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I thought I would transcribe and share this fascinating testimony that supports Altiyan Childs video regarding selling your soul for fame and money (except without the Freemasonry stuff that Altiyan shared).

I Made Dark Demonic Music, Devil Possessed My Soul, Sold My Spirit For Money&Clout

“God showed me hell in quarantine.” Fascinated by rappers, I needed their spirit; I wanted their dark energy; I knew it was my way to the top if I wanted money and fame; all I had to do was help push the agenda. I ended up in a mental health institution. I am currently a Street Evangelist.”

1 Jul 2022 YouTube


“What’s up, guys? Thanks for tuning in to Twisted Younginz, the most unorthodox show on the globe. We hope everyone is having a great, blissful day today because I sure am. And, I am one of your hosts, Myra B. King, and this is Desi Dezz, and it’s your boy Mo Jo/Dave in the building. We have a special guest with us today. Sir, let the people know who you are.

So, my name is Lil Yokou. I own Forever Bless Ministries, but my real name is Jay, and I’m gonna get into why I’m here and really bring something real. And before we start, I’m gonna give an explicit warning that hell is not for a billion years. It’s not a party. It’s not a game. It’s for eternity. And I’m gonna tell my experience with the devil, how I met him two years ago in quarantine when I was chasing fame, money, and riches.

Yeah, wow. So, for starters, Jay, where are you from?

Originally, I grew up in Rockville, Maryland, but around age eight, I moved to New York, and I lived in the suburbs. It’s a quiet neighborhood, but I really didn’t fit in, if that makes sense. Growing up as a black kid, as a minority, I always looked around, and I saw all these white kids, and they looked at me like an alien. So I’m like, man, this is really tough, you know.

Absolutely. When did you, well, what was the hardest part of adjustment outside of that? Because I can assume that you were going to school and everything like that, correct out there? Where both parents in the house?

Yeah, both parents were in the house, but the thing is, I wasn’t really close with my dad. I remember when I was in eighth grade, I wrote a letter to him saying, “I feel like you’re a stranger to me,” because I was so rebellious. And my parents, they didn’t understand why I was so rebellious. I was just always getting into fights, always getting suspended, always getting into trouble.

And why do you think that was? What was going on inside of you to cause that? Was it a void you were trying to fill? Did you feel like no one cared? Was it because you were trying to fit in, you didn’t feel welcome?

I just wanted to stand out. I wanted to be different because me, being one of the only five black kids in my high school, I always felt like just that, in itself, made me different. So I always had to be the one, like, “Oh, I’m not like them. I’m gonna be like this.” So I started getting deeper into the world.

And then you started doing music, was it in high school or after high school?

So this was during high school that I started my music career, and I always had a talent ever since I was young. I was really into beatboxing, and God, He just blessed me. And with music, it was easy to pick up because I already knew the harmony. So when I put that into play, and I dropped my first song, everyone in my high school, they heard of me. They’re like, “Yo, Lil Yokou, that song was fire.” But that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted the world, but the word of God, it says, “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world just to lose his own soul?” And I’m gonna take you deeper.

Yeah, I mean, you wanted, was it a Christian song? Like, was it for the Lord?

No, no, no, it was not for the Lord. It was about money, sex, guns. I knew as someone who’s black, that’s the only thing that’s gonna make me popping. If I’m pushing the agenda, if I’m making catchy lyrics, but I’m talking about the agenda, like killing people, smoking, you know, effing girls, all these things, they’re wicked, but if you could put a catchy beat and captivate the people, then you’ll get the buzz. But here’s the thing, music is spiritual. Satan, he was the prince of music. He was an instrument. So he knew the fundamentals of how to captivate people through catchy songs, and that’s how he could pollute the community and influence the kids through music.

Who were you listening to? Who were some of your musical influences at the time when you were doing that type of music?

My biggest one was Tay-K and YBN Nahmir. Tay-K was a big one because he went to jail. After he got locked up, I wanted to be just like him.

Wasn’t he a murderer?

