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George Green is the author of Handbook to a New Paradigm—a book to help awaken humanity to the coming collapse, mass depopulation program, and the current times we’re now facing. Although I’m not sure of the validity of some of his claims, the things he states are in parallel to a lot of the other NWO Insiders, so I thought I’d edit down the long interview into clips to have as a comparative reference.

George is a former investment banker that has a military background and has apparently worked alongside the elite. He has been speaking out for decades (since the 1990s) and has since passed-away (in mid-2019).

He relates how a powerful group of people control every major decision on Earth. They advance “The PLAN 2000″ (renamed Agenda 21 and other names) to begin World War III – a mass depopulation plan to kill billions by any means necessary. George reveals how the power elite had planned Earth’s financial collapse for decades, and published apparently channelled books to give away for free to help people awaken and prepare for it by lifting mankind out of the entrapment of the victim consciousness.

Download his books:

Clips from 2017 Interview:

Watch Full Interview on YouTube: 14 Dec 2017
Watch Edited-Version on Rumble | Download on Telegram

In the above video:

  • 00:00 Population Reduction – sitting in on the meetings in the 1970s with the world leaders
  • 00:50 “We control them both” (Democrats/Republicans)
  • 00:58 Federal Reserve is a private bank playing a huge monopoly game & I started my own bank
  • 01:44 Want to reduce world’s population down to 500 million
  • 02:03 Asked him to build an enemy Prisoner-of-War camp in Las Vegas
  • 02:17 Human lifespan changed drastically, was a “manageable” population of 2 billion in the 1900s, but now we’re at a 8.3 billion
  • 02:40 The POW camp was changed to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) building all over the United States to get ready for their population reduction for anybody over the age 44 is to be eliminated unless you have a talent they need. We’ll be lucky to have 20 million Americans left alive.
  • 03:22 Ted Kennedy was there. George’s daughter walked in the room and he said “Wow – I want to go to bed with that”. George told him “No you don’t Ted – that’s my daughter and she’s 14”. His response was “I don’t care”. That made George mad, so he got up, walked across the room to Pierre Trudeau – the Canadian Prime Minister and his wife. He looked down at a little cigar box full of white powder. He was sitting there and thought I don’t know – this is on a Friday and this is a four-day weekend that I was supposed to be in on the meetings, and my ego was on the ground. I was getting ready to do a 100 million dollar project back at that time. “My ego is on the line because I’m sitting here playing with that”. And over the meeting they were discussing what they had planned for the United States – get World War III started. “I printed the copy of the contract in one of my books so people could read it for themselves that they want to reduce the population.” This is a world wide deal.
  • 05:22 We have a chance to stop all of this if you and I can awaken everybody on the planet so we can get them to rethink about this story, but everybody has been so programmed that “somebody else is going to save them” – it’s a programme. Nobody is going to save them. That’s the problem – how do you get it out there? It’s a DIY job.
  • 06:06 Except for within you is your soul, which the Russians have determined is 22grams. That’s how much leaves your body when you make your transition. Interesting?
  • 06:21 There’s a small group of people that were planning it, but it has spread all over the world. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Pine Gap (Australia) and what it was designed for? I’m sitting in the Oval Office with Dick Lamb, the governor, he said he got his ticket to Pine Gap. It’s for 25,000 of the so-called Elite when they begin World War III. That’s what it’s for.
  • 07:07 I went to Beijing (China), and I spoke to world leaders over there. They’re planning to rule the world right now. They and Russia have made an agreement so that their currency is going to be the number one currency backed by gold. I have the accounting book for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and the only definition they have of money is gold – everything else is just Monopoly money. 94% of all money is all debit cards. Their plan is to get a new Federal ID which will list everything about you – which they pretty much have right now. Everything is already being monitored, and computers are figuring all of this stuff out.
  • 08:45 I’m at a point right now of where do I want to be because it’s really escalating as you can see around the world – the chaos that is occurring. Everything is drastically changing and I’m not sure how much longer we’re going to be able to even travel.
  • 09:12 The propaganda is out there so that people keep buying Fords and Chevy’s and Fiats or whatever car – to keep them under the food-chain. But we’ve had Free Energy clear back in the 50’s, so why doesn’t the world have that – because it’s all economics and greed and families and that kind of stuff.
