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I honour everything about you.
Your pain, past, losses, hopes, dreams, worries, fears, memories, thoughts, desires, circumstances.

Heart-centred consciousness.

Agree to not push these things away but change your relationship with the things that you seem to avoid, discard, overcome or reconcile.

If there are things in your life that you cannot shake, it is because they are catalysts of your highest evolution here to assist you in your highest growth and transformation, when you learn how they’re helping you.

Nothing in your life is insulted by being referred to as a story.
Everything in your life has value and every single thing is an important milestone in the most miraculous journey that the divine has ever concocted just for the joy as dancing as you in form.

An infinite reality – which is “you”. Thought “I’d like to incarnate and experience my infinite potential, but in a way I’ve never done it before” and what is it that exhausted and satisfied the imagination of an infinite source of intelligence. It sat and imagined – who can I be that I’ve never become. And you are who satisfied it’s craving for life.
All life wants to be is you.

Everything is here to help you.

We grow up in a level of consciousness that says things don’t help me if they are inconvenient or unexpected. But see,  that’s how we grow and evolve by encountering inconvenience and unexpected things. 

Everything is here to help you.

Whatever arises, the question is:
“How is this helping me?”

How is this helping me evolve and be better than I’ve ever been?
You have a right to be frustrated, angry, sad, confused.
A lot of times in our spiritual path, we’re not giving ourselves a chance to experience it – we’re trying to see them as symptoms we have to ‘solve’/’clear’.

If you’re trying to clear these things out of your life, how are you going to contemplate whether or not something’s here to help you?

Everything is here to help you.

Frustration is here to help you. Frustration teaches you that when you’re frustrated, you’re not giving yourself as many options as are available to you.

“My frustration is reminding me that I’m not giving myself as many options as are available”.

So there are many more options available, that are probably going to be really inconvenient to my ‘ego’, but none-the-less if I gave myself more inconvenient options, I wouldn’t be frustrated because I’d have more things to choose from. And then frustration goes away because as an agent of the divine it goes “oh, you are aware of the insight I sent you”

Everything is here to help you.

How can everything not be here to help you?
This is a gift – everything is here to help you evolve.
And if you ‘step into every moment’ and say “look, I may not like how I feel, but everything is here to help me” – do you know what you cultivate inside of your being? Faith.

Faith is the natural state of the universe. The mantra of the universe that depicts faith is Everything Works Out.

Everything always works out.
But, we as intuitive beings know it’s going to work out, but we don’t know “how” it’s going to work out, because that’s what we came to “live” out, and we are wanting resolution that happens in a future chapter “during” a chapter its not meant to arrive, and then we ‘pretend’ that means it might not work out so we have to run around and try and ‘figure it out’ even though everything always works out.

What am I going to do right now? (It’s going to work out)
But how? (You want the best answer? In spite of all of us – it’s going to work out)

And it’s not without your choice and permission and participation, but it does not require the exhaustion of your personal volition.

So you’re participating in this, but you don’t have to try so hard.
Cos you’re coming from a place of “I don’t think it’s going to work out”

Your highest destiny is going to unfold whether you believe it or not.
You could deny your highest destiny every breath until the end of time, and you’re still going to get all of the treats that are coming for you – you’re just gonna have the worst experience of it.

It’s all going to work out.

Your relationships are going to work out – whether you go into a new one and find harmony or grow with the person you’re with and find equanimity.

Your emotional healing – the ascension or awakening of your energetic field is going to work out. Your path of realization is going to work out. Your highest destiny – everything is going to work out.

It’s just not going to work out at the moment you want it to.

Why? Cos if it all worked out the way you want it to, you wouldn’t become aware of this life is a video game that is here to teach you how to cultivate faith. And you’re being put in a situation where it looks like things won’t work out just for you to dare to believe that it will work out, and welcome to the thrill-ride of the universe.

It’s a rollercoaster called: Everything always works out.

So when your life is flipping upside down and someone says “what’s going on with your life?”.. “This is how it’s working out!” :)

This is what my life looks like “being worked out”.