He was a murderer, but his music was so catchy. I’d meditate, I’d put his song on repeat and I started copying his flow. I even bought a gun just to be like him. But the only thing I was missing was the spirit. I knew that if I were to pop off, people would see right through me. So, if I’m going to rap about this, I have to live this. So, as things started to get deeper, I started smoking weed. When I was high and meditating on these lyrics, I would hear demonic spirits come around me.

The word of God says that you will reap whatever you sow. If you’re talking about murder and violence, you’re putting that out into the air, and you’ll draw it in. A spirit of murder came to me while I was singing a TK song. I felt a spirit knock on my chest, and it came into me, and now I had this flow, I was rapping, and I dropped my first song straight out of highschool, which did 100k in a month. I’m like “Man, this is crazy.”

So, could you walk me through that experience, when you said you felt the spirit ‘knock on your chest’?

I was smoking and I noticed something about these rappers–that they all carried a dark, heavy, demonic presence, and I was telling myself “I want that, I need that”, whatever is making them look so hard and tough, and they were drawing in a crowd and they were very good at it, how are they doing that with their words? But it’s all spiritual. I used to meditate, smoke weed, and make rap music, and while I was meditating on that, this spirit came to me, and it knocked, and it said that “I will give you this, but you just got to let me in”, and it was knocking on my chest just like that, and I was high at a party, and I let it in. And I call this Jay 2.0, because when I didn’t have this spirit, I was empty, depressed, looking timid, but this spirit made me hard, and my eyes were black with evil. And I’m like man, this is it, this is what is going to take my career to the next level. And when I go to the studios and make music, people would be joining and they were like “man, he sounds just like Tay-K”, and I realized the same spirit that was in him, the spirit of murder and violence, had entered me. Now I have the capabilities to blow up, to push that agenda and get deep into the industry.

That makes sense. It makes perfect sense. But I do want to ask you, when you were going to school, did you ever get outcasted or bullied?

I got bullied, but not really. I was just getting into fights, but I was causing them. If that makes sense. Yeah, I was causing a lot of fights, just talking a bunch of poop to people and not really backing it up.

With your upbringing, I would assume that you came from a nice suburban area, correct? When you looked at these rappers, you said they’re tough, they’re strong, basically, you’re saying they’re rough, they’re hood. That’s what you wanted, something that you felt like you never had, right? That’s what made you, that’s what you wanted to be. Correct?

Yeah, that’s what I wanted to be. I knew that was the only way to elevate to that level where people are listening to my music. If I sell out like that and actually live that life.

And it’s sad that we have to live like that, man, because a lot of kids, they do exactly what you just said. Even not just kids, I know grown men who think like that. Even when I was a kid, I mean, when I was a kid, right now, I mean, I don’t know what’s the younger thing nowadays, kids want to get into the industry. When I was a kid, I mean, it was the thing to go to jail. Everybody had to go to jail. If you didn’t go to jail, you wouldn’t live in a street life. So you did what you had to do, steal a candy bar, do whatever you gotta do, you just want to do some sort of time. Everybody wanted to get on probation at least once in their life. You know, like you want to be able to sit in and tell those stories. It’s sad. What made you pivot or transition from that mindset into where you’re at now?

Hang on, did you finish the story about the spirits? You know, you didn’t. I don’t want to just leave off of that and then not go back to it.

Oh yeah, I’ll pick up on that. We’ll get into that. So with that spirit, now that I had that spirit, and I was Jay 2.0, where I was talking in a bunch of slang, nobody could see that I was from the suburbs because I was dark-skinned. I had a gun, I was posting, throwing up gang signs, so I had it all locked down. But the devil, he saw that too. He saw that I had anointing, because when we’re first born, we have a star that the devil knows, just like how God knows our potential, the devil does too. So he’ll try to get you at birth. And I remember even when I was seven years old, the devil, he tried to speak to me. He spoke to me. He said, ‘Come here,’ and he started calling my name, but I was just so confused because I didn’t have the spiritual knowledge of good and evil. But at this point, when I heard these spirits when I was hot, I knew that something dark was in me. I knew that this is what’s going to get me in the industry, and this is the route that I need to go. I might not live this life, but if I want to make money and escape this system, then I have to live this life. And that’s exactly what Satan saw, because I didn’t know that I had a call from God, but I knew that if I take up this call in darkness, that I will be rich. “But what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world, just to lose his soul?”

