Leviticus “Put to Death without fail”… this is a BIBLE?? [Conspiracy]

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Leviticus So… this photo just popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. Lots of religious supporters for this “Put to death” idea. I can’t believe this is a “Bible”? You think your saviour would actually suggest this? Or do you think maybe.. possibly.. your bible has been ‘meddled’ with by those with their own fears/judgements/biases at the time, or more likely – for their own agenda.

If you are reading or blindly following anything that promotes hatred, evil, death, murder, war.. etc. you are never going to part of the solution to that which ails the world, you are part of the ’cause’.

If this is truly in some kind of bible people follow – it could’ve only been written by evil & not from someone who wants anything but to instil “fear” into their ‘slaves’ for their own purposes.

Wake up. The people do need to rise up, but not “against” anything. All the answers come from within. Not from a book that has been poisoned by men (or other beings) who re-published, re-wrote and edited-out words that you never heard with your own ears – you got ‘their interpretation’, with their own prejudices, judgement, fears, and “agenda”.

The only thing you can trust is your inner instincts – the one that is innately there to tell you DO NO HARM, DO NOT KILL, DO NOT FEAR.

If you have not personally experienced “God” / tapped into “Source”, witnessed a “Oneness” with all that has been created.. a pure love for humanity and gratitude for all that is.. then it’s some kind of belief that has been instilled in you where you miss out on that being any part of your reality. It’s stolen from you from religious-editing, educational institutions, government, & “social” conditioning.

If you did, you would never hear “they must die” – those words have “man” “evil” “demon” “darkness” “fear” written all over it. Only pure love for us and ‘from’ us comes from an experience with the ‘divine’. Your fear & brainwashing clouds your judgement. You are a slave. Running on auto-pilot. Running a program that was instilled in the people generations ago – you are kept suppressed. Kept oppressed. Kept “Busy” and in “Fear”.

Fighting each other. Starting wars. Spreading hate. You cannot fight ‘hate’ with ‘hate’. You do not need to ‘fight’ at all. Maybe 70% of your books have some truth in it – otherwise you wouldn’t believe it at all.. but then they dot in little “you must follow every word” points so that you think that every single word is truth —including the 20% they may of mis-interpreted or added for their own agenda and the 10% of truth they may of edited out.

If your gut burns to say “that absolutely cannot be true” .. follow that.. because most likely you are on it – you are sensing that someone has changed something… your natural instincts are to help each other, not harm. Our natural instincts are to love, not hate. That hate – that fear – that is a ‘programme’… and you can break-free from that by trusting yourself.

Get out of this “system” for a while.. switch off the tv, the “dramas”, the “fear”, your bullshit “problems”, the slavery… the “noise”… go out in nature and listen – feel, sense, EXPERIENCE what I’m trying to share with you. (Maybe detox first because you might already be ‘damaged’). But once you experience it.. you will know that not everything in that book was written by your ‘saviour’… you will see for yourself that there is no hate and fear and murder and darkness that can ever bring you light & love.

Or.. keep doing what you are doing.. keep your mind “busy” hating one another. Keep blaming “others” for your own circumstances. Keep being a victim, keep being a slave.

According to Leviticus – murder is fine… yep killing people = no problemo. If a man “lies down” with another man the same as he would a woman – they are to be “Put to Death without fail”.

If you can’t see that someone has manipulated your bible for their own agenda.. I don’t know what to tell you. I feel sorry for you and I am more than a little concerned that there are potentially millions of you walking amongst us waiting to “kill people” for some words in a book that you have no clue who actually wrote / edited / adjusted / modified after the words ‘were spoken’.

Put to Death: (1)

  • .. if you have offspring with a foreigner (well there goes most of you already)
  • .. have sex with another man’s wife (some are you – gone!)
  • … listen to a spirit medium / act as a spirit medium (hmm I wonder why that is – maybe because they know something that the “editors” didn’t want you finding out perhaps?)
  • .. if you have sex with a menstruating woman? Both man & woman need to die.
  • … “burn alive” and “place into the fire” a man that takes a woman and her mother in an obsene act.
  • .. ‘If there is any man who curses* his father or his mother, he should be put to death without fail.

This is your non-evil bible?

I have no words. Actually, I have lots of words. They start and end with Brainwashed. Controlled. Enslaved. Conditioned. Gullible.

If you believe every word in that bible as if the entire thing word-for-word is true and that some parts were not manipulated by those who had a hand in the revisions and wording.. who want to control the masses… you are living in a world of fear. You must be terrorfied? How do you ever be happy or are you happy to be in service and enslaved?

