Chemical from silkworm; obtained from the isolated bacteria, serratia E15. Also harvested through fermentation commercially. Breaks down excess fibrin in the blood. Dissolves cysts and blood clotting. Heart health. Relief for autoimmune disease; asthma, lungs, mucus, carpal tunnel, swelling, wound healing, brain dysfunction; digestive issues (IBS, Crohn’s); ear, nose, and throat disorders; eye health; women’s (breast and gynaecological problems) and men’s health (prostate); skin disease; pain; breaks down fibrin coating of cancer cells. Arthritis. Safe for both humans and animals.
Safer alternative for migraines and headaches. Combine with nattokinase to improve brain health; & Alzheimer’s. Protects connective tissues of the ligaments & tendons.

Mechanism of Action:
It attacks dead cells throughout the body; tissue & protein derivatives in blood clots, cysts & other inflammations like hardening of the arteries (arterial plaque from atheroma–calcified swelling and inflammation). Gets to damaged areas by attaching itself to a plasma protein found in blood, called ‘Alpha 2 macroglobulin’. Will only break down and disperse dead tissue. No adverse reactions, or any danger to living tissue. Dilutes injury fluids (pus), accelerates repair & rebuilding of tissue. Powerful natural treatment for heart and blood related conditions. More here & here.


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