A4 Glossy 80 Micron Laminating Pouches – 100 pack (New Unopened)

A4 Glossy 80 Micron Laminating Pouches – 100 pack (New Unopened) Size/Type A4
Thickness 80 micron
Laminate 40% faster with Fellowes SuperQuick™ laminating pouches
Pouch seal edge is on the long side, perfect for high volume lamination
Enhance 80 Micron thickness – providing a basic level of document protection
Ideal for notices, photos, instructional materials and frequently handled documents
Gloss finish in A4 size
Pack of 100

New (Unopened)
Price as stated, else PM Me for my list of Barter Options to see if there's anything you are getting rid of that I want and we can swap.

I work 9-5 in Dowling St, Wendouree, live in Warrenheip near Mill Market/BP Servo, and I travel to Caroline Springs once a fortnight.

***(No access to messages during work-hours & no pickup during work-hours)***

No Postage Available on this item - Pickup only. Payment via Paypal available to reserve for future pickup if these times do not suit.)

$10 or Barter

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