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Whilst it’s impossible to post truth on the censored mainstream platforms, hundreds of books have been published during the pandemic to try and get the truth out – including books from the tyrants themselves about what they have planned for humanity. Just a small search – but you can find literally hundreds of people with evidence that you are not getting in all the main controlled-channels we once-upon-a-time used to trust. Everything is wrong, everything is a lie, everything is upside down and opposite to what the mainstream is telling us.

Books by “them”

Download PDFs of Abstract/Descriptions and Book Covers from Mega
(just wait a minute for page to decrypt/load – may not work on your phone, you might have to use a computer)

I just joined Gettr and I highly recommend it - it's the best alternative to them all so far:


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Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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