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“…they are aware that there are benevolent forces that will prevent them from achieving their goals unless we give them permission to enslave us… the rules state that they have to tell us what they’re doing. Therefore if we allow it to happen we have consented to tyranny, we have consented to enslavement.”

Found this clip and thought – this is quite interesting, it is similar to what Andrew Tate said about the Satanists (on the post “If I tell you the apple is poison & you still eat it, I didn’t poison you; you poisoned yourself ~ Satan), and I just wanted to note it down. Discernment required as usual.

And I want to say something else. One of the things that I learned from whistleblowers from the cabal itself is that they have to work within something they call The Rules. And this is very, very important. So I really want to make sure that this gets into the film.

The rules are a body of spiritual principles that they must follow in order to be allowed to exist. Now what do I mean by allowed to exist? I mean that they are aware that there are benevolent forces that will prevent them from achieving their goals unless we give them permission to enslave us.

Now think about that. Well I didn’t give them permission.

So why did they put this plan for three world wars on display in a book that’s hanging there open behind glass in the British Museum Library of London? And those three world wars that they’re outlining are exactly World War I, World War II and the War on Terrorism?

(Note: if I were the documentary maker, this would be the ideal time to actually put a photo of said book, or the reference – my hunt for it below transcript, and actually the ‘hunt’ ended up being really interesting, so hooray, always try and verify, you never know where you end up, and what else you end up learning along the way ~ Penny)

Because the rules state that they have to tell us what they’re doing. Therefore if we allow it to happen we have consented to tyranny, we have consented to enslavement.

Now if you get into the secret history of the cabal, this was rediscovered by Queen Elizabeth, the original Elizabeth that we’ve heard about from the 1500s. Queen Elizabeth’s royal astrologer, a man named John Dee, who is the prototype of the wizard with the long beard, the hat, and… what he did, was to rediscover through these ancient documents that were in the Vatican, the technology of how to access what they considered to be spiritual beings that were useful to them, but what we would consider to be demonic or evil beings. (01)

These beings need to be accessed through a very complex set of rituals and ceremonies. You cannot just ask for them to show up. You have to follow very elaborate and specific protocols.

If you follow those protocols it’s like having an IP address which is what we use to go online in order to notate a website. Every website has its own IP address.

These spiritual beings such as Ba’al and Moloch, which they still do ceremonies for today such as in Bohemian Grove, there is a giant effigy stone effigy of an owl, that’s the God Moloch.

The God Moloch goes all the way back to Roman Carthage in which they were offering child sacrifices to this God in exchange for power.

So John Dee rediscovered the technology of how to draw the magic circles, how to say the right incantations, how to actually do black magic, on a governmental level.

This is what people are going to have so much trouble with once disclosure happens is that these people actually practice black magic and they are very, very good at it.

Hunt for References:

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Guiseppe Mazzini and Albert Pike

“The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith’s 786-page “manifesto,” (02) was published in 1776 — the same year as the founding of the Illuminati. It was presented to world leaders as “proof” that the gold standard had to be eliminated in order for there to be world peace.

Nearly a century later, Guiseppe Mazzini, the head of European Masonry, and Albert Pike, the head of American Masonry, created a plan for three world wars that were intended to seize total control of the planet. Their plan was all written down and finalized as of 1871 — and publicly displayed at the British Museum Library for many years.

When we add this to the overall weight of information — some of which we haven’t explored in detail just yet — it leaves little doubt that World Wars I and II were deliberately orchestrated and engineered. A key objective of these two wars was to confiscate the majority of gold and treasure in the world. This aspect of the plan was not directly written into Mazzini and Pike’s blueprints — as the knowledge was far too sensitive.” (03)

The Great Plan

On David’s post, he writes:


William T. Still’s 1990 book New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies (04) fills in the missing details – through the words of other esteemed Masonic scholars.

30: One of the greatest secrets of Masonry, and of all the secret societies, is something called the “Great Plan,” the details of which are known only to those with access to the inner doctrine. As one Masonic scholar explained: Though the whole extent and origin of the plan was known only to an initiate few, members of the outer order were subjected to a selective system by which they could attain to numerous degrees and proportionately receive deeper insight into the work.”

