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[AC] Secret Handshake

I’m usually pretty good at spot-the-difference games, but while other people can see the obvious freemasonry secret handshake, I am struggling to see it (but even when my dad did it to me once, I couldn’t tell the difference).

Masonic Handshakes

[AC] Devil’s Horns

They’ve normalized it for Rock Stars to do the “Devil’s Horns”… it does however get a bit weirder when it’s politicians and religious figures..


[AC] Vow of Silence

As per the “All-Seeing-Eye” post, there could be many legitimate reasons celebrities do these kinds of poses in photos, and my rational mind always goes to “someone is looking through a hundred photos of a celeb, and picking one that stands out to place on the cover”.


[AC] Hidden Hand

Continuing the series on former X-Factor winner Altiyan Child’s “Freemasons = Satanism” Video. I’m still not convinced photos prove anything, particularly high-profile figures and celebrities where hundreds of photos are taken of them in any given day, and someone has to choose a photo that looks good for a cover.