[IChing] New Earth? Demons? Future Happened? Other dimensions? Ascension?

[IChing] What is Life? Can I communicate with my future self? Can I rewrite my past?

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For me, IChing is a way to have daily access to benevolent wisdom. It wouldn’t matter to me if I was tossing these coins for any book that provided wisdom that I resonate with (people who are devout readers of the Bible or Quran would get quotes that they could contemplate daily and see other perspectives on their situation based on that particular quote – the Tao is that wisdom for me)… The IChing allows me to ‘explore other perspectives’ about questions I have about life.

I see the Tarot and Oracle cards and pendulum in a similar way. The way our mind works.. when we pose a question within, our mind explores our sub-conscious for possible answers, and if we discuss with a friend or another human, we get their perspective, and our mind goes to work trying to fit pieces together to see what ‘resonates’ and makes sense to us based on everything we have experienced and believed so far.

Rather than seeing the IChing or anything as “THE” ANSWER… I see it another ‘perspective’ to put into the mix… a way to explore more ‘helpful, kind-hearted, compassionate, and logical’ ways of seeing certain scenarios – generally more-so than what a friend or my own mind can provide, because I have decades of negative-thinking swimming around in my mind, and so does most of humanity. If we are to change ourselves to be more positive and solution-focused, and create a better life, then it starts with purifying our own negative-subconscious hard drive and seeing things from various perspectives that will help re-align our neural pathways to beliefs that assist in a mindset that can face & reprogramme those things within that are automatically choosing the ‘finger-pointing hostility towards others’ and the ego trying to save-face and never taking responsibility for one’s own part they play in the game of life and how things pan-out.

That being said, here are some questions.. and I intend to post up a lot more and am very interested in other people’s questions and what the IChing comes out with, it’s always very enlightening to me as to how I perceive it as the words come out and I try and ‘make it fit’ or see ‘another way of looking at things, and how my mind scrambles it around based on whatever I believe at the time. Fascinating to me.


Is new earth just a concept that if we strive toward, will change the collective?

Dignified Retreat > Move Toward the New
 #33 > #35  3 ,5

Retreat>”Move toward the new”. Proceed. Retreating as an act of strength. Putting distance between yourself and hostile forces. Letting go makes it possible to energetically move on. Migrating to a more accommodating climate is common sense when the alternative would be dangerous. 


// The way my mind interprets this is seeing that what we are doing is just not working. That humanity is heading in the direction of a disaster for all if things don’t change. From polluting the air, water, nature, food, with toxins, mining,  medications, etc. to choosing greed over sanity, to the housing prices, how we treat others who are less-fortunate, how we treat our neighbours even, the materialistic system and slavery, etc.  It’s time to use common sense and start being the change. That the new earth is either just a concept or is happening via the consciousness of those who ‘see how we need to change’, but in any case, it’s about moving towards solutions – to seeking a better way.

Even just now, I had a conversation with my sister as she scrolls through the real estate ads, wondering whether to rent or build or buy, and looking at the pricing and areas and knowing that whatever she chooses means working as a slave for something you barely have time to spend in because you need to work all the time to pay for the roof over your family’s head. That the system is just keeping people in jobs they hate, in lives they feel helpless to change. Lucky for her she loves her job, but even that is not guaranteed, you’ve got this 25-30 year contract which takes up 3/4 of your wage, and now have to ‘keep’ that job to ‘keep’ your house that you don’t spend time in. Spend your life on your knees. It’s just ridiculous. Anyway.. solutions are needed for the way that humanity is headed, in all aspects. I would rather die than be kept as a slave for the rest of my life for something I only have time to sleep in. 


Is it helpful/right to see/refer to/call ‘demons’ as ‘helpers’ instead? i.e. Helping us find our inner strength, revealing our weaknesses/wounds

Wanderer > Obstruction
 #56 > #39 4, 5, 6

Gratitude is the attitude. A light to guide you. Protect your state of mind. Be willing to adapt.

(4) Since being a wanderer takes you through every conceivable experience, inevitably you will go through a period of settling down. You have great talent for most situations in life, so it’s no mystery that your settled time would have many areas of success. You will be materially blessed and experience a period of relative emotional peace. All the while, something inside will be calling out to you for change, if just for the sake of change. Since you have put down some roots, you will feel disturbed and doubtful about this restlessness which your spirit won’t let go.

(5) It takes sometime to comprehend what a situation truly demands. It is natural to apply old thought patterns to new situations, but in this case you’ve got to try another way. You’ll feel a bit alienated and possibly suffer some awkward moments, but the people with whom you desire union will realize the heart behind your honest gesture. This ability to adapt is surely your greatest talent and is well suited to your nomadic lifestyle. You win the attention of the people you need to help you survive.

(6) There is a harshness about you that all your charm can’t conceal. Those closest to you know what it is to be a casualty of your restless search for yourself. Somehow, it is easy for you to throw away things which have precious value. Your lust for worldly pleasure can lead you to turn your back on the very qualities you need most. Ironically, you see true gentleness and modesty as unattractive traits initially because they can’t drown out the dizzying rush of your material desires. This is sad because your way is to regret what you lost through your own carelessness. It’ll make a great movie, but an unfortunate life.


