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Just found this neat 15 minute Mini-Documentary on the Luciferian Anti-Christ Satanic Control System

Rumble | YouTube | YouTube | YouTube | YouTube | Invidious

You know, I got cut off on a radio show that was supposedly people fighting for the truth in this country. The very moment I started talking about mind control, the music came on.

You must assess this world with truth. You must be as a child, meaning pre-programming. That’s part of what entering heaven as a child means. You have to be honest with yourself about this world.

You’re told right off the bat you’re on earth. How do you know? Why? Because other humans tell you that. They’ve told you that’s where you are, that this is life. The food chain is normal, biology says so. How do you know that?

You’re trusting everything you’ve been told. If your instinct, which is valid, tells you that doesn’t make sense, you’re right. That’s when building your house in a rock means you must know thyself.

Satan controls all of academia, all of the media, all of the money. Everything you’re told, all its symbols are everywhere. The color blue, the color purple, butterflies. Butterflies are a huge symbol of Satan, the transformation from what you are into what it wants you to be. So it’s subconsciously putting that image of metamorphosis out there. You have sorcery being practiced on you.

You have all kinds of control methods you couldn’t even comprehend. Those who are in control of the world are anti-Christ. It’s obvious. They’re puppets of Satan, the anti-Christ consciousness and control system here was already there back then. The anti-Christ or diseased cancerous consciousness is what murdered him then, and it has risen since. Understand that’s what happened. They can argue it all they want. That’s what do they do. That’s why they argue. That’s all they can do is argue, and eventually, they can’t ask questions anymore. So they just talk over you or, I love this one, “You’re crazy. You need some therapy.”

Generally, the people that run the world will come off as the nice ones. Everything they’ll say about their group is always going to be of course nice, and anybody who says anything against their group is of course insane. The implication is they’re insane, and the group will always be nice about it. You know, “I care about you. You seem to be having some mental problems. You might benefit from some therapy,” and you create this fraudulent pseudoscience they called psychology, and you indoctrinate the public into its credibility so that you can draw upon it whenever you are discovered. You witness this all the time, whether you know it or not.

You see in the Bible they even tell you, “Watch out for people who give long extended sermons for praise and their outer personas.” Right in there.

But with mind control, people cannot allow themselves to see their primary agenda. They absolutely need you to feel responsible for whatever they have done to you. They need you to be ignorant of the extra-dimensional influence, because if you’re ignorant of that, you will blame everything on yourself.

What they do is make you default, the best they can make you defy what you normally would do. They do all the shit through you: pervert you, corrupt your character. They get all the other characters to hate you if possible, and then use what they’ve done to and through you against you. Satan isn’t stupid.

Satan’s intellectual strength grows with each new soul that it absorbs. Hence the Marilyn Manson lyric, “The more you fear us, the stronger we get.” You know it’s a growth, do you understand that? It’s growing like a cancer, like a bunch of computers that are all linked together for super processing.

They see no limits, they want new formulas, new calculations, new colors, new sounds. You know?

They break your will until eventually, you just give yourself to this cancer consciousness so it can absorb you for itself. That’s why people that try to do everything right here cannot, but they’re conned into thinking this is normal here, and that’s what Satan doesn’t want you to know. That’s what demons don’t want you to know. They want you concerned about the future, and they’re strategizing against this because they know this knowledge is going to get out. So Satan will try to get you to abandon the mind altogether. Why? Because there is truth in the fraudulent nature of your ego. So it knows that it knows that truth will come out, so it has to amplify that and exaggerate it beyond usefulness.

Get rid of the whole mind, become a robot. Those been taken over by cancer see the world as math, random calculation of possibility, and it can snowball based upon pain and pleasure.

Comedy is the number one vector for mind control because it puts you in a pleasurable state, and you’re focused on the joke, and therefore they can slip in so many messages, and you’ll associate their messages with pleasure.

Every truth that is true, they make fun of it as if it’s corny and stupid. And, uh, you know, that’s the whole intent of that. You see it as comedy expression of a comedian to get some laughs because you don’t know how over your head these movie producers are and what is controlling them.

If you want to call it Satan, Semiramis, Isis, the serpent, it doesn’t matter. And it recruits them and tells them how much it loves them. Do you understand that evil is gonna come in the name of love? You think it’s stupid? It’s gonna come in the name of hate? No. The number one thing that evil will push on you is love and how much it loves you, just like the guy trying to get sex in a bar telling the girl how much he loves her and how he’ll respect her in the morning.

Satan plagiarizes to recruit, to entice, to seduce. It plagiarizes the creator.

“Just love me, do whatever you want. Just love me, and I’ll love you back.”

Satan coordinates this bullshit New Age movement to get people to dissociate. It’s no different than getting drunk.

“Don’t talk to me so firmly. You’re putting me on a negative vibration.”

What? It’s detachment from your normal instinct to try to help everybody in this realm. You become concerned with your own bliss, therefore you don’t speak out against it unless you’re speaking out to get other people to detach.

Lilith, right? All the different names for the serpent.

There’s a difference between using psychic manipulation to enhance your feeling of pleasure, the tingling sensation that it uses that Satan uses, and true love. And the irony is this: a lot of these people that are worshiping Satan with whatever name they choose, with whatever form Satan is using to seduce them, when they feel love, that’s the love of God. But because you can’t discern that with all of this confusion here, Satan just takes credit for that.

