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OneSmallTown.org | OneSmallTownAustralia.com.au

While we are being divided, brainwashed, and exterminated – there is a simple solution brewing from South Africa reaching millions of people of the world – Discover how ONE SMALL TOWN Will Change The World – without any violence, opposition or conflict.

Turn your town into a place of prosperity and abundance for all. Remember that the power lies with the people and we are the 99,9 percent – we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

So let’s get of our backsides, and do something. Watch the videos, read the ONE SMALL TOWN documents and take action.

Telegram @UbuntuPlanet | OneSmallTown.News | MichaelTellinger.VhX.TV

“Money does nothing – people do everything”

Talking about Peace & Unity is Not Enough Action is required

YouTube – Interview with Michael Tellinger One Small Town 22 Nov 2021

Michael Tellinger talks to Lana and David from Universal Soul Love – in Australia about ONE SMALL TOWN – and how it will convert small towns into places of abundance and prosperity.

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