// The way my mind interprets this it is indeed better to see demons as helpers. To see them as the catalyst for changes in your life. We level-out in our experiences and then ‘change’ happens. Life is always changing and our ability to adapt to change is how we view something as either benefiting us or hurting us. We have an inner-compass that we are guided to follow, and that is sometimes a mismatch to how we have been brought up (we have certain expectations of what we ‘think’ we’re ‘supposed to do’ / how life is supposed to work, how things are ‘supposed to be’)…  and these ‘demons’ help us navigate towards what we most feel aligned with (by showing us when we’re out of alignment & helping us find our weaknesses and vulnerabilities that are no longer relevant in our now-experience) and provide opportunities to find the inner strength and courage to go where we want to go. That we are ever-changing our mindset from moment-to-moment as we have more experiences and as we adapt to changes, our path is also adapting and changing, different challenges and obstacles provide more opportunities to learn and grow. That what may seem disturbing at the time, because it doesn’t make sense to our conditioned-expectations (society’s general view of ‘this is how it’s supposed to look’) may actually be what you need to help you level-up to where you are going and what you are doing here / true pleasure is when you are centred, aligned and being authentic to your true soul’s path.. that these ‘helpers/demons’ may seem to ‘take away something’ that society seems to value and expect, or be pushing you away from your path… and you may choose to see them as harming because it isn’t ‘going the way we wanted/expected’ but we only see the value in something in hindsight so it’s more beneficial to see them as actually helping you level-up from wherever you are, and helping you get back on track to something more valuable to your soul’s journey. Actually I’m really tired right now, I need to re-write this because it’s hard to explain how I interpret it. 


Has my/the future already happened?

Biting Through > Before the End
 #21 > #64 1 ,2

Everyday alertness makes it possible to see where you’ve gone off course in good time to head in the right direction. Accountability.  


// The way my mind interprets this is that we can change our future, that it’s not pre-destined. That we are accountable for the choices we make and do play a part in how things play out.


Do others aspects/versions exist, like other dimensions etc?

Excess > Discipline

#28 > #7 3, 4, 5

Yes, but that changes nothing in your current ‘me’.

To follow the energy of life, you will discover that it is always seeking the best of what you might become. Nature uses tension to push all things beyond the known ~ opposites collide and all are lifted to a higher, more sustainable level. Step back and look at the situation without clinging or a sense of dependency. Worrying is only depleting you of vital energy.


// The way my mind interprets this is … ‘yes, so what?’. lol. Like, even if other aspects, parallel realities, other dimensions exist.. that knowing that doesn’t really change the fact that we are living here, now, aware of this timeline here, now. And that we’re to learn and experience and create from the here, now in the reality that we are conscious and aware of.


What is Ascension?

Before the End

#64 Before the end.

Unfinished business. You’re on the cusp between the old order and the new. You will find your true home in the end (and see it for the first time). Take as much care with the last step as with the first. Tread carefully like an old fox crossing a frozen river. During times of renewal and transformation, there is an intense pressure to succeed, but to get anywhere worthwhile, you need to proceed carefully, affirming devotion to higher principles. Nature uses uncertainty to test all possible outcomes. Disorder increases energy and innovation. What we experience is a matter of perspective. Disorder will lead back to order. Transformation. The journey is far more important than the destination. A great change is brewing in your life. All the karmic streams have merged and seem to be heading toward a dramatic flood point. You are excited, yet unsettled about the potential this time suggests, which accounts for the flashes of doubt and questioning in your intuition. So many times you have said and believed that you have learned from your experiences. The thought of repeating past mistakes is a sad waste of life to you; you have experienced this waste and have seen it in the lives close to you. This is the nature of karma-that the unlearned lessons will haunt life and pain will perpetuate itself. You know these things, but now you carefully cross the ice again. All the wisdom you have gained must be integrated into the moment-by-moment decisions you will make in these days. If you become swayed by the voice of ego, which will assure you that you have learned all the lessons and are above making mistakes, you are in serious trouble. You will then find yourself face-to-face with a real karmic lesson. All the old demons and problems which most threaten your peace of mind will be alive and well and back in the forefront of your life. The very thought of this turn of events is motivation enough for caution. You have come too far to throw thoughtlessly away all the progress you have made. There is a strong suggestion that if you successfully navigate the powerful crosscurrents of this time, you will come to see the monumental, hopeful, and natural change promised by this last hexagram of the I Ching. The ultimate lesson is change itself. Each moment, each season, each life is giving way to the next. Doors will be forever opening and closing to the traveling spirit, as your old world is passing and your new one about to begin.


// The way my mind interprets this is that ascension is the transition of progressing through lessons and experiences and the exploration of a journey of learning. I can also interpret it from old earth to new earth. From 3d to 4d/5d. From separateness to oneness. Etc. Hero’s journey. I take all these perspectives and more from this. 


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