Spike Protein

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Let’s just call it “Poison or “Reaction to Poison” to simplify… (but it’s weaponized nanotech… but everyone is using the words in different ways depending on their research & context they are talking about when referring to it, and depending on the year they were talking about it… so let’s just call it “poison” so that you can not get caught up too much on the different definitions)

Confusing ‘weaponized’ terminology that is used to describe a multitude of differing meanings:

  • a.) the ‘patented’ DNA sequence,
  • b.) the dangerous part of the supposed “fake-virus” causing “Covid-19” symptoms,
  • c.) any poison/synthetic “bioweapon” relating to SARS/coronaviruses, (graphene, nanotechnology, etc.)
  • d.) mRNA target generated by the “fake-vaccine”,
  • e.) “exosomes” i.e. cellular secretions as a natural immune response (PMID: 27296830),
  • f.) an image on a computer model, and so on.

There is confusion around the terminology because there are different perspectives and research on this issue, and, in the world of medical tyranny, there are those who are incentivized, threatened, or brainwashed, as well as those who are restricted or censored in how they present their findings to the clueless scared-to-death public and other scientists who are propagandized.

Pharmaceutical and defence companies and those under the collective term: ‘evil’, have weaponized science. Particularly anything that can be used to incite mass fear such as an invisible “something” that is already “in everyone” such as the body’s natural process of modulating health.

So, when looking at anything referencing a ‘spike protein’, look beyond their definition of the “spike protein” to discern what you can learn from the information presented (rather than getting caught up on the language that researchers have to use in modern-day weaponized science-fiction).