Every single day I expand from yesterday. I level up.

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Every single day I’m a different person, different thinking patterns, different vibrations, different awareness of the same experiences. Every single day I expand from yesterday, and I’m different.

My journey is unique, as is yours. I share mine here for those that it might help. But I’m a work-in-progress. Constantly levelling-up and stepping in & out of different belief systems, creating my own reality. Daily, hourly, and sometimes moment-to-moment my beliefs and reality changes.

Sometimes I’m reset and I wonder why, but I need to trust that too.. that I was going off-track for where I’m at, that I need to trust the messages from within “right now”, trust the process and the journey because it’s all there to help me pay attention to the now experience. Or those beliefs that I had yesterday will not help me focus on what I need to learn & experience in “this” new, “now” moment.

Life is better when the new stuff comes in and I go.. “oh.. I didn’t know shit last week”.. now I get it… and I live through that new awareness.

Next day… oh.. wait a second.. didn’t know anything yesterday, now it’s clear, now I get it.. lol..

You know what.. I don’t get it, but everyday I get what I need to ‘get it’ for the now. For the level I’m on.

I share my morning pages and random thoughts here because it gets it “out”. The things in my mind that are swimming around in there, truth or not, they are there for me to explore and glean from, expand from. They are there to help me level up, step-up, and it gets junk out too – so that I don’t have junk swimming around in my head making decisions on auto-pilot for me. I can review and go – yeah, “that” belief does not serve how I want to create my reality. Didn’t know that was there, but it’s out now. Released, so that new experiences and new awarenesses and new beliefs can be created.

It’s like every day levelling up and thinking you know and realizing you dont know, you just get whatever you need at this time, to guide you to the next level or a future level… something like that anyway.

I love the analogy that life is a game. When I see my nephews playing on their xbox, moving up through the levels, I see life.

Enter a new Level
Enter a new Level
Thoughts/Beliefs you need to receive the awareness in that level
Thoughts/Beliefs you need to receive the awareness in that level / role you are playing in that level / truth you are experiencing to play that level. And awareness that you cannot take with you (do not need) in that level while you learn what you need to learn or have the experience you came to experience.
Receive lesson/awareness/complete the experience
Receive lesson/awareness/complete the experience “Level-up” Upgrade.
Exit Level to enter new level
Exit Level to enter new level. That experience is complete, new level unfolds automatically to experience.

I’m in a bonus level right now lol but tomorrow, I could step off a cliff and be swept away to a lower or different level in order to receive a message or insight or new experience to help me with the other levels that are coming or for some other reason.

Maybe I took a detour to help someone else level-up, to join me in another level that upgrades us both. Or for me to share what I learnt from another level to help them move up a level in their experience, in their reality that they are creating.

Experiencing a level with another character. Helping both of you level-up. Helping both of you become your best-selves.

Or Maybe I returned there because I didn’t have the capacity at that time to understand what I was there to learn, I needed to experience “other levels” to gain the wisdom and awareness & upgrades necessary to identify the lesson that was there for me but hidden from me until I got the ability to “see”, and now I’ve returned there with this more “levelled up” character, with more awareness, to be able to trust why I’m there at this moment. To experience and expand from that moment. Then I (we) can step up another level in this game.

So many miraculous things keep happening in my life, and yet I hold myself back from writing about it at this time, maybe awaiting for where I experience some kind of clarity about what it is I’m experiencing, a way to describe “beyond” what my mind has the capacity to describe when I’m writing here. That I haven’t yet reached a level where I “get it” sufficiently from my awake state to be able to communicate it here. There is like an understanding, or rather, a knowing that I’m in the right place, and a miraculous unfolding of events that just so easily come in and out of my awareness.

I feel that it’s still unfolding, and that I can just ride this wave. Trust it. Soar with it. Take it on. Believe in the miracles, and experience them until I have a way of communicating them.

I really switch between different levels. I have different realities to experience daily. Today I might be receiving messages that are just so “Woah” there is so much more to what we know, this is far beyond what I expected. Instant manifestation, or signals and signs that come at the precise moment it’s asked for or are pulling my head or heart towards at the moment that I’m having a particular thought. It’s too out there to explain right now. Even when I’m sleeping I’m aware when I’m dreaming that this is freakin’ awesome and weird and crazy and “real” – part of my reality, part of my creation, part of our co-creation too. When I awake, I want to write “those” experiences and I can’t.. so I write down what will help me about the experience instead, the “lesser version” of the experience, the more.. “can help me in this now experience” version.

Tomorrow I might not have any belief in that at all, I’m in and experiencing a different reality, experiencing life from a different set of rules and guidelines, with different beliefs and awareness and limitations. It was really confusing at first. To feel like “hang on, I’ve come so far, where has my .. super-power gone lol”.. how come I can’t use them in this reality? Why do I now suddenly see the world differently?

