[AC 1/12] Is the New World Order a Luciferian-Satanic Freemasons Cult? [Altiyan Childs]

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I wasn’t capable of processing the Satanic Freemasonry video that former Australian X-Factor winner Altiyan Childs published back in 2021. I remember watching it, but I was fully-immersed in trying to learn about mRNA, PCR and other verifiable evidence we could use to save people and their jobs, so I couldn’t deal with processing what he was saying as well.

I was open to the idea that the world was not fair and that evil was pervasive, but I lacked the deep knowledge of the corrupt systems in place in governments, corporations, media, and other industries that I have now. Despite sensing that things were not right and that the wrong people were being censored, I did not have enough evidence to fully understand the situation at the time. Now, after doing more research, I am ready to listen and pay attention to the various agendas at play to try and discern if any of them have any validity.

This video goes into the theory that the world is run by a Satanic religion using both the cover of secrecy and the higher degrees of Freemasonry to recruit. Sometimes it truly feels like a spiritual war that goes beyond just the actions of out of control, psychopathic, and greedy corporations.

Altiyan makes a compelling case that, if true, might break my mind. Or, even if only partly true, might help us identify cult members via symbology that might help with some other dot-connection in future. And if it’s not true, there should be a lot of law suits against him for defamatory allegations?

In any case, food for thought…

Let’s go. It’s a 5-hour journey. or a 30-minute journey for the edited-down version. And probably a 3–4-day journey for me if I fully transcribe it; I’ll have to see how I go.

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Intro, warning, and the desire to save one person

Well, I need to tell you all something, and it’s the most important thing I could ever say to you. In a little while, you’ll know for certain that I’m putting my very life on the line and the safety of my family by sharing this with you, so I hope that it buys me at least a few minutes of your precious time.

If this video is removed, it was not removed by me; I’m doing it partly to keep blood off my hands because God saved my life on a midnight highway one fateful night for this very reason, and he’s watching as he clearly demonstrated that night see, I should have been dead. My sleeping driver was hurling us toward a concrete wall at 100 kilometres an hour when an angel of God was sent to wake me up from a deep sleep with just a whisper, just in time, and for what?

Not so I could win the X Factor, buy that dream Porsche, or marry that dream girl, but for this.

For these words, for this moment.

So that I can tell you something and warn you about something. Nothing could be more important than this, so cancel that movie you want to watch, skip that gym session, don’t scroll down to the next post, just stay with me.

Now, don’t worry about the quality of the video or the audio; just focus on the content, listen to my voice, and trust your eyes.

Most of you won’t care for the shocking thing I’m about to expose to you because no one cares.

No one cares. Not my exes, former friends, former bandmates, work colleagues, parents, family members, or strangers. I’m doing all this for one person. One single human being out there.

God is calling you, and he’s looking for the last ones before the storm, so if you think you know where I’m going with this, please keep watching because the most important part of this video comes at the end. Everything you’re about to hear is a fact, and I’ll prove it to you. I will leave no room for doubt.

Nothing can stop what’s coming

Nothing can stop what’s coming, so this isn’t a call for an uprising, boycott, or protest; no, the Titanic is sinking, and it’s unstoppable. All I’m going to do is point you to the life raft, and if you want to ignore me, then fine; proceed at your own peril. God knows I’ve tried.

If you want to mock me, then at least share the video. Let others mock me too. Tell your friends, “Check this freak out.” Anything to help me reach someone who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

In a few minutes, you’ll know why my well-being and that of my loved ones are in danger.

Now, let me ask you something real quick, who do you think generally speaking runs the world? What type of people are the leaders of our countries and corporations, and the rich and famous too?

I mean, like, are they Christians? Do Christians run the world? Well, no, of course not. Buddhists? No. Do Muslims run the world? No. What about atheists? It’s got to be atheists, right? Because we’ve come such a long way as a society, and atheism is the rational state of mind for the modern type of person, right? No. What about a mixture of people?

Let me tell you something. All the leaders from Africa to Europe to the Middle East, Israel, Syria, Iran, and all the way to the Americas — all these people (and we’ll get to the celebrities in a second) — They’re not Atheists, Buddhists, or Muslims. No.

