Micro-algae. Powerful natural detoxifier. Bonds to metals, chemicals & some pesticides found in your digestive tract. Only binds to unwanted metals & toxins – not minerals that your body naturally needs. Cleanse bowels, protects liver, promotes clean blood, repair DNA damage, anti-inflammatory, increases production of bone marrow & spleen stem cells, protects against & mitigates damage caused by radioactive damage. Rich in chlorophyll. Support elimination of mould. Promote tissue growth & repair. Boost immune function. Improve digestion. B-vitamins. Increased energy, focus & concentration. Normalize blood sugar. Freshens breath. Chlorella combined with Coriander eliminates heavy metals including mercury, aluminum, fluoride & much more – a Russian study showed that Chlorella/Coriander combo eliminated all heavy metals that they tested for. Contains iron, b-vitamins, and protein. 

Dosage: Start gradually and build-up as your body can tolerate it. Might take months to remove large amounts of toxins from body & start noticing the benefits. Note: Must be taken in supplemental form (humans don’t have the right enzymes to break down the natural form).

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