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Electroculture is the ancient practice of increasing yields utilizing certain materials to harvest the earth’s atmospheric energy. Using basic materials like copper wire (and/or magnets) to vitalize the soil and increase yields by 100% – 300%. It also eliminates the need for fertilizer and pesticides.

What is Electroculture?

2 Jan 2023 Rumble-Mirror | YouTube-Source | Electroculture Life


So what is electroculture and how can it help improve the health of our soil?

If we go back in time, you have 1920s Justin Christofloreau. He created all these atmospheric antennas using copper and zinc and brass to basically harness the earth’s energy so that he didn’t have to use pesticides. What he noticed was at the time that his food would grow two to three times the size of what it normally is.

Now, Matt has been talking about electroculture for months. Really simple. Here’s the easiest thing. I went to ACE hardware. I got some wooden dowels. I got copper wire. I wrapped it in a spiral, almost like the DNA or Kundalini, up the wood. So I created an antenna. That’s it. And by the way, it was fun because I got to tell the people at ACE hardware and they were like, what are you doing? What is this? They’re taking notes. So that’s how easy it was. Matt, why does it work?

Basically, what electroculture is, is basically harnessing the earth’s energy that’s all around us, the ether, the orgone, the chi, the prana. Everything that’s all around us that we just can’t see. What you’re doing is you’re taking a piece of wood with copper or brass. You can use either one. You’re taking that and you’re putting it into the ground and you’re creating an ether antenna, and that ether antenna is going to pick up the frequencies that are all around and help increase the magnetism and the sap, the blood of the plant.

Lion City, China.

130 feet underwater is a maze of temples, arches, roads and houses. This is China’s real-life Atlantis although it was never lost and it was sunk on purpose. This was a massive government project that forced 290,000 people to relocate their homes as more than 1,300 villages and tens of thousands of acres of farmland were flooded and submerged even though this city is over 1,400 years old it has only been submerged for about 60 years when the Chinese government decided to build the hydroelectric dam and create Qiandao Lake. (02) (03) (04)

Dowsing Rods to locate water underground

So they try to keep us away from this primary water specifically because of the healing potentials that it has and also to create that scarcity mindset so they can usher in all this we’re running out of water blah blah blah, so it’s interesting with the whole primary water because we’re never taught about it. We’re always taught about these clouds with this rainwater cycle and if we stop getting rain, all of sudden we’re going to “run out of water”, but if you come to Arizona and you see how green it is over here, these trees are getting water from somewhere else they’re not getting water from the sky, they’re getting water from deep inside the earth.

Simple story and this is the easiest one to just debunk it all: Lake Elsinore, California started to go dry in the 1950s. So they had to call up a douser who basically came out with dowsing rods and this is how you can find primary water very easily. Get yourself some dowsing rods with are basically made out of copper or brass and you can find water pretty much wherever you want to go, but anyways he came out, he goes “there’s water right here, you’re gonna drill about 75 feet.”

The people who were in the system at that time, they were like “this guy’s a witch” because that’s how it always is, “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about”. Within I think it was two months of time after they drilled the well, put it all together everything else, Lake Elsinore was refilled and filled with water, and that’s it, and there you go, the water has came back and he found it.

Okay he’s right because I grew up on Lake Elsinore, that’s my hometown, it went dry and all of a sudden there’s water now, and it’s a huge… like where did this water come from? Look it went dry in 1950, and I’m talking – it’s huge it’s like one of the biggest lakes, it’s huge. You don’t think about it, but it did go dry at one point, where the fuck did this water come from? It’s got no rivers.

There’s a great book called New Water for the Thirsty World and anybody can look that up. They can also go to the primary water institute and look that up as well.

Just do your research because when you start to realize there’s this fear set and there’s always the water is going out, they know that they can make a lot of money, and that if we’re disconnected from that, they can take advantage of that. So it really starts to connect the dots of how in my opinion and I know deep down in my heart, we’re never running out of water.

“It is water, right? How did we get to the point where we’re paying for bottled water? It would appear the Americans are pretty dumb, but they’re not gonna buy water” “Oh yes, they are!” “Let’s just tell the Americans the water is from France!”

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