Ramble about Christianity, Channelled Material, & the Luciferian Agenda

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After spending the past month in the Luciferian/Satanism/Demonic/Freemasonry agenda to investigate evidence in those areas in relation to who is behind the corruption, enslavement of humanity, and the ever increasing destruction of morality and good in this world, I found myself wanting a break from that dark and very negative, “good vs evil” topic as I was really feeling the heaviness of this condemnatory & judgemental perspective. So tonight I decided to re-visit other possibilities of what is behind these dystopian times we’re living in and try and seek a different perspective.

As someone who explores everyone’s perspectives (seems to be my main theme in this lifetime), I can actually see so many similarities in concepts, and as I have been exploring the Christian beliefs lately (goes hand-in-hand with exploring Satanism, Lucifer, Demons, and Freemasonry), I can also understand more of the triggers (and cognitive dissonance/biases) they have against channelling, as I felt it pop up in me after I started reading the channellings, and I’m like “hmm, how interesting”.

I don’t know how to describe it, but because I’m a “belief explorer”, I don’t see the “evil” that Christians automatically see when coming across these topics, I don’t find it “blasphemous”, I try and understand everyone’s beliefs and try and understand the world from their perspective, holding all that information to draw upon for my own worldly view, but I felt the nudge or that “red-flag pang” come over me after being injected with Christian beliefs and coming across the similarities of the Luciferian “dark” agenda with the wording in the channellings in relation to “Love/Light”.

I felt what some Christians must “feel” when they hear or read information that contradicts their understanding of the Bible and a concern about the world because of these different belief systems.

I relate it somewhat to the start of this Covid nonsense. The world was thrust into a dystopian immediate shift: lockdowns, masks, 24/7 fear porn on the tv, politics and science took front and centre stage, and what people in every area of our lives who are experiencing extreme stress and fear can turn into.

Extreme divisions across society. That, at the start especially, when none of us knew what was true, but each of us was forced to face a new reality being thrust upon us; all the while trying to discover the truth and many of us not knowing about the corruption, not understanding that the media is a propaganda tool, not understanding brainwashing and mind-control, not understanding how science has been “bought”, not understanding that doctors have been “indoctrinated”, not understanding the extreme level of control those behind it had over the information we were able to access, the extreme level of censorship, and not understanding how fear can be used as a weapon of control, etc.

That, at the beginning of this “is there a dangerous contagion or bioweapon, is the vaccines an antidote or a poison, etc. Are our lives in danger and if so where is the danger really coming from and where can we find accurate sources of truth? etc.” and that as we were constantly faced with lie upon lie upon lie, we had to do a lot of mental somersaults along the way.

During that time, there was shifts that I went through as a researcher, focusing only on information that can be verified, and “staying with mainstream” because the propaganda machine was set at full blast and to speak out against the narrative felt like a death sentence; the fear so strong from those who trusted the media, that your life felt endangered if you pointed out the conflicting information without having the necessary credentials beside your name (and even then), because “they” were in extreme fear and believed the media that told them that those speaking out are endangering everyone’s lives.

There were definite pangs of fear realizing that we were being lied to on a grand scale and not being able to reach people with any information that could help alleviate the fear. And there were definite pangs of fear trying to ascertain whether my research was correct, as being “wrong” in such a situation, meant the lives of your loved ones were at stake. In such a “life or death” narrative, you had to ensure your information was accurate and the “fear of being wrong” in that narrative involved many self-doubt moments and ego-death-throes.

As a result of discovering the major role the media and large corporations play in the shaping of reality and the way the masses in society seem to be unable to think outside of an accepted reality they are provided like a movie telling them who they are, what to believe, and how to behave to be “accepted” (or in other words “survive” in this world, as being “accepted” by the herd seems to be part in parcel of ones ability to survive), the repulsion to any information they provide now also has a polarizing effect, that creates an automatic bias “against” all the ideas they are implanting, which in itself becomes an opposing force taking on a life or new reality of its own. (i.e. extreme left vs extreme right narratives, where the “extreme” in either direction automatically disbelieves and disses “everything” the “extreme other” is presenting).

Cognitive dissonance is like an “allergy” that boils to the surface whenever you are presented with a belief that contradicts your own understanding of the world, which is shaped by the knowledge you have taken on and what you have previously accepted to be true.

We experience this “anxiety-like” feeling, or on a more extreme scale, a “fear of death” feeling, when our beliefs are threatened by information that contradicts our previously accepted version of reality.

A real example of this is if you believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation and that all other roads lead to an eternity in the fires of hell, and that any information to the contrary is leading people INTO the fires of hell, I can understand the very real fear that people who believe this experience when they hear information about “Oneness” and “Unity” and “Create your own reality” type beliefs. If “Jesus is the only way”, then everything else must feel demonic to you, and as a result, must be part of a Satanic, Demonic, Luciferian agenda, that will result in leading us all to hell.

