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La Quinta Columna’s March 2023 Presentation in English (Part 2h of 6)

(Start at Part 1: Conference: The game is over)

Thesis development and presentation of scientific literature

Rumble (34min) – This post 21:4934:19

Part 2h: LED/UV SMART Street Lights, Transhumanism, European Chips Act

Everybody, not only the neuromodulation they’re going to do through radio frequency, have you seen the light? That light can also excite the material. Therefore, we are now seeing a shift seemingly.

We see appearing blueish and ultraviolet light everywhere and we are saying how come, if this light is considered dark light? Nothing is seen, what’s the reason for this? They tell us it’s for the commemoration of diseases, such as diabetes, and they tell us it has properties to kill viruses. All these things have been told to us, but nevertheless the true reality behind the change is this. From La Quinta Columna, we want to create awareness amongst the population so that they are aware of the change of public lighting for blueish and ultraviolet light sources.

They will use strange explanations for their implementation. They will tell you that it is for the awareness of society against certain diseases for alleged germicidal applications or to use that lighting for its low energy consumption, but the real reason is infinitively darker.

A large part of society already knows very well what is the nature of this interface material which has been inoculated using deception to the entire population.

This material is interacting with the radiation emitted by these sources of blueish ultraviolet light. On the one hand it catalyzes oxidative stress on the surface of this material which translates into more cancer, neurodegeneration and COVID lung among others. (01) (02) (03) (04) (05) (06) (07)

In addition it enables a subhand in this material for optical and also electronic applications. Ultraviolet radiation also degrades graphene micro sheets into nanoparticles with the ability to cross the blood brain barrier.

What are they looking for? That is intra-corporal communication with the cloud and artificial intelligence. We are talking about neuromodulation and neuro stimulation as well as neuro monitoring of the ability to introduce instructions at the neural level using these blueish ultraviolet lightbulbs.

  • An intra-body molecular communication networks framework for continuous health monitoring and diagnosis https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26737190/ (13)
  • Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35723296/ (14)
  • Intra Body Nano Network – Part 1/5 (Summary & MAC Phenomenon)

We are researching samples of the Pfizer vaccine to see if the contaminants are stimulated with this type of light. Soon we will present the results obtained for the vital knowledge of all.

Our enemies play with the ignorance of the majority of society.

European Chips Act

Two unelected parasites congratulate themselves on the European Chips Act at WEF’s DAVOS 2022.

WEF DAVOS 2022 Rumble-Clip (1min) | YouTube-Clips (7min)
Original Source: Special Address by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission | Davos Agenda 2022 | Streamed live on 20 Jan 2022 YouTube (35mins)

Klaus Schwab, WEF: Just would like to highlight what you said about the European Chips Act because it’s an important step to create a physical brain for digitalization and to have it located to a certain extent in Europe.

Saagar Enjeti: What? Digitalization of the physical brain and having it based in Europe? When most people talk about the need for more semiconductors like me, it’s so you can buy more cars, have more control over your future. In fact, if you read the press release for the Davos European chips act, that’s mostly what they say, but when Klaus Schwab says it, he says we need it for the digitalization of the physical brain.

Help us so that every human knows it.

Do you know what the most amazing thing of all is? It is not really a fantasy. It is that this man who appeared at the end, Mr. Klaus Schwab, the director of the World Economic Forum and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, have not been elected by anyone. None of us have chosen these people. They are finger-elected positions. They have spoken clearly about the digitalization of the physical brain. (15) (16)

Here we are not talking about putting a QR code in so that everything is controlled, which is also bad in some way. We are talking about controlling your brain and obviously with that technology.

Ultraviolet Radiation degrades the material and now, once it is smaller, to degrade means to break down into smaller parts, it will already have the ability to cross the blood brain barriers. What is being inoculated is a type of micro-sheets – micro, but this will be broken down into nano with the capacity to cross the barrier, impregnate the neurons and they can proceed to stimulate the population at will at the will of this artificial intelligence, which is the 5G software that is controlled by someone. (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22)

I am aware that what I am saying is like a horror and science fiction film that is precisely also part of the negative priming that these media introduce and that anyone will say that if we said this at the beginning without being to see everything we have seen, anyone will say this man is crazy – he’s lost his mind, but the one who has lost his head has been Mr. Yuster when he gave this technology to Mr. Obama, who was the one talking about a coronavirus coming soon.

