How To Brainwash & Control the Masses (1min)

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Video explaining Propaganda in less than 1 minute

How To Brainwash & Control the Masses (1min)

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This is like a really, really big thing that’s done to brainwash people. If you have some really dark agenda, you basically wrap it in this hyper, hyper, hyper trendy cause.

That’s basically how you get through any dark agenda that you want. You just gift wrap it into a trendy cause.

You go, “Who believes in a trendy cause?”

And then everyone goes, “Yay!”

And then you even pick the people that are trying to actually do good, and you frame them as “the bad guys”, by cutting them out of context, put them in the media, and now the very people doing good things—that are trying to help—you can demonize.

And the average person doesn’t even want to look deeply enough into it, and they just jump on the trend, and you can basically just manipulate the masses like that.

It’s completely insane, and it’s going on constantly, and it keeps the societal progression at a bit of a deadlock, because it means that we can’t have real debate about the best ways forward, because we’re basically just stuck on manipulating large groups of people that just get easily swayed.

Owen Cook

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26 Jan 2023 Owen Cook YouTube

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