I think those who do want to destroy the world have taken over the “Love/Light” agenda as a tool to achieve their aims, or it’s stemmed from the same beginnings (Christians would say it was ‘created’ by them – I am currently in an “I disagree” phase, which would take a lot longer to explain). I think they use whatever tool in reality’s arsenal, including religion for their aims, and that there’s like multiple layers of reality here, that we can tap into any of them, but ultimate truth? I think we are blind as a bat with trying to figure out this out; and that anytime we get some kind of certainty, there’s always a group of people in another reality bubble that disagree. It makes a lot of sense to me that we are each in our own reality but that it can be hijacked by a collective (or rather, it feels kinder to offer that as an alternative to group-think, because it allows people to grow, learn and experience life at their own pace without being enforced or indoctrinated into someone else’s belief system, particularly those who wish to enslave us) and we tap into shared-realities when we interact with others; but I still consider myself “trying to figure it out” and have no set-in-stone beliefs about it because I keep seeing an “anything is possible when your whole world has been “fed” to you by others”, I see myself as an observer, just collecting the data, trying to ascertain it without taking it on (as much as it would be so much easier to just pick “someone else’s” reality and live the way “they tell me to live”).

I feel there is some kind of reason I’m called to explore the various spiritual and non-spiritual beliefs and philosophies people have and live by (other than it’s always fascinated me and my desire to seek the “ultimate truth” if there is such a thing).

Tonight I haven’t got the words because there’s no clarity for a belief-explorer lol, I’m in constant “ever-learning” stage, but I have this sense that the channellings that bring forward the “Law of One” infinite creator concepts and the Luciferian agenda are similar but I can see how they are not the same thing. It’s like the information is being used in different ways.

I think “intent” is important. I think “intent” is key. I know beautiful people and they all – everyone in our group – they all have different opinions, different spiritual beliefs, different perspectives on the same topics, and if I were “set in stone” in some form of religion, it would be hard to imagine any of these good souls “burning in hell”. Same with those who are beautiful souls who have a bad run, and end up committing suicide, I have a hard time thinking those would be punished for being in grief/despair.

I do think that occultism is prevalent in those who wish to do humanity harm, and have used the allure of “secret knowledge” to drum-up recruits to benefit themselves by forming secret societies to enlist a secret army to do the bidding for their own evil or selfish agendas; and that there are some also, using these kinds of things to help humanity. “Intent”.

In other words, there are differences with intent, interpretation and practice for those who received the information (same in various religions).

I even look at the different cultures, and I wonder “what do Christians who see everyone as evil or going to hell if they don’t follow their truth, think about the entire global world who actually are “good people” with “good intentions”? Do they see these beautiful souls that I met in Bali for example, who were practicing daily worship and prayers and had no ill will towards anyone, as “lost souls who are worshipping demons”? It seems so.

It’s like I do resonate with taking the “good” over the “evil”, to helping humanity rather than harming, to standing up for what’s right rather than staying silent and allowing others to suffer or experience any ramifications that would leave me with regret for not even trying to help the goodness in us win, and the “do no harm”, aspects, like there’s a lot of similarities.

So we have some people who have no morals, ethics or empathy/care for others using this knowledge to benefit themselves to the detriment of others, of whom are creating secret societies and pushing dystopian agenda’s; that they are probably able to use this information in a dark way, yet still be able to recruit good people to do their bidding, i.e. able to sell “communism” as “one-ness, equality, and fairness” even though they never intend for themselves to be part of the communism system they are pushing; i.e. those pushing these agendas never intend to give up the power and control they have over the world; the communist system they are pushing via the United Nations and the digital ID/social credit system, is intended to enslave “everyone else” and give them full control over us. People buy into it, because they “do” care about the earth and each other. They are taking advantage of the good nature of humanity to enslave us further. And communism “can” work in small communities amongst friends and people you trust. It just cannot work on a global scale with a small group of self-professed-elite calling the shots and making the rules for everyone. That’s not communism, it’s slavery.

Under the guise of any “helping humanity” / “helping the earth” agendas, they are brilliantly orchestrating policies that benefit themselves further and enslave “the rest”, and enlisting us to build our own prisons by buying into the “goodness” of what they are presenting. Using the concepts to create powerful circles of influence, corporations, non-profit scams, and recruiting people in all industries and walks of life to do their evil bidding, such as the Young Global Leaders program, United Nations, WEF, Freemasonry, Music Industry, Universities, etc.

Prior to corporate-sponsored governments and institutions, they used religion to achieve the same aims. To elevate themselves and enlist the rest as their servants.

So the thing that I am trying to get my head around is this good vs evil – vs oneness/unity – vs the controllers. There is definitely a moral dilemma occurring in the hearts and minds of humanity that needs to be addressed or understood. If you believe “Jesus Christ is the only way to save your soul”, then you have to disregard anything else as “Evil” and that just doesn’t feel right.

It’s especially a problem if the Bible was hijacked and used as an enslavement tool that contains both truth and fiction in order for you to be subservient to the church/leaders of the times, particularly when it was only a small group that were chosen, that they were the ‘educated’ ones that could read at the time (so indoctrinated already potentially), and they deliberately left out a LOT of the books. Not just a sentence here and there, but entire volumes.