There is another video that we have to watch and right after that we are going to take short break and get straight down to business.

For us, the microscope has been a weapon of mass destruction because from then on it becomes palpable. Everything I say as much as it may fit much more than the official version, all I can say are words. Here in science, we work with evidence and evidence is observation which is the scientific method. From there we begin to build, and we have firm pillars and the investigation of La Quinta Columna has gone much further than that, especially internally, including those who may ultimately be behind this operation, but when we have the concrete evidence of all this, we will share it.

Well, there is a video that is also very interesting. This is the last one we will see. This is Mr. Elon Musk and for some, he is “the savior of the planet”, but it seems to us that indeed what he is doing is like a “smoke screen” that is his Neuralink introduces what we know is graphene oxide. There is an interview of his from 2016 that clearly shows or affirms that through veins and arteries it can go directly to neurons. Let’s put it on.

I can’t find the exact video he showed in the video, but I think it’s commentary on this one:

2 Jun 2016 YouTube “We are already cyborgs | Elon Musk | Code Conference 2016”

Here’s the transcript of the actual video Ricardo showed in the presentation:

The human being is in danger. Everything that defines it as a species is at risk of being lost. Shortly and forever, in this interview Elon Musk further tells us about the interface in the cerebral neuro cortex connected to artificial intelligence. The official cover is called Neuralink and apparently makes us see that it is voluntary. However, it acknowledges that there are two restrictions to remove in the introduction of such an interface. The restrictions on entry and exit. He also recognizes that the entry restriction is solved by injection because it can go through veins and arteries with direct access to neurons. Regarding the output restriction, the problem that arises is that the interface is expelled by the human body from time to time. You already know how they have also solved the exit restriction. La Quinta Columna and other independent research groups in other parts of the world found out what that interface was and the reason why they deny it. It is absolutely essential that you become aware of this. Forced transhumanism advances without you realizing it. They are applying it to you, without your consent, without your permission, with serious damage you are living it now.

Spain has registered excess deaths so far this year. Excess deaths, excess deaths. Wake up. (23)

Let’s listen to Dr. Sevillano. “Humanity is in danger. Please, knowledge saves us. Our enemies play with our ignorance to do us all the damage that they are doing to us. Take a microscope and look and everything will be clear. The moment you see what’s there, it’s over. You can already understand everything that is happening, everything – until what even what happened in 2020 wouldn’t have to resort to anything else. Even if you don’t know anything more than that, it would be enough because you will have realized what is happening. Transhumanism, the destruction of humanity, in fact, they define themselves. They define that movement as transhumanist that goes over humanity to make it into something else. They are talking about the control of inserting thoughts, and a redneck is not saying it. A president of the government like Mr. Piñera is saying it, Boris Johnson is saying it, the president of the world economic forum is saying it. Very important people are saying it – what are we waiting for to wake up?

Soon there will be no possibility of waking up because everyone will already have that within them, and that is something and that will be what I come on, what I order, what you think and what you feel is the objective of all of this.

Do you realize the gravity in the serious situation that the humans are in? When we say that we don’t really find words to be able to inform the population of what is happening based on the research carried out by La Quinta Columna, we fell short.

We really don’t have enough words in the rich Spanish language to tell people that the entire species is in danger, our human species. At least the current one, is in danger because they want on the one hand to exterminate a large part of it. We already know how, and also convert the rest that hardly supports this technology into something else, into something else. Anything but human.

Emotionless, of course, without free will, free from the ability to think for themselves. To the point that you really won’t know if the thought is in his own internal or an artificial intelligence. Indeed, there is that technology to do that.

We have a video that we are going to put on shortly in the programme of La Quinta Columna, not today, but there is a person operating with that interface, that is with the vaccine, operating without having knowledge of surgery on another person, and the instructions are being passed on to another person who is a doctor in another part of the world.

Madness we’re talking about. I remember a movie, right, like the one they where they introduce precisely for someone to say that. It is the science fiction plot. It cannot be true. That’s a social engineering technique called negative priming that we’re all too familiar with.

We’re going to do the following now. We’re going to take a short break. It’s 12:08 until 12:20 or approximately until 12:28. That is about 20 minutes for those of you who want to stretch your legs. Now I’m preparing the live cross-bleed session, which as I say is the strong point. Here we’re going to be patient. Thank you.


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