Ebola Virus Audio Notes

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Why you Shouldn’t read this page:

  • I’m taking notes from known conspiracy theorists & doomsday public figures.
  • Some information may not be credible and more alarmist in nature (although I am filtering notes through my own belief system, so I have culled a lot of the conspiracy stuff to focus on solutions rather than who is to “blame”, but there is still a lot of a conspiracy type of message throughout these notes because it’s hard to focus solely on solutions, preparedness & prevention without bringing awareness to the potential other factors – I’ve hidden some of them so you have the choice to read it or not).
  • Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I was happier & much less concerned before I took notes from these sources, and now I’m wanting to dig deeper and be a little more prepared “just in case”, so by not reading this, well; the less you are aware of what might happen, the happier and safer you might feel. I will hold no judgements against people who want to put their head in the sand because each of us chooses how we want to live and sometimes staying “positive and optimistic” about potential disasters & holding firmly to the belief that it can’t happen to you, is the best course of action as the “intention” brings about the reality, so maybe if we don’t have any belief about the ebola virus spreading, it may just help it not spread.
  • Maybe there is nothing to fear.
  • Some people will think you are nuts if you share this knowledge. :)

Why you Should read this page:

  • Being informed & prepared for the worst removes fear, stress, panic & chaos, (rather than finding out when it’s too late to make rational decisions) – at least being aware of what could happen and to start thinking about what you could do if it does.
  • In the event of any serious pandemic, governments do not want people to panic (actually none of us do, as that brings out the craziness and desperation in people who will do anything to protect themselves and their families); thereby mass media distribution of actual factual information may be limited, thereby making you believe you aren’t at risk when in fact, you may be in the hot zone. Governments like to keep you uninformed and out of the loop “for your own protection”…
  • Hopefully the information on this page is useful to help people create a strategic plan for themselves, and at least have information we can use to strengthen our immune system naturally at home and help our friends, neighbours and family if need-be.
  • All of the notes will help us improve our health & awareness for life – even without a pandemic.

It is well recognized that people’s knowledge of the world – including health threats – comes from perceptual and symbolic representations conveyed by the audio-visual and newsprint media. Mass media thus tend to frame our representations of the world in particular ways, by making some information more salient than other information. (Kuypers 2002:18)

I think.. lets be concerned for our health anyway, ebola or not, we should be striving to strengthen our depleted immune systems and doing what we can. If ebola (or any pandemic) spreads, most people don’t even give themselves a chance with the toxic lifestyles we live. If nothing else, the ebola “scare” will help motivate some of us to be more aware of things we should be / could be doing to improve our health.

I am trying to stay on top of it, not comfortable hearing about the conspiracy theories but not exactly trusting in mass media channels either (if there is a major concern – I don’t believe we would be the first to know), so trying as best I can to sort through the grey area of “conspiracy or not” and just want to personally focus my attention on possible solutions and bringing my awareness to things I could be doing “anyway” to improve the state of my health. But not closing my eyes to expanding my preparedness further either i.e. I’ve become interested in off-grid living for other reasons, but things like this just magnifies the interest a bit more.

Australia is not likely prepared for the Ebola virus. If what I’ve heard is even partially true (which at this current time is only the extreme health podcast (01) & Pandemic courses that I’ve listened to (see below), so not in-depth studies or anything – and the guy who was being interviewed on the Extreme Health podcast is a known conspiracy theorist (when I looked at his site, he’s like this “survival” doomsday kinda guy).. so take it however you want, the information may not be as credible as it could be and he is probably more dramatic/extreme about it than it really is), that being said…

… he said his partner is a nurse (in the USA) and was the first to bring up to him how serious Ebola is, and that it takes approximately 25 doctors to look after a single Ebola patient.

If (when) it reaches here, it is likely not going to be good if people are not informed & prepared about how to isolate it & stop it from rapidly spreading. If symptoms are not shown for a few days to a few weeks after exposure, then how do you know who you have potentially contaminated/infected over the past few days, which surfaces you touched, which areas you coughed, and isolate it… (you can’t).

So, if reality is anywhere close to what this guy suggested, then we (Australia) already handled the ‘suspected’ case incorrectly (02) – everyone on the plane with her and in the airport and so on, should’ve been isolated. If it was Ebola and thank goodness it wasn’t… it would’ve already spread across states from that one person because it wasn’t handled effectively. (03)

On the one hand, you want the public and medical practitioners, airport staff, taxi drivers and so on to be completely informed about Ebola (or anything similar that could spread this rapidly), and on the other hand, you don’t want to induce fear or mass panic because that brings the crazies out. I think being pre-informed… is being prepared… and is the best course of action to removing fear. But I ‘get’ why they want to shelter things from the public (I don’t agree with it, but I get their reasoning).