And that’s pretty much what it was, right? Pretty much. You gained everything and basically gave up your freedom at that point.

Yeah, so, this is the breaking point. So at that point, I was posting songs. Every song I hit was at 200k, 100k, because I had that spirit in me, and Satan saw how much charisma and anointing that I had, drawing in the people. So one day, he came to me.

I looked at my Instagram DM, and I see a message. It’s like, ‘New World Order. You could live a life of abundance, of success, and riches. Join the Illuminati right now.’ And I made sure to check it wasn’t like a bot or spam account, and I checked it out, and it’s a legit guy. And I’m like, ‘Man, I’m never gonna sell my soul.’

Right after that, I didn’t know that I already sold my soul at that point because I went deeper, and I was high one time. I was smoking, and I was listening to music in the basement with a bunch of my friends, and what ended up happening was when I smoked, I opened a door in the spiritual realm. So now that I was living that life, that street life, more spirits were coming into me, and I was losing my mind. I felt like I was spectating myself, if that makes sense.

I lost control of my body–just like Beyoncé–she says that some spirit named Sasha Fierce takes over when she’s singing. This whole demonic spirit took over, and I was losing my mind. And at that point, I knew that I got demonically possessed. And things got darker and darker.

What things got darker and darker and how?

So how it got darker and darker was I started seeing numbers repeated numbers like 222, 444, 666, and I knew that I have to keep going this route if I want to be where I’m gonna be in the charts and popping, and I was chasing that so much to a point where quarantine hit, and I couldn’t make music. I couldn’t go to the studio anymore, and I’m like, ‘Man, what am I gonna do?’

So what happened was I was faced with my broken heart, and I was like, I told my friends like, ‘Man, I need to find truth. I need to find love.’ So I started messing around with multiple girls, trying to fill that void of love in my heart that I always was seeking for but I could never find it.

So, I went and started being more rebellious, more wicked, and started smoking every 15 minutes until I blacked out and left my body for 50 minutes. People would tell me about conversations I didn’t remember, and I couldn’t figure out what was happening.

One time, an evangelist told me to repent and seek a relationship with Jesus, but I cursed him out because I took offense to it. I was a Catholic, I grew up in a Church, what do you mean I need to seek a relationship with Jesus? You’re going to tell me about Jesus when I grew up in a Church?

After I left that conversation, I heard demons yelling and chanting ‘hell’ and my friends told me I needed to get right with God. I didn’t know how to have a deep relationship with God at the time, I thought he was just a catch-phrase, I didn’t know you could have a relationship with Him.

My friend D told me about a black Hebrew Israelite Jesus who he said was the true God. I started worshipping their god, but these black Hebrew Israelites were actually worshipping the devil, and so when I was praying to their god, I was actually praying to Satan. When Satan couldn’t get me to sell my soul, he deceived me, and by praying to their god, that being entered me, and I was completely possessed by Satan to the point where I could speak in reverse. I thought I had found God, I didn’t want to worship Jesus, I wanted to worship “the true god”, not knowing that it was the devil I was worshipping because I finally felt that void in my heart filled with love, but it was actually hate.

And what happened was, when I was deep and I was completely possessed, there was a woman that came up to me on the phone on this app called Yubo. And she’s like, ‘Hey, hey, text me.’ But the word of God says that if you look at a woman with lust, you committed adultery with her in your heart. And when I looked at her, she completely disappeared, and I completely blacked out. And at that point, I was completely possessed. And I told my dad, ‘I come to my dad, and I’m like, ‘Dad, how do I find God? I feel like I’m possessed.’ And he’s like, ‘Repent, pray’. And so that’s what I started doing, and then I threw my rosary at the wall and fell asleep.