What if I told you that they all belong to the same religion.

A secret religion.

One that none of them are allowed to talk about.

One that you should worry about because it affects you beyond belief in ways that you never imagined.

Before I tell you what this worldwide secret religion thinks of you and plans to do to you, let me tell you what this religion is.

And how do I know about this religion? Because I used to belong to it, and today I’m renouncing it. Publicly breaking my oath of silence which they imposed upon me and every single other member during ceremonies under this under the penalty of death.

That’s why my life is in danger.

Every person you’re about to see has taken the same oath as I did.

Over and over, no matter where on earth they’re from, including Scott Morrison your prime minister and mine.

I was plucked from it. Saved from its camouflaged clamps from its extravagant deception and its spiritual corpse by none other than God almighty.

No one else is going to tell you this; not your favourite singer or politician who more than likely also belong to this hidden religion.

Nowhere will they speak because they love it.

They love their lives, they love their success, the money, the worship they receive, and then there are those who have left but have never broken their oath out of fear.

Trust me you don’t know who you’re messing with here.

The few that have spoken out, well, they lost everything, or either their reputations and livelihoods were threatened or destroyed, or they were framed for a crime and ended up in jail, or they were murdered and made to look like an accident or suicide.

Now just for the record – the God that saved me – which God was that? Jesus Christ of course. The one and only. And he’s the only one they hate, along with his disciples.

So I’m invincible until he’s done with me. That’s why I don’t fear him now.

Please don’t let the name of Jesus scare you off just yet, because if you’re an atheist, you’re especially going to want to hear this.

In the eyes of this ancient religion, Christians and Atheists are the most pathetic bunch.

The one that rules them all, and I’m only going to show you the tip of the iceberg, and just like an iceberg, the full body of this secret religion continues down past the line of sight beneath the ocean, widening in mass and scope until it continues further into the depths into ever increasing darkness and invisibility until it reaches its foundations, which are firmly established in thick blackness, completely unimaginable and not perceived at all by those who only ever get to see its tip peeking out of the top, including most of its members.

At least 75–80%. and unless you’re a member of this religion and this “secret society,” as they call it, you won’t be granted access to the world stage or a position of influence. It’s become a prerequisite for success now. They’ve gained pretty much full control, and their members are in every place of prominence and power, so brace yourself for the truth that has been hiding in plain sight every day of your life and for the mind-blowing, out-of-this-world climax to this video. Now look at this:

All-Seeing Eye

There are a few different ways they display their allegiance; they don’t do it often, and some don’t do it at all, but most of them can’t help themselves because when they do it in public, it’s a hidden statement, and that statement gives them a lot of satisfaction.

It’s called the all-seeing eye.

Photos and related transcript to the photos will be distributed on the other posts (see end of article)

Other times, they’ll just show a drawn eye or a tattoo of one.

The other method they use is what’s commonly known as the “hidden hand.”

Australian Politicians

Scott Morrison, Daniel Andrews, John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott

Photos and related transcript to the photos will be distributed on the other posts (see end of article)

All of them are sworn to secrecy under the penalty of death, and remember, I’ll prove it to you very soon.

And why is it a secret in the first place?

I’ll show you very soon.

You’ll understand their beliefs and master plan, and you’ll understand why they take such extreme measures, including hideous oaths of silence under unbelievable penalties, including death, to remain hidden from the public.

The name of the religion is Freemasonry

What’s the name of this religion? Well, I’ll tell you right now, but keep in mind that the magic word you’re about to hear only hides the true religion within itself.

That is how it has secretly flourished and spread like cancer throughout the world.

It’s a religion within a fraternity. The name of the international fraternity, the one that camouflages, conceals, and cloaks the secret religion inside it, is Freemasonry.

This is their official symbol: the square and compass, sometimes with a G in the middle, and sometimes with the eye, the all-seeing eye.

Photos and related transcript to the photos will be distributed on the other posts (see end of article)

The freemasons also place the eye at the top of a pyramid because the Egyptian pyramid is integral to their secret system.

The freemasons are sometimes called “masons” for short. It’ll all come together and make sense really soon.

