Georgia Guidestones Levelled

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I have to go out today, so I don’t have time to upload all the videos to Rumble, but here are the telegram links (Hope they work? Let me know if they don’t) – also posted to Facebook.

Georgia Guidestones Damaged by Explosion @ 4am

News Reports

Drone Footage

Getting Levelled by crew

Source: MSN

Truthstream Media

Jul 9 2022 Why Were the Georgia Guidestones Destroyed?


First report from Robert Sepehr (anthropologist)


Lightning Theory

YouTube | Link to First video with Lightning map

Georgia Governor Candidate wanted to “Demolish the Guidestones”

A Woman Named Kandiss Taylor Is Running For Governor In Georgia…Her Campaign Is Based on ‘Demolishing The Georgia Guidestones’

Mini Documentary (Who built and why)


Let the MEME’s & theories begin…

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