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IChing Kits IChing Coins ($10) & IChing Book ($15)

Excellent Brand New, Unopened condition (bought several new copies to sell with I Ching Kits). Several copies available.

A Little Book of I Ching by Vijaya Kumar

Almost all of us wonder what the future holds for us. The Chinese discipline of I Ching, based on the casting of coins, is an accurate system of understanding the present and predicting the future. This book presents the principles of I Ching, along with techniques of calculation that help to accurately predict and prepare oneself for the future.

This series brings to you a wealth of knowledge on diverse subjects that will enhance your personality, refine your lifestyle and change your destiny. Learn to unveil the mystery of life and glance into your future, or develop a code of behaviour to bring out the best etiquette and manners in you.

$25 (Or Barter)

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