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“Then And Now” Propaganda During 2021 vs 2022 vs 2023 on Australian TV

Oz MSM | Then & Now | #WeWontForget

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  • Sky News, Sharri Markson

2021: Mandating vaccines like this, like they’re doing in France to enable them to open up, is a very sensible approach.

2022: Federal government is paying compensation to hundreds of Australians who have vaccine injuries from the COVID jab.

2021: If you’re a customer going into a store, you want to know that the people working there are vaccinated.

2022: Some of the COVID injuries include life-altering heart inflammation.

2021: If you’re in a restaurant, you want to know that the people sitting alongside you breathing in the same air as you have also been vaccinated.

2022: …damaged capillaries and autoimmune disorders.

2021: And I hope my company, Newscorp, mandates vaccines for employees.

2022: There are also thousands who’ve applied for compensation and are waiting to hear back. Joining me now to discuss this former Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Nick Coatsworth. Nick, great to see you.

2021: I suspect the majority of Australians will get vaccinated and there will be a strong public view that those who choose not to get vaccinated, need to, um, ah, there needs be some sort of incentive, stick, perhaps, through the current programs including “no jab, no pay.”

2023: and we need to crack on and get those (vaccine injury) claims assessed. There’s no reason in 2023 that we shouldn’t have that all done.

  • Sky News, Sharri Markson

2023: Yeah, and there are thousands who say that they are waiting to hear whether their request for compensation has been approved.

2021: Mandating vaccines is a very sensible approach.

  • 7 News, Jackie Quist

July 2022: It’s becoming harder to convince a pandemic weary public to roll up yet again. Health experts insist the fourth jab will save lives, and there’s plenty of vaccine available at doctors, pharmacies and hubs.

May, 2023 Now Chris Nemeth is fighting for justice.

The once healthy 49-year-old became wheelchair bound after developing a chronic neurological disorder called CIDP. He says the symptoms began two weeks after having his first AstraZeneca vaccination.

They included headaches, tingling fingers, facial palsy and stolen mobility.

He’s one of more than 3,000 unlucky Australians maintaining COVID vaccines made them ill.

  • Chris Nemeth, now wheel-chair bound, 1st dose AZ @TheChrisNemeth, via 7 News

All I did was go and take a vaccine.

I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t work.

I was paralyzed completely from the waist down.

  • 7 News, Jackie Quist

July 2022: As for which brand is best…

“whichever vaccine you can get hold of, that is the vaccine to get.”

Authorities urging the 30% of Australians who haven’t had a third jab, to act now.

  • Prof. Paul Kelly, Chief Medical Officer, via 7 News

July 2022: Do so right away because the two doses is not enough for this Omicron wave.

  • Tanya Neilson, Guardian Injury Law, helping Vax-Injured Australians receive compensation, via 7 News

May 2023: We’ve just had a settlement of 2.2 million for a very deserving applicant.

  • 7 News, Jackie Quist

May 2023: Tanya Nielsen is helping a hundred injured Australians claim for rare but recognized vaccine side effects.

July 2022: Scientists are working on a blanket immunization to cover all COVID strains. Until then we may need further boosters.

May 2023: So far the claims scheme has paid 147 people 7.7 million dollars. With more than 2,000 applications in progress. The scheme closes early next year. Jackie Quist, 7 news.

I’m not anti- vaccine just because I want safe vaccines, and I think everybody wants safe vaccines, and as we all now recognize, the COVID vaccines were neither safe nor effective.

You look at the countries that did not vaccinate. They had the lowest death rates. They had the lowest COVID infection rates, and if you look at the Johns Hopkins data, which is the data everybody relies on, there’s a direct correlation between excess deaths in the western nations and heavily vaccinated and the level of COVID vaccination.

April 2023: Science is rarely static. There are very few scientific principles that are immovable.

April 2023: We should note that during our conversation, Kennedy made false claims about the COVID-19 vaccines. We’ve used our editorial judgment and not including extended portions of that exchange.

August 2021: If I needed to see my family and I was vaccinated and boosted and the people that I were going to were vaccinated and boosted, I would not hesitate to go visit them.

Right now, the easiest way to turn this thing around is to get as many people vaccinated as you possibly can.

It’s conceivable that if we don’t get control of that and don’t get a lot more people vaccinated, that there will be a variant that will occur that might even negatively impact the vaccinated people because it may elude the protection of the vaccine.

August 2021: Dr. Anthony Fauci once again, and as always, we thank you so much for your time and your insight.

  • Robert Kennedy Jr. via ABC News, Linsey Davis (April 2023)

April 2023: No, I don’t trust the authority. I need to see the details. I need to see the science.

April 2023: We’ve used our editorial judgment in not including extended portions of that exchange in our interview. We thank Mr. Kennedy for the conversation.

Feb 2021: Craig Kelly joins us now in Canberra. Craig, good morning to you.

“Yeah, good to be with you.” ~ Craig Kelly, former MP

  • Channel 9, Today, (Feb 2021) Ally Langdon

Feb 2021: Craig, we have seen deaths from COVID. We’ve seen sickness. We’ve seen mass job losses. Hundreds of billions of dollars spent in government stimulus. All our hopes are riding on a vaccine. You need to be quiet.

Mar 2021: I see the results. I get it. I know that the statistics are small with the people who are getting blood clots, but I say, well, hang on a second. Let’s wait until some of the results, some more of the results come out of Europe.

  • Channel 9, Today, (May 2021) Karl Stefanovic & Allison (Ally) Langdon get Pfizer’d
    • (see also demon & former WEF Director of Strategy, Greg Hunt, talk about jabbing 99% of the care homes)

May 2021: All right, let’s do this. Can you roll up your sleeve? It’s the nicely arranged. There’s a 15 minute recovery.

Mar 2022: I’m going to tell you something right now. I’m going to make this revelation. Oh, that’s what we’re going to be going. You can say whatever you want, but I’ve had my fill of vaccines. I know it’s irresponsible and I shouldn’t be saying it, but I don’t want any more.

Feb 2023: Adults across the country are today eligible for a fifth COVID booster shot. The recommendation is for those who have not had a booster shot in the past six months or a COVID infection. Let’s bring in today medical expert, Dr Nick Coatsworth, good morning to you.

You know I’m not a glowing ambassador for more than two shots. I’ve just decided that I’ve had COVID a couple of times and I’m done with the vaccines.


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