Hey, 60 Mins, Stop Lying to the People of Australia

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Feb 10, 2022 — 60 Minutes Australia Propagandist Liam Bartlett attempts a Corporate Media Cabal hit-piece on Kari Lake and gets owned.

The Full Interview is 25 mins, but it’s the last 5 minutes (below) that is worth a watch! I’m don’t follow “Trump” and I had never heard of Kari Lake until today, but I appreciate anyone who is standing up against these evil globalist-controlled media tyrants who are responsible for the destruction of our societies right now, so great going Kari!

Fullscreen | Download (Telegram) | Full Interview (25mins)

Hey, Liam, stop lying to the people of Australia!

Perhaps in Australia because you’ve given your rights away, you melted down all of your guns, and you find that ok, but here in America, we do things differently. We have something called the US Constitution, and we have rights, and we don’t take kindly on Americans being locked-up for months on end – without being charged, so charge ’em, or get off the pot.

— so we’d be better off having more guns here? I mean what..

You absolutely would sir. You absolutely would.

I feel so sorry for the people in Australia. They have no power. The only thing keeping us from being Australia right now, or Canada, is our 2nd amendment, and we will never, ever, let that go. Mark my words.

What we saw happening in Australia, where you have interment camps and people are being forced if they’ve encountered anybody with covid to be locked into a quarantine camp is the most horrifying thing I think I’ve ever seen a government do. It’s frightening –

— would it..

If you can’t see that, I feel sorry for you.

— would it have been better?

This is our last question Liam, we have to run but thank you for your time.

// Edited out him asking the same question yet again – you can watch the full interview here //

Thank you. I’m sorry that you asked the same question 3 times and wasted your time.

— I’m sorry you couldn’t bring yourself to actually “See the world in a different light”

Well, are you a journalist? An unbiased journalist? Or not?

Why are you trying to tell me how I should see the world?

You’re a journalist..

— You don’t get to ask questions of me, you’ve cut me off, so you don’t get any questions to me

You’re a journalist sir – you should be unbiased. You shouldn’t be telling me how to see the world.

— Oh really?

Why are you trying to tell me, as a journalist, how to see the world? I don’t understand that? It’s not a journalists job to tell me how to see the world. It’s a journalists job to ask questions that are not biased – and I did not get that from you.

— Why aren’t you open and accountable to the facts?

I’m absolutely open and accountable.

— Real evidence. Rather than just pushing your own barrow.

Oh boy..

— For your own purposes.

Boy, I will be happy to send you some of the facts – I’ll leave it with the crew here before we leave. Thank you so much.

— This is the way “Trump” people do it, yeah? This is what happens – you have one narrative and that’s it – you can’t think out of the box?

Sir, I believe “you” have that narrative. I believe “you” have that narrative. You’re unable to even see the evidence that we have in our forensic audit.

— Yeah, yeah, so unless you believe the big lie, unless you believe the big lie, you’re shut out – questions get cut off – that’s it. Unless you believe the election was stolen..

I don’t think I cut off – I didn’t cut off your question sir, I answered them all. I answered them all, they were biased.

— No you have, you’re walking away Kari

I’m not walking…

— Same old story.

I’m not walking away – I promised you 15 minutes – I’m happy to sit here

// You can see that at the very start of the full interview she clearly told him 15 minutes //

— No you didn’t – no you’re telling fibs again, unless the narrative fits your description – of the voter fraud and all that sort of thing, then you’re offended, you somehow can’t handle the truth.

I’m not offended – I “want” the truth. You offend me ‘not at all’, sir. You offend me not. You can sit in Australia without your rights, but we have rights here okay?

— Well you can make all the Xenophobe comments you want – you can try and put the labels on us..

This is… this is actually hilar… Sir, this is actually hilarious

— You cannot look at the truth, I mean it’s the same story, so all the courts are corrupt, the officials are corrupt, the institutions are corrupt, but you’re ok.

Oh man — Liam, this is actually funny..

— Comical..

This is almost satire the way you’re approaching this – and I hope the people of Australia are waking up to the media – this is a perfect example of the “insanity” of the media. It’s just crazy, you’re calling people a

— It’s the media, it’s the media, it’s sort of this morphas mass that somehow comes up with this ..

Are you actually? I don’t live in Australia, are you actually a respectable journalist there or are you kind of considered a joke? Seriously..

— Incredible..

I hope this gets put in the..

— It’s the “Donald Trump” way isn’t it – it’s fake news, all of a sudden it’s fake news – if you have a different narrative, it’s fake news.

Liam, Liam sir, I worked in the news for 30 years, I get how it works – it’s hit rock-bottom and it keeps going lower. I don’t know if you have viewers who still watch, but here in America, people are tuning-out of Corporate media.

— Really.

Yeah, they are. They really are. Sorry to tell you that – your days are numbered buddy if you wanna keep pushing propaganda, your days are numbered. And I …

— We’re pushing propaganda? That’s rich..

Oh my gosh, if you can’t see it, if you can’t see it sir, then you’re more brainwashed than you can imagine.

And I feel for the people of Australia – they’re being abused by their leaders, they have no rights, and their media is continuing to try and brainwash them.

You are probably one of the guys pushing the fear! Pushing the fear with Covid so that people would stay in their homes, and wouldn’t go out and that the children would be masked. You are probably one of the guys pushing that fear on your tv station.

And I’ll tell you what, the masking of children, and the torture of the people – people are never going to forgive you for that. And they’re never going to forget.

— Hmm

So I suppose you’re the kind of guy that masks your children? Right?

— Well I suppose you’re the sort of woman who also believes the moon-landing was a conspiracy? I mean how many institutions

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness, so you’re masking your children? Is that your way of ‘not answering’? Are you masking your children – your beautiful children’s faces?

— See this is what “Donald Trump” does, doesn’t he? This is what Donald Trump does, straight out of his playbook. Takes it personal.

Liam, Liam,

— takes it personal if you don’t like the real truth

Liam, it was a pleasure meeting you. This has just become Comical. I’m leaving – actually, thank you for giving me a good laugh because you actually make some of the crazy reporters at CNN look almost respectable, so thank you sir. Appreciate your time.

— Thank you Kari, it’s been a pleasure.

That guy’s a complete nut, seriously – a complete, insane person.

Do people in Australia listen to him?

That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Thanks guys, appreciate your time guys.

Kari Lake

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