Law of One, Religions, Love/Light ‘Vomit’, & Incest

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Reading the Law of One again without ‘fear’ in my being is a different experience. I can now see how benevolent it is, and how closely it matches the IChing as well as the more ‘benevolent/better side’ of the religious texts, and life philosophies.

Annoyed with the term love/light light/love, (*VOMIT*) must be my own negative ego. Judging them for being ditsy, stupid and insincere.

This is actually a comment someone put on my facebook.. like – this is someone that clearly believes a very similar philosophy as I do (very similar to the law of one), but the airy-fairy-lala-land way of sharing it creeps me out… I have a lot more ‘acceptance’ work to do on myself cos I shouldn’t be judging people of like-minds but lol.. I #can’t-even:

Wow, you are all beautiful amazing sparks of stunning light ? Oh how magically starlit the skies would be if we were all still up there, however we chose to come here to brightly shine our beautiful souls on Earth and assist in changing this planet…simply (excuse the pun) by BEing our true phenomenally amazing selves. If any of you have difficulty seeing that, or listening to your souls voice rather than your minds or just knowing the difference…I would LOVE to help. Inbox me anytime xxx

When I was all happy-happy, I wanted to raise others up. When I was negative, I wanted the happy-happy people to calm the Fuck down lol.

When you’re positive, you have a magnetic field around you- and the negative can’t go near you (they can’t stand you).

When you’re negative, the positive can go near you, but they can be drawn into that negative-magnetic field.

If you are looking at others through a negative lens, you are allergic to positive – you want to pull them into your darkness (not consciously, you just negatively judge and haven’t accepted the reality and beauty of the diversity in others).

Before I got in the car, I had a sudden realization that I don’t accept “Incest”. I remember, when I was blissful, I used to accept everything – I used to think that there was nothing you could tell me that I wouldn’t be able to accept, I saw the world through the eyes of acceptance of all, that these roles we play are for our own chosen pre-incarnation lessons. In other words “life is perfect as it is, no good/bad right/wrong, just an adventure of the soul”.

Murder, Rape, War, Disabilities, Abuse.. I saw the ‘victims’ and ‘abusers’ as participants in some ‘hero’s journey’, that these experiences were all part of the ‘creator knowing itself’, or that at least that pre-incarnation they were willing-players.

After I turned negative, I saw all my beliefs as delusional and I haven’t re-integrated this “acceptance of all that is” yet. And today I realized that I have discomfort in regards to ‘incest’.

Because I lived in a girl’s home, there’s a lot of people I’ve met in my life where incest was part of their life, and I didn’t accept it at the time (and neither did they) but as I explored life and did a lot of self-work in psychology, and personal development and then eventually spiritually, I had found a peace with it.

But from the last catalyst, which was the wake-up call to realize “hey, you’re not done yet – you still have ‘issues’ to work on”, I realize that I don’t accept everything. My ego and pride needs to realize this also.

That when something does bother you (and you don’t want it to bother you), then it’s up to you to contemplate upon it / work on it, until it’s no longer negatively interfering with your life.

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