Celebrity Videos on the Illuminati, Deals with the Devil, & Possession

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Whilst looking up the evidence Altiyan Childs presented in his video, I started this post, but then ended up finding hundreds of clips of celebrities. Instead of listing them separately, I started making a few full videos but it was very time-consuming and taking time away from more important current topics, but I do intend to finish the videos I started. In the meantime, might as well share the post I started, rather than keeping it in my draft-folders gathering dust ;).


Illuminati EXPOSED By Former Member Of Bad Boy Records | YouTube

Ali Vegas & Doggie Diamonds

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr Says She Made a Deal With Satan on Craig Ferguson’s Show | YouTube (see also: Celebrities on “The Agenda”)

Lady Gaga

Comedian Paul Mooney

Paul Mooney on Monique about Hollywood & rappers worshipping the devil | Twitter | BitChute

“Paul Mooney warned Monique about the symbolic hand gestures she would flash exposing how majority of rappers and actors dealing with Hollywood, worship the devil.”


Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine: Satanic Forces | ABC News | YouTube

Megadeth rocker Dave Mustaine refuses to play heavy rock anthem The Conjuring live – because the track is laden with black magic imagery and occult spells. Read also 2011 Interview Dave Mustaine: “Black magic ruined my life!” (“‘The Conjuring’ is one of the heaviest songs on the record, but unfortunately it’s got black magic in it and I promised that I wouldn’t play it any more, because there’s a lot of instructions for hexes in that song.”)

Kobe Bryant


Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan in 60 Mins admits he made a bargain with the Chief Commander | YouTube

“Why do you still do it? Why are you still out here?”
“Well, it goes back to the destiny thing. Now, I made a good bargain with it, you know, a long time gone and I’m holding up my end.”
“What was your bargain?
“To get where I am now?”
“Should I ask who you made the bargain with?”
“You know, with the chief commander.”
“On this earth?
“This earth and of the world we can’t see”

Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan Says The Music Industry Is Demonic on Piers Morgan show about Whitney Houston’s death | YouTube

“I think that we all, as artists, because we’re highly sensitive people, and this machine around us, this so-called music industry, is such a demonic thing. It sacrifices people’s lives and their essences.” “It reminds me, of the time I had a manager once who said to me, ‘You know, you’re worth more money to me dead than alive.'”

Nicki Minaj


Robin Williams

“Getting into character is kind of like a combination of channeling and possession” | YouTube (Timestamp 47:19-47:34)

“It’s kind of like a combination of channeling and possession. I don’t know, when you get into a character, it is like (throws his head back and makes a weird noise) – something happens that you’re not aware of, but it seems to be passing through you.”

Katy Perry

“I wanted to be like the Amy Grant of music, but it didn’t work out, so I sold my soul to the devil.” | YouTube (See also: Mid-Concert Eye-Glitch Video | See also: All-Seeing Eye)

“That’s how I got introduced to the music industry… I swear I wanted to be like the Amy Grant of music, but it didn’t work out, so I sold my soul to the devil”

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert Confirms He Sold His Soul To The Devil For His Fans | YouTube

“Did I sell my soul? I sold my soul for you. Now figure that out. All you motherfuckers on here that are asking me if I sold my soul. Motherfuckers, y’all think think I sold my soul, you’re coming right with me, you dummies”


Comedian, Katt Williams

Katt Williams on being against the illuminati | YouTube

Billy Ray Cyrus

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