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Hashing out “Simulation Theory” with ChatGPT

Exploring the concept of the Simulation Theory with ChatGPT; particularly the hypothesis that the human experience is happening inside an advanced artificial intelligence program and how it may go about concealing this from humanity, when it may have to perform cullings and resets to prevent us from advancing too far, how it may influence us, concepts exploring the nature of reality, and, how to pivot or hack the simulation.


[IChing] New Earth? Demons? Future Happened? Other dimensions? Ascension?

Today’s questions: Is new earth just a concept that if we strive toward, will change the collective? Is it helpful/right to see/refer to/call ‘demons’ as helpers instead? Helping us find our inner strength, revealing our weaknesses/wounds? Has my/the future already happened? Do others aspects/versions exist, like other dimensions etc? What is Ascension?