Freemasonry – The Light Behind Masonry (Bill Schnoebelen)

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Ex-Mormon & Ex-Witch, Bill Schnoebelen exposes the Occult secret society of Freemasonry.

Bill Schnoebelen The Light Behind Masonry (is Lucifer)

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I’ve just edited the above 4 hr video into a 2 hr video (as the 4 hr videos have the same video twice.)

I got chatGPT to summarize the subtitles about a month or so ago. Often chatGPT makes errors with the exact words, especially from auto-subtitles generated by YouTube. I’ve fixed up as much as I know, but just bare in mind there will be errors and double-check anything before using elsewhere. I’ve also got another transcript from Bill for another long video about the illuminati.

Key points, summarized sections, and partial transcript:

“Praise the Lord, it is great to be here tonight. Essentially, we’re going to be trying to shed some light on something that is very commonly found in most communities. You will see the little temples or, in some cases, the not-so-little temples of Masonry in most small towns and cities in America. Yet, most people understand that this is a secret society, and what are they keeping secret? And is this something that Christians should be involved in? Well, we’re going to try and explore some of that tonight and see if we can’t get to the bottom of some of these issues.”

First of all, let me give you the classical definition of Masonry because the Masons themselves do have a definition that they give the public for public consumption, and this is basically it:

“Masonry, is a system of morality veiled in allegory.”

Now, doesn’t that help a whole lot? We can just all go home now. You know everything we need to know about the Masons. Well, that’s the way they would like it unless, of course, you join.

But actually, there’s a lot more to it than that. Let me give you my definition. I define Masonry as:

“The world’s oldest secret fraternal organization; a system of three ritual initiations or degrees; based on medieval stonemasons guilds; guarded by blood oaths and founded on the principles of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.”

  • Masonry symbolism is a blend of Old Testament symbols and ancient mystery religions.
  • Most Masons consider classical Blue Lodge masonry to be the core of all masonry.

“Classical” Blue Lodge Masonry

  • Blue Lodge masonry refers to the first three degrees of masonry:
    1. Entered Apprentice
    2. Fellowcraft, and
    3. Master Mason.
  • Freemasonry is universal and present in virtually every country of the world.
  • After the American Revolution, each state in the US has its own autonomous Grand Lodge.

The Steps of Freemasonry

  1. The fundamental structure of Freemasonry is rather complex once you get past those first three degrees, and involves the Scottish Rite and York Rite, which are the two major paths a freemason can travel.
  2. The Scottish Rite has 29 degrees and the York Rite has 9 degrees.
  3. The 33rd degree is called the grand sovereign inspector general degree and is the highest degree one can attain in Freemasonry.
  4. Masonry has auxiliary or adoptive bodies, the best-known being the Shrine, as well as youth orders and other organizations.

Freemasonry is on the decline

  1. Masons do not actively recruit members, but there is a tradition of “to be one, ask one.”
  2. There is a declining membership in Masonry, with a 50% drop in membership from the 1960s to the present day.
  3. Masons are working harder to get new members, although technically they are not supposed to solicit members.
  4. There is a process to become a Mason that involves presenting a petition to the lodge, being interviewed by a committee, and meeting certain requirements.
  5. To be a Mason, you must be a man who believes in some sort of God and has the financial means to go through the degrees.
  6. Freemasonry has auxiliary or adoptive bodies, such as the Shrine, youth orders like De Molay and Rainbow, Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Daughters of the Nile, and more.
  7. The decline in membership is due to cable TV and a lack of compelling reasons to join.
  8. Masons do not actively recruit, but they are working harder to get members, despite not being allowed to solicit members.
  9. To become a Mason, one must ask a Mason and go through a process that includes being a man, believing in God, and having the financial means to pay for the degrees.
  10. Freemasonry historically excluded black men, who had their own separate but equal branch called Prince Hall Masons.
  11. The lodge votes using a ballot box with white squares and black balls, and if even one black ball is cast, the petitioner will not be allowed to join that lodge.

How he got into Freemasonry:

Now, I briefly want to tell you, having laid that groundwork, how my story is related to Masonry. If you want to hear all the rest of the bizarre details, some of which are alluded to, I’d suggest perhaps you might want to get the other video that’s already out there, called “Exposing the Illuminati,” because I don’t really have time to go into it tonight. But suffice it to say, I was deeply involved in the occult.

Now, I came to Masonry a lot differently than most people did. I came to Masonry already understanding its dangers, and I thought it was a good thing because I was a pagan, a witch, a high priest, and a druid. The Grand Master Druid of North America told me that I should join the Masons. He himself was a 33rd degree Mason. Now, how’s that for an endorsement for the Lodge? How is it that it would be recommended by a druid?

Anyhow, when I moved to Milwaukee with my wife and we were running covens all over the Bridge of Milwaukee area, it happened that one of the young men we initiated into witchcraft, his father was the Junior Warden of the Lodge in the neighborhood. And I thought, “Well, gee, this works out nice.” So I asked him to introduce me to his dad, and his dad sponsored me into the Lodge. And naturally, they were delighted to get members because, like, for instance, that Lodge, I think I was the youngest. I was like in my mid-20s, and I was the youngest member there by about 25 years. The average age, according to that Time article I mentioned earlier, the average age of a Mason right now in America is 70. And in fact, later on after I joined the Lodge, typically we would have six or seven Masonic funerals a year, and we’d only initiate two or three people. Now, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out if that goes on for very long, you aren’t gonna have any Lodge left. And indeed, that is the case. Many lodges have had to close due to lack of membership.

But anyhow, I joined the lodge. I was initiated as an Entered Apprentice in 1975. I was passed to the degree of Fellow Craft, I believe, that same year. In 1976, I was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. Soon after that, I went through the York Rite. I tried this branch first because people were telling me that it was, in fact, the Christian branch of Masonry.

Later on, I did the Shrine, I did Scottish Rite. I became a 32nd degree Mason, and then I also went through the Shrine, and I was even a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, so I was even in that body as well. I was very involved in Masonry. I was a real fanatic. I was probably in Lodge meetings two or three nights a week, and in fact, that’s part of the reason we joined the Eastern Star together. As my wife said, “At least that way I get to see you one night a week,” because she joined as well, as that’s the branch of Masonry that was also open to women. Anyway, I was very, very active in all of this, and then what happened was I moved back from Milwaukee, which is where all this took place.