And I had a dream to murder my dad, and I choked him out and I killed my dad in the dream, and there was demonic chanting in the dream. And then when I woke up out of the dream, I ran to my dad’s room and I’m like, “Dad, you’re still alive, what, what is going on? You’re still alive, dad!” “And I’m like, ‘I had a dream that I just killed you,’ and he’s like, ‘What son? You had a dream that you killed me?’ And I said, ‘Yes dad, I had a dream that I killed you.’

And then I asked him, ‘I’m like, dad, is the devil real?’ And he says, ‘Yes son, look in the mirror.’ And I look in the mirror, my eyes are completely black, they’re stone black, pitch black, and I turned back around and my dad he’s like, ‘Who is this? Satan? Why, why do you want him?’ Because my dad knew, because my dad, he had spiritual discernment so he knew that the devil was real but I had no idea. I just thought that the devil was alive but he was just a catchphrase.

So what happened was I talked to my dad. I’m like, “Dad, the devil is real.” And he’s like, “Yes, son. Look in the mirror.” And I’d come back to him, and he’s like, “Why do you want my son, Satan?” And then he’s like, “Your son sold his soul. Your son made a deal with the devil. He wanted fame. He wanted money. He wanted clout. And I gave it all to him. But if you want your son’s soul back, you have to make a deal with the devil.” And I was losing my mind. My heart was beating out of my chest because I didn’t know the devil was real. I just thought that the devil was someone that just torments bad people. I didn’t think I was a bad person, even though I was doing bad things. I never killed someone, so I’m a good person, right? But not… if you’re sinning, then it’s wicked, and you need to repent. So what happened was Satan, he was trying to make a deal with my dad to get my soul back.

But all souls belong to God. You can’t sell your soul to the devil. A lot of these rappers, like Tay-K, Jay-Z, all these rappers, they’re possessed by Satan, but they’re not selling their soul to him. They’re selling their time. But all souls belong to God. They could get their soul back.

And when I was back in my body and I snapped out, I’m like, “Dad, don’t listen to him. Don’t make a deal. He doesn’t have my soul. He doesn’t have it, Dad. He’s lying.” And my dad’s like, “No, no, listen. Let him speak.” And then my dad’s like, “Satan, speak in your true language.” And I started speaking in reverse, and I said, “Dad, help me. I don’t know what to do.” And Satan, he’s like, “Okay, I’m gonna drag your son down to hell if he doesn’t make a deal. If you don’t make a deal with me, I’m gonna drag your son’s soul down to hell.”

So what happened was I started panicking. I’m like, “Dad, do deliverance. Do something. Get the devil out of me.” So he grabs holy water, and he’s a Catholic, so he starts throwing holy water on me. And I’m like, “What is this holy water gonna do? It has no power. Catholicism can’t save you. Only Jesus.” And he got the devil to scream. He got him to drink the holy water. But you want to know what the devil did when he drank the holy water? He just went like, “Ah,” because there’s no power in Catholicism and religion. There’s only power in Jesus.

So what happened was, I was getting deeper and darker, and I was completely possessed.

I was having dreams and visions to strip naked and to run around and ascend to a higher dimension.

It got to the point where I was losing track of time. Every time I sinned, I’d leave my body, and I’d be in a black, almost sunken place like “Get Out”. Then I’d snap back into my body, and I’d speak in reverse, and the time would be 666. At this point, I was losing my mind. My dad threw me in a mental hospital, saying, “You’re too crazy, go to the mental hospital.”

At that point, that is when God showed me hell because I was completely in darkness. When I was in the mental hospital, all the numbers in the mental hospital changed to 666, and I knew that this is it.

I saw a man on his phone who looked antsy, and I came up to him and started speaking in demonic tongues, trying to get him to lust. Satan was telling me how to tempt him, that I could be used as a vessel to tempt him, and I started tempting him. I saw him go up to the bathroom.

God told me, “You have to stop this. Satan doesn’t love you. You have to make a choice right now.”

At that point, I made a choice, and as I was making the choice, I started thinking about killing myself because Satan was in my mind telling me to take my life. He said, “Take your life. God won’t forgive you. You’re already too far gone.” I saw a cop and his gun, and I was going to grab his gun and shoot myself, but when I thought, “No, God has a purpose for me,” I started walking around the hospital, and there was a bright, white room with just a Bible on the table. I went to the room and opened the Bible, and I started yelling, “The power of Christ compels you!” I started calling on Jesus, and then all the hospital staff started running in. I kept saying, “No, no, Jesus, Jesus. I started calling on him.”

