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Celebrity – Miley Cyrus

Billie Eilish Demonic Evil Marketing to Teens

Compilation of clips of Billie Eilish influencing the younger generations—you make up your own mind whether it’s a good influence or not—but obviously I think it’s just outright twisted trying to normalize or popularize this sick, demonic, stuff onto our youth. Is this really the only way to get ahead in the industry these days? Would she have still become famous without injecting black goo into her back, without 666 on her forehead, without fire and brimstone and demonic possession?


[AC] Vow of Silence

As per the “All-Seeing-Eye” post, there could be many legitimate reasons celebrities do these kinds of poses in photos, and my rational mind always goes to “someone is looking through a hundred photos of a celeb, and picking one that stands out to place on the cover”.