“I was promised wealth, fame if I signed agreement with the devil” ~ Bamboo

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Here is an interesting interview with someone from the music industry who claimed that it is the den of Satan. According to him, famous celebrities worship the Baphomet and practice Satanism and Freemasonry. He believes they are incredibly cold-blooded and selfish, and become the property of the devil who use them as tools to lead fans astray like the pied piper.

I was promised wealth, fame if I signed agreement with the devil – Bamboo

3 Nov 2022 YouTube

Summarizing and Transcript:

  • He toured in Tanzania, Kenya, and then went to New York to connect with US artists and be successful in the music industry.
  • He had meetings with high profile people and record companies that signed established musicians, and some record deals were worth 2 million US dollars.
  • He met and started dating a woman named Crystal who tells him that she knows why he hasn’t gotten a music deal yet, and takes him to a man who practices a religion called Santeria and can help him with a baptism or prayer to make things happen for him.
  • Santeria is described as one of the many gates of the kingdom of darkness and involves casting spells and other occultism practices. (Santeria is a religion that originated in West Africa and involves a mixture of African traditional religions and Roman Catholicism. It is also known as Regla de Ocha or La Regla Lucumi.)
  • The man she took him to, has a store in New York where he sells books about dreams, spells, etc., as well as candles for various purposes. He told the man about his music aspirations and he says that it’s easy and they can help him. The person was not in the music industry or a record label owner.

He wanted to initiate me really into the Brotherhood, and from there, you just see doors opening for you. Things, you make a slight effort, and the doors open like 10 times more than the effort you put in. So, I told him that I was going to think about it and then come back because I had a gut feeling because in his shop, right there on the counter, there was what we call the Grim Reaper that was holding a sickle with dollar bills tied to it.

  • He bought some books to show interest..
  • He said owning things that belong to the devil gives him permission to come in.
  • He was in the washroom when he heard a voice in a New York accent with a deep bass which offered him a record deal, money, and fame.
  • The voice came from all around, not from a particular direction and said he could give him everything he wanted.

I knew I was not going back there, but I did not know I had already opened the door. 24 hours had not even passed, and I was in the washroom, and I heard a voice very loud and clear. It spoke to me in a very New York accent, in a very American, but with a very deep bass. He told me, “What do you need? You need a record deal, you want money, you want fame, what do you want? I have all of that. I can give it to you”.

And I was alone, Crystal was upstairs, I was downstairs, I was in the bathroom. He just spoke loud and clear. And what really made me know that I’m not hallucinating or I’m not imagining this is that the voice came from all 360 degrees. Like you can tell when somebody is speaking to you from the left side, yeah, or from the right side, you’ll turn right. This voice came from 360 degrees all around me. So it’s not like a particular direction I could look.

In my mind, I’m thinking, “Okay, yesterday, whatever I was doing, that thing was real.” He kept speaking, he kept telling me, “Trust me.” He was trying to tell me, “Trust me, I can give you everything you’re looking for.”

I didn’t speak back to that spirit because I knew, I just knew that this is wrong, this is evil. This thing is not supposed to be talking to me, and I figured that it was because I had brought those books into the house that the thing had a legal right to come in, and it came in with the books. It followed us the whole time. It was just now speaking, so it had been watching us and just waiting for an opportunity to speak, to test the waters, to see what I would do. So, I ignored it. I didn’t speak on it, and I’ve never really told anybody since that day.

  • He later realized that the music industry is connected to darkness, Satanism, and Freemasonry
  • Celebrities hide their involvement in these things while using their fame to attract and influence fans
  • Following celebrities can lead to being influenced by their agenda and taken to their God
  • He did not initially understand the relationship between celebrities and fans
  • Fans identify with celebrities and live vicariously through them.

But right after that, I began making plans to leave this chick because I was like, “This lady is deep in some stuff, and she’s trying to pull me into that.” I felt that this has nothing to do with music.

I had not yet made the connection that this is music, this is the industry, this is the business. The business is Darkness. It is the kingdom of darkness. It is Satan. It is Baphomet worship and the worship of devils.

It is Freemasonry blended with music to advertise Freemasonry, which is satanic, which is advertising Satanism and Witchcraft and things like that.

And so what they are doing is really… They use what’s cool to attract the masses, and the masses believe that, you know, this is just my favourite celebrity, but you know your celebrity is doing things behind the scenes that he’s not telling you about.

And like I told you, I hate it when people hide things and then come out in front of the public and act like there’s something else when we know very well behind the scenes, you’re worshipping… you’re bowing down and worshipping this thing with a goat head and a body of a human being, or it’s not even a body of a human being, it’s a body of a mix of a of a male and female.

