[IChing] What is Life? Can I communicate with my future self? Can I rewrite my past?

[IChing] What is Life? Can I communicate with my future self? Can I rewrite my past?

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For me, IChing is a way to have daily access to benevolent wisdom. It wouldn’t matter to me if I was tossing these coins for any book that provided wisdom that I resonate with (people who are devout readers of the Bible or Quran would get quotes that they could contemplate daily and see other perspectives on their situation based on that particular quote – the Tao is that wisdom for me)… The IChing allows me to ‘explore other perspectives’ about questions I have about life.

I see the Tarot and Oracle cards and pendulum in a similar way. The way our mind works.. when we pose a question within, our mind explores our sub-conscious for possible answers, and if we discuss with a friend or another human, we get their perspective, and our mind goes to work trying to fit pieces together to see what ‘resonates’ and makes sense to us based on everything we have experienced and believed so far.

Rather than seeing the IChing or anything as “THE” ANSWER… I see it another ‘perspective’ to put into the mix… a way to explore more ‘helpful, kind-hearted, compassionate, and logical’ ways of seeing certain scenarios – generally more-so than what a friend or my own mind can provide, because I have decades of negative-thinking swimming around in my mind, and so does most of humanity. If we are to change ourselves to be more positive and solution-focused, and create a better life, then it starts with purifying our own negative-subconscious hard drive and seeing things from various perspectives that will help re-align our neural pathways to beliefs that assist in a mindset that can face & reprogramme those things within that are automatically choosing the ‘finger-pointing hostility towards others’ and the ego trying to save-face and never taking responsibility for one’s own part they play in the game of life and how things pan-out.

That being said, here are some questions.. and I intend to post up a lot more and am very interested in other people’s questions and what the IChing comes out with, it’s always very enlightening to me as to how I perceive it as the words come out and I try and ‘make it fit’ or see ‘another way of looking at things, and how my mind scrambles it around based on whatever I believe at the time. Fascinating to me.


What is Life?

Clarity > Shocking

#30 > #51 3,6

THE FIRE NEVER KNOWS ITSELF. Recognize the sources of your inspiration and energy as part of a conscious effort to keep universal forces in balance. In fact, your whole outlook should be very “aware” of the world beyond yourself. Who is giving you the chance to shine? Where is the source of your energy? Acknowledge these helpful phenomena. Yes, you are a fine creature, beautiful and hypnotic, but you are a swift-burning flame, a bright twin to your own shadows. Now is the time to understand and realize the secrets of the universal integration of complexities, and even if the wider picture escapes you, you can contribute immensely to your own evolution by doing the “right thing” as you see it. Follow a positive and productive course with rigorous determination-this will be an appropriate show of perspective about yourself and circumstances in your life.

(3) We die a thousand times to be born. Each day is a birth and death. Each change we go through is a kind of mortality/immortality gate. Some even say that sexual intercourse is a death and transformation. All around you, you can see the human race engaged in a desperate, grasping for “good times,” which usually translates into abuse of drugs, alcohol, or social sexuality. Others become cynical and hardened to the shocks of life on the material plane. For you, neither of those paths will satisfy-you know life is what it is, and that’s enough for you.

(6) You have the power of the purifying fire. Negative and draining people won’t want to be around you right now-your radiating vibrations will drive them away. The best part is that you are nobody’s judge and most people will find you easy to live around. Use the same even-handed temper of mind in dealing with yourself. Be ruthless in the treatment of the destructive and negative forces inside you, but be understanding and lenient with most other areas of your character. You will do what you have to do. Trust yourself.


// The way my mind interprets this is probably based on my ‘creation exploring creation’ or ‘we are the master of the game and the pawn to go in and play it’. Basically that for lack of knowing anything about anything, that we don’t know where we came from.. but that it’s actually quite possible that ‘will’ was created, that this quantum thing is a thing.. and that for one to explore what it is, that many possibilities can be created in order to explore. That to know what one is, one can explore what one is by willing an existence where one separates itself into the many and explores itself through the diversity of different experiences. That even if we don’t know ‘what’ created us if anything, that there is some kind of universal force or phenomena that has created this opportunity and for lack of knowing any more than this.. it does seem like we are here to explore diversity – and that.. ultimately, the ‘right thing’ is that what you learn from exploring and having certain preferences as to the way things would be better… and then choosing to engage in that which creates a better life. To see opposites as diversity-exploring-diversity, that we all have perspectives that seem ‘right’ for us but ‘wrong’ for others, and to follow that which feels ‘right for us’ without judging others for their different perspectives as ‘wrong’.. but rather looking at each situation from ‘what can be learnt, how best can I harmonize with what is, what am I understanding, trusting your own journey. And for me, my journey is exploring this journey.. like always trying to ‘figure out life’ hehe. 