The only explanation that my human mind can comprehend can only be explained by the game analogy at this moment (or parallel realities, different dimensions or that kind of stuff, which today – I’m not really in the same mindset/belief for even though it’s still “there”..  but yesterday or tomorrow, I will/might be again, depending on what I need to believe in the level I’m on). 

Today, I can describe it with my game analogy. I have stepped into a level or platform where those previous abilities & beliefs cannot be used and do not exist, because I need to focus on what is needed to level-up in this level.

What is here to teach me now. Or what is here for me to share now.

What am I here to gain awareness of, to “level-up” here? What do I need to let-go of that is holding me back in other levels? What new interaction, person, skill, experience, upgrade, insight, different-viewpoint am I gaining from this level, that I can take on, to use in the other levels? That nothing is linear. The game is ‘kind-of’ linear, but not in a time-way, in a way that it’s ever-unfolding and advancing. It’s expansive and it becomes more speedily expansive as you are ready for the expansion. As you experience what you came here to experience, more unfolds to experience and expand from.

What expansion am I experiencing from each moment, that helps me create and experience the reality that I want to create & experience?

What people am I drawn to and who am I retracting-from in this current moment. In this now-moment. You are drawn like a magnet to some people, and if you are not in a place of awareness, even if you don’t understand it (like I don’t – it’s beyond reason and logic sometimes, we can’t help where the energy vibrates lol), but you are drawn to certain people, and sometimes they are drawn back to you. And if you are not in a state of awareness of “more than” the human-ego-separateness experience, you might confuse it with human-type-of-love / attraction.

And maybe sometimes it is, maybe sometimes that is an experience that you came here to experience, that you both want to experience. But sometimes, you are there to help them level-up, and they are there to help you level-up. They bring an insight to you or they bring-out an awareness from within you, they help you get clear on what you want to create (or make it clear about what you don’t want to create). And sometimes it’s a little bit of both.

The magnet when it has a “good feeling” is your intuition that this is a character that is here to help you level-up or have an experience with, an interaction with, to give each other what they need to help them in their journey.

When you feel that magnet drawing you to someone in your life. The practice of unconditional love is what I’m coming to realize is the best way to see more than the human-ego limited experience of these interactions. To see them as soul-family in a way, other characters in the game that you connect with or interact with for some level in the game, to receive or share an experience that helps both of you in your creation. That experience may not be physical. It could be just thoughts that help them. 

Unconditional love is when you send “I want the best for you, I see you in your highest form, I see you at your best, I believe in you. You are valuable and powerful and you are loved. I am here “rooting for you”. I accept you as you are and where you are in your journey because where you are at, is what you have created to learn and experience what you came here to experience and I am here as a resource if you need something in my vibrations to help you through this level or another level. But I’m also rooting for you if you want to figure out this level by yourself, to experience it your way. You don’t “expect” anything in return, not even an interaction with them. Nothing. You are there with your vibrations only – sending out your “You are so awesome, and loved and supported” energy. What are you going to create? Whatever it is, it’s there to help you, and I trust in you.

Maybe you both want to experience this level or a tricky-part of this level together, if both want that, you can. If you both want to experience having fun in a cool part in the level, you can. Or you might be just there to watch from the sidelines, applauding when they get an upgrade, or learning how they do things differently, learning from them. It might be just a moment, or it might be weeks, months, years, a lifetime, multiple lifetimes. 

You might be experiencing this level for different reasons. You are here in this level to experience one aspect or lesson or certain vibration from this experience, and they are here to experience another aspect. For their own growth and expansion. For your own growth and expansion.

Good vibe / magnetic attraction (often confused by sexual/intimate because it feels so good and strong, but this good vibe can be experienced with any character – and from a new awareness, you can have a less confusing experience)  it’s just a “I have a really good feeling about this person”.. I have really strong “compassion” for this person. I really “resonate” with this person. I really want this person to succeed at what they are creating. I am really “inspired” by this person. I feel “connected” to them, etc. Good vibes. I like to be in their presence, I like to listen to them, I like their company, I like to be near them. I get wiser around this person. I have a better experience in this reality in this moment, with this person. I like “my” vibrations that come to light, when I experience the vibration from this person.

But yeah, I love seeing it through these new eyes. Creating a reality through this kind of interaction. Having stronger experiences, more powerful and expansive experiences with everyone I interact with, that I “feel good” about. 

I love watching my ego let-go of my old ways. Of my “us and them” ways. Seeing us all in this game together, creating different levels, experiencing different levels in different ways, creating our own experience, expanding ourselves; connected and yet loving how we can experience all these levels in unique ways. Learning from that. Taking on what serves the current moment, what helps me enjoy the current moment for all that I am learning from it. And I love experiencing this game with you. 








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