  1. Shows a photo of himself as a Shriner in 1980.
  2. He and his wife moved from Milwaukee to Dubuque, which caused him to move into a different Grand Lodge jurisdiction.
  3. A bank officer who noticed that he was sending checks to the Church of Satan wrote on one of the checks, “I’ll be praying for you in the name of Jesus.”
  4. He joined the Mormon Church and was still a witch, which he acknowledges is not in line with Mormonism.
  5. He attended a prophecy seminar by the Seventh-day Adventist Church with the intention of drawing people into the Mormon Church, but was exposed to gospel-based preaching for the first time in his life.
  6. He was impressed with the evangelist’s ability to answer his questions with Bible verses.
  7. He went home scared because the evangelist made him realize that all he needed to do was believe in Jesus to be saved.
  8. He fasted and prayed according to Mormon practice to figure out what to do.
  9. He did not receive the expected “burning bosom” or “stupor of mind” and decided to give his heart to Jesus Christ.
  10. In 1984, he was a member of a lodge and assumed that all the members were Christians.
  11. He received an invitation to a High Noon luncheon at a new lodge and went to attend.
  12. Upon entering the building, he felt oppressed and felt the Holy Spirit telling him to leave.
  13. He tried to eat lunch but felt led in his stomach and eventually left without eating dessert.
  14. Later on, the Holy Spirit showed him that the Masons were dangerous spiritually, even though nobody had explicitly told him that Masonry was a cult.
  15. He references Ezekiel chapter 8 to make his point about Masonry being spiritually dangerous.
  16. The passage talks about the elders of Israel turning their backs on the Ark of the Covenant and facing east to worship the rising sun, which is what Masonic temples do by orienting towards the east.
  17. The Temple of Masonry is said to be Solomon’s Temple, but it is 180 degrees off and involves implicit or explicit Sun worship.
  18. The worshipful master is said to rise in the East like the Sun, which is contrary to the Bible and God’s temple, where God wanted people to turn their backs on the Sun and worship Him.
  19. God wanted something different because surrounding Israel were pagan nations who worshiped solar phallic gods.
  20. God wants all of us to turn our backs on old paganism, even if we weren’t part of some cult.
  21. Masonry’s origins are shrouded in the mists of time, but Masons claim that their first Mason was Nimrod, who helped build the Tower of Babel and from whom all false religion stems.
  22. There were mystery religions, such as the rites of Eleusis in Greece, which were only open to initiates who had to go through secret initiatic rights and ordeals.
  23. The Dionysian artificers were architects and masons who worshipped the god Dionysus.
  24. The Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism, and Gnosticism is Grecian mysticism.
  25. All of these contributed to modern-day Masonry.
  26. The Hashi Shean was a secret society that emerged around the year 1000, which was the world’s first modern-day cult.
  27. The Knights Templar, a Catholic order of knighthood, went to the Holy Land where they swapped initiations and information with the Hashi Shean.
  28. The Knights Templar brought back information to America, which also got into the stonemasons guild, leading to the incorporation of Masonic mysteries in cathedrals.
  29. The brothers of the Rosie Cross, also known as the Rosicrucians, inherited the secrets of the rites of the Templars.
  30. The first recorded use of the word “Mason” in the English language involves the Rosicrucians.
  31. The Mason word is the secret lost word of Masonry, which is associated with occultism and psychic ability.
  32. The Protestant Reformation led to a halt in cathedral building, causing stonemasons to admit non-Masons to their guild as speculative masons interested in philosophy, occultism, and esotericism.
  33. uly 24th, 1717, the Grand Lodge of England was established at the Appletree Tavern in London, becoming the mother lodge of all other Masonic lodges in the world.
  34. The Illuminati Order was founded in 1776 for the purpose of infiltrating Masonry, and it was difficult to distinguish between the two by the end of the 1700s.
  35. Captain William Morgan, a Mason, published a book with all the secrets of Masonry in it and disappeared shortly after. It was later confessed that he was murdered, leading to a stir and the formation of an anti-Masonic party.
  36. After the Civil War, Albert Pike caused Masonry to become popular again, and by the 20th century, it was extremely popular.

Swearing an oath without revealing what the oaths are

In Masonry, members are asked to swear an oath, but they are not told what it is beforehand. The person administering the oath tells them that there is nothing in the oath that conflicts with their duty to God, country, neighbor, or themselves, which is not true. The person taking the oath is blindfolded and made to feel nervous, and their hands are placed on the Holy Bible, square, and compass. The oaths are lengthy and include gruesome penalties for breaking them. For example, the apprentice oath includes a promise to have one’s throat cut and tongue torn out if the oath is broken. The second-degree oath includes a promise to have one’s heart plucked out and devoured by vultures, and the third-degree oath includes a promise to have one’s body severed in twain, bowels burned to ashes, and scattered to the four winds of heaven. These oaths are serious and should not be taken lightly.

  1. The central thing to understand about Masonry is the oaths that its members are required to swear.
  2. A 19th-century graphic from a monitor book of Masonry illustrates the Entered Apprentice oath.
  3. The Worshipful Master is the leader of the lodge and wears a hat.
  4. The candidate is hoodwinked, has a cable tow rope around his neck, is divested of all metal, and is led to the door of the lodge.
  5. Masonry asks people to swear oaths without revealing what those oaths are, which is a problem akin to “I’ve got this great car, I want $15k for it, but it’s locked in the garage and you can’t see it until you give me the money, and when you pay me, I’ll give you a pink slip”
  6. The candidate is blindfolded and has no idea what is going on, which can be scary.
  7. The oaths have a lot of things that conflict with a person’s duty to God, country, neighbor, or themselves, which the Worshipful Master lies about.
  8. The oaths are serious and include having one’s throat cut, tongue torn out by its roots, and buried in the sea, among other things.
  9. The Worshipful Master tells the candidate to kiss the Holy Bible to show their sincerity.
  10. The second-degree oath includes having one’s heart plucked out and devoured by vultures.
  11. The third-degree oath includes having one’s body severed, bowels taken out and burned, and ashes scattered to the four winds of heaven.
  12. He talks about oaths taken in the York Rite degree in Freemasonry where members swear to have their skulls smote off and brains exposed to the sun. (seventh degree)
  13. Bill questions the idea of pastors, husbands, and deacons taking these oaths.
  14. The function of the Enlightenment in Freemasonry is discussed.
  15. Bill shares a story about an initiation in the Grand Lodge of Milwaukee where a heavyset man, after being asked what he desires, says he wants a beer instead of the expected “light” response.
  16. Masons are looking for “light” in the ceremony.
  17. During the ceremony, the master reads from Genesis and when he gets to the part where God says “Let there be light,” the blindfold is removed from the initiate’s eyes and they see the three great lights of masonry.

Secret handshakes and passwords

Bill discusses the “dread secrets” of Freemasonry, which are secret handshakes, passwords, signs, tokens, and points of entrance.

He explains that signs are various cryptic gestures based on the way your hands are placed when taking the oath, and gives examples such as the entered apprentice sign, the Master Mason sign, and the Grand Masonic hailing sign of distress. The Grand Masonic hailing sign of distress is particularly important as Masons are obligated to help a brother in distress if they see this sign or hear the words associated with it. He provides examples of this happening in war situations where Masons from opposing sides recognized each other and refrained from attacking.

  1. The brotherhood transcends national loyalty.
  2. It transcends the oath you take as a soldier in the United States Army.
  3. The Grand Masonic hailing sign of distress is used to signal for help in dangerous situations.
  4. The sign starts with both hands raised up and then gradually brought down to end up in the same gesture as the sign of a Master Mason.
  5. The words spoken with the sign are “Oh Lord my god is there no help for the widow’s son”.
  6. Masons are obligated by an oath to help anyone who uses this sign and speaks these words.
  7. Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, was a Mason and allegedly used this sign and these words as he was being shot by a mob in Carthage Jail.
  8. Many of the people who shot at Joseph Smith may have been Masons wearing Masonic rings, as he was accused of stealing the secrets of Masonry and starting his own Masonic Temple which became the Mormon temple.

Ok, then next we’ll go to tokens, and what do we mean by tokens? Well, these are the secret handshakes, and this is the way Masons may know one another in the dark as well as the light. Now, here’s an example. See Post: Secret Handshake for more images

  • This is the past grip of an Entered Apprentice, and how you do it is you make a pressure on the first knuckle with your thumb.
  • Then, the grip of an Entered Apprentice, this is first degree, is to have a pressure in the hollow between the two knuckles.
  • Then, second degree is pressure on the second knuckle. The grip of the second degree is the hollow of the second and third knuckle.
  • The third degree past grip is the third knuckle.
  • Then, we have this. This is the third degree grip, which is called the strong grip of the lion’s paw, or the grip of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, or a Master Mason grip.
  • And here, you’ll see, it’s kind of like you almost like you go like Mr. Spock, and you go like this. And that is the grip by which the Grand Master Hiram Abiff was raised from the dead.
  • So, this is the fundamental grip, of a Master Mason. Now, there are grips for every one of these degrees, but we aren’t going to go into all of them because, frankly, I don’t remember all of them.