With this though, Prevention is what I will continue to be focusing on; building up my immune system, taking care of my health, so that if/when it comes here, your body has a greater chance at fighting it since it’s always the body that heals. And also studying more about it as they learn more & release more, about what I can naturally do to boost immunity & taking notes so that I can share what I learn with others who are too busy to research (and this has my interest so I don’t mind doing the grunt work).

So far, my information about it is limited to these audios, so a very one-dimensional view, of which I don’t know if they are exactly credible (at this time) although I do appreciate that these guys have taken a lot of time to research from their own belief systems and made all their information available for free for everyone.

I personally take-in the information but filter through what I already know about cell health, but I do think the seriousness of Ebola will be out of most of the major media (if it is actually as serious as the doomsday conspiracy theorists suggest) because information given to the media will be limited in order to keep the general population calm during a crisis.

I think it at least pays to be prepared and aware of what we can do naturally, as the more knowledge, the less fear through being more prepared (I hope) and the less likely it is to spread. If we at least know what to do to strengthen our own immune systems, or learn what to do if you suspect you or a family member has Ebola, etc. And at the very least, we learn how to strengthen your immune system for future viruses (if they get Ebola contained) & everyday health, hopefully creating a less stressful/fearful environment if/when it arrives in Australia.

The podcast that first made me aware of the ‘potential’ seriousness of Ebola: Matthew Stein – 10 Powerful Ways To Beat Ebola

Notes I took from Extreme Health Matthew Stein podcast:

Ebola Virus Prevention

  • MMS (Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid // Jim Humble
  • Colloidal Silver & Nebulizer
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract aka GFE
  • Hulda Clark Zapper
  • Exercise
  • Blood Electrifer (Beck Protocol)
  • Clothing.. protective suit, rubber gloves, rubber boots, N95 Surgical Masks, Painters Mask with Seal, replaceable filters
  • Bottles of Bleach (for cleaning surfaces)
  • Elderberry Extract – Israeli (04)
  • Homoeopathic Medical Kit

I’ve also just finished listening & taking notes from a new and free Audio course called “Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course” by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams (05)

The health ranger is also well-known as a conspiracy theorist, but almost all his information on health corresponds exactly with all the other research I’ve done (and I’ve cured my own problems & got my life back by applying similar principles), so even if he is a bit ‘out there’ politically, maybe it’s because he’s “onto” it, and the doubts that I have about some of his way out theories are perhaps caused by the influence of people who are out to discredit him, but I hope that I’m aware enough to keep an open mind about all information that comes to me and to do what’s best as I learn for myself what works (knowing also that a lot of “my” stuff & that some of ‘my truth’ is even more “out there” than some of his theory’s :) )

I like to think of “who benefits from this information?” at any info we receive and we all filter information based on what we know and believe at that time. You listen to something through today’s filters and some of it will be “..well, that makes logical sense to me” and some will be “that’s too extreme for me”, etc, and if we looked at the same information tomorrow, with our new beliefs that have changed/expanded/formed from yesterdays experiences, conversations and research, that sometimes, something that didn’t click yesterday, starts to make perfect sense.

We change our beliefs through influence of other people, the media, research that we do, and experiences we have had, constantly sifting through and trying to make heads or tails of the information. In the past year alone, my beliefs have changed hundreds of times, and you can see that throughout the site, and because of that, I know that it’s possible that my beliefs will change again hundreds of times within the coming months and years.

The episode that I’m listening to now is like he is reading directly from my website, so I know we are on the same page with natural health information.

Here are the direct links to the episodes he has published so far:

Notes I took from Pandemic Preparedness Audio Files:

Ep. #1 Intro

  • You need to expand your knowledge to increase your odds of survival.
  • Vaccines are foolishly worshipped as the one and only solution to any outbreak yet an “Ebola vaccine” may be obsolete on the very first day it’s available, and modern medicine is clueless if they don’t have a vaccine. Experimental Ebola drug has so far produced a 40% fatality rate.
  • If there is an Ebola outbreak, the hospital is the most dangerous place to go. That is where they are going to concentrate the infected patients. The very first people killed in Africa were the Ebola doctors.
  • Ebola is spreading through taxi cabs and you can be infected by touching a contaminated surface.
  • If you want to live, you need to have a plan that doesn’t rely on the vaccine industry.