You are living through your “spiritual renovation”.. and how your life is working now is “how” its working out. It’s becoming the best-case scenario but you have not been trained to open up to that view because you told yourself “Until I see the best-case scenario, I’m just going to assume that it’s the worst-case scenario – I don’t know why things are the way they are, so I’m just going to ‘blame myself’ for why it is the way only I judge it to be, and I’m going to put myself under a microscope, and I’m going to try to improve myself and think that that’s going to make things change.

Let’s say you have from now until 5 months from now before everything totally becomes amazing. And you are free to do whatever you want with your time. And you say… what I’m going to do – is I’m going to put myself under a microscope and I’m going to say that the flaws that I judge, that I see are the reasons why things aren’t working out right now. And then I’m going to try and perfect and purify those things. And I’m not going to stop until it works out, and when it “does” work out – I’m going to tell myself that everything I’ve done was the reason why it has now worked out.

So from the eyes of faith, you can spend from now until whenever it works out, doing whatever you want to do… and if you think working on yourself is going to make any damn bit of difference…

…the only thing that is going to make a difference is   instead of “working on yourself”, you “love yourself”. Because then you start to ‘enjoy’ the ‘feeling’ of life working out – before it has to physically show you how it’s going to work out.  

Faith is..
“I’m going to enjoy the party before it begins”

Everything “always” works out. Always.

And when you don’t know how it’s going to work out, then it’s better & bigger than you can ever imagine.

Things are only torn down in your life, to build something bigger.

When you’re not sure: How is everything here to help me? How is this here to help me?

 What you’re feeling emotionally are the cellular memories being released out of your field. What you’re feeling, you’re healing. 

And this idea… “I can’t feel negative emotions because then I’m going to manifest more atrocity” is just not true. If you don’t allow the energy ‘inside’.. it will project externally. If you don’t want to say it externally, you need to allow it internally.

You’re allowed to be frustrated.

  What’s arising inside of you, is just energy working itself out. It’s not what you believe, it’s not what you think, you’re not manufacturing it. You are healing and holding a space for the resolution for everything that arises. And you’re watching things internally work-out, while externally everything is going to work out perfectly.  

And spiritual alignment occurs by loving ourselves more, not less.
When you’re rooted in faith, “how are you conducting yourself with yourself and others. And not from a judgemental stance.

Conduct … I have the freedom to be any way I wish, and yet, I choose to align all of my behaviour as a living expression of my highest wisdom.

Why.. cos it feels the best in my body, and what feels the best for me has gotta be the gift of transformation for others.

Conduct. When you’re rooted in faith, your conduct becomes immaculate. Not with effort, just naturally. So instead of trying to force your conduct, only to be rooted in fear, let’s step into faith, and let your immaculate conduct be revealed.

When you’re not rooted in faith, do you know what you’re hypnotized by? The conduct of others. When you are rooted in faith, other peoples’ conduct don’t matter / won’t affect you.

Because   their conduct is a reflection of where they are in their alignment, and your conduct is an expression of where you are in yours.  

And you become so aware that people’s ill-fated conduct or unconscious behaviour is just letting you know how deep their hurting even on a level they’re not aware of, it couldn’t be about you if you tried to make it.

  Faith makes you immune to other people’s behaviour.  

And the way faith makes you immortal and immune to the behaviour of others is by letting people affect you.   And when people affect you, the question becomes “how is this helping me?” 

And it’s helping me because when I’m affected by people,   it shows me a part of myself emotionally, the part of my body where I feel the effect, that is next-in-line to be loved as never-before. So people hurt us to show us where to love ourselves more. It can be a harsh-road sometimes. But when it’s time to love yourself, someone will jump out of the bushes and trigger something in you, and life says “send some love there”.  

And if you’re rooted in ‘fear’, your focus isn’t on loving yourself – your focused on the injustice of other people’s behaviour. “Why are they being this way? Why are they treating me this way? Don’t they know who I am?” No, they don’t. Noone knows who you are. Other people don’t even know who they are. Only you know who you are.

