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They’ve normalized it for Rock Stars to do the “Devil’s Horns”… it does however get a bit weirder when it’s politicians and religious figures..

Jack Black

Jack Black Giving Satanic Prayer at MTV VMA 2009 | Jack Black Tenacious D Admits to Selling his Soul to the Devil on the Tonight Show | Tenacious D – Tribute (Official Video) | Tenacious D vs the devil

“Who wants to prayer to the devil with me? Let me see those horns! Dear Dark Lord Satan, hope everything’s good with you, I’m doing fine myself, just wanna say Hi, and ask you to grant tonight’s nominees continued success in the music industry”


Andrew Lloyd Webber


Lady Gaga

Elon Musk

So this got people going, and I’m sure Elon loves the attention, but the first one is a 2018 Gala event, wearing a Jacket that says Novus ordo seclorum (which literally means “new order of the ages“) as per the writing on the US One dollar bill that is alluding to the “New World Order”. The second one is the most recent, Heidi Klum’s Nov 2022 Halloween party where guests walked through “bathtubs of blood“, let alone the guests wearing bloody bandages, and Elon chose a $7,500 costume called “Devil’s Champion” which has images of the Baphomet and an upside cross on the back and within the Baphomet faces. Both nice choices if you want to be the centre of the super villain or satanic/illuminati/freemasonry/new world order conspiracy theories. (01) (02) (03) (04) (05)



Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Quentin Tarantino, Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, Eddie Murphy, Rick James, Shakira, Limp Bizkit

Tom Cruise


Yeah, Rock stars and Rappers are known to do it, sort of been normalized in the music industry, but he does have a point about politicians & the Pope… are they rocking it out? lol.. it’s more than a bit creepy…

Barack Obama

This is the creepiest…

I mean… wtf?

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