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Don’t know what the triangle means, different news reports say different things. There was a mainstream news article on Angela Merkel (wicked witch, I mean, former Chancellor of Germany) asking her about her hand symbology, and apparently the answer was “didn’t know what to do with my hands”. Andrew Tate says it’s a power pose for him. Donald Trump, might be a similar reason? Or a Jewish thing? LeBron James could be a similar thing or he could be “owned” by Jay-Z :P I saw the video where they captured Hitler doing it and he only does it for a split second, so was it just a random thing or was it something commonly done? Anyway, this is one where I need more input from people or further research, I’m just doing this post for completeness of the series. Does anyone know if it’s benign? Let me know on Telegram.

Angela Merkel

Donald Trump

Andrew Tate & Tristan Tate

“The reason I do it is because when your brain is as advanced as mine you have to complete the circuit. I am full of electricity, my blood is on fire and by completing the circuit… Gentlemen try it! Try the hand symbol, combine and complete the circuit of your body, make the electrons flow.” “I do it because it increases my power. It’s like a power up.” (01)
Videos: “The reason I do it” | “My life story” | “The Truth about the Illuminati(02) (03)

LeBron James


Bono U2

Miley Cyrus, CNBC, Bono, Limp Bizkit … “Morpheus”



Hand Symbols

Ellen DeGeneres, Usher, Tony Blair (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Chris Dodd (Former Senator, American lobbyist, lawyer, and Democratic Party politician), Jean Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission), Gloria Steinem (Feminist, each to their own but why the t-shirt statement coupled with the hand-symbol?), Eminem, Drake, and Tupac.

Top 10 Illuminati symbols

Just found this video from a guy who is both a researcher of Illuminati as well as a skeptic who created a video on the top 10 Illuminati symbols:

№ 10 SKULL ► 1:33
№ 9 OBELISK ► 3:09
№ 8 FIRE ► 3:58
№ 7 BUTTERFLY ► 5:21
№ 6 SNAKE ► 6:50
№ 5 OWL ► 8:08
№ 4 PENTAGRAM ► 9:26
№ 3 666 ► 10:33
№ 2 PYRAMID ► 12:02
№ 1 ALL-SEEING EYE ► 14:32

See also: Pyramid: IlluminatiSymbols.info

So what do all the triangle symbolization mean? Pyramid/Illuminati? Religious? Power Pose? Nothing? Do they have different meanings? What have you found? Let me know on Telegram.

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