Noone is going to see you the way you do.
The minute someone thinks they know what’s true about you, they are in fantasy land. You only know what’s true about you. They only know what’s true about them.   And we come together in these interactions of “unity consciousness” to go “Hey – Your Truth, My Truth, Let’s Share some Notes and see what life is like in different dimensions” Cos we’re all physical human bodies, are manifestations of dimensions. We’re all different dimensions. So we’re all these roving reporters, reporting from different parallel dimensions. And everything you say is what’s going on in “your world”.  

We’re all sharing the same space but we’re all in our own worlds. Noone’s in your world but you.

“How come they don’t see me?” Because only you are in your world.

Noone will ever see or get me… Ever. We’re all just reporting from our dimensions.

The minute you say.. “let me tell you what’s true about the world” – you’re hallucinating. Because all this “projectional reality out here” is just assisting you in bringing up what needs to be loved in yourself, as you live-out, how perfectly everything works out.

The only thing you know is yourself.
Everyone is going through a transformation (most people don’t even know it).

Meanness/Pushes you away = someone is healing.

Only you exist in your world.
  Everyone else is just a visitor in your world assisting you in your highest evolution.  

How would you life change if you are able to say:
  Everyone is a visitor in my world (and they don’t know that because I’m a visitor in their world) and we’re both assisting each other into becoming better than we’ve ever been – we’re all ‘study partners’.  
Sometimes we help each other by triggering each other, and sometimes we’re just there to be someone to radiate a level of beauty that gives someone something to appreciate so they become closer or next in line to being that object of affection.

How is all this going to help me?

Spirituality is about exploration and revelation, it’s not about problem-solving. If you think of any problem you wanna solve with spirituality, it is fundamentally trying to resolve a symptom based on the belief that the symbol of that symptom. And your mind is proof that things aren’t working out and that things can’t work out until we extinguish that. Which opens the question: How is that thing helping you?

When an ego says.. “it’s not helping me because I’m inconvenienced… it’s not being the way I want it to be.. and that’s that”..

How is being inconvenienced helping you?
Inconvenience is how life makes you more flexible when you’re not aware of how flexible you can be. So you may be flexible to a certain extent, and the universe says… “we’ve got a broader range for ya”. And you go “well I don’t know how much more flexible I can be?”
Well…. bring in the inconvenience. One after the other.
To the point where you step back and go “my god.. this is so impressive!”
It’s like the entire world is conspiring to inconvenience me on a regular basis.. this is great. Look how good it’s working.

  Everything is trying to help you. Everything is going to work out.  

Do you feel the relaxation in that?

Everything happens for a reason, but never for the reason you imagine.

  Nothing that happens to you now has anything to do with the past. Once you have “survived” something, it is done.  

The past has been a building block of experiences, to create a foundation for you to be able to handle a celebration of everything working out.

But nothing in your past is the reason for why things are the way they are right now. Nothing.

You are the reason for all of your blessings and you have never been the cause of your pain. Your pain is a learning curve. Pain is what happens when you dream against yourself. Beauty is what happens when you dream with yourself.

  If you could have every answer in existence… what is real? what is truth? who is aware? any question.. if you could have the answer to any question… what the heck would you do with it?  

Nothing.. you wouldn’t know.

  But what it would do is give you the exact amount of faith that you can cultivate right now.  

So if having the answer would ‘give you the faith’, let’s take the biggest thrill-ride and say.. let’s find that faith, without the answer coming first.

You don’t need an answer to find faith. You need love for yourself. Loving the one that wants the answer. Loving the one that says “yes, inconvenience is helping me evolve”

Self-love cultivates faith. Faith is the melody of everything always works out. Faith is the harmony that everything is here to help me, whether I’m inconvenienced or willing or anything in-between.

You think acceptance makes things sting ‘less’? It doesn’t. “Faith” makes things sting less.

Acceptance is an internal gymnastics routine, where you have a conversation with yourself about what you think other people are doing to you. Faith is the bold ability to step out of your comfort zone and look someone in the eyes. Faith would say “thank you for helping me”.

Respond to anyone who treats you poorly… “thank you for helping me”.

You will literally transform the energy of all of your relationships and everyone will start treating you differently.