The “G”, square, and compass, symbolize the male and female reproductive organs

But, we are going to talk about some of the jewels that Master Masons wear by which they can recognize one another. This is probably the best-known symbol of all Masonry, and I’m sure all of you have seen this either on buildings or on bumper stickers or on lapels or whatever.

This is the ultimate symbol of the Masonic Lodge of the Blue Lodge. And you see there, the square and the compass. This is the square, this is the compass, and then, of course, the letter G. Now, if you asked a Mason what does that mean, what’s that G stand for, he might say, “I can’t tell you. It’s a secret.” Or, if he’s being very, very forthcoming, he might say, “Well, it stands for geometry,” or he might even say, “It stands for God.”

However, if you read the books that are in the Masons’ library, and every Mason has access to these books, you will find out that this G actually stands for the Principle of Generativity, which is just a big word for the power of human beings to reproduce themselves. And that makes sense because if you read in those same books, you’ll discover the square and compasses symbolize the male and female reproductive organs. So, that’s what this actually symbolizes. Isn’t that spiritual?

More Masonic Symbols

Bill says symbols in Freemasonry are often seen on cars, lapels, tie tacks, and other jewellery worn by Masons.

Two-Ball Cane

  • The first symbol he discusses is called the “two ball cane,” which is a pun based on the password of a Master Mason, “Tubal Cain,” who was a character in Genesis 3 and is considered the first mason.
  • If you turn the two ball cane upside down, it allegedly reveals a clue to the identity of the “real god of masonry.” (the letter “L”)

Masons also commonly wear rings and other jewelry to signal their membership to other Masons.

Mark Master Mason

  • Bill shows a symbol from the York Rite Fourth degree called the sign of the “Mark Master” degree. It features letters HTKSSTKS in a circle around an odd-shaped stone. The letters stand for “Hyrum the widow’s son sent to King Solomon.” The stone was supposedly found in the rubble of the temple after Hiram Abiff was killed, and later became the headstone of the corner. This story supposedly takes glory away from Jesus and applies it to Hiram Abiff.

In hoc signo vinces

  • Bill shows another symbol from the York right, the commander II, which is the knight Templar commandery. It features the Latin phrase “in hoc signo vinces,” which means “in this sign, conquer.”
  • The story behind this symbol involves Constantine, who allegedly saw a sign of a cross in the heavens during a battle and then painted crosses on his soldiers’ shields, leading to victory.
  • However, Bill claims that the cross painted was not a Christian cross, but an Egyptian cross or ankh.
  • Bill claims that the Christian degree of masonry is not actually very Christian.

Spes Mea In Deo Est

  • The Scottish Rite symbol represents the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite, with the motto “Spes Mea In Deo Est” meaning “my hope is in God”
  • The symbol features an eagle with two heads and a knot at the top with two table nuts, which will be important later (note: knot at the top is not in all the symbols I found)

  • The Mystic Shrine symbol features a scimitar, a sharp blade used for beheading infidels in Islam
  • He explains that Muslims used to approach people and ask them to submit to Allah and become a Muslim, and if they refused, they would be killed
  • The moon in the symbol represents Allah as a moon god, and the star represents a goddess

  • The Fez is the sign of a Shriner, and the symbol on it is an Egyptian head representing the pagan god Osiris (timestamp: 51:55)
  • He mentions that in the Old Testament of the Bible, Egypt is a symbol of carnality and depravity

Eastern Star

  • The Eastern Star symbol which looks like an upside-down pentagram is a symbol of Satanism.

Now, this is a symbol of the Eastern Star, and you’ll notice that it is above other things. We’re going to look at this a lot more closely later, but for now, I’ll just point out that it looks very much like a pentagram, which is a symbol of witchcraft, and it’s turned upside down, meaning the one point is pointed downward, and that is uniquely a symbol of Satanism. It’s a symbol which is used to cause the kingdom of Satan to be manifest in this world today.

Secret Passwords

The secret passwords for the first three degrees of Masonry:

  1. Boaz for the Entered Apprentice – EA degree
  2. Jachin for the Second Degree – FC degree
  3. Tubal Cain for the Third Degree – MM degree

Some other ways that Masons might identify each other:

  1. Masons use different ways to identify each other, such as asking if they are a “traveling man,” referring to dealing “on the square,” or asking if they know the “widow’s son.”
  2. Points of Entrance refer to the way a Mason stands and approaches the altar in the East, with a specific stance for each degree.
  3. If a Mason were to stand in a specific way in front of a judge who is also a Mason, the judge would recognize their degree and be required by their oath to give them preferential treatment.
  4. He refers to Proverbs chapter 6, verse 12, which talks about how a person can communicate with their feet.

Let’s say, for example, I heard that there was a Mason running a store downtown. It was like, say, a jewellery store or something, and he gave discounts if he knew you were a brother Mason. So, I would walk in there and I would say something like this: I talked to the manager, and I’d say, “I see you’re a traveling man.” And he would say, “Yes, I travelled from west to east and from east to west again.” And you would say, “In search of what?” And he would say, “In search of that which was lost.” And then he would know that you were both Masons, and you’d get the discount.

Another way you might do that is to come into the store and say, “I’ve heard that I can get a square deal here,” because see, Masons always deal with one another on the square.

Another way is to come in and say, “Do you know the Widow’s Son?” Now, of course, if you say this to somebody who’s not a Mason, they just kind of look at you. Okay, right, you know, “Why don’t you go get a life, fella?” And that’s the end of it. But if he’s a Mason, he knows that you are a Mason, and you’ll get whatever benefits you’re looking for. And basically, that’s how much business is done.

The points of your entrance.

The last one is part of the hardest to understand just from the way the term is, but points of your entrance is the way that a Mason stands, the way he approaches the altar in the East.

And if you look, what you see up on the screen right now is the way an apprentice would approach the East. He has the heel of his right foot into the hollow of his left and right angles to one another, and that is a sign of an apprentice.

Required by Oath to get Preferential treatment

Now, understand something. If I were to stand in a courtroom before a judge who was a Mason and put my feet in this way, he would know that I was at least an apprentice Mason, and he would be required by his oath to give me preferential treatment over my adversary in the courtroom.

Now, this is the way a Master Mason does the same thing.

Now, here you’ll notice the feet are right angles to each other, the heels touching together, and this is the way a Master Mason would stand and approach the altar.

And again, the same thing applies if this person were to go into a court or even like a job interview. If he wants to let people know that he was a Mason, he could stand this way and not have to say a word.

It’s interesting though that Proverbs chapter 6, verse 12 says this: “A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth. He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers.” Just what we’re talking about here, and people say the Word of God isn’t inspired.

  1. Masonry has been used as a way to get ahead in both Masonry and business for a long time.
  2. Masonry began as a stonemason guild, similar to modern-day unions.
  3. In the Middle Ages, people couldn’t read, so Masons had to use nonverbal ways to identify themselves on job sites.
  4. Masons use their lodge to network, especially in the case of doctors and lawyers who were not allowed to advertise their services.
  5. Masons can receive discounts from certain stores and businesses by using special words.
  6. Many large corporations are run by Masons.
  7. Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s, was a 33rd degree Mason.

The lodge and the law

  1. Many lawyers and judges are Masons.
  2. In the past, almost all lawyers were Masons.
  3. Even today, a disproportionate number of law enforcement officials are Masons.
  4. Mentions the requirement of being a Mason to advance in the Metropolitan Police in London.
  5. Many police chiefs and sheriffs in the United States are Masons.
  6. J. Edgar Hoover was a 33rd degree Mason and left a Masonic stamp on the FBI.
  7. Suggests that the content of the oaths given in Masonry is disturbing.