Can I communicate with my future self?

Meditate > Family

#52 > #37 1, 5

Yes – gain overview to see what’s needed for positive influence in your now. Inner stillness, you’ll feel the resonance.

(1) Your future is a long road before you-the mountains, the valleys, and the broad plains. A wide panorama is visible to you now. The various ways and paths open to you are clear-that you see them and their outcomes as a gift you have which is well-developed and extremely important to use at this time. Just be careful that as you experience visions, you don’t get lost in dreams. Enjoy your temporary peace, but keep in mind that you must eventually act on the decisions now forming inside you.

(5) This is a time to watch your own behaviour. If your outward face is too carefree or glib, them it is a sign that you are troubled inside. Charm and humour can’t dispel the difficulties and pressures around you. All you have to express your true thoughts to the world is words. Words sometimes have nearly magical and effective, if you choose them carefully. In fact, the more energy you put into disciplining your verbal expression, the more good you will generate for yourself and others.


// The way my mind interprets this is that yes, you can envision your future self, climb a mountain – see the various pathways you can take, see what the outcome is likely to be, and start bringing forth the wanted-future by ‘being’ that future-self now, doing those things that you know that your future-self has already faced. Not to fantasize about things like winning millions of dollars or being with someone that doesn’t feel the same way or things like of that nature, but looking at your life, contemplating from a higher-place, an expanded-perspective that which you know is possible and wanted in your life, and doing-that-now. I also see it as ensuring that you are mindful of your character – that which you are creating “BEING” – the words you think about and say, that you are what you think/say, that you look at those things that are ‘not serving you’ and ‘feed that which is serving you’. Looking at the particular challenges you have and ideal solutions to them, but not focusing on the negative.

For example.. I can see that I have to leave this house soon, I can dwell on all the fears that come up – that I don’t know where to go, how I’ll make money, if I’ll be able to get a job.. if I don’t get a job, where will I live – I still have my van (good, so no matter what, I have a roof over my head), but then I can dwell on “if I don’t get a job, how will I pay for my van.. or petrol for the van.. or food”..etc. Your mind will go where you take it. And in just 5 minutes, you can think about every single negative possible future scenario and how that impacts everyone in your life and everything in your life. If you’re not mindful, you can start “pulling in” these negative futures.  If you pick up that you are focusing on the negative that hasn’t even come to pass yet, you can pull your head in and start seeking solutions instead. Purify those negative thoughts, catch yourself. Seek a higher perspective, look at things from a birds-view, climb the mountain, look for other pathways.


If I communicate with my ‘past’ self, can I change my ‘future self’ or ‘now self’?

Enthusiasm > Gathering Together

#16 > #45 5

Obstacles may threaten every aspect of your life, including health. Pace yourself. This is a line of illness, whether the illness is actually physical or symbolic it will not last long. The limitation you will feel will give way after a time. Possibly you feel alone or isolated, even in a crowd because others seem to be more easy in their adjustments. This situation is not as desperate as it seems if you use it for growth. You must believe that you are learning about life and giving out good as you wait for healing.


Can I change/rewrite my past?

Change > Woo/Influence

#49 > #31 1

Stop. Take a good look before you leap into the unknown. Inner & outer revolution expands our horizon by removing the blinkers that previously kept us on a certain track but are no longer appropriate. Adjust your eyes to the new perspective first.


// The way my mind interprets both of these questions is that it’s not about ‘changing’ your past. That even if you think your past is ‘bad’, it’s not. Maybe it’s possible to change, but is cautioning against doing that – saying it wouldn’t be for your benefit because like the butterfly-effect, you could cause a far worse-future/now scenario (think of a hypnosis session where you ‘delete’ a past event in your life, that changed your life completely – you no longer have the personal experience/hindsight wisdom or any of the lessons you learnt through that event, and how it possibly changes everyone’s life). Basically I think it’s saying, look to your past for an expanded view – take off your blinkers about situations and look at your life now – look at what you would prefer now, take on the newness of what your life is and how it could be, and what past-thinking may not be serving your ‘current now’ and a better-perspective to take on, rather than dragging our past-woes into our ‘current’ life. Wake up each day and see it for what it is, now and don’t carry the past into the future if it is no longer appropriate to the now-ness that is you, today. “Clean up” or re-adjust your thinking/perspectives/beliefs as you move through the unfoldment of life, using the past as a tool just to see how certain choices, led to particular outcomes, and how adjusting our choices can lead to different outcomes. Learn what is beneficial to influencing a life that you want to experience, rather than trying to change what has already been experienced. 

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