Prepare yourself for an incredible revelation and the amazing climax that comes at the end of this video.

Now, this is where the freemasons are counting on you to lose interest or roll your eyes and move on, because in their beliefs the uninitiated – meaning you – are ignorant and stupid compared to them.

You’re technically called the vulgar and the profane.

Please prove them wrong and stay with me just a little longer.

Now the secret identity of this one eye lies in the heart of this religion that lives, breathes, feeds, and grows deep inside of freemasonry, and freemasonry camouflages it very successfully so it goes undetected and undisturbed until it ultimately fulfils a thing called the great work. That’s what they call it, and they will succeed very shortly.

Nothing can stop it now, and I think some of you can sense that something’s coming.

Fauci, New World Order, Canberra, and the one-eyed occult religion

Photos and related transcript to the photos will be distributed on the other posts (see end of article)

Did you know there’s a giant pyramid in Australia?

You want to see it? Sitting right at the center of Australian power.

Look closely because you’ll miss it, because that’s the way they designed it.

There it is, hang on do you see it yet?

And what about now? That is the frame of an Egyptian pyramid which we can now firmly call a masonic pyramid complete with a missing capstone. And if you’re still in doubt that you’re looking at a pyramid, there you go a perfect two scale pyramid hiding out of sight inside the giant frame that surrounds it.

This will be so unbelievable to you that you won’t believe it, or if you’re that far gone, if you’ve truly lost touch with your own soul, you won’t care, and you’ll miss the opportunity to have your own eyes opened to the worst news and then to the best news you could ever wish for on this godforsaken planet, where you’re destined to lose everything you have and everything you love until eventually you lose yourself.

We have to establish what this religion that’s hiding inside a freemasonry actually is, and we will, and it’s shocking, but it’s reality.

The symbol of the freemasons itself is not what it seems.

It’s a squaring compass on the surface but it conceals something.

Something that’ll become obvious when I show you.

But before we uncloak freemasonry to see its true nature; its ugly face; and its shameful nakedness, because I gave you my word that I’m going to prove it to you, this is the oath they have to take, this is the oath that I took and your favourite actors and singers, just about all your heroes; even some of your relatives who probably have no idea what freemasonry is or was, and why they took such gruesome oaths!

So for those who are going to say, “My grandfather was a freemason he was a great bloke” or “Don’t the freemasons run that retirement home?”

Just wait, because I’m talking to freemasons here as well, and don’t you worry they’re going to come out of the woodworks, but they’re all under the oath of secrecy don’t forget; that no matter who they are — Adele, Neil Finn, Chris Angel, or Scott Morrison — the oath comes first.

And here it is (Download Freemasonry Books)

This is taken from an official masonic publication not intended for the public this is Duncan’s Ritual the Freemasonry in Brief

“I, of my own free will and accord, do hereby promise and swear that I will never reveal any of the secrets, arts, parts, point or points, of the Master Mason’s degree to any person or persons whomsoever. This I solemnly, sincerely, promise and swear under no less penalty than having my body severed in two, my bowels taken out and burnt to ashes so no more remembrance be had of so vile and wicked a wretch as I, should I ever violate my Master Mason’s obligation.”

(The various versions of Duncan’s Ritual of Freemasonry that I found online, did not have the same lines as per above, but also didn’t have the same cover, so cannot confirm the quotes he read out in the video).

So now you know what they think of me: I’m a vile and wicked wretch for breaking my oath.

So, unless you’re speaking to a rare breed like me, how can anyone ever trust a freemason when he speaks of freemasonry?

Here’s another penalty from another degree, this time from Richardson’s Monitor of Freemasonry a legitimate masonic publication for instructing and laying out the ritual.

“Binding myself under no less penalty than having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the roots and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea”

These are the penalties they swear to, and yes the lodge has penal authority to execute.

This is how they look when they’re initiated. They have to remove all their clothing and jewellery including wedding rings, crucifixes, and the most meaningful things to them, no matter what they have to, because complete allegiance to the society is required.

You’re blindfolded at every initiation because you symbolize someone who lives in utter darkness before you receive the light of freemasonry, and that light will become so obvious to you in a bit.