But there is a lot of wisdom in the Bible about morality and ethics and doing ‘right’ by your fellow man, that our good-natured souls will naturally gravitate to. But it doesn’t seem that good-natured to vilify others who don’t follow it, even if you believe you are following the truth, and even if you are, I can get on board with wanting to do the right thing, to have ethics and morals, but can’t wrap my head around the kind of ‘curse’ that is put out by people towards those who don’t follow their beliefs, it’s like a poison in it’s own right; that you carry around inside of you (by condemning another), that you are also sending out to the person you are condemning.

And there is a lot of wisdom in the “Oneness” agenda about morality and ethics and doing ‘right’ by your fellow man too, that our good-natured souls will naturally gravitate to.

And there is the so-called elite who have used both as tools for our enslavement and the furthering of their power and control.

For example, the Q’uo material talks about incarnating as a certain gender being an opportunity to learn from the masculine or feminine and that our souls that inhabit these bodies of gender are both sexes and neither sex; in other words, simply souls. And the elite are pushing for pronouns and acceptance of transgender as a way to further divide rather than unite. It seems they are pushing the same agenda. But the “intent” behind each is completely different.

And equally, you have others who do have morals, ethics, and a love for humanity using the same information to unite and help others.

Evil bastards mis-using similar concepts based on “perhaps” the same ancient knowledge, to “on-board” this “uniting” for evil.

Does that make sense? Probably not yet because I’m still grasping with this concept after reading the channellings tonight and seeing really good people who are using similar concepts for good, and wondering how Christians can think these people will be “damned to hell for all of eternity” – but having listened to a lot of testimonies and preaching this past month, I understand their thinking now, but for me, I’m not on board with them thinking that good people will go to hell unless they give themselves to Jesus Christ. Albeit I find myself agreeing with them on so many subjects more often than not, because the morality of this world has sunk so low and materialism is people’s new God’s, so there’s a lot that I resonate with and believe, but I struggle with believing the “condemning others to Hell”, particularly when it was commissioned by the ruler’s of the day and I’ve gone over that already in many posts so I won’t repeat my thoughts on that aspect in this post. Aside from that, it seems there is this missing bridge in here that I find it easier to conceptualize in person a lot better than when I’m trying to write it at 4:30am :)

We like to “categorize” everyone and filter them into boxes to condemn or praise, and I think that it’s more fluid than that; but that we’ve been indoctrinated to label and paint/judge people with an “us or them” “good vs evil” type mentality.

But the gap also here, or something to consider, is those “evil ones” who are pushing all these dystopian ideas onto the world under the guise of “helping” the world, may look like they are pushing a New Age Love/Light Occultism-like agenda (especially when you read the Luciferian and Freemasonry stuff that I’ve looked at the past month), but if you have never looked into it because some people are literally accepting that everyone is leading you to eternal hell if they are not leading you towards Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, and that ‘everyone’ believing anything else is by your definition “anti-Christ”, then you may never have looked into it at any depth, so maybe cannot conceptualize where my mind is lurking right now because of cognitive biases/dissonance by thinking that abstaining from learning about others is being loyal to your faith. (And everyone has it, myself included, so I’m not discounting that I also have cognitive dissonance – my issue is with “intent”. I struggle thinking that anyone born on an island far away from the beliefs of others, having never set eyes on a Bible, would end up in hell).

There is definitely an anti-Christ theme going on in the world now, you’d have to blind not to see it, and something seems to be playing out the End Times predictions, and no doubt, they are using the New Age agenda to destroy religions to bring about their dystopia or “Globalist elitist utopia”, but I think there has been an unfair (which is possibly on-purpose to cause separation, fear, and mistrust) miscategorization that those into various non-Christian beliefs should be marked or smeared as “Anti-Christ’ or pushing a “Luciferian agenda”. Even though there does seem to be a massive influence using it, but even the Bible was used as a Mass-control method and evil will use whatever tools it has on hand.

There’s a reason for my pre-ramble here, other than trying to wrap my own head around it, and that is the Law of One material tells (and I’ll butcher it…)… that even the negative or the “service to self” people on this planet are part of the “One Infinite Creator’s” plan, in that, they offer the catalyst for us to evolve. For example, there have never been more people awake on the planet now because of what has unfolded the past few years.

Look how many people en-masse are awakening to the corruption in the world finally. Waking up to the media. Waking up to the pharmaceutical-drug cartel. Waking up to the coming social credit system and financial crash. Waking up to the food and agricultural industry. Re-evaluating their lives and morality.

Every time evil turns up the gauge on the masses, it has subsequently caused more and more people to start questioning, start thinking, and start choosing to live a more conscious and moral life. Going “this is wrong”, but they might not know how to live outside of the media-created/academia-created/society-created hive-mind reality and start figuring out other alternatives and different ways of navigating life, and I just don’t want to be in a world where people are condemned on their own individual journey to discovering the truth, and I don’t agree that we have enough information to decide yet that any one pre-written belief system is the only way. But you know.. still trying to figure it out, still exploring, still looking under rocks, still taking notes… those are just today’s thoughts on the matter.

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