  • 09:37 People – when they go to school, they only learn one thing, they don’t learn about the bigger picture. There’s a much bigger picture going on in the entire planet and we’re just one of many planets on earth inhabited within the universe. We’re at the end of a cycle right now, and it happens to be a big one, and you and I need to wake people up so we can have a different solution, and my agreement was to try and get the word out by publishing their material – I didn’t write it. People can read the Handbook, Embracing the Rainbow, and Becoming. Read them about three times and you’ll be surprised because you may be in direct contact yourself. My whole game is to try and wake people up.
  • 10:53 Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI, was a friend of mine, and they assigned him to one of those camps in Nebraska. One of his jobs was to protect Oswald and Ferrie – they had nothing to do with the assassination of Kennedy. We were discussing the child paedophilia and all that was going on in different places – not only militarily but man has been so programmed and de-programmed so kids can be just ‘wasted’ as they say. How many orphans do we have right now? We have that separation and I’m aware of it but there’s nothing I can — I got involved with some of these people who were trying to stop it all — it is so widespread – it’s a killing game. We’re just expendable containers – just a play thing. Things are changing – you and I are trying to wake people up so there’s something more, I don’t know what we can do about that either, that’s a reason why – the books taht I have give you a better understanding of this, and if we’re the prison planet in the first place, then obviously we’ve got to rethink the ending of the story.
  • 12:53 As we used to say: “People are expendable containers or Useless Eaters”. That’s just the way they talked about other people that were not part of your group. You’re born into the crown and most of them have a lineage of things they’ve accumulated and they try to take care of taht. Well the accumulation game is all over. What do you do with them? What do you with a lot of cash? I tell them to put some gold and silver away for trading but the question is – what are you going to trade it for right now, because our government has put in new rules that if you sell 4 pieces of gold you have to fill out a 1099, an IRS report. How do you know when you bought it?
  • 13:54 Make sure – right now I’m teling everybody to have two months worth of cash – small bills in your house, because they’re going to shut down everything to go to the plastic card, and enough food because when this all crashes apart, what are you going to have to trade? I’ve got 25 tonnes of books in my warehouse – people aren’t buying books; they’re looking at them on the internet, downloading it on their little cell phone, which is that little frequency off of the cell phone is affecting the way people think. It’s also starting to change drastically on everything. The population change and the shift is a real challenge for all of us. Try to stay back in the “Observer-mode” of a huge play that’s going on – that’s bigger than both you and I are involved. We may know some little pieces of it, but overall on the whole planet?…
  • 15:06 I talked to a nurse that works on the clones. Cloned people that are walking around and I know some of them – these are soulless beings so I got a whole new lesson talking on both sides of it. Another friend of mine was a guard for one of the clones. We met in Las Vegas, and because they were guarded to make sure they were kept alive because they were a medical doctor, they grabbed me and said I’ve got to have somebody I can talk to, so I took them. We went outside, out the back door of the casino, and got in my car and we drove to San Diego. She needed to have a day of rest to get away from them because it’s too much information for too many people to understand the play is incredible on every direction you have. You go to any city here in the US, we joke about it, how many churches are there? How many ministers are sitting there with their opinion on the book that they’ve got and bible means group of books and who wrote them? They don’t even know that. It’s so fascinating to go along with it. To try to awaken people to a big play.
  • 16:36 Everything’s out of balance right now. How do we get it balanced again? How do we get people back to do that? Well my last messages that I got which are not very good, said there’s too few people waking up right now to make any significant difference and urging us to get together with other people of like-minds to support each other.
  • 17:01 I actually physically sat in on the meetings, Jimmy Carter put in what they call the “Plan 2000”, and I sat in on those meetings, the plan 2000 was to get World War III started. It was supposed to get the bombs started in the year 2000, so they’re way behind schedule. The programme’s still out there, they call it “Agenda 21” or they have some other names that they’re giving to it, but the same details – they know they have to reduce the population of the planet. Quote “All means necessary”. And that’s biological. Mind control is really easy on them now because of the internet, all the microwaves they’ve set down – the microwaves are so heavy now … the corruption we’ve put up here with all these towers – how many of them do you have in your backyard?