The secret that is being unveiled by incremental degrees to the candidates in the lodge, is staring us in the face in daily life, and that truth is pretty scary, if all you know and all you have is this world, but they know much more than that.

At one point when the blindfold comes off, this is what you’re surrounded by. Blokes dressed like this holding swords to your face, and that’s nothing compared to what comes later.

So your own wife or daughter don’t qualify for discussion in these matters unless they too are initiated to the same level as you.

Please don’t tell me that your grandfather or neighbour is a freemason and that there’s nothing wrong with it. How would you know, when they’re under oath never to reveal anything to anyone?

The whole successful system is constructed by the “art of lying to the public” and to their own members of lower degrees, and we trust these people?

Now here are the illustrations for the signs and handshakes, and you only receive them after the oath has been taken.

This is the sign you do upon entering and exiting the ritual room while facing the grand master it stands for throat slip and it goes like this (feigns slicing off his neck) – a continual reminder of where you are, and what awaits you if you have a change of heart or rebellious spirit.

And here you have the illustrations of the secret handshakes. Look familiar?

Photos and related transcript to the photos will be distributed on the other posts (see end of article)

Silence or Death - the solemn oath that protects the secret religion

“Silence or Death” as Little Wayne here is portraying (see Signs of Silence post)

“Here is the oath of a second degree Freemason on page 21 of Richardson’s monitor Freemasonry: ‘I bind myself under no less penalty than having my left breast torn open, and my heart and vitals taken out, thrown over my left shoulder, should I wilfully transgress any part of this, my solemn oath.’ In this degree, the penalty is to have your whole body dissected, bowels removed, and heart cut into pieces and thrown into a field, where you are eaten by animals, all to protect the secret religion of the rich, powerful, and famous. In the ninth Templar degree, the penalty is to have your head cut off.”

Ruining your reputation by fellow freemasons works just as well

“Listen to this penalty, which has happened more than any other throughout history because it works so well without resorting to death or threats of death. It’s also easier to execute now. This applies to all areas of industry. It’s done through the ruining of your reputation by fellow Freemasons, who point you out to the world as an unworthy vagabond. They oppose your interests and make life very hard for you by deranging your business, transferring your character wherever you go, and exposing you to the contempt of the whole fraternity, the secret society, and the world.”

Wow, how many people do you think they’ve threatened ruined framed cheated and utterly destroyed to protect their secret religion?

And in case you think that masonic lodge hasn’t got the authority over the initiates especially the ones in the higher degrees.

This is from the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry: under mandate, the orders and decrees of the Grand Master or of a Grand Lodge are called mandates, and implicit obedience to them is a Masonic obligation. In Sickles’ Monitor Freemasonry, it is plainly stated that they have a right to kill.

A lodge has the right to exercise penal authority over its members, to exercise the penalties, so don’t let a Mason tell you, “Oh no, that’s just symbolic.”

Their laws are above the law of the land, and the proof is in the oaths themselves because in normal society, you can’t ask someone to accept having their throat slit as a penalty in order to be a member of any club or workplace; it’s unheard of but not in Freemasonry, not in a secret society world.

I told you you don’t know who you’re dealing with and what’s coming for us all.

This is more or less an invitation-only fraternity. Here from the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, again written for Masons only and written by 33rd degree Masonic legend Albert Mackey, stating the same thing: “Masonic definition of profane: one who is ignorant of the sacred rites, the sacred rites of Freemasonry, one who is not allowed to enter the temple and behold the mysteries and here being uninitiated – that’s the world at large.” And here from this old ritual book, written by the same legendary author, in the 33rd degree initiation, the Mason drinks wine from a human skull, which has been the cause for a few to leave Masonry because they wonder, “Whose skull is this?”

In the 30th degree part of the ritual involves stabbing skulls illustrated right here.

The process of submitting the member further and further involves things like this see the candidate who’s seeking admission into the next degree to receive more light has to be humiliated and intimidated this guy here has his foot on the candidate’s head.

This is what our celebrities and politicians and the most prominent members of our society have done and continue to do.

