Speaking & Writing Korean Bundle

Speaking & Writing Korean Bundle Good, Used, Condition (Bought 2nd Hand for family who were going to live in Korea, and they didn't want to learn Korean lol)

1.) Speaking Korean Revised Edition - Francis Y. T. Park

2.) A Guide To Korean Characters - B.K. Grant

Speaking Korean Revised Edition:
This book is intended primarily for those English speakers who wish to acquire a good knowledge of spoken Korean. This is the first of four volumes in an entirely new type of textbook series for students of Korean. This book has several unique characteristics to it, qualifying it as an important development toward a more integrated approach to the study of the Korean language. This new approach develops a new method of learning rather than simply a method of teaching. The structural-linguistic approach avoids simply repeating, changing or substituting sentences. Instead, the devices are used by the learner to achieve the goal of self-expression. This book has several unique characteristics and focuses on a more integrated approach to the study of the Korean language. It is the standard textbook used by most universities in the United States

A Guide To Korean Characters - B.K. Grant:
This invaluable dictionary of characters for modern readers includes an introduction to the standard written orthography of the Korean language, hangeul alphabet, and the 1,800 Chinese characters tought in Korean schools. Background on the characters themselves is included, as well as a guide on how to write and look up by radicals in any Chinese dictionary. This handbook functions as a character dictionary: its entries are arranged in stroke-count order and it contains both a radical and a phonetic index.

$10 for both

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