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I’m trying to inspire a friend to look at this option as a freedom business. I think this is definitely one of those businesses that offers a lot more flexibility and freedom with the coming “Reset” than other types of investments. If I had the money, I would definitely seriously consider this in our transition out of the cabal-controlled world.


  1. Work one day a week
    • Can work a couple of days a week to live comfortably
    • Or more if you need more
      • More flexible than a retail outlet
  2. Transportable
    • Can “move” the business to where the crowd is and follow events
  3. Free (or Cheap) Fuel
    • Can use the old cooking oil and vegie-matter as fuel
      • Obviously beneficial with upcoming fuel prices or shortages.
  4. Help Others/Family
    • Can hire staff to run it for you which can provide a way to help others
      • Can have a business for family
  5. Adapt/Sell what you want
    • If you choose a non-franchise, you can sell what you want
      • Adapt to changes/needs in the market
        • Another crisis? Add “bags of potatoes & carrots” from your local farmer, vegetables, toilet paper, distilled water, canned goods, lanterns, torches, candles, etc.
        • Hot day? add salads or cool drinks
        • Cold day? add hot soup or casserole
  6. Travel
    • Need to work out permits, etc. but it ‘can’ be a travel business.
      • Move your business with you wherever you want to go.
  7. No Lockdowns
    • Not subject to lockdowns – food is “essential”.
  8. Drive-away
    • Can “get out of town” if needed
      • A “drive-away kitchen on wheels” :)
      • A “drive-away business”
      • A “drive-away” bug-out vehicle / campervan
        • “Take your electricity & kitchen with you”
  9. Can “get sick” or take time-off
    • If you or a family member gets sick or wants time-out, you can still get an income by hiring others
      • Hire others easily without going broke
        • Unlike our day-jobs where we don’t show-up, we become homeless.
        • And unlike when “you are the talent/brains/muscle”
          • It’s something almost anyone can do with basic training.
  10. Choose your hours (mostly).
    • Some vans only operate one day a week (like at a weekend market) and still pull in over $1k in that day
      • (Depending on where you live and what you sell and what is going on in the world).
      • Far more flexible if you don’t want to have a 9-5
      • And again – flexibility of choosing your own hours and hiring others for the other days.

Magnet Branding

Flexible, Adaptable & Stealth

By using “magnet branding” instead of “painting” the van, you can:

  • Run multiple businesses
    1. Adapt business for events / festivals
    2. Adapt business to weather
      • Soup/Baked Spuds/Hot Foods in Winter
      • Juice/Smoothies/Salads/Cold Foods in Summer, etc.
    3. Adapt to political or legislation changes
      • i.e. some retail shops in my town had to start adding food to their shops to stay open during the “pandemic”, so having this ability to adapt products and type of business if things go south will be handy.
    4. Business by day, Homeless Food bus by night, etc.
    5. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Dessert/Snack Menu changes – whatever you want.
  • Become instantly “stealth”
    1. when parked in dodgy areas or car parks
    2. when parked at home/residential areas
    3. when travelling or at campgrounds
    4. when bugging out

That way you can move in stealth and instantly “adapt” to the whatever is going on in the world and completely change your business overnight as needed.

Mini “Back of the Van” Businesses

  • For some, a lifestyle of travelling to campsites with a mini-business at the back of it – maybe that’s all you want, to offer something for travellers – and if travelling with friends in other vans, you could work in harmony with each other.
    • “Open for “coffee, soup, etc.” for other campers
    • Brainstorm other ideas for your unique interests, skills, locality, or other campers or community needs, e.g.:
      • Hair cuts, nail salon, massage, foot spa, facials
      • Solar lamps, Phone chargers, Internet
      • Fire, Cooking, or Fishing utilities
      • Mini herb gardens
      • Fresh Fruit, Honey, Nuts, Eggs
      • Mini-Store with Camp Faves/Essentials (Foil, Lighter, Kindling, Fire-starters, Socks, Snacks, Batteries, Mini-Torches, Toilet Rolls, Butter, Garlic, Rain jackets, Bandaids/Blisterpacks, Antiseptic, Insect repellent, etc.)
      • Sewing Repairs, Hemming, or Crafts
      • Mechanical Repairs
      • Photography / Printing
      • Kids or Pets Play Area / Activities / School / Scouts / Skills
      • Reiki, Tai Chi, Spiritual Consults
      • Van cleaning / washing / vacuuming
      • Drinks / Distilled Water / Coffee / Orange Juice
      • Herbal Remedies / Essential Oils / Herbs / Spices
      • Knowledge
        • (how to run your car off veggie scraps, cooking oil etc)
        • (how to forage weeds/mushrooms/edible herbs)
        • (how to setup an internet income)
        • (how to setup their campervan for solar)
        • (survival skills or self-defence / martial arts)
        • (guitar lessons, language lessons)

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