No one is exempt from this, and this is the intimidating and frightening path that you must take that binds you to the secret society before you were revealed the true beliefs of the religion so can you see the risks I’m taking. You have to stay till the end don’t let me down don’t let yourself down or your fellow man. Believe me it’ll be worth it.

The truth must be kept secret from the 'vulgar' masses

Now look at what else freemasonry thinks of the uninitiated from the words of the grand commander himself the truth must be kept secret and the masses need a teaching proportioned to their imperfect reason.

I hope you’re listening, because we’re about to get going here.

“These truths were covered from the common people as with the veil (there’s that veil again); and the mysteries were carried into every country,”

Freemasonry was secretly imported from the east into the whole world, to weave its web in the darkness to increase and advance its agenda.

“the sages (meaning the enlightened ones) always had an esoteric creed, […] unknown to the vulgar.”

and here he says:

“to the end that the vulgar herd, seeing, might not see nothing, and hearing, might comprehend nothing.”

Are they right? Am I wasting my time laying it all down for nothing because they know you so well?

Your favorite celebrity and politicians’ secret religion is beyond the reach of the vulgar – vulgar is what you are to them.

He won’t tell you, she won’t tell you and they won’t tell you, because the other obscene penalties from the rituals of freemasonry include having your ear and hand chopped off or both hands being hung in your own home, and my personal favorite: having the top of your skull cut off so your brain is cooked in the sun

Now can you imagine what they’re hiding?

Mocking us to our face with their symbolism while we idolize them

And then the ritual monitor goes on to illustrate the same secret handshakes and signs hidden hand sign of silence.

These people mocking us, sometimes to our face with their symbolism, while we respect them, admire them and sometimes even love them and idolize them.

The religion gives you 'everything your heart desires' - you only need to sell your soul

All of them partaking in the same initiation rituals, to belong to the sacred society.

A prerequisite for success to belong to the religion that gives you

“everything you want — everything your heart desires”.

While the gospels teach accurately that the heart is wicked.

Photos and related transcript to the photos will be distributed on the other posts (see end of article)

And if you think that’s just by chance (that they put the word freemason above president) then here read this genuine quote from Harry Truman.

Although I hold the highest civil honor in the world, I have always regarded my rank and title as a Past Grand Master of Masons the greatest honor that had ever come to me.” Brother Harry Truman

This should tell you how deep the consequences of masonic initiation go and what lies deep within it’s freemasonry above everything else

The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince Edward, Prince Phillip

There’s the queen showing her allegiance over and over, and he’s the queen leaving a very special hospital with a very special nurse and this was the queen’s father fully dressed in his masonic regalia and that God forsaken apron they wear which also hides something just like the squaring compass in fact what the apron hides is what the squaring compass really represents and it’s staring you right in the face can you see it yet?

Prince Charles & Prince Harry.

Photos and related transcript to the photos will be distributed on the other posts (see end of article)

The Masonic Mindset and Natural Law

Do you slowly see what the masonic mindset is we are beneath them and the craziest thing is if they can turn you into what they think of you then you deserve what’s coming; it’s a natural law.

It’s the law of nature and I’ll soon show you their real bible for lack of a better term which justifies it all and the one which guides their morals and it makes a lot of sense because the power of the deceptive phenomenon of freemasonry lies in the fact that it contains real truth intertwined with untruth.

Now this actual book that guides their morals and plans it isn’t written by hand and it’s been around longer than the bible so they think it’s pure sublime as they call it and it’s the foundation on which the religion is built upon and that bible so-called that unwritten bible is the key to unlocking its secrets.

I’m going to hand you that key and it’s all going to come together like a flood so they’re going to own it all by their own words and actions and they’re going to introduce us to a new system; a new system of life ,but only after a number of shocking events take place which I’m so close to telling you about. But first, I have to tell you the name of the secret religion and the identity of the eye.

Now, for those of you who think of hospitals, charities, and nursing homes when you hear the word “freemason,” a word I hope to never say again after this video, it’s a front – a cover story, and I’m going to show you, just like everything else in this presentation.

This is a massive video and a massive transcript, and there are loads of images I want to add, so I’m separating this post into a series:

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