Crossing Over By John Edward

Crossing Over By John Edward Bought brand new, read just once, slight creasing on edges, a couple of doggie ears, and some yellowing of edges, else in excellent condition.

Also had a "I'm one of Austraila's 100 top authors" or something like that - a gold sticker on the front cover which I tried to remove and didn't succeed at lol... (see picture). It hasn't damaged the cover, just needs someone with better sticker-removing-abilities than me.

Crossing Over By John Edward

These are the stories behind the UK Living Cable TV programme Crossing Over with John Edward . In this book John Edwards explains how to communicate with those on the other side, what to expect when you cross over and how to vanquish any fears you may have. Crossing over is a peaceful and loving experience, Edwards says, that will serve as a reunion with loved ones. He shows how to use tools such as meditation and visualization, and discusses how to understand the power of psychic abilities.

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