And that’s when I got saved. I felt the darkness, the demons leave my body, and that’s when I found Jesus. I woke up and was completely filled with the Holy Spirit. Everything that was in me, all the demons, all the darkness, completely left, and that’s when Jesus set me free.

Why did you say that Hebrew Israelites believe in the devil?

So they believed that only black people could go to heaven.

Oh No. No, let him tell his story. Not all, some of them do, they’re not all of the same sect. So some of them do, so… you go ahead though.

Yeah, yeah. So, what happened was, this was a cult, and they pray to God. They deny Jesus. The word of God says that if you deny Jesus as God, that is the Antichrist. But this specific tribe or group didn’t believe in Jesus at all. They said that he’s the white man, he’s the devil, and you have to pray to “this” god. So, this god that I was praying to was the devil. When I was praying to this god, I felt something enter my throat, and it went all the way down, and it felt like a snake. It was moving around my body, and I knew that it was demonic because I had a hatred towards white people, and I wanted to kill white people. As crazy as it sounds.

I know I understand what you’re saying and where Dez is coming from. Yet, some Hebrew Israelites, they do deny Jesus. I’ve heard that before. I’m not saying all of them do, but yes, some of them don’t believe that Jesus is God. Which is weird. They believe in the Old Testament and not the New Testament.

Even more on what you were talking about with the whole “white people not going, only black people are saved and going to heaven.” You know, I mean, obviously, they’re going off the bloodline in the tribe of Judah and everything like that, which is true. Everyone, yeah, black people, especially in America, the majority of them are from the line of Judah, but the same bloodline that Jesus came from. But most of us are not following the teachings, so a lot of us aren’t going either. In the Bible, it says as long as you can follow the teachings and live that in your heart, then you are saved. So gentiles and everything like that are going, so I get what you were saying, you know? And they’re not the only ones that think like that. I think the Nation thinks like that too. I think the nation of Islam says the same thing: that only black people are going to heaven and everybody else will go to hell.

I don’t even know what they teach. Muslims? Yeah, that’s false doctrine. I mean, that’s false gods. Yeah, we could be on that all day.

But I do want to thank you for sharing your story. I know that took a lot to do that because for one, a lot of people don’t believe stories like that. But demonic possessions, Satan and those spirits are very much so true, and it is true in the Bible; that’s what Jesus was casting out demons out of people. So, I definitely want to salute you for sharing that story. Moving on from in that bright room when you started confessing Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, how did your life transition then? What did you start getting into? Did you start to dive deeper into the Bible? Did you start studying the Word? How did your life transition from there?

Okay, so what ended up happening was I was called on, called born again. I felt like a baby again. All the darkness, all the oppression of the world just left my body, and I felt like a new creation.

Instantly, I started reading the Bible. I go to the mental hospital nurse and I’m like, “Do you guys have a Bible?” And she ended up giving me one of the many Bibles, the Gideon’s Bible, and I started reading it. (01) And I remember specifically one night, I was reading Psalm 51. It’s like, “Purge me with hissop, and I shall be whiter than snow.” And God was still working in me, because as soon as I read that psalm, I felt a spirit swirl my neck, and I threw it up. And it was a war because in the hospital, you have people who are really demonically possessed. (02)

So, I remember one time I woke up and I came, and I heard the Holy Spirit. This was when I was getting familiar with the voice of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit said, ‘Don’t go over there,’ but I didn’t listen. There were a bunch of people sniffing some powder substance like meth or cocaine. The Holy Spirit warned me to leave, saying it was wicked and Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. They’re like “Yo, yo Jay, You wanna Bump?”, and in my mind I’m thinking “Man, I still want to be cool, but I don’t want to do this because this could destroy my life”.