I’ve read only 2 pages today because of your facebook quote… and I can clearly see this is evil… ? (And I didn’t even believe in evil.. but now I see where it is.. hidden in your bibles… controlling you)

Jehovah continued to speak to Moses, saying: 17 “Tell Aaron, ‘No man of your offspring* throughout their generations who has a defect may approach to present the bread of his God. 18 If there is any man who has a defect, he may not approach: a man who is blind or lame or has a disfigured face* or one limb too long, 19 a man with a fractured foot or a fractured hand, 20 a hunchback or a dwarf,* or a man with an eye defect or eczema or ringworm or damaged testicles.+ 21 No man of the offspring* of Aaron the priest who has a defect may approach to present Jehovah’s offerings made by fire. Because he has a defect, he may not approach to present the bread of his God. 22 He may eat the bread of his God from the most holy things+ and from the holy things.+ 23 However, he may not come near the curtain,+ and he may not approach the altar,+ because there is a defect in him; and he should not profane my sanctuary,+ for I am Jehovah, who is sanctifying them.’”+

But if a priest should purchase someone* with his own money, that person may share in eating it. Slaves born in his house may also share in eating his food.


How on earth did this “catch on” with the masses?

Oh wait.. the next page answers that:

13 Then Jehovah said to Moses: 14 “Bring the one who cursed to the outside of the camp, and all those who heard him must lay their hands on his head, and then the entire assembly must stone him.+ 15 And you should tell the Israelites, ‘If any man curses his God, he will answer for his sin. 16 So the abuser of Jehovah’s name should be put to death without fail.+ The entire assembly should stone him without fail. The foreign resident should be put to death the same as the native for his abusing the Name.

I had nearly lost hope in my Christian & Muslim friends.. thinking they are running around in fear, wanting to slaughter everybody.. 

But my faith in my friends was renewed by the following article:

You Can’t Quote Leviticus to Prove God Hates Homosexuality (2)


There is, however, a big problem with quoting Leviticus. The problem is that Christians are no longer under the Law. We do not live our Christian life by following the Old Testament Law.  The Apostle Paul makes this abundantly clear.

All who rely on observing the law are under a curse, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law.” (Galatians 3:10)
It is not something fabricated to win an argument, or made up in the twentieth century, or manufactured to get around something somebody doesn’t like. It is clearly stated in the Greek scriptures.

The Apostle Paul wrote it in Galatians:

If we rely on following the Law (the Torah, the first five books of the Bible) we are under a curse. The passage above, Galatians 3:10, contains a quote from the Law itself, Deuteronomy 27:26. According to Paul’s statement below, things have changed.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1)

Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law by becoming a curse for us.(Galatians 3:13)

It was Jesus’ death on the cross that rescued us from the curse of the Law. If we insist on following the Law and imposing the Law on others, we negate the cross of Christ, and repudiate Christ’s death on the cross.

I think you can tell that I’m not “up with the bible”… I thought I was.. but this was so new to me, that I read some more today and realized.. that I have no idea. I thought it was so much more spiritual than that. When I learnt about Christ Consciousness, which is still quite new to me, it was also nothing like this text that I was introduced to today. I had not seen too much “hate & fear” published in the name of religion (I see it.. but usually not so “put to death” when I see it, and it’s been nearly 30 years since I went to Sunday school or had any religious teachings). Anyway, much to learn I know if I want to go down this path, but I don’t think anything good can come from it.. I think I’d find more evil to pick-apart. I like the direction I’m going with finding my own answers, I don’t want to get sucked-into your fear and loathing and judging. I like having love for all of humanity and if I continue reading this… I might just stop being an ally to your causes. My ignorance in the evil of your bible’s (Christians & Muslims alike), is what helps me continue to send love your way and have hope for humanity. I believe love is the solution to what ails the world. Love and ridding this ‘fear’ that has been instilled across all nations by something with an agenda to control the masses and force them into slavery. A prison that they do not even know they are in. It’s so perfect, it’s laughable. But once you see it, you cannot “unsee” it. 

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  1. Penny says:

    Can’t really comment because I just had an idea that the bible mostly contained goodness, and was let down when a Christian friend posted that on his Facebook wall the day I wrote this. I don’t like antagonising people on Facebook when our views of the world are different, so rather than spew out my “uneducated-in-regards-to-bible” impressions on his public Facebook post, I looked up where it came from, read the passages, and was gutted to find out all the things that were in it.

    I let all that came up for me out on this little blog post here and it was out of my system. This post is 5 years old. However, not having any further study about it, I’m still not sure what your comment infers.. because I just re-read the blog and it contains a lot more than the 1 liner about offspring.

    Still boggles my mind when I re-read it, but I’m not interested in furthering my study about it because it’s not my path – not going to be a part of my life; more of a background square of data in my mind to only draw-upon as a reminder when I meet blind-unquestioning-religious followers (of any faith) that judge current consciousness against any out-dated thousand-year-old mindsets; to just perceive an idea of what lens they may be experiencing the world and situations around them.

  2. Jonathan H says:

    you are stupid. this was meant for the Israelites, not for Christians. And no it was not put in there for the publisher’s own pleasure. If you go back to the first-ever English translation of the Bible, it will say the same thing. if you translate the original Hebrew into English, it still says the same thing.
    And when it says “don’t have offspring with a foreigner, it means someone who does not believe that God is the only True God. If they became a follower of Judaism they would be allowed to marry. it’s just like how Christians should only date and marry Christians.
    It was their law, so they could be put to death.
    The entire Bible is true and inspired by God. The only reason it has a few grammatical mistakes is that man isn’t perfect and man will never make a perfect English translation of the Bible.

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