Natural immune-boosting therapies that help protect you from ANY flu strain:
(not necessarily Ebola because nothing has been proven to be effective against Ebola and everything is experimental at this time)

  • Anti-Viral herbs
  • Vitamin D – activates the anti-viral potential of your immune system, ultraviolet light and the importance of sunlight exposure for people especially those with darker skin pigmentation
  • Vitamin C therapy, Vitamin D therapy, Zinc, Selenium, trace minerals
  • Avoiding immune-suppressant toxic chemicals, personal care products, foods, medicines, vaccines, environmental materials in your house

Ep. #5 The failed medical response to the Ebola pandemic

  • Most people falsely believe the hospital will solve their medical problems. Hospitals becomes hubs of spreading disease during a pandemic. Hospital beds rapidly become fully occupied. Most hospitals don’t have advanced isolation facilities to separate infected patients from other patients.
  • An Ebola patient can contaminate surfaces by merely touching them. Ebola causes patients to experience violent convulsions that can fling blood and body fluids around the room, infecting anyone else in the room. Ambulances and medical transport vehicles will quickly become infected with the virus. If infected, you need an environment for recovery that’s free from other burdens to your immune system.
  • Doctors can easily spread diseases via their ties, stethoscopes or hands. Hospitals can expose you to mold spores, superbugs and other infectious diseases.
  • Hospitals have zero treatments available for Ebola; at most they can offer “supportive care” which primarily consists of hydration. Survivors of Ebola are people who saved themselves (their immune systems); no doctor ever cured anyone of Ebola.
  • Good hydration, good quality nutrition, staying away from other people who are sick, stay away from public places; isolate yourself.
  • What I would do, in my case if I were infected, I would be loading up on Vitamin D and I would be taking 10,000-20,000 UI’s per day, short-term for a few days (toxic long term). I would be taking some mineral zinc and selenium. Even though Colliodial silver has not at all been proven to eliminate ebola infections, I would still be drinking it anyway, just because it might help. I would load up on Sambucol (Black Elderberry extract), Echinachea, Golden seal, Basil, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Chlorella.
  • Disclaimer: When using natural herbs and supplements, I urge you to get the help of a professional naturopath or herbalist.
  • Don’t use superfoods or herbs that expose you to toxic heavy metals; they will only suppress your immune system. Heavy metals suppress your immune function. You want the benefits of the superfoods but not the toxic heavy burden, so clean, laboratory verified superfoods or stay away.
  • Do the best you can with what you have. Sunshine, Fresh Air, Vitamin D, Healthy Diet (no fried foods, cheese, dairy, processed foods), Get fresh juice. Common sense kind of approach to saving your life using your immune system.
  • Right now, nothing is proven to work against Ebola, so everything is “experimental”. There is no substance on the planet that has been clinically proven to eliminate Ebola.
  • The western medical system condemns all natural cures, even if they work.
  • Every plant synthesizes its own powerful antibiotic medicine.

