“The call” to help planet earth & humanity (be less of an ass)

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Ascension / "The Event" - why New Earth, 4d, 5d, Law of One, etc... makes sense (even if it's bullshit)

Even if this is crazy made-up nonsense.. (“the call” to help planet earth & humanity)… what we’re doing to the planet and each other can be massively improved with a change of thinking from each individual making an effort to be less of an asshole.

Whether you believe in ascension, the law of one, christ consciousness, unity, the event, 4d, 5d, 2nd Coming, enlightenment, correcting karma, awakening, or just self-development or improving your ethics or living in alignment to your own sense of integrity – anything that is helping you make better choices about being a more upgraded-human, or at the very least becoming more kind to yourself and others.. is a better path/thought-process/ripple-effect, than the way it’s been/would go if there were no intentions set in improving or caring about anything.

You either want to see things improve or you think that it’s ‘hopeless’..what’s the choice.. start to improve now & hope it makes a difference… or continue either obliviously or purposefully down a path of destruction?

When you see how our choices of our ‘right-now’ and from our ancestors have ended up creating something that is no longer working – that feels off because we have to turn off our humanity to ‘be ok’ with our other-selves living on the streets, kids staving, abuse, wars and murders over greed, our education system not allowing for outside-of-conformity thinking, property prices rising higher where you can’t afford to live without passing on your debts and mortgage to your children because it can’t be paid off in your own lifetime – or that you’re stuck in a job that feels like slavery because you can’t leave because you don’t want to ‘end up like your other you’s on the street’, the poisoning of the water & food supply, more & more laws that take away your freedom & are more for profit than what they were originally intended for… and soooo many other ways we’ve veered off-course along-the-way that is no longer benefiting us & is now harming everyone… and that even though the problems seem insurmountable when you tally em up and realize “holy shit! We really suck!”.. you know that it can be improved..

…and you also know that we’re each partaking in it.. we’re all part of the problem.. we’re “in it”.. we ‘are’ it.. we are the hatred and we are what shapes the direction the system is created – we “are” the system – brainwashed into thinking we’re “good citizens” by becoming compliant with shit that doesn’t feel right with anyone’s soul..

I don’t know all the solutions but together we do or ‘can’, and we have to start somewhere.. the hate has got to stop.. I can’t believe people still think it’s anything to do with religion – it’s separation, judgement, it’s all the finger-pointing outwards to “others” who have done this.. fear of facing our own part in the play… we’ve got to become more solution-focused even in our everyday lives.. especially in our everyday lives because each of us are impacting each other & are each ‘playing out the system’ with our everyday moment-to-moment choices.

Am I the only one that sees this? It’s logic to me. I don’t see “religion” as the problem. I don’t know about ‘woo woo’ either – I don’t need to validate the ‘woo-woo’ anymore to see the logic – I’m seeing that if anyone’s beliefs are on-par with improving themselves, caring about each other, being more of ‘what can I do from right here, right now to improve humanity from where I’m at’… just that thought and whatever actions come from it.. help to improve the system on some level.. that they are sort of all walking in a similar direction based on being more loving, that may one day (hundreds of years from now perhaps) but may one day lead to unity or at least a “better” future than the alternative focusing on blaming/shaming/fearing/hating.

I see “people” i.e. “us”.. and our everyday choices simultaneously as both the problem and the solution.
When I took a hiatus from all the ‘woo woo’, I ended up crashing down to the depths of hell. I am not doing that again. There is something to all this stuff – even when I can’t talk about my spiritual side publicly and can only hint at it here, and look at it through mainstream eyes because I can’t do my multi-dimensional crazy on my own facebook page because I know where most are resonating (and it’s not with my so-called ‘crazy’ soul stuff – which I agree could be just ‘wishful thinking’ or bypassing my own shit).. but even when I look at it without my ‘woo woo’ lens… even if it’s just the logic stuff .. I still feel the same way. That it’s better if we at least try. We’ve got to at least try?

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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