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Entertaining chat with YouTuber, David Dobrik and friends about a scary memory he had about someone he knew who got invited to be famous in exchange for a sacrifice.

David Dobrik Reveals The Truth About The Illuminati – Unfiltered

09 Nov 2021 | Rumble 11 Mins | 3Mins (Rumble | Telegram) | Full 2hrs YouTube (Timestamp 38min-50min)

“So back in our party days, there was this person that lived a couple floors down. Her name was Sydney.”

Yeah, I remember Sydney.

“Sydney would – this is gonna sound bad, but keep in mind, this was a long time ago – parties would happen, like, she would have cocaine, mm-hmm. A lot.”

She’s single-handedly –
Oh you’re not
I wasn’t the one who uh, um.

“What? scandal!”

Wait, nooo.
Everybody did.
Which Sydney?
I didn’t. No, I didn’t, I swear to God.
I don’t even believe that.

Whatever. But the point of this story is she really wanted to be famous. I guess, and she met somebody – who could promise her that. And she met somebody, have you ever heard this?

This is crazy.

She met somebody, and he was like, “I know how to make you famous,” and she’s like, “How?” And he’s like, “We can turn you into anything –

it may have been something like that

We can turn you – honestly, we can turn you into a singer, an actor, whatever you want.

MTV’s made.
I don’t want to be made.

And one day he visited her apartment, and he was like in a suit and tie, and I came in, and I saw him in the suit, and then she’s like, “Please leave,” and she closed the door on me.

So I left, and she came up to my apartment fucking sobbing, and she was like, “This guy – please, you cannot repeat this,”

and for – for three years I held the story to myself because I thought this guy was gonna kill me, but she’s like, “If you ever repeat this, they’ll kill me, and they’ll kill you, and they’ll kill anybody that you love,” and she’s sobbing to me, and she’s like,

‘This guy came to me. He’s like, I can turn you into anything you want to be, but you have to sacrifice somebody. And I just spoke to my mother, and my mom – my mom really supports me, and she’s like willing to be sacrificed so I can become, like, a singer or whatever, famous, whatever.”

And this was completely serious, and it was really fucking terrifying. Really, really terrifying.

Like, you believed her.

Totally believed her. And – and I didn’t tell anybody until she – she told you guys that dinner.


And I was like, thank God she’s telling somebody else, because I didn’t want to fucking die with the secret.

We can’t hold that for that long.

I was freaking out so much. And then, and then one day we went to, like, a Hollywood party, and I don’t want to say the names that were there, but they were like these big Hollywood guys who’ve been around for a really long time, like when you think of old Hollywood, these are the names that come up, and she was talking to one of them. She was an attractive person, so like the guys at the party were into her and they’re listening to what she was saying.

And she was just like, ‘Yeah, I was approached by the Illuminati,’ and this one guy goes, ‘Please do not listen to anything they have to say. They ruined my best friend’s life,’ and he was referring to Michael Jackson. And he’s like, ‘They ruined my friend’s life. They’re horrible.’

And it was fucking insane and I was sitting there. This was like a 4 a.m. conversation, and I was sitting there just like, ‘Oh my god, I need to go tell somebody’.

I don’t think I’m supposed to be here listening to this.

Stressing out. And I mean, that’s kind of where it got to, that was like the climax of it, but it was like a really serious thing that she like really kept a secret.

And now I’ve been around enough and I’ve gotten to ask a lot of celebs that I’ve met about the Illuminati because I’ve always been so curious. Yeah, like that’s such a big thing. Every time I meet any big celeb, my fourth question in is like, ‘Illuminati, real, fake?’ And it’s always the same answer. It’s like, ‘Oh yeah, everybody, no matter who they are, everyone always says that because it’s a joke.’

So yeah, that was like a really creepy thing, and I remember she told you guys, what did you guys think when she you told you? Were you there or was it just…?

The thing is that we weren’t out here for a long time, so we kind of, I feel like we kind of believed it, right? Because we hadn’t been that many parties. We haven’t done…
I still think there’s some weird s going on.

I… okay, I agree that I… I’m sure there’s definitely an Illuminati. There’s definitely a world order or whatever. Like, there needs to be, like someone to keep everything in check in some way or another. Yeah, I don’t see it as all that crazy.

I just don’t think it’s like anybody that has reached any amount of success is rubbing shoulders with the Illuminati. I think it’s like the people you don’t see, like I think it’s like the top 100 people in the world that control everything that you haven’t even fucking heard about.

I don’t think it’s like Jennifer Lawrence or Billie Eilish or like George Clooney. Like, maybe George Clooney. I just… I don’t think it’s like the people that come up and blow out of nowhere like sold their soul. I don’t…

How are they communicating? On group chat like emails? And if it’s a hundred people, why has not one person… because if it’s the Illuminati, someone’s getting fucked over. Somebody would get pissed if they were in the Illuminati and be like, ‘You know what, I got proof.’ And they would share all that shit. Either everybody in the Illuminati is getting treated…
They’d die before that happened.
Or they’re scared to because they’re fucking threatened. Yeah.

Yeah, I mean, there could be numerous explanations for it.

Was this Sydney girl that talented?
Hold on, hold on. Hypothetically, like I’m just saying, like I’m not saying yes, I believe or no, I don’t. Um, but say you were in the mindset that you would do anything to become famous, become this superstar, have all the money, fame in the world, whatever you wanted, and you said yes to it when you were young, and you were given it. You were living on top of the world, number one, whatever you wanted to do, and the only thing was, you couldn’t talk about it, you couldn’t say anything. And if you did ever come out and be like, “Yes, I have proof the Illuminati is real,” “I fucking did,” or “they would kill your entire family, everybody you love, everyone.”
Where are Illuminati murders? Show them to me.