For example, when you take the third-degree oath of a Master Mason, one of the codicils in that oath says that you will warn a brother Master Mason of approaching danger so he can get out of the way. Now let’s say you’re in the prosecuting attorney’s office or let’s say you’re a police officer and you learn that a brother Master Mason is going to have a warrant served on him for his arrest. You’re obligated by an oath to go and warn that Mason so he can skip town before he’s thrown in the clink.

Another thing is that you will notice in the third-degree oath that you swear that you will keep the secrets of a Master Mason inviolate within your heart, murder and treason excepted. That means any crime except murder and treason. You are obligated by that blood oath to cover if he’s a rapist, if he’s a child molester, if he’s a thief, if he’s an arsonist, any of that stuff. You have to conceal that. You are not allowed to talk about that.

Yes, and that’s true even if you’re an officer of the court. Now, it gets even worse. Let’s say you’re a seventh-degree Royal Arch Mason in New York. Then the oath is that you have to keep the secrets of a Royal Arch companion inviolate within your heart, murder and treason not accepted. In other words, you’ve got to keep everything secret. That guy could be an axe murderer, he could be a traitor of the United States like the esteemed Mason Benedict Arnold was, and the Masons would not be able to reveal that. This is pretty serious stuff.

  1. Masons have a close association with the law, and many judges and lawyers are Masons.
  2. Masonic oaths require members to keep secrets, including any crime except murder and treason, and to warn fellow Masons of approaching danger.
  3. Masons have been known to protect each other from prosecution, even in cases of serious crimes like rape and financial scams.
  4. In some cases, Masons have used their influence to cover up crimes committed by fellow Masons, preventing justice from being served.
  5. Masons have been known to use their influence to retaliate against those who attempt to prosecute or expose them.

Jack the Ripper was probably Masonic Ritual killings

  1. Bill discusses the possibility that Jack the Ripper was a freemason.
  2. Jack the Ripper was a serial killer who murdered eight prostitutes in Whitechapel district of London in 1888, causing terror in the city of London.
  3. The man in charge of the investigation, Police Commissioner Warren, was a freemason, as were the Prime Minister of England and the Duke of Clarence, who was second in line to the throne of England.
  4. The murders were carried out in a manner consistent with Masonic ritual gestures, such as cutting throats from ear to ear and removing bowels from the body and throwing them over the left shoulder.
  5. The motive behind the murders was to conceal the fact that the Duke of Clarence had married a prostitute named Annie Crooks, who was also a Roman Catholic, which was not allowed for members of the royal family.
  6. Dr. Gull, a physician and surgeon who was also a freemason, had Annie Crooks committed to a mental institution where she later died by suicide, and the Duke of Clarence’s daughter was placed in a Catholic orphanage.
  7. The phrase “the joues will not be blamed for nothing” was scrawled on an alley in Whitechapel during the time of the murders, and it is a Masonic code word referring to the three ruffians who murdered Hiram Abiff.
  8. Jack the Ripper originally called himself “Leather Apron,” which is the badge given to every Master Mason in the form of a white lambskin or leather apron.
  9. Argues that this is an example of how Masonry can be used to conceal crimes, even for a century.


  1. Bill discusses the relationship between craft and politics, and mentions that many politicians are lawyers, and many lawyers are Masons.
  2. He notes that at least 17 US presidents have been Freemasons, including Benjamin Franklin, Benedict Arnold, Paul Revere, George Washington (who joined before he knew better), and possibly Thomas Jefferson.
  3. John Adams, on the other hand, was a strong anti-Mason.
  4. Bill argues that while the Masons make a lot of fuss about George Washington being a Mason, but in reality he had not been inside of a Masonic Lodge for 30 years before his death, and had denounced Masonry because he believed it had become a tool for bringing the Illuminati into America.
  5. Bill also points out that many high-level politicians in the 20th century were Masons, including Jesse Helms, Bob Dole, Strom Thurmond, Ronald Reagan (who was made an honorary Mason), Gerald Ford, Harry Truman, and Franklin D Roosevelt.
  6. He claims that all of these people, except Reagan, have taken Holy Communion out of a human skull as part of their initiation as 33rd degree Masons, and that they have to take an oath to work for the destruction of law, religion, and government.
  7. Bill suggests that this could help explain some of the bizarre aspects of the US political system today.
  8. Masonic worshipful masters often lay the cornerstones for civic buildings, and give blessings
  9. The nation’s capital, Washington DC, has Masonic symbolism embedded in its architecture
  10. A map of Washington DC shows a square and compass, with one point at the Jefferson Memorial and the other at the White House, forming an inverted pentagram pointing towards the White House
  11. The House of the Temple, a supreme headquarters of the Scottish Rite, is located 13 blocks away from the White House
  12. The Masons boast about their influence in the design and architecture of Washington DC, with articles in Masonic magazines discussing how a Mason laid down the architecture for the city.

The New World Order conspiracy

Okay, now we’re going to talk about Freemasonry and the New World Order. For as long as the conspiracy has existed, which is basically since the Tower of Babel, that was the world’s first United Nations.

How many of you realize that the Masons have been working to basically accomplish two things: the destruction of the worship of the true and living God on the one hand, and secondly, the establishment of a one-world government and a one-world religion?

And if you notice, you see that even right in the Tower of Babel, if you read that chapter, Genesis 11, it talks about they say, “let us build a tower and a city.” The tower is a symbol of religious Babylon, the city is a symbol of political Babylon. Then they put them together and there’s the New World Order.

Now, since that time down through the centuries, Masonry has worked either behind the scenes or even out in the open to try to destroy things for the church. Now, it started getting pretty obvious during the time of what is called historically the Enlightenment. Now, that was a period just after the Protestant Reformation in the early 17th century or partly 1700s, where this new philosophy came about called the Enlightenment. And it was the idea that we didn’t need faith anymore, we didn’t need religion anymore.

We had a new God rising, and that God’s name was science. That science could give us the answers, that logic and reason could give us all the answers we needed, and we no longer needed to have all of these other things going on. We no longer needed to have faith in this invisible God that could not be put in a test tube, so to speak, and measured.

And so, the Enlightenment came along, and that was followed very quickly by the Illuminati coming on the scene. Two of the earlier members of the Enlightenment who were also Freemasons were Francis Bacon and Elias Ashmole.

And what happened is Francis Bacon wrote a book called The New Atlantis, and that book was basically trying to evoke the spirit of the original continent of Atlantis. Now, some of you may know, some of you may not. Atlantis is a mythical continent that supposedly existed in the days several hundred years before Christ, and supposedly was like the Golden Age. I mean, it had great science, then great philosophy, great occult powers, great technical achievements, and it was sunk under the sea because of its pride. Some people believe that that is a reflection of the Noahic flood.

In Greek myth, there may be other explanations, but what Francis Bacon wanted to do was create a new Atlantis on the American continent where Masonry and occultism could be practiced openly. The most obvious, and what I tell people quite frankly, is that Masonry and Christianity have been struggling in this country for 200 plus years. It’s kind of like Esau and Jacob fighting, and that conflict has never fully been resolved, even to this very day. And one of the earliest manifest manifestations of this conflict was in what I call Satan’s Seal of Approval, the Great Seal of the United States.

Satan’s Seal of Approval, the Great Seal of the United States.

  1. The United States began working on a seal from 1776, usually worked on by committees composed predominantly of Masons.
  2. The seal was obscure until the 20th century when Henry Wallace, Henry Morgenthau, and FDR, all Masons, decided to place it on the back of the dollar bill.
  3. The Great Seal placed on the back of the dollar bill contains Masonic attributes.
  4. The front of the seal has the numbers 13 and 32, which are Masonic numbers.
  5. There are 32 feathers in one wing and 33 feathers in the other wing, representing the 32 and 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite.
  6. There are nine feathers in the tail of the bird, representing the nine degrees of the arc.
  7. Benjamin Franklin lobbied for the bird on the seal to be a Phoenix, which is an occult mythological bird that symbolizes death and resurrection, which is the core of the mysteries of masonry.
  8. The top knot on the eagle on the Scottish Rite symbol and the Egyptian hieroglyph of the Phoenix in human form both have a little top knot, indicating the occult level of symbolism.
  9. The ranks of the pyramid on the reverse of the seal relate to the Satanic hierarchy.
  10. The all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid is not God, but a symbol of the all-seeing eye of Osiris or Horus, which is the Masonic God.
  11. The Roman numeral at the bottom of the pyramid adds up to 1776, which refers to the formation of the Illuminati on May 1st, 1776, which is the New World Order.