Ep. #6 Antiviral herbal medicines vs. Ebola and other viral pandemics

  • Safety precautions: everything mentioned here is unproven: Nothing on the planet is proven to treat Ebola.
  • Be cautious if you are pregnant; many herbs are contraindicated with pregnancy; Always work with a qualified naturopath or herbalist.
  • Be cautious of overdosing, allergies or combining herbs with toxic pharmaceuticals. Prescription drugs may interfere with antiviral herbs.
  • Echinacea,wildly used to treat influenza around the world, very powerful immune-booster, as a tincture, capsules, or tea. Has a symphony of plant-based chemicals that have amazing immune-supporting effects in the human body. Very safe, very affordable, very wildly available. Daily.
  • Black Elderberry (Sambucol: recommend the gaia herb company (not avail internationally), low in heavy metals, very clean, almost zero lead). Don’t buy from Amazon.com – elaborate counterfeit herbal product operations. Buy direct from manufacturers or trusted distributors. Elderberry very powerful antiviral, prevent viral infections. Delicious and wide safety margin. Preventive way of boosting immune function.
  • Licorice Root: find through herbal supply companies or Chinese medicine supply companies. Has been studied for suppression of HIV. Powerful anti-viral medicine. Mucosal protection (helps protect mucus membrane, which is one of the contamination vectors of Ebola). Unique, interesting taste. Can get it in tincture, capsules, tea, can combine with other things like ginger, cinnamon, clove, echinacea. Take the bark, leaves whatever you have, boil it, strain it, and drink as potent anti-viral tea.
  • Cats Claw (Una de Gato): Powerful anti-viral compound, very common plant in Sth America, you can buy it in a tincture format, tea bags, capsules. Go with a highly trusted source on this one, like Gaia herbs (not avail internationally). Can be taken daily as long as you take into account unless you are pregnant and work with qualified herbal practitioner.
  • Ginger:
  • Garlic: Anytime you are trying to kill bacteria, or have an anti-viral effect, consider garlic. Garlic can be taken in as a food, and doing that can boost your natural defense system against infections in a general sense by taking as part of your daily diet. Can take as an oil, extract, tablets, capsule, or just use it in food.
  • Basil is another natural anti-viral herb that has a lot of amazing chemical constituants, so if you can work more Basil into your diet, naturally, then you boost your immune protection, grow Basil yourself. The more pungent, the better.
  • Sage is also another potent anti-viral medicine. Fresh sage for tea, extract, infusion. Grow sage.
  • Rosemary: combine with Basil & Sage and other herbs, add to your regular diet for more protective effects, more immune supporting effects.
  • Peppermint is in the list as well. Think of ideas on how you can incorporate these herbs into your daily diet. You can do these things right now before you need more emergency medical care.
  • Astragulas? Helps body adapt to stress. An adaptogenic herb to be able to handle the stresses of infection.
  • Cinnamon, powerful, has a lot of natural oils in it. Real cinnamon, not artificial cinnamon. Cinnamon can be incorporated into your diet, apple cinnamon honey pancakes, etc. Cinnamon comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree. Cinnamon is one of the few medicines that is found in the average American diet. You can get some essential oils of cinnamon, add a few drops to a bowl of boiling water, put your face over it, towel over your head and inhale it. You can do this with other herbs that I’m going to mention such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Oregano, or Tea Tree Oil if you keep the potency really small. Help support the respiratory & sinus & mucosal linings. Vital for protection against air-borne infectious diseases.
  • Comfrey Root: powerful, make a gargle, don’t chug it or drink it internally, but gargle with it and it helps protect your throat, mouth, mucosal membrane. It can be used as a very effective mouthwash, not something you want to ingest, or eat, it can be toxic if you swallow it.
  • Colingela (maybe he said “calendula?)” Use calendula root; boil it in water, drink it as an infusion, many people use it in ointments for topical use, wound-healing, internal & external use.
  • Eucalyptus: fantastic, steamer/vaporizer, inhale. Eucalyptus leaves gargle, mouthwash, ointment.
  • Lemon Balm: Very potent anti-viral. I like it as tea. Essential oils. Boost immune function, super healthy for you.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Topical use & external protection only. Few drops into your fave cream and use around your nose, to create an anti-viral cream that’s just on the outside of your nose. If Ebola can get into you by you touching your nose, etc, tea tree oil can actually be used as a defence barrier around the outside of your nose, to help at least provide a layer of protection against a viral infection (not proven, but it’s a strategy that may help).
  • Golden Seal: not known as an effective anti-viral but very powerful as anti-bacterial, tastes awful.
  • Oregano: One of my fave oils, incredibly potent. Take with me everytime I travel. Most potent and effective food poisoning remedy that I’ve ever discovered. Incredible anti-bacterial. Treats viral pneumonia around the world. Known to kill a lot of bacteria, anti-fungal properties, you can gargle with it, you can drink a little bit of it, you can inhale some of it in a vapor, or use topically (spider bites, etc – penetrates the skin and denatures proteins in spider venom)
  • Peppermint: fantastic anti-bacterial & anti-viral, super delicious, and easily grow yourself. Mouthwash, tea, essential oils.
  • Have your own small gardens, even indoor window-sill garden: Peppermint, Spearmint, Sage, Rosemary, anything that I’ve mentioned that you can grow. Basil, Lemon Balm, Garlic. Why? Because the minute a herb is harvested, it begins to lose potency. Highest potency = grow your own, harvest and use immediately.
  • Red Clover: Overall immune boosting support to increase your resistance to viral infections. It’s great nutrition and red clover is well-known as a blood cleanser, so it helps cleanse your blood (eliminate toxins a little better & boost your bloods delivery of important nutrients to your body’s cells). Easy to grow, safe profile. Delicate taste.
  • Yarrow: Important herb that stops bleeding. Ebola causes a lot of internal haemorrhaging & bleeding, so yarrow might have an important role in the treatment of Ebola victims. This is one that should really be researched for this purpose. Often used internally & externally.

Essential Oils

  • Doterra oils – put them in my lab, to check elemental concentration, the numbers came back and they were astonishingly clean. (although he hasn’t done lab tests on other companies, he is not anti other essential oil companies like Young Living or the Gaia herb company). (Gaia = not avail internationally)
  • Most potent = ones you grow yourself. Those you can’t grow, get it from trusted companies.
  • Medicine kit of oils that you can turn to in all kinds of situations. Start to stockpile some of these.

Chinese Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine solutions are Heat, Cold, Meridians, etc.
  • An amazing herbal combination that can treat acute viral pandemics through rehydration and “cooling” hot blood is the Blood Heat formula.