This is like a disgusting thing that they’re bowing down before, but because this thing is giving them money, this thing is giving them power and fame, they’re willing to betray Humanity because of the things that they want.

So, you know, to be a real celeb, you have to be incredibly cold-blooded. You have to be very selfish, and you can’t care about the fans who love you so much.

Human beings are like roads. Human beings can take you from places. A human being can bring you things. A human being can take things from you. So, the human being that you’re following, even if you’ve never met them personally, as long as you’re following that person, even from afar, even through social media, even through television, as long as you’re following and admiring and trying to be like that person, that person is going to take you somewhere and drop their agenda. Yes, that person is going to take you where they are. That person is really going to take you to their God.

These are things I didn’t know back then. I didn’t understand the relationship of the celebrity with the fans, even though I was a celebrity and had fans in Kenya, yeah, and in Africa. But I didn’t understand that people live through their celebrities vicariously. You identify so much with a certain person that you want to be like them.

  • Jesus said he is the light of the world and whoever follows him will have the light of life
  • Social media has revealed who is being followed and it is often celebrities
  • People may unknowingly be following the gods that the celebrities serve
  • Some celebrities openly talk about selling their souls to the devil
  • Seeing a Grim Reaper in a Santeria priest shop made him realize that crossing certain lines can have irreversible consequences.

What are these celebrities worshiping behind the scenes? The fans cannot see it, but that’s what the fans are really following, unknowingly.

So the fans are following the gods that the celebrities serve. And when I realized that, I said, “This is so unfair, this is so brutal, it is so cold-blooded.” And a lot of these celebrities, they’re so deep and evil that they laugh about it. They talk about it, sometimes they say it openly.

Even Kanye West was saying, “I sold my soul to the devil, I know it’s a crappy deal. At least it came with a few toys like a Happy Meal.” He said it straight up, and he was not lying. And he’s telling the crowd. He was rapping when he said that. He said it to the crowd, and they were cheering.

This is the thing. So the people are, I’m sorry to say it, but we as people are sheeple. We are like sheep. We’re just like so dumb that somebody can tell you that he’s serving the devil and they still won’t believe it. They’ll still be like, “Yeah man, yeah that’s cool man, play the music.” Yeah, as long as you’re entertaining us, we don’t care about just do what you’re doing.

Inside, deep inside me, I knew that you are not supposed to speak to that being. It was like an unwritten law inside me that you’re not supposed to speak to this being, and this being is not supposed to be speaking to me. So, I ignored it, got rid of those books, and I knew instinctively to get rid of those books. I think it was God just showing, you know, because in all of us, we have a conscience, and that conscience is oftentimes the voice of God speaking to you, telling you, “Hey, this is right and this is wrong,” even if you’ve never seen a Bible before. You know what is right and what is wrong instinctively, and if you violate, then there’s a judgment for them. So, it was that voice telling me, “Okay, this is wrong.” Like when I saw that Grim Reaper inside this Santeria priest shop, something inside me said, “If you cross this line, there’s no going back.”

  • Celebrities cross a line to become successful, which involves being in covenant with the devil and becoming his property
  • Michael Jackson had a similar covenant with the angel of death, which is reflected in his music and appearance
  • Getting rid of the books and ignoring the voice made him realize that life is spiritual

So, I knew, okay, this is the line that so many of these celebrities are willing to cross. You’re not going to become a real celebrity superstar in this world, in this spiritual system, without having the devil really backing you, and that means you’re going to be in Covenant with the devil. That means that you and the devil are forever one and he can use your image, your likeness, your voice, your property. You belong, you literally, you become his property.

But to the world, they see this person who has become so successful. They see this person who is so admirable. You know, the jewellery, the fame, the numbers, the fans, the power. And people are disillusioned by it, and they see it as something that they want, as something that they desire because it looks like success. But it’s not, it’s covenants.

Michael Jackson had a similar Covenant with the angel of death, and when I talk about these things, guys look at me like I’m crazy. And I’m like, my friend, just investigate what I’m telling you. He had a covenant with the angel of death, and if you look at the angel of death, it’s like a pale white, pale white man with some kind of strange beauty, like a mixture between male and female. So when you see Michael Jackson, he used to be dark as me, and then he turned into this other figure that is like a mixture between male and female, and that’s exactly how the angel of death looks. And if you listen to the music, just look at the music video like Thriller. What was it? What was in the video? It’s like creatures, yeah. Really gothic stuff. It’s creatures coming out of the grave, and they’re dancing like zombies coming out of the grave. So, I mean, this is real stuff. This is, he, it wasn’t just being artistic, it wasn’t just being creative. There’s a definite Covenant involved, and in exchange for that Covenant, and on the strength of that Covenant, you get money, power, and fame.