Phoenix / Eagle Story

When this seal was first being created, Benjamin Franklin, who was both an alumnus of and a Satan worshipper (sorry to tell you) and a Freemason, lobbied for it being a Phoenix instead of an eagle.

He wanted this bird to be a Phoenix. Now, what the heck is a Phoenix? Well, the Phoenix is an occult mythological bird that goes back to ancient Egypt and was called the Bennu bird. And the way it was distinctive about this bird is that every so often, it would immolate itself. It would set itself on fire and be reduced to ashes. And then from the ashes, it would spring reborn as a new entirely new bird. And of course, this was a symbol of death and resurrection, which is the core of the mysteries of Masonry.

Now, I want to show you something. Remember I told you to pay attention to that top knot on the top of the eagle’s head on the Scottish Rite symbol? Well, if you look at this very carefully on – let me see – it would be this bird here. This is the way Franklin wanted the Eagle to look.

Now, this is the way the eagle actually looks. You’ll notice that this eagle has a little top knot that is not really characteristic of the normal bird. Now, what I’m going to show you next is an Egyptian hieroglyph of the Phoenix in human form. Notice what he’s got on his head – a little topknot. This is again another indication of the occult level to which the seal sinks in terms of its symbolism.

The Reverse of the Seal

Now, let’s talk about the reverse of the seal. First of all, if you look at the ranks of the pyramid on the seal, they relate to the Satanic hierarchy. The unfinished pyramid in architecture and in geometry is called a frustum, and one side of that pyramid would be called the trapezoid. You’ll notice there that this is a trapezoid shape, and it’s unfinished. You’ll notice also that there are 13 ranks here. And then look at the all-seeing eye up there at the top.

That all-seeing eye is not God, brothers and sisters. Masons would like you to believe that it is. This is their God, but it ain’t my God. I’m sorry. If you study that symbol, that eye is actually called an “Eye of Providence” or a “Widow’s Eye.” And it’s a symbol of the all-seeing eye of Osiris or Horus. See, my God is not a Cyclops. He has two eyes, not just one eye.

And now down at the bottom here, you’ll notice this interesting Roman numeral. If you add that up in the Roman numeral system, it comes up to 1776, which seems appropriate. You’ll notice that above it says “Annuit Coeptis,” and then down below it says “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” That means “this year begins the New World Order.” Now, you might think, “Oh, that’s okay. You know, that’s America, right? We’re the New World Order.” No, America did not begin in 1776. Think about it. There were no… We hadn’t even won the war yet. There were no Articles of Confederation. There was no Constitution. There were no States. This does not refer to America, my friends. On May 1st, 1776, the Illuminati was formed. That is the New World Order, not America.

The Priory of Zion

I’m afraid they just want to plant the New World Order here, but that is not the New World Order. Now, I’m going to put up briefly. This is how that pyramid can be decoded in terms of the Satanic hierarchy. And you’ll notice down here at the bottom are the conventional degrees of the York and Scottish Rite, all the way up to the Supreme Council of grand sovereign inspectors general. Then above it, we have the various Satanic orders, some of which, in fact, I’m sad to say, most of which, I was a member of, all the way up to the nine unknown men, the seven, and then the Great Architect of the universe himself, Lucifer, the limitless light of nothingness. That’s his title, and I think it’s rather appropriate, actually.

Anyway, and that is what that seal means. That is what that all-seeing eye refers to. That is a symbol ultimately of Lucifer. Now let’s talk about this conspiracy in a little more detail and depth. Oops, basically, all of you are east.

I would think some of you have heard of a document, a historical document, called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Now that was used, that document was used by a lot of people, including Hitler, to blame the Jews for virtually everything that was wrong in the conspiracy that they were causing all the troubles over in the world. Unfortunately, they got the wrong elders, and they got the wrong Zion.

The actual thing that we’re talking about here is the Priory of Zion, and notice how it’s spelled up there. It’s not spelled with a Z, the way the Bible spells, at least the way the King James Bible spells it. It’s spelled with an S, the way the Catholic Bible spells it, and that’s for a reason. The Priory of Zion is a fairly secret, until maybe the last ten years or so, high-level Masonic Rosicrucian type body, and the Priory of Zion believes that it is the keeper of the Holy Grail.

This group believes that it has the bloodline of Jesus Christ, that Jesus had children by Mary Magdalene, and down through the centuries, it has guarded that bloodline, and that many of the like, for example, the Merovingian kings, and some of the other kings down to the century, right up today, and of course, you may know this, that Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth claim to be descended all the way back to King David.

They believe they have this royal bloodline, and this group is planning on trying to destroy biblical Christianity by the year 2000. And the way they’re gonna do it, see, they teach in their inner circles, and now this has all kind of been revealed by a series of books beginning with the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail back around 1986, 1987, that Jesus did not die on the cross, that he was spirited away from the tomb, that he married Mary Magdalene, they ran off and lived happily ever after and had children, and that he died a happy old age. And down through the years, these descendants of Mary Magdalene today are part of the reigning houses of Europe, and the reigning houses of Freemasonry, and they will, they believe, they will very soon rule the world. But here’s the interesting thing.

The way they believe they’re gonna destroy Christianity forever is sometime in the next couple of years, this is the planning, and God can always interfere with these plans, is they’re going to produce the bones of Jesus, or at least what they claim are the bones of Jesus.

I don’t know how they’re gonna prove that, and they believe that will destroy Christianity along with the revelation that Jesus was married and that he never rose from the dead. So this is part of the plan, and unfortunately, you know, they are moving ahead with their plan. I know God though, I know he can certainly do something to prevent that, but ultimately, this is what’s going to happen if they have their way.

  1. Suggests that to understand the philosophy of the group, we should look at the French Revolution rather than the American Revolution.
  2. The French Revolution is described as a textbook case of what the Illuminati and Masons would like to do if they gain control of the government.
  3. The Reign of Terror during the French Revolution is mentioned, where thousands of people were executed, including clergy and churches were destroyed.
  4. Claims that the Statue of Liberty is not a symbol of liberty but of reason, as opposed to religion.
  5. The Statue of Liberty is said to have been created by a French Freemason and has the year 1776 engraved on the tablet she holds, which is the year the Illuminati was formed, not the year America was founded.

Albert Pike

  1. General Albert Pike is buried in the House of the Temple in Washington DC and is described as one of the most honored Masons in American history.
  2. Despite Pike’s writings that mock Christianity and deny the virgin birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ, he is still highly regarded by Masons.
  3. Albert Pike was a Confederate general known for his atrocities against Union troops and Native Americans.
  4. Pike went on to found the Ku Klux Klan with General Nathan Bedford Forrest and held the title of chief justice of the invisible Empire.
  5. The Ku Klux Klan is not officially a Masonic body, but it was started by a Mason and maintains many of the same characteristics of Masonry.
  6. Pike was the highest-ranking Mason in America as sovereign grand commander of the Scottish Rite.
  7. Pike was also the highest-ranking Satanist in the world as the supreme Luciferian pontiff.
  8. Pike authored “Morals and Dogma” and was regarded as the greatest Masonic philosopher of the Western and English-speaking world.
  9. Pike found Masonry in a cabin in desolation and left it in a temple.
  10. Pike is the only Confederate General buried within the city limits of Washington DC and the only Confederate General and KKK member with a 50-foot statue in his honor within Washington DC city limits.
  11. Pike was a racist, war criminal, and Satan worshipper.
  12. Pike opened the door for many occultists to enter Masonry.