So instantly when I got saved, I was being tempted and tempted and tempted, and I ended up falling away, even though I didn’t give in to that temptation. I ended up falling away from the faith because every night when I got home from the hospital, I would have what you call sleep paralysis. It’s where you wake up out of sleep and you can’t move, and demons, they’re pounding on you, demons are scratching you, having sex, all these things, and I’m like, ‘This is too much for me.’

So I ended up walking away from God completely because I’m like, ‘Man, this is so hard.’ And what brought me back was there was an angel that came to my dream and she warned me. She’s like, ‘God has a calling for you. You need to stop and make a choice because if you don’t repent and turn away, you’re going to miss what God has for you.’ And instantly, I woke up from that dream with the fear of the Lord. And I knew I didn’t know that I was going to be evangelist and preaching on the street, but I knew that it was big because God sent me multiple warnings of my calling.

How did the angel look?

It was more of a voice. It was black, but it was just a voice of a woman, and I don’t know if she was an angel. She sounded very angry. It could be a demon or an angel; I don’t know, but they were warning me like “Hell is going to be your portion if you don’t make a choice,” because Jesus, he said in his word either for me or against me.

Well, I wouldn’t think it would be a demon trying to get you to change from your ways. No, the devil don’t do work on any sentence. He’s probably saying “hit the weed”. Yeah, he going to encourage you to go do the B.S.

So now, how.. from that dream, you accepted God again from then on? Yeah And from there, you became like getting more into the word, wanting to expand on the word and reach different individuals?

Yeah, so after that dream, believe it or not, it still wasn’t enough because I was in bondage to lust and sexual sin. I’m like, ‘Man, I’m young. I’m 19 at the time. I don’t want to give this up. God, you know my desires. I’m a man. I still want to fornicate and party,’ and the turning point was when I fully went out and I met these girls, this group of girls, and we’re all smoking, and at first, I’m like, ‘Nah, nah, I don’t want to smoke,’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, come smoke, come smoke.’ So I started smoking again, but I opened myself back to the spiritual realm, and I started seeing this world for how it was. I started to see that, man, the devil was actually real, and I almost had a wake-up call because when you’re living for this road, you don’t realize how dangerous it is, but when you’re in Christ, you kind of have that protection in you. But when you’re high, the protection leaves you, so the devil, he was in my mind again.

And I came home that night, and I read a prayer, and I was instantly having demonic manifestations. And when I asked God, I’m like, ‘God, I want a wife,’ I heard a voice, and it was like, ‘Your wife, her name is Jasmine,’ and I’m like, ‘God, you have a wife for me, and her name is Jasmine?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, I do.’ And then I heard a voice. It was like, “That’s not my voice.”

What happened was I felt the glory of God reach up on my right hand, and I pointed my hand towards my closet and said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to go into the abyss until the day of judgment.” And that wicked voice, that thing that was interceding in my prayer pretending to be the voice of the Holy Spirit, left my room. So I realized that my sin isn’t just opening up doors for me to feel depressed, but it was opening up doors for more demons to monitor me and to stop me from reaching the calling of God.

Yeah, that’s just what we were talking about earlier. They’re not gonna steal you away. They want you to do what you do. In fact, they’re gonna encourage you like, “Hey, let’s set them up.” You know, “We don’t want you going over there to God. I need you to sing.” So, are you married now?

No, no, I’m single. I plan on staying single until the Lord, just doing ministry full-time, fully serving. It’s not easy because it takes everything. In the sense, you have to give up the desire for a woman and just pursue God with all your heart: fasting daily, praying daily, and really drawing near to God.

So, how did you get into street preaching?

So how I got into street preaching was, I saw this dude on Instagram, and he was preaching that Holy Ghost fire. He actually lived in Harlem, and he was just going hard, and I was inspired. I’m like, “Man, this is what I want to do. I want to just spread love. I want to spread the gospel. This is what I feel in my heart to do.”

And what happened was I texted him, like, “Hey, bro, I watch your videos. Can you link up with me? We’ll preach together.” And he’s like, “Yeah, bro, and I’ll pray about it, but if the Holy Spirit approves, we’ll meet up.”