The Plan for Three World Wars - 1871


“However, Still’s book reveals that Pike and Mazzini made major additions to the plan for how their secret group – the “Illuminati” – could seize control of the planet, financially and politically. Their plan was to deliberately create three world wars – on false pretenses. This means killing people and orchestrating events behind the scenes to create death and bloodshed on a level never before seen. (p.127 Still)

Two out of three of these wars appeared exactly as planned. The third World War – a battle with a ragtag group of terrorists in the Middle East – has been attempted for some time, but still has not succeeded. Nonetheless, it is obvious that the struggle to create this Third World War is very much a present-day issue.

The Federal Reserve “super-entity” is still following the old script as if it were Scripture. The fact that this document was kept in plain, public view for many years in the British Museum Library shows that the truth is indeed out there – for those who are capable of hearing it.” (05)


Nationalism runs strongly in the human spirit, and is very difficult to erase, especially on a continent divided by warfare for many centuries. Therefore, they set to work on their greatest plan — a plan so vast in scope that only a reader familiar with the great power wielded by the secret societies could begin to believe it. (p.127 Still)

In 1871, Mazzini issued a letter in which he outlined the final three-part plan of the Illuminati: their grand design for ridding not just Europe, but the entire world of Christianity, and bringing it under the “illuminated” dictatorship of Luciferianism. This remarkable letter was for many years on display in the British Museum Library in London. (p.127 Still) – Salem Kirban, Satan’s Angels Exposed, 1980, p. 161.(06)

John Dee 1527-1608

John Dee (1527 – 1608) is famously known as the ‘conjurer’ to Queen Elizabeth I (07)

Note-taking as I was browsing and learning about John Dee:

  • “His relationship with the royal court, however, turned tumultuous as he became more interested in mathematics and astrology. Queen Mary I had him arrested in 1555 for “calculating”, as mathematics and magic were considered close cousins in this time. The charges were of treason and he was imprisoned for a period, until finally exonerated by Bishop Edmund Bonner.”
  • “Dee rose once again in the favor of the court when Elizabeth I became queen in 1558—three years after Dee’s arrest. She took him on as her astrological advisor…” (08)

  • “Dee met the future Queen Elizabeth while she was being held under house arrest by Queen Mary. The two developed a friendship that lasted for the rest of their lives. As queen, Elizabeth gave Dee money…More importantly, she protected him from those who accused him of witchcraft.”
  • “Dee and Kelly “recorded hundreds of spirit conversations, including…an angelic language called Enochian, composed of non-English letters, but which computer analysis has recently shown to have a curious grammatical relationship to English.”
  • “Many magicians assert that the Enochian language predates all human languages. Gerald J. Schueler is widely considered one of the foremost experts on Enochian magick. Mr. Schueler states that Enochian magick is ‘the powerful system of Magick used by Aleister Crowley, and the Golden Dawn, and of the The Necronomicon, to contact intelligences from other dimensions’.”
  • “Over the centuries many scholars of the occult puzzled over John Dee’s handiwork; perhaps the most notorious of these was Adam Weishaupt, who as a young man was fascinated by the mysterious ‘illuminated manuscript’. (09)
  • “In 1587-8, Dee was spreading prophecies from his base in Prague about “the imminent fall of a mighty kingdom amid fearsome storms”.
  • These reached the Vatican via the Emperor Rudolph, Dee’s patron, but more importantly they also reached the Dutch almanac printers, who at this stage supplied much of the continent with almanacs. Reprinted thus, Dee’s prophesies “significantly undermined the morale of the Spanish at a critical moment”. (10).
  • Dee was understandably exultant at the news of the defeat of the Armada, and his letter to the queen is currently on display in the British museum manuscript galleries.
  • Dee rejoices in the arrival of “your Brytish Earthly Paradise”. The letter comes from Bohemia, home of the kalenderstreit, and, is dated not “new style” or “old style” but “stylo vere” (11)
  • Dee’s new age had arrived at last, and Dee’s Elizabethan calendar was brought out again to welcome it. (12)