Sir Arthur Edward Waite, a 33rd degree Mason, authored “The New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry” and “The Book of Black Magic and Pacts”, which teaches how to sell one’s soul to the devil.

Bishop C. W. Leadbeater, an archbishop of the liberal Catholic Church, was a member of the Theosophical Society and a pedophile who was nearly run out of England for his behavior.

Aleister Crowley, known as the Great Beast 666, crucified a toad upside down after baptizing it in the name of Jesus Christ. He was a self-proclaimed devil worshiper, bisexual, and claimed to have performed 150 child sacrifices a year.

W. Wynn Westcott was a high-level Mason, Rosicrucian, and co-founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Manly P. Hall was an occultist, Rosicrucian, and author of hundreds of occult books. He wrote “The Secret Teachings of All Ages and Countries” and “The Lost Keys of Freemasonry”, which claims that once a Master Mason becomes the warrior on the block, the seething energies of Lucifer are his to command. He was eulogized by the Scottish Rite Journal despite his reputation as a black magician.

Now, understand something: if you’re here tonight and you happen to be a Mason, these are your brothers. These are your brothers, and this is just a partial list. In my book, ‘Masonry Beyond the Light’, I document how virtually every leading occultist of the last century was a Freemason – every leading witch, every leading black magician, every leading white light magician. They were all Masons. What a wonderful, wonderful recommendation for the fraternity.

Freemasonry is a religion

Bill discusses whether or not masonry is a religion from a Christian point of view. He mentions that Masons often claim that it is not a religion but a religious society, but Bill argues that Masonry meets the criteria of a religion based on Webster’s dictionary definition. He points out that in order to be a Mason, one must believe in God and participate in ritual and prayer, which are characteristic of a religious practice. Additionally, Masonry has a system of philosophy and ethics, and even promises salvation. However, Bill notes that Masonry does not meet the fundamental beliefs of Christianity, such as confessing Jesus Christ as God, teaching salvation by faith in Christ, and affirming the resurrection of Christ. Therefore, he concludes that Masonry is not a Christian religion.

  1. He mentions that Masons often send him brochures claiming that Freemasonry is not a religion, but he believes they are playing word games.
  2. He defines religion according to Webster’s dictionary as a belief in a deity or deities, an organized system of rituals and prayers offered to that deity, and an organized system of philosophy and ethics.
  3. He argues that Freemasonry meets all three criteria: Masons must believe in God, it has rituals and prayers, and it has a system of philosophy and ethics.
  4. He notes that Freemasonry promises salvation to its members and teaches that good Masons will go to heaven, even if they don’t know Jesus Christ.
  5. He suggests that if someone is a heathen or pagan, they have every right to be a Mason, but if they are Christian, they should question whether Freemasonry is Christian.
  6. He cites Albert Mackey, a highly honored Mason, who said that Freemasonry is not Christian because it lacks the distinctive fundamentals of the Christian faith.
  7. He explains that Freemasonry does not confess Jesus Christ as God and teaches salvation by good works, which is a different gospel than Christianity.
  8. He mentions that Freemasonry denies that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and does not teach that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.

Now the Mason might say, “Hold on a minute, hold on. We have this Bible open on all of our Lodge altars. This Bible is open on every Lodge, and we’re told it’s the rule and guide of our faith. That may be true if you’re in America, but if you’re in Pakistan, you’re gonna have the Quran open on your altar. If you’re in India, you’re going to have the Rig Veda or the Bhagavad Gita open on your altar. If you’re in Utah, you’ll have the Book of Mormon open on your altar. And I really believe if you’re in San Francisco, you’ll probably have the Satanic Bible open. I’m kidding, but the point is, the Bible isn’t really the Word of God to a Mason. In Masonic jurisprudence and Masonic polity, the Bible is a symbol of whatever the Mason happens to believe in. That’s all it is. They deny that it is the errant Word of God.

Finally, Masonry teaches that all religions are equally good. Masonry says that the Buddhists, the Muslims, the Hindus, all may gather around Masonry’s hospitable altar and pray to the one and true God. Now, how on earth are they going to do that? I mean, think about it. Okay, we’re going to get into individual issues now with the different bodies.

The Blue Lodge

The Blue Lodge is what we’re going to spend the most time on because, quite frankly, that’s where I think 60% of Masons never get past the Blue Lodge.

First of all, people ask me all the time, “Well, how far do you have to get into Masonry before you discover it’s anti-Christian?” I tell them about 10 minutes, and I’ll tell you why. Because here’s what happens. You’re brought into the lodge, gonna make you. They take you into this little anteroom, and you take off all your clothes except your undies, and they put these blue jammies on you, and you’re hoodwinked, which is true in more ways than one, and you’ve got a rope around your neck which is called a cable tow, and you’re led to the door of the lodge. After making sure you have no metal on your body, you even have to remove your wedding ring. Your wedding ring! Now, do you think your wife would like that? Anyhow, here’s how it goes. You knock on the door of the lodge three times. Someone comes and says, “Who comes here?” Now, there’s a guy who’s guiding you, and he’s got you by the hand, and he says, “Mr. Bill Schnoebelen, who has long been in darkness and now seeks to be brought to light, to receive a part and rights and benefits that is worship a lodge erected to God and dedicated to the holy Saints John, as all brothers and fellows have done before him.”

Now, imagine your pastor or your deacon in your church saying, “I have long been in darkness and now seek to be brought to light.” Hold it a minute. Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Amen.

  1. Jesus Christ is the true source of wisdom and knowledge according to Colossians 2
  2. Masonry cannot add anything if you already have Christ in your heart as a Christian
  3. Masonry requires oaths which go against Jesus’ command to never swear oaths in Matthew 5:34-37 and James 5:12
  4. Swearing oaths in Masonry breaks the second commandment and takes the Lord’s name in vain
  5. Masonry requires you to be yoked to countless unbelievers, which goes against 2 Corinthians 6’s instruction to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers
  6. Masonry is full of unclean and idolatrous symbols and many Masons are not Christians, including witches and Satanists
  7. Masonic literature refers to Hiram Abiff as the Messiah of the Masonic Lodge, making him the Christ of Masonry

When you come into the lodge, you’re made to go around, they waltz you around in a circumambulation. There you go and you approach the altar and you kneel and you take this oath. Here we run into another problem. Jesus Christ said in Matthew 5:34-37 that we should never swear oaths, and that command is repeated in James 5:12, “My brothers, above all things swear no oaths, don’t swear by heaven or by earth.” But yet, as a Mason, you swear an oath for anything else that cometh from the evil one. So we know where those come from. They come from the evil one.

And now, a Mason might say, “Oh, well, those are just symbolic. They aren’t real. I mean, nobody really gets killed. Nobody really has their throat cut or anything.” Well, maybe, maybe not. But if those oaths are symbolic, guess what? You’re breaking the second commandment. You’re taking the name of the Lord in vain because you swore on a Bible and you said, “So help me God.” So, you just took the name of the Lord in vain ’cause you swore a frivolous oath. Not only that, you swore an oath that you would know your body. If you’re a Christian, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and you swore that you would have your body cut up, and your throat cut, mutilated, and all this stuff. That’s all murder. You’re swearing that you will allow murder to be committed to yourself. Now, if that oath isn’t for real, well, okay, that gets rid of that. But then you’ve taken the name of the Lord in vain. So no matter which way the Mason goes on these oaths, he bumps into one of the commandments of God.