So I ended up driving all the way to Harlem. It was like a two-hour drive, but we ended up meeting at Queens because they missed their train, and we drove them back to my place, and we started preaching in Main Street. And this place, it’s very wicked. It’s a bunch of bars and crowded people getting drunk, and there’s a lot of demons. And we just started going in, and at first, I was nervous because I was never the type of person to preach in front of a lot of people. But when the Holy Spirit came, I just was equipped with boldness and courage to do what I do because I can’t do it by myself, but it’s all about the Holy Spirit.

Yeah, He gives you, you know, He comes to you, gives you thoughts when you don’t have them, basically. You’ll feel that void for you. Peace of mind. Absolutely. So what’s the hardest part right now? Obviously, still, you know, fighting the lust and everything like that. But what’s the hardest part about street preaching? Because a lot of people don’t understand how difficult it is. A lot of people see preachers on the street on YouTube and Instagram and stuff like that and be like, “Oh, that’s cool. You know, I want to do that too.” You know, not saying you, but people like, “Oh, I want to do that too,” not knowing it’s difficult to be on the streets with a bunch of, you know, sinners. Yeah, anything can happen. Yeah, trying to cast those demons out, and we’re talking about demons like you just said. Anything can happen. These people, you know, it could go left at any moment. So what’s some of the most difficult things you’ve had to deal with, with learning how to street preach and everything like that on your journey?

So the hardest part was fear. Overcoming fear, because when you’re in places like New York City, you have people with all types of wickedness, all types of demons, threatening to kill you and this and that. But one thing that God showed me is he didn’t give me a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love, and of a sound mind. So I started praying, “God, take away, remove all fear from me, and give me the courage and the boldness to not fear death”.

And I remember one night, I just got filled with the glory of God, and he equipped me to overcome everything. And once I got past that fear, I felt like I was able to talk to anyone because us as people, we look at certain people like, “I don’t want to talk to them. They don’t look like they’re my people.” But the Holy Spirit really showed me to not look at their flesh but to look at their soul, to just look at people as a lost soul that they need the gospel.

Yes. And they do. So what are some things that have happened to you that you know that people didn’t want to hear the word, that as in you preaching? Like that, a woman that took your speaker?

Oh yeah. Yeah. So the anointing, it breaks your(?) bondage. (03)

Before, I’d see all these street preachers, I’m like, “Man, how are they getting demons to manifest?” But with me, I was preaching a grace gospel, like saying Jesus loves you but not telling people to repent. But as soon as the Holy Spirit corrected me, “Hey, you need it, you need to preach the truth.” So I started saying, “Hey, repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand,” like the people in the Bible, they preached, and that’s when people started to really react bad. And I was just walking honestly to preach to the Pride Parade, and this lady, she’s like, “Come on, we’re trying to have a peaceful dinner. We’re trying to eat,” but she kept cursing me all the time. Even the owner of the restaurant, he came up to me, and he’s like, “Man, you’re not allowed to do that.” And he was condoning her behavior. But here’s the thing, they only hate the preaching when it’s about God. If I talked about anything else, they would like it, but they don’t like the preaching.

If you were out there, turn the party up, yeah, yeah. Let’s get down. Yeah, they’ll love that.

Yeah, if you were DJing on the corner, they wouldn’t have no issues with that. Well, man, and it’s the things that you preach about, you know, like you said, repentance. You’re at a Pride Parade talking about repentance. Of course, they don’t want to hear you.

You really demonic with that pride, LGBT, whatever, yeah, the alphabet people.

Yeah, even any sin—like you say, even preaching in front of bars and clubs—is sin. Like you said, in a restaurant, people are sinning. Even as you said, your daily fast and the diet are in the Bible. You think people in restaurants are following the diet of God, you know, no? Not at all. They’re in there trying to enjoy their chicken and shrimp scampi and everything like that. And here you are, outside, talking about how they need to repent for their sins, and I just paid 150 something for this meal. (04)

What do you mean by that? Like, the food is…? What I’m saying is, they’re indulging in what’s gonna fulfill them. So, they want a specific thing. They have to have some food…

No, no, no. Absolutely, you can eat some food. I’m just saying it’s the idea that “you’re disturbing me because I paid 150 for this meal”. That’s the sin right there, you know what I’m saying? Because you’re not being open. Oh, you’re bothering me, you know what I’m saying when truthfully, you’re outside. You’re basically minding your business. Saying the Word. Yeah, you’re saying the word, you’re doing something that needs to be done.