  • Finally, Dee suggests that to him be committed the procuring of copies of many famous manuscript volumes to be found in the great libraries abroad: the Vatican Library at Rome, St. Mark’s at Venice, and in Bologna, Florence, Vienna, etc. He offers to set to work to obtain these, the expenses only of transcription and carriage to England to be charged to the State. As to printed books, they are to “be gotten in wonderful abundance.” In this generous offer of his life to be spent in transcribing crabbed manuscripts, we cannot see the restless genius of John Dee long satisfied, but at any rate he proved himself not seeking for private gain…. (13)
  • According to very recent sources, Johannes Trithemius’ Steganographia appeared to be a book concerning black magic and the occult, and things such as the conjuring of angels to span space and communicate with heaven. But under the surface, it was evidently written in complex cipher as an exercise in cryptography. The book was banned by the Church, and both John Dee and his predecessor in the field of alchemy, Henricus Cornelius Agrippa are remembered as proponents of its apparently occult content. Since John Dee left writings behind where he himself had claimed to communicate with angels, it is doubtful he saw the book merely as an exercise in cryptography. (14)
  • We cannot demonstrate from our biographer just when John Dee picked up the Kabbalah, but we do hope to discuss that subject later. However it is at this point that Charlotte Fell Smith begins to refer to Dee’s “cabalistic signs”, which were indeed made after the manner of the Kabbalah. This anecdote we have just read certainly shows the lengths Dee would go to to acquire and study books of secrets and ciphers and other mystical writings. After finishing a book of his own in 1564, Monas Hieroglyphica, Dee dedicated it and presented it to emperor Maximillian I. This is significant, because that book has explicit mention of the Kabbalah and presents explicit argument for the mathematical basis of the Kabbalah.
  • Shortly after presenting his book to Maximillian, Dee expressed disappointment that many “universitie graduates of high degree, and other gentlemen, dispraised it because they understood it not,” but, speaking of Elizabeth, “Her Majestie graciously defended my credit in my absence beyond the seas.” That certainly seems to permit an inference that the academics introduced to Dees work in Monas Hieroglyphica were not yet familiar with Kabbalistic philosophy. John Dee returned to England in June of that year, upon which Smith describes more of Elizabeth’s enamorment with Dee. She also describes that when John Dee returned to England, Elizabeth had him tutor her in his new book, Monas Hieroglyphica, with its many references to the Kabbalah. So at this point, John Dee introduced the Kabbalah to Elizabeth I and the court of England.
  • Elizabeth was always Dee’s very good friend, and she made a grant to him on December 8, 1564, of the Deanery of Gloucester, then void, but other counsels prevailed, and it was soon bestowed upon some other man. No doubt the appointment would have given great offence, for the popular eye was already beginning to see in Dee no highly equipped mathematician, geographer and astronomer, but a conjuror and magician of doubtful reputation, in fact, in the current jargon, one who “had dealings with the devil.”
  • The Queen seems to have felt a special obligation to look after him, as she had sent him on some mission of her own, which probably we shall not be far wrong in thinking connected with Dee’s alchemistic experiments. Every Court in Europe at this time had astrologers and alchemists in its employ, and the Queen and [Lord Treasurer] Burleigh were as anxious as Dee that he should really attain the ever-elusive secret of transmutation. Dee had of course carried the Queen’s passport for himself and a couple of servants, with horses, and had obtained permits through foreign ambassadors in London to travel freely through various countries.
  • After his arrest and trial by Bonner, he never really succeeded in shaking off this savour of something magical. The popular idea of Dee in league with evil powers was, of course, the natural result of ignorance and dull understanding. To a public reared in superstition, untrained in reasoning, unacquainted with the simple laws of gravitation, the power to raise heavy bodies in the air at will, to see pictures in a simple crystal globe, or converse with projections of the air, to forecast a man’s life by geometric or planetary calculations, and to discern the influence of one chemical or mineral substance upon another, seemed diabolically clever and quite beyond human agency. Even to study Nature and her secrets was to lay oneself open to the suspicion of being a magician. We must remember that in the early years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign it was thought necessary to pass an Act of Parliament decreeing that all who practised sorcery causing death should suffer death; if only injury was caused, imprisonment and the pillory should be the punishment. Any conjuration of an evil spirit was to be punished by death as a felon, without benefit of clergy or sanctuary. Any discovery of hidden treasure by magical means was punishable by death for a second offence.
  • But if “magic” was tottering on its throne, the reign of alchemy was still uncontested. Belief in it was universal, its great votaries in the past were of all nations.
  • Dee had in his library and constantly upon his tongue. Alchemy was not only a science, it was a religion and a romance. It was even then enduring the birth-throes and sickly infancy of modem chemistry, and the alchemists’ long search for the secret of making gold has been called one of its crises.
  • The ultimate point in all of this, is that Europe’s academics accepted the Kabbalah, then ultimately they had to accept the Jewish rabbis as its utmost authorities. Accepting the rabbis and the Kabbalah, we can understand how Freemasonry, founded on Jewish tradition, fable and ritual, could have attracted so many Christians in subsequent centuries. (15) (16) (17)