We’ve already demonstrated that masonry is full of unclean things. All of the squares, the compasses, and most of the symbols of masonry are idolatrous. On top of that, look at all the Hindus that are masons, and look at all the Muslims under Masons.

Sure, maybe every guy in your Lodge is a Christian, but you’re equally yoked to all those other people all over the world, including a lot of witches. Personally, when I was a Mason, I knew more than a dozen witches and Satanists that were also Masons, and they’re your brothers.

To you, they’re your lodge, and you might say, ‘Well, wait a minute, that scripture applies to marriage. I’m not married to these guys.’ You want to bet? When you are kneeling at that altar as an Entered Apprentice, and you’ve just taken the oath, you’ve had your blindfold removed, the Master comes to you, and he says, ‘But our Senior Deacon, remove that cable tow from about our brother’s neck.’ That’s the rope because he is now bound by a much stronger tie to our fraternity. There is a spiritual bond that takes place at that moment. You’re in bondage to the lodge. From that time on, you’re linked to all those people.

Hiram Abiff, the Christ of Masonry

Then, of course, we finally have the character we’ve all been waiting to hear so much about: Hiram Abiff, the Christ of Masonry. Now, you might say, ‘Well, what does that mean? I never heard that if you’re a Mason.’ I never heard about that.

Well, the most official thing that any Mason can hold in his hand as far as official Masonic literature is the monitor, the ritual workbook, and the monitor of the state of Tennessee in 1946 had this statement in it: ‘Hindus have Vishnu and Krishna. The Jews have Moses. The Christians have Christ. And the Masons have Hiram.’ Hiram is the Messiah of the Masonic Lodge, and I’m going to prove that in very short order. Now, I need to explain something.

  1. Hiram is a minor biblical character mentioned two or three times, a craftsman who worked for King Solomon in making the molten sea and the brazen pillars.
  2. The core of Masonic ritual in a Blue Lodge is the heroic legend of Hiram Abiff, in which the master and candidate go through a ritual ordeal by acting as Hiram Abiff, the greatest Mason who ever lived.
  3. During the ritual, the candidate is blindfolded and led around the lodge by a conductor, and accosted by a ruffian Jew who demands the secrets of a Master Mason.
  4. Hiram refuses to give the secrets and is struck by the ruffian, but manages to escape and is dragged further around the lodge to the Senior Warden station, where the same thing happens again.
  5. Finally, Hiram is stopped by Jubal, who demands the secrets and then strikes him on the head with a setting maul, causing the candidate to fall into a trampoline and appear dead.
  6. The ruffians bury Hiram in the rubble of the temple and take him to a hillside where they bury him near an acacia bush, the Masonic symbol of immortality.
  7. Later, Solomon goes to the hill with his fellow crafts and Hiram, King of Tyre, and they find Hiram’s body. They decide to substitute the first words spoken on seeing the body as the new secret words.
  8. They try to raise the body using the grip of an Entered Apprentice and a Fellow Craft, but the flesh falls from the bones. They then pray and use the grip of the Master Mason to raise the body.
  9. This ritual takes about an hour to perform, and the Master Mason sign is partly derived from the effluvia emanating from Hiram’s grave.
  10. Solomon suggests raising the body with an editor apprentice’s grip, but the flesh cleaves from the bones and they can’t raise the body
  11. They try the fellow craft grip, but the flesh falls off the bones again and they can’t move the body
  12. They pray, and then Solomon uses the strong grip of the lion’s paw, the Master Mason grip, to bring the candidate up from the grave
  13. They pull him into the five points of fellowship, which is foot to foot, knee to knee, breast to breast, hand to back, and mouth to ear
  14. Solomon whispers the secret new word of the Master Mason, “Mah-Ha-Bone” which means “what, the Builder?” in Hebrew (note: other books on freemasonry say “Jah Bul On” Jahbulon or Jah-Baal-On)
  15. The real word is lost
  16. When the candidate is knocked down as Hiram, it’s a Masonic baptism, similar to being baptized in water as a Christian
  17. The candidate dies in Hiram and is raised in Hiram, which is the same concept as being baptized in Christ
  18. The next slide will reveal something about being raised in Hiram that the audience may not want to see.

The secret new word of the Master Mason is whispered in the guy’s ear, and that secret word is ‘”Mah-Ha-Bone”‘ Are you all just awestruck with the wonderfulness and beauty of it? The translation will astonish you even more. Do you know what that means in Hebrew? Most Masons don’t even know what the word means. It means roughly ‘the Builder,’ because that’s what they said when they got to the grave. They said, ‘What the builder?’ because Hiram was the builder. So, that’s the great secret of the Master Mason degree. The real word is lost.

Now, let me explain something about this. When you go down and you’re knocked down as a candidate pretending to be Hiram, that’s a Masonic baptism. It’s even called that in the literature, just like when you are baptized in water as a Christian. You die in Christ, and then you’re raised in Christ out of the water. Well, there’s no water here, but you died in Hiram, and then you’re raised in Hiram. It’s the same exact thing. Except, do you really want to be raised in Hiram? You won’t after you see this next slide.

Who is Hiram, really? Well, Hiram is just a front for the slain and risen god of all the different pagan mythologies. And the Masons will tell you this. Have you read their books? Let’s take the most famous slain and risen god of all, Osiris, the god of the dead in ancient Egypt. Okay, Hiram is a widow’s son. So is Osiris. His mother is also his lover, Isis. Just like Nimrod, who is also a slain and risen god who married his own mother. Isn’t that spiritual, though?

Anyway, Hiram is slain by a ruffian. Osiris is killed by his brother Set. Hiram is buried three times: once in the rubble of the temple, once on the hillside underneath the acacia tree, and finally in a splendiferous monument that we’ll talk about in a minute. Osiris is also buried three times.

Hiram travels as a sun. What does that mean? Well, when he’s led around the lodge and is attacked by the three ruffians, he’s moving clockwise, which is the direction of the sun. Also, Osiris. Hiram is raised from the dead, but was something missing? That something is the lost word, Hiram Abiff, you know. Osiris is raised from the dead, but was something missing?

Now we’re gonna have to talk about that. According to Egyptian legend, when Set murdered Hiram, he was essentially cut into twelve pieces. Now, Isis was a goddess, and she wept and moaned over the fact that her lover was gone. And she ran over the countryside to find all the different pieces. And when she found them, she put them all together and used her magic to bring him back to life. But unfortunately, one piece was missing. Guess which piece? A very important one if you’re a guy, anyway. That piece was missing, and so Osiris could not be fully restored. And so instead of living, he had to go to the realms of the dead and reign over the underworld. Now, we’ve already mentioned what Osiris’s lost member was. What about this? Let’s look at the monument. I tried to get a picture of this, but I couldn’t find one of the monument that is erected over Hiram’s dead body when he was finally buried with honor.

And what it is, it’s a picture of a broken column with a beautiful virgin weeping over that broken column, and behind the Virgin is Father Time unbraid inherit a. Now let me decode that for you. The broken column is the missing member, that’s pretty easy. The beautiful virgin is Isis, who is both virgin and mother. And finally, Father Time, you know what Father Time was known as in Greek mythology? He was called Kronos, that’s where we get our word chronometer or chronology. Before that, he was known as Saturn, and before that, he was known as Set, the murderer of Osiris, the ruffian if you will. So there’s the whole thing right in that shell.

Now understand that in magic and in masonry, the adept’s word is his power. Osiris’s missing member is the lost word, and here’s the great mystery of masonry, the great mystery of all these ancient mystery religions. And I’m gonna try and be as delicate as I can about this, folks, but it’s kind of gross. This is what these people worship, believe it or not. The mystery that none of these people could solve, that none of these people, these ancient sages could understand is the fact that the male organ when it brings forth seed, it dies and can’t be resurrected for a while, whereas the female organ is immortal or eternal. That is what this whole thing is about. You know, talk about penis envy. I mean, I’m sorry. This whole thing is a giant sore phallic cult, pure and simple.