Do you know why people don’t treat you the way that you want them to? Because you don’t know they are here to help you. They don’t know they’re here to help you. Only you exist in your world. They don’t need to know they’re helping you, only you need to know it. Silently or outloud “Thank you for helping me”.

Everything is real. People are really hurting. People are really starving. People are really everything. Don’t pretend they’re not, because they are.

Do you want to know what you can do energetically to bring forth (because a lot of times   we get paralyzed by our sensitivity and we say.. ‘if I can’t do everything to help everyone in a split-second, I just want to crawl & hide because I can’t deal with how much help people need and I can’t do anything about it’.   You can do something about it right now energetically. You can anchor the energy that brings forth the consciousness and resources that blesses this entire planet and transforms it for all who are here. All you have to do is every-person you pass-by or talk to somewhere in the conversation (whether out-loud or silently), you say “Thank you for helping me”. Then all the gifts of your consciousness are planted in their field to blossom a greater harvest for their journey ahead.

Take your deepest pain. Your greatest atrocity. Whatever victim-hood that you occurred. We’re not going to justify it. We’re not going to explain it. I want you to be aware of what you were strong enough to survive. It did not destroy you. It only took from you what lightens your load for the journey ahead. Look at what you were strong enough to survive.

Take the one person that hurt you the most. And if you would not over-think this. If you dared to just say in your mind:
“Thank you for helping me”.
“Thank you for helping me to remember what I’m strong enough to survive.”

Who was your darkest character?
“Thank you for helping me”
“Thank you for showing me what I was never meant to become”

We do not understand abuse. We resolve it.
“I don’t know how you’re helping me, but thank you for helping me”

It’s either that – or endless symptoms for spiritual paths to cleanse and clear out of your field. Endless spiritual work or “thank you for helping me”.
One leads to inferiority. One leads to liberation.

The people who have hurt you the most would never know they have helped you. And once you know that on some level,   “every pain has helped me”.   It is not being said to minimize the damage and the hurt of it. I did not know what I was capable of surviving.

And for some of us where it’s like one shit-storm after the other.
Life is trying to prove how immortal you are. It destroys and you come back.. it destroys and you come back.. until you claim your immortality.
And the mantra – the secret password – “Thank you for helping me.”

  “Thank you” is the single greatest way to shift the energy.  

When you utter the words “Thank you for helping me”, you’re waking people up.

“Thank you for helping me world, I’m here to help you as well, Let’s do this together”

“Hello world, you’re welcome”

You’re not unconscious. You’re not separate from source.
What you are is energetically sensitive, not knowing how to use your abilities to help you instead of hinder you, and so you are liberated, autonomous, gorgeous expressions of divinity. With unhealthy doses of insecurity to overcome.

The evolution of our species is opening the heart of the most powerful and yet insecure side of the universe. We are so powerful and free that we have the ability to doubt ourselves as deeply as we desire. What frees you of that is ‘thank you for helping me’.

It’s that act of gratitude that aligns you with the faith, that reminds you that everything always works out, everything is here is to help you. That allows your conduct to be what you bring forth for the world and to love yourself so deeply in response to anything that you become completely immune to the conduct of others who are only showing you how much space they need. And when someone lashes out and says “I Need a Lot of Space” – ‘thank you for helping me’. And if people’s behaviours still affects you, which it most-likely will, that shows us where to send love next.

We’re the most courageous beings in existence because we are willing to do what not a lot of other beings in other dimensions do and that’s “feel”. It’s the greatest gift you’ve been given – is the ability to feel. I’m just here to help you make peace with it. So you can see it as a gift, not a liability.

You will no longer see the world as a reflection of what’s unresolved in you, you will remember that the world and all the beings you see are all the past incarnations you’ve already been. That’s the mirror. What you see is not what is still unconscious in you. What you see is who you’ve already been. And you are bringing the new, to all what has been the endless fields of the past, so all the previous chapter versions of this character, can resonate and harmonize with energy, and the past and the present can dissolve into the autonomy of your long-awaited destiny.

  Who you see; you’ve already been. And who you are; the world has never known.   Which is why you’ve come to bless it with your presence and beauty.

  Everything is here to help you. Everything is always working out. How is this helping me? Thank you for helping me.  


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