But I definitely want to thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony that doesn’t end here. It sounds like God definitely has a plan and still for you. And you have a long journey ahead. And I would like for us to keep in touch… Man definitely, are you and your brother still… is that your brother that’s with you?

No, I’m alone.

What was that guy? It was some guy that was in the car with you, and you were saying that you just gonna start traveling around.

Yeah, yeah. Wilson, to touch up on this too, there’s a specific call for the evangelist. Like how I knew I was called to do this, was God would shut every door. I got expelled from school, and more things were just shutting. I tried to go to school, I tried to just work a job, but I’d always encounter people just not letting me live in peace. And I knew that I had to follow after Jesus because there is no other route to go. When God closes the door, he opens another. And I did cybersecurity in college, and I had a dream that two demons, they came up to me, and they were showing me all these cool computer tricks. They were like two white guys, but I knew they were demons because they had a smirk. And they told me in the dream they’re like, hey, we’ll give you the knowledge to be successful in your career, but you have to turn to Satan. So I knew that to be successful in this road, you have to sell out to the system. And I said no in the dream, and I woke up. But for knowledge, even to create a smartphone, to create a computer, it’s demonic technology. Even though God is using it, it’s demonic.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, this is all you know, comes from, you know, everything that happened before, you know, technology, science, everything like that. It comes from the fallen angels and everything like that. It was, you know, the hidden information that no one knows about. Yeah, the evil that no one knows about.

Need more laborers. That’s what you’re saying. You need more street preachers. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. So you need more people to really get out there and try to preach the gospel. Really get out there and let them know what times we’re living in, that, you know, man, hey, man, stuff is going down. You need to start looking around and really realize that, you know, God is, you know, he’s going to be here soon.

We don’t see a lot of young street preachers, fearless, ready to, you know, cut throat, especially with the real word, what God wants you to say. We don’t see much of that. And if they are out there, they’re not being, you know. You want to collect donations. Where can they donate to you?

Well, so my website is just, if you go to Forever Bless Ministries on my channel, you’ll see the donation tab. Because I’m going full-time, God only. We’re living in the last days, and I need to go out to the nation and preach the souls. Because if the people are too afraid to do it, then me and my brothers in Christ will do the work that few people want to do.

Absolutely, well definitely send me, send me all those links, so that way we’ll definitely include all of that in here for you. Yeah, and, um, I’ll donate. I’ll definitely donate. Definitely good cause. If I can do other things, I can definitely donate for a great cause such as that.

God bless you, the rest of y’all out there, you know, all the people watching this video, you got Postmates and everything like that, DoorDash, you can send this man something for the Lord, obviously. But we appreciate you giving us your time, and, stay, stay blessed, brother. Keep doing what you do, stay on the course that you’re on. You know, don’t deviate, and I know, yeah, we know it’s hard being single and young as you is, and, you know, as popping as you is on TikTok, you’re gaining that notoriety, man, you’re taking your faith to another level, you know what I mean? And you’re great, and that’s a great thing. You know, like a lot of kids and a lot of younger people, they need to see stuff like this because people, you know, younger people, they think it’s, you know, it’s impossible to live without sinning. You know, it’s impossible.

And you’re actually living for something. You’re living for a cause. You’re not even living for yourself at this point. You’re like, you said you’re giving up, um, what you have to do ministry full-time. And so it’s no longer about you anymore, right? Yeah, that’s different. That’s, that’s different to me. So that stands out. Thank you for giving your testimony, man. Absolutely, brother. Have a good day, brother. Stay blessed ,man.

All right. God bless you guys.

Song “Bird in the park” that seems to summarize his above interview by “Lil Yokou” (I can’t find his YouTube channel)

God Showed Me Hell In Quarantine! Weed & Encounter With The Devil

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