And my question to you again is, have you been baptized into Hiram? Now, if there’s any doubt of this, here is the symbol of resurrection in masonry. That’s the Washington Monument. And when we were driving here today from Indianapolis, we passed several cemeteries. You’ll see these on Masonic tombstones all the time because this is what the Masons hope is their resurrection. And if there’s any further doubt, let me remind you of this. When God created the temple, or rather the tabernacle in the wilderness, and even the temple, he put a veil between the most holy place where the Shekinah glory of God dwelt and the holy place. Masons have a veil over their most holy place, over their God. It’s called an apron, and that’s why they wear that apron over that part of their body, because that is their God.

  1. Bill claims that most Masons are ignorant of the teachings in their books, similar to how many Christians don’t study their Bible.
  2. He argues that Masons’ lack of knowledge is leading them and their families down the road to perdition.
  3. Bill criticizes the York Rite for taking away the glory from Jesus and for using the name of God in a way that he believes is disrespectful.
  4. He discusses the Masters Word, which he claims is the name of God combined with the names of false gods, and argues that using God’s name in this way is displeasing to God.
  5. Bill also mentions the Royal Arch degree and how they use God’s name as a password.
  6. He then moves on to discuss the Knight Templar Commandery, which he claims is based on a non-Christian organization.
  7. He claims that Jacques de Molay, the last Grandmaster of the Knights Templar, was a pedophile, child abuser, black magician, and idolater who worshipped a god named Baphomet.
  8. Bill argues that the Knight Templar Commandery teaches salvation by works and describes an oath where the participant takes communion out of a skull and swears in the name of Jesus that they will keep the secrets of the degree.

Scottish Rite, Melchizedek, Mystic Shrine, Allah, Eastern Star

  • Bill talks about the Scottish Rite, where they call up the devil in a ritual, and then you are anointed as a priest after the order of Melchizedek, which is Jesus’s priesthood.
  • The sacred secret word of the 17th degree is Abaddon, another name for the devil.
  • He also mentions the Mystic Shrine, where the oath is sworn on the Quran and in the name of Allah.
  • The Eastern Star is also mentioned, which he likens to rat poison, where 95% is good food, but the 5% poison kills the rat.

Now, how about the Scottish Rite? Well, in the 19th degree, and I sat through this, I know it’s true, they call up the devil. They have a whole ritual where they call up the devil. He comes out and he terrorizes all these Christian ministers and makes fools out of them. And then you’re anointed in that same degree, a priest after the order of Melchizedek. Now, think about that. That’s Jesus’s priesthood, and the Masons suddenly don’t have the right to convey it.

Now, guess what the sacred secret word of the 17th degree, the Knights of the East and West is? It’s Abaddon. Abaddon is another name for the devil, the Angel of the Bottomless Pit. And then there’s more communing out of a human skull. These guys are really into this skull thing, let me tell you.

Then we have the Mystic Shrine. First of all, it’s weird. It’s all Islamic. You swear on the Quran. You swear in the name of Allah, the God of my forefathers, the God of the Muslim. And that’s how the oath is sworn. And I’m sorry, Allah is not my God, and he’s not the God of my forefathers, one way or the other. And in addition to that, there’s a whole bunch of ungodly tomfoolery that I don’t have time to even get into.

Then the next thing we’ll look at briefly is the Eastern Star. What’s wrong with it? Everybody says, “Oh, what’s wrong with the Eastern Star? It’s so special. We get to sing the old rugged cross. We sing I walked in the garden alone, one lemon and there.” And I mean, it’s like, yeah, it’s all real sweet. But guess what? Rat poison is 95% good food, but it’s the 5% poison that kills the rat. Squeak-squeak-squeak.

The Eastern Star and the official seal of the Church of Satan

This is the signet of the Order of the Eastern Star. This is the official seal of the Church of Satan. Gee, does that look similar somehow, or is that just a coincidence? Maybe you could say, ‘Yeah, that’s a coincidence,’ except first of all, this is bafflement here in the center, remember the gods that the Knights Templar worshipped that the Masons were thrilled with. Not only that, but look at something else. I’m going to take this away for a minute. Believe it or not, you notice these colors? Well, these colors are perfect according to black magic. They go with the correspondences of the black magic pentagram that, for example, you will see in the Order of the Golden Dawn and a color plate there. This is earth, air, fire, and water. Now, this fifth point which is white is the Akasha and that’s like the astral stuff of ectoplasm in the dream realm and all of that. Additionally, if that ain’t bad enough, guess what, folks?

The Eastern Star is not the Star of Bethlehem. They say, ‘Oh, but our motto, we’ve seen the star in the east and are come to worship him.’ Well, here’s the problem. The Magi were not looking east to see a star. They were already in the East seeing the star, which was West. Think about it. If they were in Persia or India and they were looking at Bethlehem, they would be looking what direction? West. The star was in the West, it was the western star, not the eastern star.

You know what the Eastern Star actually means? It is a Masonic and an occultic code word for the star Sirius, the dog star, which is the most cursed star in the Egyptian sky. It is the star of Set, it’s the star of Satan, and right now we’re in its timeframe. We’re in what is called, you know why this period, it’s called the dog days? Because in the Egyptian latitudes, this is when the dog star Sirius was at its highest point, and it was the hottest, it was blasted cursing time of year because the Nile was at its lowest point and all the crops were dying and everything, and this is the star that they’re praying around in the Order of the Eastern Star. Additionally, the five star points were ruled over by pagan goddesses, not by biblical characters.

Helping Masons out of Freemasonry

Okay, I need to speed along here. How do you witness to one of these fellas? Let’s say you’ve got a Mason. Well, my best advice to you is to keep it simple. Just keep it simple. Don’t try and unload on him everything that I’ve told you tonight because, for one thing, you won’t remember it. For another thing, it’ll just blow them away. So, don’t bother to do all of that.

  • Just talk about the fact that it’s a religion. Show them that it’s not Christianity, which I’ve demonstrated very readily.
  • Talk about the oaths. That’s a very good one that’s leaned on.
  • And my question to the Mason is, how many things need to be wrong with an organization before they leave it? Very important question.

Now, if you’re a Mason, how do you get out?

  1. realize that Masonry is sin and making your spiritual life unmanageable.
  2. turn the issue of Mason in your life over to God.
  3. ask the Lord Jesus Christ to give you the power to break away from the bondage of the craft.
  4. get on your knees and ask Jesus to forgive you for your involvement in the lodge.
  5. in prayer, renounce the lodge and the oaths you made in Jesus’ name.
  6. ask Jesus to cut any ungodly ties, like the cable tow, that may exist.
  7. in Jesus’ name, renounce the false headship of the Grand Lodge.
  8. in Jesus’ name, renounce the strongmen of Masonry and command him to leave you and your family never to return. You may ask, “What are the strongmen?” Well, I’m being a nice guy, I’m telling you what they are. Those are the demon forces that are behind a lot, Tubalcain, Baphomet, Jah Bal On, Hiram Abiff, and Dagon.
  9. send a letter of demit asking to get out of the lodge.
  10. destroy all Masonic trinkets, books, aprons, preferably by fire.
  11. seek through prayer, Bible study, and meditation to strengthen your conscious contact with God and invigorate your sensitivity to the promptings of His spirit.
  12. having had this spiritual awakening, tell as many Masons as possible about the lodge and lead those who are lost to Jesus Christ.

And if you’re a Mason and you’re here tonight, you need to do those things. You need to renounce it, you need to repent of it, and you need to ask Jesus Christ to break the power of the curses that you have laid on your family, which are very real over them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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