“Blood heat” formula: Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang

TCM ingredients of this formula:

  • Sheng Di Huang – herb that can help restore cellular hydration.
  • Xi Jiao – Traditionally made from Rhino-horn, today used by Buffalo horn; this ingredient creates extreme-cold to counteract the extreme-heat of the body – metaphorically, the philosophical view of Chinese medicine
  • Chi Shao – Red Peony root, I dont know the exact function of this medicine.
  • Mu Dan Pi – Sometimes called Moutan Root Bark. I don’t understand the function of this formula, it may be just a supportive, additional ingredient.

Visit a qualified Chinese practitioner, they can prescribe this to you, they cannot claim to treat Ebola, but what they can do is support your bodies natural immune response against all kinds of things.

Note: This is not a preventive formula or one to be taken on a daily basis, this is something that chinese practitioners have used to treat dying patients. Don’t drink this stuff, this can be very dangerous for you if you are not in the state of a extreme-blood heat. Every medicine has its appropriate place and treatment complex. Work with a qualified herbal practitioner who knows what they’re doing.

Other chinese herbs to look at:

  • Shui Niu Jiao (buffolo horn. Niu = cow)
  • Xuan Shen
  • Da Qing Ye
  • Zi Cao
  • Beware of counterfeit versions. Go see a qualified practitioner.
  • Chinese Medicine can save millions of lives in a global pandemic, especially if western medicine fails

Indian & Middle Eastern Foods – natural antiviral herbs & spices

  • Find ways to expand your intake of spices, herbs and teas
  • Middle Eastern & Indian cuisine is loaded with antiviral herbs and spices (turmeric, cumin, paprika, & many other spices that contain natural medicine)

Start Exploring

  • Don’t forget the basics: Vitamin D and zinc = activate immune function, & zinc accelerates prevents some pathogens from being able to latch on to your tissue in your respiratory system.
  • Start drinking herbal teas like licorice, ginger, green tea, experience the rich world of medicinal teas so you can get a taste for it.
  • Avoid the immune-suppressing things.

Everything you’ve learned in this episode can help improve the quality of your life even if there is no pandemic at all. Most people eat horrible diets that don’t do any of this, and they are not living anywhere near the nutritional potential of what the human body can achieve, and so tap into it and vastly increase your chances.

Highly recommended book: Herbal Antivirals: Natural Remedies for Emerging & Resistant Viral Infections by Stephen Harrod Buhner

Ep. #7 How to stop suppressing your immune system and start building up cellular defences against pandemic infections

  • America has a very weak population in terms of health: sedentary lifestyles, immunosuppressed bodies, living on junk processed foods, lacking real nutrition, taking far too many medications. If you want to stay alive in a viral pandemic, you need to stop suppressing your immune system.

Known Immune-Suppressors

First, recognize the sources of immune-suppressing chemicals, food additives and medications.

  • Pharmaceuticals deplete crucial minerals and nutrients from your body, robbing your body of crucial nutrients needed for immune function.
  • Processed foods also poison your body and deplete nutrients; eating more fresh foods can help restore nutritional balance for proper immune function. Most foods people eat are nutritionally worthless. Buy more fresh produce and grow as much of your own food as you can. Stop eating things that are made in a factory; stop eating things that come in a box! Grow as much as you can: sprouting, juicing. Pandemic or not.
  • Food additives destroy immune function; GMOs have been scientifically shown to cause cancer
  • Frequently juice fresh produce and always buy organic where possible (organics are loaded with more nutrients and minerals), apples, oranges, carrots, ginger.

Toxic Household Chemicals

You need to switch to a natural products lifestyle; throw out everything in your home that contains toxic chemicals

  • Personal care products are loaded with toxic poisons: deodorants, skin lotions, shampoo, toothpaste, aftershave, makeup, etc. being absorbed into your skin and making you more vulnerable to cancer & pathogens.
  • Laundry products coat your clothing in toxic chemicals that suppress immune function after being absorbed into your skin.
  • Popular perfumes & cologne are often made with cancer-causing chemicals. Not even required to list ingredients on bottles, their formulas are priority and protected from FDA. Replace perfume with essential oils.
  • Throw out all your store-bought soap and replace with Dr. Bronner.
  • Use only organic cosmetics and makeup products.
  • Garage contaminants – chemical solvents, pesticides, herbicides, weed killers, car & house cleaning products, paints, etc.
  • Throw out all toxic products in your entire house and replace with “green“, clean products, natural products.


  • Chronic sleep deprivation can seriously suppress your immune system. Get sleep during a pandemic – lots of sleep. Give yourself permission to sleep 9-10 hours a night.
  • Be careful of over-exertion at the gym; it will temporarily suppress your immune function. Stay away from gyms in a pandemic for both workout intensity and the ‘touch factor’ of shared gym equipment, etc.
  • Watch out for the immune suppressing damage caused by emotional stress; you are more susceptible to viral infections when you feel depressed or emotionally depleted.