Decoding Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry using the Unified Field

As with the G, the inverted square wasn’t added to the symbolism until later. As we will see in studying Rosicrucianism, the early keys and symbols included other signs of unification, but the inverted square couldn’t be added to the mix until the inverse square law became known via Newton’s gravity equation. Conveniently for my theory, the inverted square became prominent some time after 1700, as we would expect. The compass was known before that, and was included in Rosicrucian symbolism before Newton, but not the inverted square or the G. p.3

Now let’s take a quick look at that compass. We are told it is just another tool of masons, but I encourage you to remember precisely what a compass is used for. It can be used as calipers, to measure straightline distances, which is what masons mainly use it for. But of course the compass was originally created to draw circles. In astrology or astronomy, circles=orbits. When you have a compass, the letter G, and an inverted square, I think it is pretty obvious you are being pointed at Newton’s law of gravitation. p.3

So why do I keep mentioning that date 1564? Because that is when John Dee published his Monas Hieroglyphica, a book containing this symbol: p.3

That is the earliest symbol in this mystery, and I will not take you back before that in this paper. We are told by Dee himself that symbol represents (from top to bottom) the Moon, the Sun, the Elements, and Fire. Several things to notice. One, Dee is not being very esoteric here, or at least he is not misdirecting. He tells us in the book what this means, and he is not misleading us. This is important because it means the misdirection came later. It appears that Dee’s analysis is foggy only because his understanding is still foggy. His exposition of unification is incomplete because his understanding is incomplete, not because he is hiding or lying. This “esoteric” symbol is the easiest to decode of all the symbols we will look at, and this is important because it means that Dee—although sold to us now as some sort of wizard or magician—is actually more scientific than those who came after him. Since he all but decodes his own symbol for us, he is less occult. He is sharing what he knows, which is not occultism but science. p.3-4

Two, the Moon and Sun symbols taken together represent what we now call Celestial Mechanics. You can think of them as the gravity part of the unified field. Beneath them, we find the elements, and beneath the elements, we find fire. That stacking is not an accident, since it represents the actual hierarchy in size, in the unified field. The planets and stars are bigger than the elements, and are composed of the elements. p.4

Three, the elements are represented by a cross. Dee did this to combine the totality of previous elemental symbols, many of which (Mercury, Sulfur, Antimony, Copper) have the cross above or below the circle like this. The cross also represents “conjunction” in alchemy, and can represent the crucible in which elements are joined. But this representation has caused untold confusion, since when this symbol of Dee was used by the Rosicrucians, they imported the cross. Either on purpose or by accident, the cross was then linked to Christianity. But Dee implied no such link. As he said explicitly, the cross represented the elements and nothing else. It was and remained an alchemical or physical symbol, not a Christian symbol. p.4

Four, by putting fire beneath the elements, Dee was probably implying charge, not fire. It appears he understood that at the quantum level, fire was not flame, but charge. Charge was therefore the spark beneath the elements, not fire as such. Since I have shown that all heat is ultimately caused by charge, this connection is easier to understand. In this way, Dee’s symbol can easily be read as a symbol of unification, with charge as the foundational driver of the Unified Field. Dee’s symbol may even represent charge channeling through the nucleus, since if we read the symbol as a symbol of unification, we see charge percolating up through the elements, and in this way unifying with the Celestial Field or gravity above. p.4

Five, the title of the Monas Hieroglyphica refers to decoding a Monad. What is a monad? It is a One, or an indivisible thing. This also implies unification, since “unification” means “making one.” Mono is the Greek prefix and Uni is the Latin prefix, but they both mean “one.” Once you have unified gravity and charge, you have a unified field, or a single field. This single field could be called a monad or a monas. p.4

As you see, it is the humps that are important in the lower part. Whoever designed this Scottish Rite pendant simply re-interpreted the fire of Dee’s symbol as a bird, then drew a realistic bird instead of the simple bird symbol of the two humps representing wings. I assume this is purposeful misdirection rather than a simple mistake, but I suppose it is remotely possible the Freemasons don’t even know what their own symbols mean. However, to believe that you would have to assume they had already forgotten the main lines of their own mystery religion only a century or so after Dee. p. 6

