2 Years to Flatten the Human Spirit

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Really great conversation between two students and Mark Groves (former pharmaceutical rep) walk through his pandemic experience and all the red-orange flags that led him to not only waking up but to speaking up. Mark points out his concerns with being unable to question, the clinical trials and PCR tests before walking through the impacts on relationships and mental health.

Full Interview (Students against Mandates) | markgroves.com

I’m sure everyone will relate to this video (especially after the intro’s and when they start getting into the conversation…)

It would take too long to transcribe but it covers most things we experienced during the pandemic, and it’s nice listening to the students also talk about their awakening process – finding out everything they knew was a lie, how they processed it, how they are handling it, etc. as well as hearing from the same awakening process from perspective of a former pharmaceutical rep.

A more humanized, less data-orientated video than I normally post, which is a nice change :)

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