  • 18:00 The plan 2000 was the year 2000 – so they keep changing the dates. Meanwhile, I’m over 44. The reason why they picked the 44 date, that was based on the data that they had, most of the people would go to work when they’re 18, and work for 25 years and then retire. Retirement age at that time was 44. Well you don’t want to supply the money and stuff for people that worked all their lives to make all the gadgets that they had at that time, and so obviously it’s changed a little bit – now, we have a lot of people living to be 100.
  • 18:45 I suggest everybody to get at least two months worth of food. If they can get away from any major city because the cities are the easiest way to control people at this minute. Denver was originally 300,000 people now it’s almost 3 million people. Easier to take care of 3 million people and also eliminate them all because all they need is that situation. Look at the planet – all the major cities – if they’re going to do this, if they’re going to reduce it, you can do it by all means necessary – that’s biologicals. They have new biological stuff to get rid of people. My suggestion is to get as much information you can about alternative cures, because a lot of the cures kill people right now. People should study natural cures. The problem is even water is so polluted, everywhere. In the US, most of the water came from Colorado, it used to go down through Arizona and on down to the West Coast, all that water has gone through 20 towns – gone through their systems and added all this junk in it, so people are now taking all these poisons and they’re coming down with these new strange diseases. We need to look at how much natural stuff we can do. If you can… get away.
  • 20:36 We have to learn to think new stuff because of the pollution levels in everything. Money wise, what are we going to be using for trading? Have enough for a couple of months knowing that the stores won’t have change if they have any product.
  • 20:57 They lie. I sat in on the meetings. Let me explain to you a little abut the money system. The fiscal year of the US is September 30th. So they don’t even think about the same time that we do on a year. The next thing is, they don’t count the debt the following year. They only count the debt that is due this year. We’re about 300 trillion in debt. Trillion. Nobody even speaks that word. People don’t even know what a billion is. A billion is ten-thousand $100,000 homes. 10,000 houses that sell for a $100,000 – that’s a billion. So when we start looking about the money that they’re talking about spending, and where does it go to, to take care of their own little group. The rest of the world doesn’t want the dollar. They won’t take it in Europe, they won’t allow big cash to be send into Canada and there’s nobody in Canada relatively – what do they have – 25 million people and most of those are right along the border again. Then you go to Vancouver – half of that, 3 million people, are Chinese. Things are changing drastically. My situation when I went to China, I sat in on the leaders over there, I totally believe them, nobody has got any information on how far China’s ahead of us. They have all kinds of nuclear bombs, and they’re sitting back watching it but they also have 100 million men army.
  • 23:27 Back to us again. Get enough clothes that you can wash, enough things to take care of yourself, for this period of time and keep getting the word out. Get more friends so you can get together and get prepared. Don’t look for anybody out here to save you other than yourself. Even Christ said that. “What I do, you can do and greater, and what you sow, you shall reap”. So that’s responsibility I believe.
  • 24:06 The United States is unique because we have a small military like we used to, but they’re all over the world – we don’t have them here. We have the facilities for all the foreign governments that have military so they’re sitting here in a position to round-up people because they’ll do it – they’re not Americans.
  • 24:27 Remember, the only thing that will kill you is Nuclear energy, which will disrupt the soul energy, and that’s a no-no as far as I’m concerned, so we have to educate about that. The soul’s going to continue on – we have to learn how to do that, and also, I talked to some of the people that are in programmes within our government so we can all learn how to communicate merely by thought. You and I could think, we could then communicate. Tune-in to the frequency just like we are right now by the internet-wave, we have that help, but we can do that with our minds, and we have a government programme who are teaching people all over the world to do that. Remember the Indians used to do that a long time ago too, they’d have their meeting and go. So let’s do that again at another time.

Born Aug 13, 1939 in Denver, Colorado, Died Jun 21, 2019

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