Transgender regret [NWO-Agenda]

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Transgender regret “They are butchering a generation of children because nobody is willing to talk about anything.”


These are delicate subjects because of the media and an evil agenda, but there are a few worrisome things to take note of in the world. One is the deliberate sexualization and trauma being inflicted on young children, grooming them into paedophilia and confusing them on purpose for the NWO agenda – to give these morons full control over who is allowed to reproduce and to traumatize the populations to make them easier to control. I have many, many posts addressing this (and yet not a single post dedicated to any aspect of this… and probably many more still in drafts).

The subject to be balanced with the acceptance and non-judgement of those who really do feel like they were born into the wrong body for many different reasons, some of which may be a deliberate medical-NWO-intervention, some because of a corrupted NWO-education system, and some of which may be soul-based and natural.

I explored the soul-based aspect in one of my old vlogs which goes into the differences in cultures and belief-systems and perceptions particularly using the example of those who are born with multiple limbs being worshipped as Gods in some cultures, and treated as revolting deplorables in others – the perception of the culture being the only difference for how a person is treated for being born “different”. (01)

But that was years before I found out about the New World Order and their evil antics, so my opinion continues to be altered as I learn more and more about the NWO influence over the world. That doesn’t mean I would ever treat anyone as “less-than” for what feels natural for them.

My concern is learning more and more about the NWO agenda, the deliberate interference of nefarious tactics being used by these creatures to destroy the human mind for their own evil intentions. (02) (03) (04)

I have spoken with the acceptance of everyone for who they are on many occasions too, but this post is largely to do with those who have been damaged by the immediate medical interventions given to teens and children without thinking that their minds may of been confused by the NWO-psyop-cults that have infiltrated every area of our lives.

From the documentary “What is a Woman?” here is a 3 minute clip from Scott (Kellie) Newgent. Founder: TReVoices who is a transgender who regrets transition and who now speaks out about medical transition, particularly in kids.

“They are butchering a generation of children because nobody is willing to talk about anything”

TikTok | Rumble | Telegram (3 min)

Ramblings of a detransitioned woman


Hear from others who regret being encouraged and rushed into the transgender process, only after mutilating their bodies did they realize the many unspoken problems with what can happen, that they weren’t informed about, because the sex-change industry is a massive money maker.

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