If we go back to the first Freemason symbol… That symbol doesn’t contain the cross or the bird, does it? Not at first glance, but it has to represent the charge or fire somehow, and it does that with the blue rays in the circle behind. Of course that blue set of rays contains this symbol: (circle with cross) That is now called the sunwheel or Woden’s cross, but we know from John Dee to look elsewhere. He has told us it stands for the all the elements. To include light or charge or fire in the Freemason symbol, the artist has drawn the rays coming out from center in all directions, not just the four corners. As you see, they are also drawn as crystals, implying both the crystalline structure of matter and the transmission of light through crystals and thereby the elements. So the blue background of the modern Freemason symbol includes both the elements and the charge that is channeled through them. Curiously, the modern Freemason symbol exchanges the red cross of Rosicrucianism for a blue cross. We must suppose this is further misdirection, since the rosy cross originally indicated what elements to put into the crucible, and how they looked once there. Either that or it is a purposeful redirection, indicating some real change in the Fraternity. I would suggest that the alchemists are no longer interested in turning “base metals” into gold, via rosy elements in the crucible. They are now interested in transforming elements that appear blue in the crucible. p.6-7

It is known that in addition to being a physicist and mathematician, Newton—like John Dee a century earlier—was an alchemist, an astrologer, and a free explorer in all fields that we now call occult. Was he also a Mason? I could find no direct evidence he was, but he was a member of the Spalding Gentleman’s Society, which had as members many prominent Freemasons, including the Chevalier Ramsay, Alexander Pope, and John Desaguliers. p.8

Although Newton there admits that the Rosencreutz story was “an imposture,” any ranking Freemason or Rosicrucian would have known that. Making Rosencreutz a real or fictional person was an intended imposture by the Rosicrucians themselves, most of whom we must assume knew that the rose cross symbolized not a person but the elements themselves. Rosencreutz was part of a ludibrium, which means it was a joke for insiders and misdirection for everyone else. Rosencreutz was obviously not a person, real or fictional, since real people do not have “chemical weddings.” The chemical wedding was the joining of elements in a crucible, and the name Rosencreutz indicated which elements were to be used. John Dee, Francis Bacon, or someone else was simply publishing experimental results in the only way they could be published at the time, claiming priority to the other initiates of the time while hiding from everyone else—including of course the Vatican. p.8

In this way, the early texts of Rosicrucianism can be tied to contemporary claims of cold fusion. Alchemy was simply the effort to create fusion or fission in the lab without extremely high heat or pressure. What we are seeing is published claims of success as early as 1607. [John Dee was still alive in 1607, remember, not dying until 1608.] Scientists of the time had to publish their results in the form of a ludibrium because they were in mortal danger from the Vatican, which was suppressing science as a competing franchise. This is the main reason Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry, while sometimes seeming to make an alliance with Lutheranism or other forms of Protestantism, were always inimical to Catholicism. The Protestant church in 1600 didn’t yet have the power to suppress science, but the Catholic church certainly did. The Vatican was still imprisoning and murdering scientists at the time, so it is no surprise that scientists should align themselves against the Catholic Church. p.8

It is also no surprise that they should align with the Protestant Church, which in Germany was already beginning to successfully resist Catholicism. So you see, the Rosicrucians weren’t really for Protestantism as much as they were against the Vatican. They would have made an alliance with anyone else who was also against the Vatican, and they did. It is clear that the Rosicrucians hoped that Protestantism would eventually destroy the Vatican, without replacing it. We will see a similar ploy in my next paper, where we will find later governments promoting Buddhism in the West, hoping it would help destroy Christianity without replacing it. p.9

So who was the link between John Dee and the Freemasons? In other words, who wrote or caused to be published the first Rosicrucian texts in 1607-1616? This is unknown, but several have suggested Francis Bacon as the man, including 20th century Theosophists and Rosicrucians. […] If John Dee had wished to pass a torch, he could have found few or none more capable of holding it than Francis Bacon. p.9

Bacon also had ties to Germany. All the royals and elites of England had ties to Germany, most of them blood ties—especially to the north/central parts of Germany like Hanover. They still do, since of course the Windsors are actually Saxe-Coburg-Gothas from this same region (Bavaria/Thuringia, just south of Hanover and east of Kassel). The Rosicrucian texts were published in Kassel, which is near the southern borders of the old Hanoverian region in Germany. In fact, there exists a lot of evidence that Bacon was royal himself, a bastard son of Elizabeth. Whether or not that is true, it is indisputable that the families of the blood treated him as one of their own from the beginning, which is otherwise difficult to explain. Having no money or title he lived shoulder-to-shoulder with those who did. p.9-10