Air Quality

Pay attention to indoor air quality to eliminate moulds and spores

  • Growing plants indoors can help clean your indoor air. Living air filters. Plants take in toxins and exhale oxygen.
  • HEPA air filtration systems can also work wonders: IQ Air units work very well (medical quality).

Toxic Heavy Metals

  • Toxic heavy metals can also suppress immune function, and they’re often found in organic superfoods or herbs grown in China.
  • Visit Labs.NaturalNews.com for updates on heavy metals levels in various foods and supplements
  • Watch out for high levels of lead in some calcium supplements (lead seems to bind with calcium); Lead will suppress immune function and promote cancer.
  • Certified organic does NOT mean low levels of heavy metals! The USDA & FDA has no limits on heavy metals in foods, even organic.
  • Fresh produce tends to be very clean, very low in heavy metals (especially organic produce).
  • Be sure to shop for superfoods and supplements that are tested and laboratory validated to have LOW heavy metals.
  • Anything grown in China is likely heavily contaminated.

Notes I took from Pandemic Preparedness Course that are more “Conspiracy-based” in nature:

If you prefer to keep your mind clean of conspiracies, don’t click to expand.

Expand Conspiracy Theories: Ep #2, #3, #4, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14

Ep. #2 Pandemic Preparedness

  • Humanity has created the “perfect storm” for a global pandemic wipeout (Ebola or not) by having a high population density, rapid travel by air, & widespread immune system suppression.
  • Many prescription medications & chemicals in the environment and food that we eat, suppress immune function and make people more vulnerable to pandemic infections.
  • ATMs can cause you to be infected because of surface contamination – are you going to put on your latex gloves before touching public services such as door handles, gas station, money or atm’s?
  • Ebola survives on surfaces, and it can’t be easily killed with antibacterial wipes because it is not “bacteria”. It’s a viral fragment, it’s a chunk of proteins; RNA, DNA. It is not even ‘alive’ – you can’t “kill it”. It’s many times smaller than bacteria, it is tiny, it’s a viral fragment. It’s a chain of proteins essentially, that can get into your body & take over the DNA replication or the RNA replication of your body’s cells. You have to kill it with things like ultraviolet light or things like bleach, not everyday antibacterial wipes.
  • Also – where does your water & food come from? Municipal water systems can be easily contaminated which may survive the chemicals we have in the water, and terrorists have planned to use water delivery system as a bio-engineered weapon. What do you do if you hear on the radio that you can no longer drink your tap water? Do you have a water filter that can filter out viral fragments? Most people don’t. Most people are completely dependant on the infrastructure for their food, their water, their heat, their air conditioning, their electricity, their financial transactions, and have no ability to survive if the infrastructure shuts down.
  • Martial law is often declared during a pandemic, where you may be ordered to “shelter in place” as has already happened in Africa. If you are unable to leave home, do you have any anti-viral alternative remedies? Do you even know what they are? Do you have backup food supplies? Do you have a battery-powered radio to keep in touch with the broadcasts? Do you have antiseptics? Soap? How will you cook food or heat your home? How will you defend your home? Could you share things with your neighbours / family and friends if they were symptomatic?
  • Isolation as a key survival strategy. If you live in a city or suburb; any kind of high population area, you need a realistic evacuation plan. A few people will survive by luck, but most survivors will have a backup plan who rationally planned ahead.
  • Many people will die from secondary problems brought on by the pandemic. Lack of food, lack of water, lack of basic infrastructure, looters, accidents, exposure, dehydration, etc.

Ep. #3 Ebola as a bioweapon

  • Every world power has developed biological weapons including Ebola strains. Governments stockpile biological weapons for national defence purposes. The government scientists will tell you that they stockpile them so that they can study them and create a vaccine against them. But the flip side is that every government keeps these as a weapon to deploy it as a bio-weapon in a last ditch desperate self-defence scenario.
  • Government labs frequently lose track of where they’ve stored biological weapon samples, routinely finding missing viles that show up in unsecured locations or other labs, so there is an added problem of deliberate deployment as well as accidental deployment.
  • A rogue government scientist could also release a bioweapon deliberately. Some scientists openly seek to use engineered viruses to de-populate the planet. Some world leaders openly talk about the need to the reduce human population; Ted Turner wants to reduce population by 6.5 billion people & Bill Gates talked about how to use vaccination to depopulate the world by about 10-15% (06) . Another scientist working on the Ebola virus “joked” about culling the population using a genetically-engineered virus. (07) . Not surprising, some people are now theorizing that Ebola was deliberately released in Africa as a bioweapons test.
  • Ebola has the ability to rapidly mutate and evolve; Viral pandemics can out-maneuver the medical system (any vaccine attempts).
  • Long incubation periods allow people to covertly carry the virus even without their own knowledge (and without showing any symptoms). The strain out there now has a 2 to 21-day incubation period (people don’t show any symptoms during those 21 days) yet could be carriers of the virus & they can spread it in that time. It’s a stealth virus because it’s hard to isolate during that time.

