Kyle Sandilands “Get Vaxxed, Baby” #Vomit #WeWontForget

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Radio host Kyle Sandilands admits he “conned” Aussies into getting the jab on a hot mic (March 2022). I missed this last year.

Kyle Sandilands: Get Vaxxed Baby #WeWontForget #Vomit

Rumble | Telegram (Rumble is having problems as I type this, but the Telegram link works fine)

“I’m fit and proper to do the national campaign to con everyone into getting vaccinated.”

Kyle Sandilands

The cringe-worthy rap video was created by Kyle on 22 July 2021. After everything we now know, all the lies that have been openly admitted, do you think they would delete the video, apologize, give a true and transparent admission that they were enlisted to “vax the nation”, tell the truth about the media propaganda campaign, and suffer some form of punishment for their part in pushing a dangerous medical procedure?

Or, do you think they will choose to stay in denial about their part?

Today, 23rd March 2023, they still have it featured as THE AUTO PLAY INTRODUCTION VIDEO ON THEIR F*CKING YOUTUBE CHANNEL. They are still actively promoting the injections!!! Sold their souls. #WeWontForget

‘Alright stop. Vaccinate and listen.
We are back with a brand new injection.
Someone, grabbed a hold of you tightly
roll up your sleeves, whether daily or nightly,’

‘Will this ever stop, yo, we don’t know –
but stuck in lockdown, really blows.’

‘Too many people thinks vax is a scandal,
take two shots and Covid’s handled.’

Pfizer, or AstraZeneca
hmmm… what rhymes with AstraZeneca?
Oh yeah, America!
One of the hundred places you can travel to.’

‘So just relax, lay down your tinfoil hats
and just get vaxxed,
so we can go back to the old ways –
shaking hands, kissing strangers all day!’

‘Get Vaxxed, Baby. Get Vaxxed, Baby.
What are you waiting for? It’s there!
Get Vaxxed, Baby.
You gonna sit at home your whole life unvaccinated?
Go get in the vaccination line, today!
Get Vaxxed, Baby.’

Kyle Sandilands – Get Vaxxed Baby (Official Video): YouTube
Cartoon Vomiting Compilation: YouTube

I can’t find the full audio (it’s probably been deleted since the rap video is still “featured”, so they have to remove evidence of their “slip-ups” until they get their souls back) but this is the show’s snippet that was shared around social media last year:

“… because of those reasons, I don’t… y’know children in the house, different vibe, y’know, I can’t be running around…” “I’m glad you came to that conclusion…”

“Anyway, but the police, they’re a**holes for… this is the trouble, I also had problems getting a liquor license, also with New South Wales Police, because I’m not a fit and proper person.”

I’m fit and proper to do the national campaign to con everyone into getting vaccinated.” “I’m fit and proper to go around to the Prime Minister’s house. … “

Kyle Admits He Conned Australians: YouTube

Kyle Sandilands gets his COVID-19 vaccination and smears those who won’t hold out their arms as “anti-vaccine losers”:

“These people that are actual doctors and scientists get the vaccine. Don’t be one of those anti-vaccine losers. It’s in everyone’s best interest to get the vaccine.”

“Why not? I’m vaccinated for everything else, and was as a child, and if we ever want to live a happy life, save people’s lives, and travel around, and be normal again, this is just part of the process”

“Getting back to normal life, uh, interacting with people.”

“And you’re happy to have the dose today?” “Yes, very happy.”

“Someone’s explaining every process, showing you the needle. Next second, you’ve got a needle in your arm.”

“Be gentle. Ow. You’re gentle, you’re good.”

“More information than I’ve ever had at any doctor’s or hospital in my life.”

“But very quick, and then a quick recovery. Your free water and you’re off again.”

“Two free drinks, you’re out. It’s quick – you’re in, you’re out – and then you’re safe. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t get it.”

Kyle Sandilands gets his COVID-19 vaccination at Westmead Hospital: YouTube
Team America: World Police Movie CLIP – Gary Pukes Forever: YouTube

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