I mean, it’s, dude…

I feel like they’re set up. They look like accidents.
This is also…
Because you’re in it. This is what they told you to do, is to come on.

Come on unfiltered and plant the seed and make it seem like kind of a conspiracy.

So he’s going to list off all the big celebrities that say, “Yeah, it’s real,” and then dispute it, you son of a bitch.

I’m just here to cover for Jennifer Lawrence.

You just said Michael Jackson.

Um, no, no, no. It’s, uh, no, that’s crazy, Matt.

Only a fool would believe that.
It sounds like an inside joke, like if I was as big as Beyoncé and I was hanging out with the next Billie Eilish, she’ll be like, “Hey, come back for taking shots. Okay, welcome to the Illuminati.” As a good joke.

Time out, time out. I don’t think when I’m saying Illuminati…

Not Beyoncé.
Beyoncé has to be in the Illuminati.
Hold on.
Who is in it?

No, when I’m saying Illuminati, I don’t mean like they dress in capes and they’re like, “We’re the Illuminati” It could literally be like friends getting together for dinner and they’re like, “What are you doing with your business? What are you doing?” Like, it could be that. It’s just the Illuminati is like, it’s like just, it’s a placeholder for whatever it could be. I’m not saying they worship the devil.

Society makes it seem satanic.

Yeah, I’m not saying that.

No. I think it’s just like super, super wealthy elites that…

it could also be like a really cool thing, like a super exclusive club. Like they go on yacht trips.

But they’re killing people. They’re sacrificing people.
I thought you said they weren’t killing people.
But you think it’s a cool thing, but you’re like, also…

No, no, I think there’s layers to this. I think what she was, I think the man she was interacting with was a scam, but I also think she was interacting with somebody that may have had a real encounter with somebody. I don’t know.


I just think that there’s like that an Illuminati is like what you describe it to be. Just like different religions have different gods, right? It’s like, it’s god is the name for people that they believe in.

I wonder if she, like…
Have you checked in on Sydney?
Uh, yeah, we actually…
Her mom’s not doing well.
Oh Gosh.

Sydney’s actually Billie Eilish.

I wonder if she did go through with it, like, what would have happened, you know what I mean? Like, how would that have taken place? Her mom being sacrificed.

I don’t think her mom ever would have been sacrificed.

I think it’s just to say that it was the commitment that you were willing to do whatever.

I think it’s just like you say something so obscure and so crazy and then…

to make them think

and then you ask her to wire you thirty thousand dollars and then I think the guy leaves with your money. I think that’s what happens.

Got it.

Like, there’s–this is the worst thing to compare to–but there was one time, do you know those commercials that would air on like radio stations like, “Does your son or daughter want to be a Nickelodeon star?”

Oh no. I remember, like, sneaking.
What did you do?

I auditioned.

Your mom sent money to that?

No, I auditioned…

And everybody gets in.

Everybody gets in.

I think I called too.

It’s so fucking fucked, it’s so fucked, like I went into an audition room and they had me do whatever. I was like,

“Showed your feet, everything”

Everything, yeah. I was like 14 or 15 years old, and then I got a call like a week later and I had the phone–there was two phones–I had the one upstairs and I could hear my mom on the phone downstairs and they were like, “Hi, we’re calling about your son. He auditioned a week ago,” and my mom was like, “Yes?” and they were like, “We love him!” and she was like, “Aaaargh!!” Like, oh my god, I’ve never fucking heard my mother be more excited for me in my entire life!.

Every kid is perfect for the job.
But where does it go? Like what happens?

They invite you back to the office and they show you a program that you pay fifty thousand dollars for throughout the next year, where they set you up in classes and they “possibly put you in front of other casting directors”. It’s a scam.

Anybody get big from this scam? Very curious about that.

I’m sure maybe that there are people like…

That’s not the way to go.

Yeah, but that’s not the way to do it.

Um, you mean it’s kind of like paying for a college that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars?
And you come out without a job?
They probably get so many families like that.

Yeah, tons. It’s fucking crazy, but that’s what I imagine that that girl who had an encounter with the Illuminati. I imagine it’s the same fucking shit. Just a scam in L.A.

That makes sense.

But it was scary at the moment.


And there were other people involved that were kind of backing up what she was saying.

So your mom paid the money, and then you got the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award, so it did work?
Oh my god, it did work. I never said anything about the time…
I really want this Illuminati thing to really happen for you and for you to finally get in that moment, and then, like, no, I come back, David posts, like, Illuminati induction. You guys don’t know what’s on the other side.
What is it? What’s the, there’s they do like the this one.
Oh, that’s the one, the triangle.

Someone watching this now is probably like, ‘Oh my god, they’re trying to do it, trying to get away with it with humor.’ We’re like, what is it? Is it this one?

I don’t really know. But is it?
I’m doing this, the help sign.
I have to reverse everything I just did.

Do they still do it today, the Nickelodeon “auditions”?

I think I still hear shit like that, but I also don’t think people crave to be Nickelodeon stars as much as they want to be a TikTok star.

Oh, that’s true.
You know, there’s now, ‘Is your kid going to be a YouTuber?’

Well, yeah. I always say, like, it’s so interesting how we don’t see like the new Seth Rogens or like the new young writers. It’s because people aren’t writing. They’re just, if they have a funny idea, they just make a TikTok.

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