In conclusion, I may be asked what all this means. Since I have decoded Masonic symbols as being linked to Newton, should we assume Masons have been in control of the Unified Field for centuries? Or should we assume they knew of it only as John Dee knew of it in 1564—as through a glass darkly? Well, since Newton was among the greatest of them, and since even he didn’t understand much about the real mechanics of unification, my assumption is closer to the latter. It is possible the occult masters can manipulate the Unified Field in ways we aren’t told of in the mainstream journals. But I think that if this were so, we would see clear evidence of it in the greater world. The modern world could hardly have turned into such a pit of corruption, fakery, stupidity, and hubris in all known fields if the architects of this world were in fact masters of building. I suspect the failures of the modern world are a direct indication of the failures of those in these esoteric societies, who have either forgotten what they once knew or never knew very much. In other words, the failures of the modern world are not an indication of too much success in science, but of too little. Both mainstream science and the esoteric societies don’t really know much, and although it is true that mainstream science has become dangerous in its misplaced assurance, it is not dangerous because it is powerful. It is dangerous because it lacks the power it thinks it has. Its ambition far exceeds its wisdom. p.10

This all goes to say that Bacon’s Republic failed just as spectacularly as those of Plato and Aristotle before him. Although he was inarguably a genius of the first order, and although in hindsight his intentions seem noble enough, his secret societies failed as all secrets fail, by creating a place for scoundrels to hide. Though his science was based on the Unified Field of John Dee, which was in most respects true; though Bacon’s successors imported the physics of Newton, which was also in most respects true; and though the Rosicrucians and Freemasons may have supported and cataloged all the best discoveries in every century, they ultimately failed. Even if Bacon’s original plans had been otherwise perfect, and carried on scrupulously by his successors, the secrecy would have undermined them nonetheless. The worthiest parts of Bacon’s Instauration concerned science, but true science can only flourish in the open air, lit by the direct rays of the Sun. Where there is darkness there is always a contradiction, and the contradiction in Bacon’s philosophy can be seen in the words alone: how can Freemasons be “free” when they are hiding behind codes, secrets, and other misdirection? Bacon would no doubt answer me that his hand was forced in this way by the Vatican, which would not allow him to pursue his science openly; and since that is undoubtedly true, it is but another crime against history we can lay at Rome’s doorstep. Even now, in the 21st century, when the Vatican would seem to have little or no influence on science, its ancient Inquisitions still manage to corrupt the forms of culture. Could Feynman have bullied his contemporaries into accepting the absurdities of late quantum mechanics, absurdities which he himself admitted were absurd (see renormalization, which he called hocus-pocus)? Could the various Hawkings and Susskinds now bully their underlings so completely in a culture of openness? It is not possible. Physics and all other fields now only persist by scuttling about in the dark, beneath the eaves of the ancient edifices. p.11

So as usual I find myself on neither side. Christians (and not just Catholics) still attack the Masons as being Satanists or Luciferians. But although Freemasonry may have been infiltrated by a fake Satanism since the late 19th century (for reasons I will pursue in my next paper), I do not think it originally had anything to do with Satan or Lucifer. As advanced by Bacon and others, it was occult for other reasons and used non-Christian symbols for other reasons. Its main goal was originally the advancement of science, and I have no problem with that. It has only become corrupted through the centuries like everything else, by accident and on purpose. But I am certainly not on this page to rebuild Catholicism or Protestantism in its place. The current state of the world, and of all nations, is proof enough that none of the old masters, occult or revealed, were or are building on the right plans. p.11

We do not have to choose one of them or any of them. It is not Christianity or Judaism, Christianity or Satanism, Christianity or Buddhism, Christianity or Islam. All of them have failed in pretty spectacular fashion, and so the answer is none of the above. None of them have managed to teach a proper relationship between Man, the Earth, and the Sky. None of them have managed to make us feel at home here, where we truly are at home. p.12

I just used Filmot search to try and locate which documentary this is from and it’s from the Collective Evolution “Disclosure & The Fall of the Cabal with David Wilcock“. It looks like it was from 2018 because there are clips on the Collective Evolution facebook page directing them to their website, (but I find no mention at all about this or even David Wilcock at all on their site – so maybe they no longer have any affiliation.)


I found this clip in the following videos (haven’t watched it)

This 2016 article came up when I was searching for the original source of the video, it looks interesting (but it’s too late at night for me to read it in depth):


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