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Why some people don’t get better (live in a constant state of suffering & illness) is that we are constantly being injured everyday by the fear agenda – fluoride, money-system, food, stress, emf, pollution, social brainwashing, cultural manipulation, medical/pharmaceutical, educational system, history being manipulated, war, addictions, alcohol, unresolved fears, past wrongs, judgement “right and wrong’ mentality, toxic relationships and expected outcomes based on social conditioning that doesn’t allow for nature’s own cycles.

Yet some people can handle life ok because the only way to do it – is to ride the wave. Where the entities who are controlling this reality (that which we would call anything “fear-based”) – seemingly attacking you at every angle – you don’t give them that power, you give them nothing to feed on. 

Don’t feed the fears, incorporate them, repair what is causing them. Accept them as part of life rather than trying to avoid them. Once you can incorporate fears as part of helping to transform you, helping you grow and move through the changes of this adventure, they no longer become fears… they disappear as suffering and instead become your “teacher”, part of your guidance system, a way to find inner peace no matter what is happening “externally”. By gently incorporating new perspectives in each challenge and changes we face, accepting them as an inevitable part of the cycle of life, you achieve more balance and less suffering.

Ride the wave of flow.

Accept what is happening as part of life. Choose to allow it to help transform you into a better you. Don’t judge it in a negative way – see all of it as serving your life in some way, as cycles of expansion.

The fears are always going to come up… life is always going to test you. How you approach it, determines how at peace you are about the truth about life. In other words, if you know this is happening, you can choose your perspective on whether it’s serving you or destroying you. You learn to wield your inner guidance system to one that serves your life, that serves your growth, that serves your human-experience to be the grand adventure that it is.

Getting in touch with your inner truth, listening to your “guidance” system which only wants the best for all. Be less selfish, be gentler, be less “re-active” and more trusting of the benevolence within which only seeks life to become the best version of it’s self, and it’s diversity.

64Hexagram #64 – Before Completion
You are always on the threshold of change; how you approach it will determine your success. Orchestrate non- attachment, truth is a game of adversaries. Empty of questions, no complications. Recognize that disorder is the only way that the future can be built from growth and innovation. Flow the way nature wants you to flow – without expectations and without the need to classify or think of completion. The journey is far more important than the destination.

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