  • He decided to come back to Africa and bring the connections, producers, and networks they had in the US to grow the industry in West Africa.
  • However, he realized that the enemy was fighting against him. He experienced various challenges such as previously opened doors being shut, lights going out in the studio, ATM machine swallowing the card, and people they were doing business with suddenly losing interest.
  • These challenges are not unique to him and are happening to people all over the world, keeping them subjected to systems of desperation, poverty, lack, rejection, and oppression.
  • He believes that these challenges are caused by spirits that are functioning in people’s lives.

Crazy things started happening. I mean, doors that were previously opened were suddenly shut. Everything that could go wrong was going wrong. I mean, from when I would go to the studio, lights would be out. I leave the studio, the lights come on. Just a non-stop like that. I go to the ATM to withdraw money, the ATM machine swallows the card and will not give me back my ATM card. Just crazy things like that. And, it was the doors that were open were suddenly closed. People I was doing business with who we were so excited to do business together, were suddenly not interested. That thing wields a lot of power, and I was growing more and more desperate as these doors kept on closing.

  • He had many connections and networks from their time in the US, including meeting well-known artists like Jay-Z and Akon. He didn’t know that these artists were involved in occult practices.
  • Doors were closing and nothing was working for him, which made them realize that there are forces fighting him.
  • Desperate people do desperate things.

These are the occult things that people are practicing behind the scenes, you know, like Jay, like Beyonce, like these are people who are deep in the occult, and they show the fans. And if anybody cares to dig or investigate or do any amount of research, they can find out for themselves, you know, nobody really has to tell them. But if they choose not to, then they can just blindly continue to follow.

  • In Africa, he met yet another woman like Crystal, who offered to manage him and get him connections.. She introduced him to a man named Dr. Jafari, who turned out to be a witch doctor operating in Mombasa.
  • He travelled to Mombasa to meet with Dr. Jafari and saw his office, which was like a rented hotel room filled with old African artifacts and fetish objects.
  • Dr. Jafari recited an incantation and a voice began speaking from inside one of the calabashes in the room, speaking in ancient Swahili.
  • The voice was giving instructions to buy a can of Zesta for a ritual to remove curses placed on their life through witchcraft.
  • People who claim to be able to remove curses through payment are often making a covenant with the devil.
  • He was spiritually ignorant and curious, so he decided to try the ritual despite not believing in superstitions.

So, the voice was speaking to him, giving him instructions as to what he should do. The instructions were that we were to go and buy a can of Zesta and use it for a ritual process. The reason was that apparently people had put curses upon my life through witchcraft, and because they had put that witchcraft on me, I would have to do some things to remove and undo the witchcraft.

I think a lot of people get caught up in the same things, like the same story. They tell everyone the same thing. If you have any kind of misfortune, any kind of, you know, whether it’s divorce, whether it’s your health, whether it’s your finances, whatever it is, they’ll tell you that somebody has put witchcraft on you, and they’re going to help you, but that help involves you buying something or paying some money, and that represents a covenant.

Now, you’ve come into an agreement with a witch, with a sorcerer, and that means you’re in a covenant with the devil, really. Because once you pay this sorcerer, and this sorcerer is in covenant with the devil, that’s it.

At the time, I didn’t know that. I was listening to the voice coming from a calabash, and I was very spiritually ignorant. So, I didn’t know anything, and I was very curious. At the same time, I was in a desperate situation. I’d come all this way, so I might as well see what this guy is talking about.

So, the thing explained that, and then Jafari translated it to me that what I was supposed to do is we were going to go and buy a can of Zesta. Then, I was going to go home and shower, and as I’m showering, I’m going to say that all the stuff that witches and wizards and whatever have, all the witchcraft that they have put on me, should come off of me and enter into that can.

Growing up in the US and educated circles, I’ve never been superstitious, so I never believed that such things were even real. But because of the things I’d been experiencing and the things I was witnessing, now, I was thinking, “Okay, let me give this a try and see what happens.” So, I went back to the hotel and did as they said. Then, he told me, “After you showered, take this can and put it under the bed.”

