Emphysema – the beginning

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Emphysema - the beginning

For most of my life I was living in the dead past or the imagined future.
The best place I found, and the only moment we have any control over, is the now, the right now – this moment.

There is no way to summarize everything I’ve learnt about my healing (as you could see from the “Cure emphysema” page.. there is just so many things that can help us, and so many things that can harm us).

But if I can summarize it in the smallest amount of words possible…
Do not ‘own’ your disease… every disease is cell disease and almost always caused by inflammation. There is no such thing as incurable – that is a death-certificate given by people who have never tried anything outside the common medical recommendations – I have no symptoms of emphysema. I am off all medication except my “crutch” (the occasional Asmol – that I don’t even “carry” on me anymore).
It took me a long time to get my head around the fact that medication is not designed to cure, but to keep things under control – they are basic anti-inflammatory drugs – and you can do that with diet & lifestyle… and then “not need” medication (you can’t just take yourself off medication without taking the steps to improve your health in the first place, although I did it – I thought I was going to die anyway and I was “ready” to die because I had no hope, but I never recommend that others take themselves off medication, I don’t want other people to die because of my advice .. I want them to see how their bodies are getting better and then, when they no longer need the medication, they can make a decision about it then)

We need to stop doing things that “cause” inflammation (toxic thoughts, toxic chemicals, toxic food/water, toxic environment/air, etc.)
And start doing things that are anti-inflammatory (the list is endless.. )
It’s more when we replace our negative thoughts with positive, and foods/lifestyle that we know is bad for us (our intentions are in the wrong place) with life-giving foods that we know is good for us, and remove things that are slowly poisoning us (might be mould, etc. different for everyone depending on where they live and lifestyle they have.. ) that the body is given a chance to self-repair.

I surround myself with people who do not have a death-sentence, because when I was with them & listening to their doomsday advice.. I was dying. They were killing me from giving me poisonous/toxic advice and keeping me in a dark, hopeless place that just wasn’t true – their reality was imprinting negativity on me – and without hope & optimism, you get worse (no matter what ‘dis-ease’ you have been diagnosed with). You need to have something positive to work towards – something bigger than yourself. Not exactly “finding your purpose” or anything (great for those who know what that is – not so great for the rest of us), but in every moment we have a choice. We have power over this moment – how we feel in this moment is a choice, what feels like the “right thing to do” in this moment, etc. There is so much power in not owning being a victim anymore, that you have control over the now.

Anyway, noone could’ve told me anything when I was going through the depths of what I was going through – I just couldn’t hear it, I was too angry/sad/and “dying” to believe, but once I started researching myself (with the intention of leaving my legacy after I die), and starting applying things to myself – mindset, healthy food, vitamins, minerals, becoming toxic-free, etc.. I started noticing the change in myself, and it took about 3 months after I was doing every kind of thing to notice.. that I no longer had any symptoms..

I’m now back at work (I used to not be able to talk to anyone without sounding like darth vader, crying, or just “off in zombie-land”).. and looking forward to a positive future, by choosing a positive moment at each step of the day.

I don’t know where you are in your journey.. at the beginning.. I was in a dark place.. and I had so much mucous that I had to cleanse out of my lungs and I couldn’t sleep at night because I was too scared I was going to die in my sleep – and so the best help for me at the start was focusing on health & mindset.

Like starting with baby steps “one salad a day” – ie, making the salad the “main” meal and any meat/pasta you have is the “side dish”.
Bread & pasta can make my lungs inflamed within 30 mins – 1 hour of eating.
No alcohol or sugary refined drinks or foods – if you do any of that, start slowly replacing this habit with something that is helpful to your inflammation..
I started having one green smoothie a week (and I had to “force” myself to do it at the beginning).. now I can’t go a day without it.. but that took a long time… maybe 6-8 months before it became a craving – something I absolutely notice if I don’t have it.. it gives energy and life, and my skin

If you start with just baby steps, the previous step will give you the momentum to move onto the next step – when you are ready.

Then the other steps will become more believable, as we have a lifetime of “unbrainwashing” to do in this journey.