Ep. #4 Government response to pandemics

  • Government doesn’t want the public to panic and lose trust in government. It exists based on public FAITH, and if that faith is shattered, government is overthrown.
    Another faction of government wants to hype up infectious disease as much as possible: CDC and FDA. The CDC seeks to create as much fear and panic as possible in order to enrich pharmaceutical interests. Swine Flu pandemic was wildly exaggerated in order to generate billions of dollars in needless vaccine sales.
  • People who have small bunkers are called “survival nuts.” Governments that have BIG bunkers are called “strategically prepared.”
  • Because most citizens are not prepared, they will become part of the crisis and create a crisis burden on government.
  • Government does not have the resources or manpower to help everyone in a widespread crisis. What you can depend on: Your local community, family, friends.
  • History has proven that we can’t trust the safety of government-promoted vaccines. If an Ebola vaccine is made available, it will be an experimental vaccine that’s not tested for long-term safety. The vaccine industry already has absolute legal immunity and zero liability from the harm caused by their products. In a pandemic, there is no time to test the vaccine: it will be “experimental medicine”. Government can punish you for refusing to take a mandatory vaccine.
  • Vaccines might be made less dangerous through nutritional immune support before receiving the vaccine injection.

Ep. #8 Dealing with the social panic

  • Survival tools: Flashlight, Firearm, U.S. government purchased 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits.
  • Depopulation Agender: Mainstream media: trying to get as many people killed as possible by making sure they are not prepared. Population control. Release a bio-weapon. No proof. But is one way that is openly talked about as a way to depopulate the planet. Anti-human. Criminal negligent. Not telling people the truth on what they need to do to prepare. They want reduced population. One of the biggest threats is the public’s response to the crises. Sudden realization they are completely unprepared, they have been lied to, and now they are going to panic.
  • The stages: Denial, then panic, then desperation (desperate = people will do anything to feed or protect their families; including stealing and killing)

Ep. #9 The Ebola vaccine fraud

  • Human trials have already begun on the Ebola vaccine – normally it would take years of human trials but such is the urgency, that the experimental vaccine is being fast-tracked. The vaccine has completely skipped over all vaccine safety protocols and preliminary testing.
  • The sudden, spontaneous appearance of an Ebola vaccine is near-conclusive proof that this was all planned in advance. Patent #CA2741523A1 reveals that the United States Government owns Ebola; the patent was awarded in 2010 based on Ebola samples held by the CDC in 2007.
  • Pharmaceutical companies have a long history of conducing medical experiments on African children: research the history of Pfizer and Nigerian children.
  • Understanding the real corporate revenue model of our corrupt world: CREATE the problem, then SELL the solution. How to sell vaccines: Create a panic.
  • People who refuse Ebola vaccines will be declared mentally ill.
  • The U.S. government can also claim ownership and control over all research into Ebola, all vaccines and all “cures”

Ep. #10 What will happen when Ebola spreads in America, Canada or Mexico
(Note: this episode was recorded BEFORE the news broke about Ebola being discovered in Dallas. Much of what is predicted here has already come to pass…)

  • No one is ever as prepared as we want to be; I need to show up my supplies too.
  • Local gardening and small farms create food security. Instead of teaching preparedness, our federal government criminalizes local food production and distribution (raw milk raids, etc.)
  • Lessons from Fukushima: When everybody tries to get prepared all at once, supplies are quickly depleted. (i.e. everyone wanted to take iodine, but every retailer of iodine ran out of the product or couldn’t ship it quickly enough, masks when the Bird Flu scare came, etc.). Retailers simply don’t stockpile enough supplies for a pandemic – it’s not profitable to stockpile certain supplies “just in case”. Stock up on supplies before everybody else comes to the same realization.
  • Tyvek body suits are available right now on Amazon.com for under $7. But they will rapidly be sold out and unavailable.
  • Bleach. Protective Sheets. Masks. Cooking fuel. Rice, bread, Gas, Latex gloves, Booties, Full Face respirator, etc.
  • Everything you think you should need, make a list, something that costs $10 today, might cost $600 in a crisis. You can stockpile supplies to sell or give to others by buying more than you need to help others who haven’t prepared.
  • Your most important survival tool is your brain (your skills and wisdom).
  • Get prepared now while you still can, before the masses wake up and rush for the supplies.