‘Yes, that was my love.’

Satan is like a cancer. Therefore, it has scale or growth, and it will see itself as one thing. So when it seduces and entices and recruits, its reasoning will be very, very close to the reasoning that Christ would have:

‘We are one. I am you; you are me.’

Very similar to creation and yet it will have the cancer agenda: hurt other people, that’s fine. Just love me. That is the difference. Cancer wants you to do whatever you want to that which is not its creation, to destroy it, as long as your allegiance is to the cancer. And once it sucks you in, you’re its slave, whether you know it in your current role or not. It knows.

So, it can be very confusing because it will make a lot of sense. It will mirror a lot of the laws of creation, except for the love and respect for all of the creations. That will be the difference.

Greed, materialism. There are two oneness campaigns going on simultaneously. One of them is the recruiting by the cancer. ‘We are one.’

Do you understand that we’re one consciousness? And that is the phenomenon of the all-seeing eye or the hive mind. Satan can speak through anybody at any time that it’s connected to. The problem is the majority of these used car salesmen everybody calls priests, with this black and white, you know, the dark side of the yin yang, as these burning incense, all of these things you’re warned about in the Bible.

Do you understand that they are practicing occult Satanism? Whether they know it or not. Some of them were probably indoctrinated into Catholicism, others were indoctrinated into Satanism and are posing as Catholic priests. Either way, they’re recruiting and manipulating people with it. And if somebody does know about the occult side of it, they’re not going to tell you anyway. So you have to know the truth in order to be able to see this. These people aren’t qualified to teach you about spirit any more than somebody’s qualified to teach you how to ride a bike who’s only read a book about riding a bike, and a fraudulent one at that, and has never ridden one themselves. They’re not qualified.

Catholicism is pure Satanism. The problem is, you shouldn’t need to be told that. You should be able to see that. Priests that come out and need their audience and admiration in their temple. Why does God need a temple, a building? What? It means nothing. But they get off on that because everybody gives the priest their love. They don’t give anything back. They just absorb the love, which is what a lot of spiritual gurus do. They absorb your energy through admiration. What they’re doing.

Let me ask you something. Did Christ feel like he needed to wear a specific outfit in order to be credible? Oh, that’s right, no, he didn’t. What book was this man regurgitating from? Oh, that’s right, no book. We’re giving it a name and a procedure and a ritual. What name did he give it? Oh, that’s right, no name.

Do you realize that a lot of the truth that is used about creation, life, the elements of reality, a lot of that used to solicit them into that religion is also the teachings of Christ? How ironic that they draw upon the teachings of Christ to turn those against Christ.

These people have a history of pointing their fingers at themselves. They did it when they switched from dictatorship to hidden hand. They’re doing it now. It could very well be that these religions were designed, their very purpose thinking this many moves ahead, designed to fail.

How? Why? Well, if they steal the teachings of Christ, then point their fingers at themselves like they always do, expose the Babylonian symbolism, the satanic symbolism of the religions they created. They could do that in hopes to make you abandon all Christ’s teachings as well. Do you see?

If you don’t know that they stole those teachings, then you’ll think that they created those teachings. They expose the deity as symbolism, and then everybody will have their big sigh of relief. Oh, we don’t have to be good. We don’t have to follow any of that. You see the ultimate last-ditch attempt to discredit Christ.

Why? That opens the door for the new world religion of sorcery or Satanism. It has to be that because there’s no way these people, doing what they’re doing, could have given the metaphors that Christ gave to create some symbolic deity. Just the two wouldn’t go hand in hand. It really, from what I’ve been learning, what I’ve seen, they stole his teachings to draw people into both Christianity and Satanism. Then they’re going to point the finger at the symbolism of Christianity and other religions so that people release all the teachings of Christ thinking he was a fraud for the final entrapment.

The more that I’m taught, the more that I’m learning, the more I understand what Christ was saying. I mean, from the ground up, I may say it differently, but I understand it.

There are a lot of people who are like, “Yeah, I understand it too.” That’s not what I mean. I mean, I truly understand it.

So, one thing I know is that somebody at some time knew what I’m learning better than I know it. And you can only know that when you know it. And how do I know this person was connected to creation? Well, from what I’m learning, somebody knew the correct way to perceive this reality, what it was, and how to handle it, how to overcome it.

I know the Illuminati didn’t come up with a lot of those parables. They couldn’t have because if they could, meaning they have the understanding, the knowledge that builds the foundation, reaching the conclusion in these parables, if they knew that, they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing right now.

Let me repeat that. If these people that created religion knew and understood the meaning behind these parables, they would not be doing what they’re doing right now.

Therefore, I know that somebody knew outside of this control system. So, by deduction based upon what I know, the man existed. I can only infer that they stole the teachings of this man to sell this pagan worship of Satan.

Why did he keep his mouth shut when they questioned him? A. they didn’t want to know the truth, and B. they weren’t going to give him two weeks to try to lead him to the truth. Therefore, he couldn’t answer the questions. He just kept his mouth shut, and he knew they were all under demonic mind control.

‘Forgive them, they know not what they do’.

Why do you think you didn’t know what you were doing?

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