I am living proof that emphysema is not a death wish. Mindset was the biggest thing – because if you have no belief you will heal, and if wake up each day feeling fear/anger and feelings of unworthiness/guilt or despair, nothing you do will help you. I don’t know where you are in your journey, but at some point, you will realize your intentions are more powerful than general society has taught us, that most people are living unconsciously, without realizing they are damaging themselves, they just ‘exist’, and follow what everyone else is doing, without being ‘aware’.

I don’t hold the answers to everything – I am still on the journey to optimal health or optimal living in general, I just know how far I’ve come – that noone looks at me now as someone who is sick and dying.. I’m ever-learning, and constantly growing, and still doing science-experiments on myself as I keep learning everything about health and mindset and life. Right now my focus is self-sustainability.. and so recently I haven’t done any further health research (aside from listening to Extreme Health Radio podcasts on a daily basis & watching documentaries “for fun” not research). My focus right now is moving to QLD and to do that, I need to get rid of all my belongings and move into a van (at least for storage.. but would love to have a van to live in, but most of those motorhomes are completely out of my reach financially)… since I simplified my life, (part of the healing process), I only work a few days a week, so I have less money but more happiness and freedom to do what I want to do, to live my truth and to study whatever I want to learn rather than feeling like a slave – that I have no control. Freedom is more important to me than wealth at this time.

So yeah.. nutshell.. don’t know where you are at in your journey.. the start is always the most negative/dark and hopeless at least for me (and what I observe in the COPD groups). But as you start realizing that natural healing actually works, the mindset shifts and you start seeing life and hope and optimism again.. but you can’t just flick a switch and turn from depressed to happy (if only).. or dying to healthy… etc.. it’s a step-by-step, moment-by-moment journey of choosing the best option for you at that time in life, that you are ready for. Most of the people who have got better are like twins of me.. they are now just as obsessed with natural health.. the ones that are still sick and getting hospitalized, etc, are still doing “something” that is causing inflammation and are still listening to others (their naysayer friends and well-meaning family members and doctors) rather than doing their own research. I don’t like telling anyone what to do (they don’t listen anyway lol) but.. if you want to heal faster than others – & this is quite logical :) … You need to start becoming interested in living – to make it part of your daily life .. it needs to become a passion or interest.. and I found at the start for me, it was because I thought it was “too late” for me.. that I decided to research how my family could not end up like me.. so at the start, it was the intention of helping others (which also gave me a purpose for living at the time)… I didn’t know that I would heal.. that happened “by accident” as I applied the things I was learning (because my family was not listening to my advice, so I had to “prove” it to them by “showing” them.. and realized that the only way to help anyone with health or mindset or anything… is to “be the example”.. not just talk about it like I was hehe)

Kind Regards,


PS – I don’t “ingest” hydrogen peroxide.. at the beginning, I put some in my diffuser as it helped loosen mucus in my lungs, and sometimes I put a few drops into my ears if I’m around people who are infected with colds/flu etc and I want to add a layer of protection.. but that’s pretty much all I use hydrogen peroxide for (except for in things like my toothpaste, etc)

I take iodine drops in water every now and then. I used to follow a protocol – something like 3 drops – 2 drops – 1 drop – 2 drops – 3 drops then nothing, etc, but now I don’t even bother with complicated things. I just maybe have it a couple of nights a week. I also add nori flakes to about 5 meals per week (which contains iodine) and have spiralina, wheatgrass, and chlorella tablets(Spirulina & chlorella have iodine).. I mix n match a few tablets a day – and not every day.. just whenever I notice them sitting there.. I’m not putting myself on a forced anything lately.. I just choose to add a few healthy steps to my routine at whatever Im doing in that moment that I’m conscious of.

You can see all the health products I’ve purchased here, along with my opinion about each (Im yet to update it with my last batch of purchases, which was various forms of vitamin c, l-orthinine, and NAC – which I haven’t started taking yet to give any opinion on. https://pennybutler.com/health-purchases/ I was only earning about $50/mo when I started this journey, so I did it very slowly.. buying one thing “per payday”. If I was richer, I would’ve been able to incorporate things a lot faster and seen results earlier, but still it’s pretty good to see results within 3 months.. (but most people want to see results immediately, like their anti-inflammatory pills & inhalers.. but it takes a while to work out what your own body is missing or to find the things that are causing the damage and slowly remove them)

Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)
Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)

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