Ep. #11 Preparing for an Ebola outbreak in America

  • Ebola is now in America, and suddenly people are scrambling to get prepared. Recorded a few hours after the first report about the ebola patient in Dallas.
  • America is utterly defenceless against Ebola being flown right into major U.S. cities. How many people did this one Dallas patient infect before he was isolated? Was in Dallas 10 days. What about the airplane travellers, staff, cabs, people he came in contact with, surfaces he touched, etc. There may be undiagnosed Ebola carriers in other U.S. cities right now.
  • The current lie: “Don’t worry, we have it under control.”
  • The American public can’t handle the truth about quarantines, food shortages and medical martial law. U.S. citizens have been taught the government will take care of them and that preparedness is “weird”.

Ep. #12 Remaining calm: Why Ebola preparedness leads to confidence and calm

  • The sooner you get prepared, the more rational justification you have for remaining calm.
  • Can you survive for 21 days without electricity? Where will you get your food if you can’t get it from grocery stores? Water (who will run the water plants)? You should have stored-water on-site and a month’s supply of food.
  • Be prepared for looters to try to break into homes and businesses
  • There’s still plenty of time to get prepared if you start now. Build up your preparedness supplies consistently, over time.
  • Have a bug out plan. Have some preparedness supplies stored at your bug out destination.
  • Having options creates confidence and calm. Taking action now can lead to a sense of optimism about facing the future.
  • Panic comes from a lack of knowledge and a lack of preparedness.
  • Start growing medicinal herbs and spices right now.
  • Be prepared with multiple layers of defence. By preparing for a pandemic, you are also simultaneously prepared against all other potential disasters.
  • Stay calm by getting prepared!

Ep. #13 How an Ebola outbreak could devastate the U.S. economy

Episode was all about truck drivers, farmers, airlines, Restaurants, gyms, movie theatres, sporting events, concerts, events will be shut down because of the fear of Ebola spreading via crowds as well as Tourism being hit very hard, public transportation, businesses, medical sector, stock market, manufacturers, and so on.

Ep. #14 Living in isolation under medical martial law

  • “Vaccine ID cards” and vaccine checkpoints may be used.
  • Prepare to be ordered into mandatory self isolation. Most households do not have enough supplies for a 21-day isolation order.
  • You are likely to be detained and quarantined if you are caught on the streets, looting, rioting or protesting.
  • Door-to-door vaccine mandates are a possibility. Government will likely use census data to determine how many people need to be vaccinated at your address.
  • Ebola vaccine is not being tested against Ebola.
  • There will likely be no government honor vaccine exemptions; all vaccines will be mandatory and forced upon the population.
  • Vaccine manufacturing frequently suffers from quality control problems, hidden viruses, toxic adjuvants and other risks.

Notes from Natural News Ebola Natural Immunity blog post:

Source: Derek Henry, B.Kin http://www.naturalnews.com/047232_Ebola_natural_immunity_virus.html

Start clearing out any harmful bacteria in your digestive system in order for your immune system to function properly.

Antibacterial foods and herbs to consider, include: (08)
(Eat in daily meals, but most potent way to receive their benefits in through tinctures, capsules, teas, essential oils, and freshly pressed juices.)

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Turmeric (curcumin)
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Cayenne
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Cranberry
  • Calendula
  • Echinacea
  • Oregon grape root
  • Goldenseal
  • Marshmallow root
  • Uva Ursi
  • Yarrow
  • Colloidal silver

Stock up on antiviral herbs (09)

  • Una de Gato (Cat’s Claw)
  • Pau D’Arco
  • Astragalus
  • Elderberry
  • Lemon balm
  • Licorice root
  • Olive leaf
  • Oregano oil

Consume immune strengthening foods, herbs, and nutrients (10)
(consumed in whole food, capsules, tinctures, tea or grounding)

  • Adaptogenic herbs (reishi, siberian ginseng, astragalus, gynostemma, una de gato, pau d’arco)
  • Liver supporting herbs (milk thistle, dandelion root, yellow dock root, burdock root, artichoke, turmeric)
  • Vitamin C (camu camu, acerola cherry, guava, peppers, kale, oranges)
  • Vitamin D (sunlight and/or fermented cod liver oil)
  • Zinc (supplement or pumpkin seeds)
  • Probiotics (supplement or consider sauerkraut, coconut kefir, apple cider vinegar, and kombucha)

Ditch foods and behaviours that suppress the immune system (11)

  • Sugar (especially refined)
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy
  • Corn, soy, and wheat (gluten)
  • Hydrogenated foods
  • Excess animal protein
  • Excess flour intake
  • Highly processed foods
  • Chronic stress
  • Excessive EMF exposure
  • Limited sunshine or vitamin D supplementation

Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)
Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not medical science or medical advice. I do not have any medical training aside from my own research and interest in this area. The information I publish is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition. I just report my own results, understanding & research.


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