I just knew I was doing God’s will , I’d be happy, I’d be safe, whatever. This is God’s will: What you can’t control.
    • So what does he want, he wants us to develop the virtues.
      • How can we be patient if there’s nothing to frustrate us?
      • How can we be courageous if there’s no fear to overcome?
      • How we can be faithful if there’s nothing to try our faith?
    • It’s not the evil, it’s the virtue behind it.
  14. That is what God wants for us and he always gives us the grace to achieve it. Sanctity is everyday stuff.
  15. We complain about the state of the world. God always knew this was going to happen. He knew that we’d be alive in these times. He knew this pandemic was coming. From all eternity he saw that. He chose us to be here at this time. This is our vocation. To live in these time of chaos. Our prayers and our efforts are very, very needed. But it’s not a fearful-praying. It’s not a worry, there’s no anxiety, God is in control.
  16. So what’s God’s plan? How is God going to get us out of ‘this’ mess? Well it’s unwise to question God or wonder what God’s thinking, but we can if we look to the past. How did God defeat Satan before? What was the ultimate defeat of Satan? Satan getting what he wanted.
    • The Messiah came down to earth to save mankind. Satan was like ‘no, I’m going to defeat the Messiah”. Satan successfully killed the Messiah. Satan got exactly what he wanted. Satan fulfilled his plan perfectly, and that was also God’s plan. Satan’s victory, was also his defeat.
    • Very often that is how God defeats evil, that is how God defeats wickedness, is by letting them fulfil their plans – you go ahead and do what you want, and that will be your defeat.
  17. That was the first of my vaccination sermons, I’m going to give you booster shots in later sermons.
  18. It doesn’t matter what is on the outside of me – it matters what’s on the inside If we have the indwelling of the trinity within ourselves, what are we possibly afraid of? Either God will avert the disaster, or if it comes, I will receive the grace to deal with it. Those are our options, that’s our promise. Be invincible in your faith, be invincible in your courage, we have everything we need, there’s nothing to worry about.

Fr. Daniel Nolan was home-school educated, and then entered the US Naval Academy. 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. Infantry officer stationed in NC, deployed to Okinawa, Cuba, Kuwait, Iraq, and the Republic of Georgia. Assigned to Oklahoma City Military Entrance Processing Station in 2004, and separated from the military in 2006 as a captain and entered the seminary in the fall of 2007. (read more)

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