So, I did it. The next day I go back to his office with the can and he recited an incantation. The voice comes back, and he tells me to open the can. So, I open the can. You know how Zesta is, right? You take off the plastic. So, I peeled it back myself and gave it to Jafari. Jafari spread a newspaper on the floor and emptied out the contents of the can. Inside the can was things that… it wasn’t just jelly, put it that way. It was things that are difficult to describe. Among them, what looked like Catholic rosary beads, strange balls, there was what looked like a tomato that had been peeled, there was a tail of some kind of chameleon or something like that. Like, a white dead lizard, and there was jelly also, so it looked disgusting.

Witchcraft is disgusting, it’s filthy, but people do it because of the power, the temporary power it gives them, and it was… it was repulsive, you know? He told me that these are the things that people have been placing on my life in the form of witchcraft, to stop, to shut all my doors. Everything represented something.

So that voice began to explain what we need to do to remedy the situation. So I was supposed to pay for a camel that they were supposed to slaughter, and pour the blood of that thing upon all of that, and to destroy it with a sacrifice. Usually I don’t even go into these details to talk about it because it’s disgusting, but there are people who are in this situation right now who are being told that they need to pay for a sacrifice, not knowing that by paying for these things, you’re getting yourself into witchcraft and into covenants because of your desperate situation and your ignorance of spiritual laws.

I told him, okay, I’ll pay for it, but I don’t want to be there when you’re slaughtering this camel because they were supposed to do it on the beach at nightfall. So I was like, I’m not going to be there, that sounds like one of those trips you don’t come back from. So I didn’t go.

  • Instead of going to the sacrifice, he went to a movie theatre to distract himself.
  • While at the theatre, he felt like he was about to pass out or faint.
  • He called a pastor who prayed for them over the phone and the feeling went away.
  • He became a Christian through his experiences.
  • He also encountered corruption and false prophets within the church.
  • The enemy is trying to prevent people from learning about God and their true identity.

He said, “No problem, I can do it for you.” So while he was doing that, I was in a movie theatre watching a movie trying to get my mind off this stuff, and, as I’m watching, I start feeling overwhelmed, like I’m about to faint. So I tried to shake it off, and it comes back again stronger, and every time I tried to shake it off, it was getting stronger and stronger, like I’m about to pass out. You can feel even when you’re sleepy, you want to sleep. But this was not sleep, I was about to pass out. So I walked out while the movie is still going on, trying to fight off this feeling.

I didn’t know what to do, but I got the idea of maybe calling a pastor, so I called the pastor, and I told him everything, and he began to pray over the phone, and he prayed in the name of Jesus, and that thing left me alone. The feeling of dizziness and fainting, that thing left me alone.

That’s how I got saved. That’s how I really began my journey of learning. But now, even after getting saved, you’re beginning to find out that there are churches that are set up that are not real churches. So this is part of the journey; you keep learning because even after I was saved, now I’m trying to live right, and I’m finding out that all this corruption in churches. Things I thought I left in the world are going on in the church. Corruption and twisting of scriptures to enrich oneself at the expense of the congregation, and on and on – all kinds of scandals and crazy stuff, because you know, the enemy is trying to fight you viciously from getting saved, from finding out who you are, from learning God’s word for yourself. He wants to fight you tooth and nail to prevent you because just one person can make a huge difference, just one person realizing who they are and not being deceived and not being subjected under a false prophet, because there are so many false prophets, and Jesus prophesied this, he said at the end, there shall be many false prophets. So they are right now, there are many professing themselves to be some great one, but if you read God’s word for yourself and you analyze what they’re doing, you’ll realize, but if don’t know the Lord yourself, you’re going to fall into that trap. So it’s escaping the world, coming into the church, but escaping the false church also and then getting into a personal relationship with the Lord by yourself alone.

  • We try to do a lot of videos, have conversations, conventions, meetings, and write books for the purpose of getting information out there. The amount of suffering that’s taking place out there is not necessary. Unless people address the spiritual forces, this cycle is going to continue.
  • They’re not supposed to have a broker between themselves and God. They’re supposed to have a direct relationship.
  • False prophets have caused many people to be disappointed in Jesus, but they emphasize that Jesus is not the fake one.
  • It’s good to have mentors and teachers and people you honor if they are real, but whatever they are not real, you find yourself, and that’s where you have cases where the pastor… was molesting boys.
  • They don’t talk about money in schools. What you are trained for is employment. They never taught you about wealth creation, and they don’t want you to become wealthy.
  • Schools don’t teach people about money, and people are not trained on how to become wealthy. They argue that it’s possible to become wealthy if people decide to take their attention off of just getting a job and instead think about themselves as diplomats and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

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