The dark days are over. Back to Crazy-Land!

IN Dark Night of the Soul
The dark days are over. Back to Crazy-Land!

Listening to “Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over” today.. all I can hear is “The dark days are over. The dark days are done.” (instead of “dog days”).

It’s such a fitting string of words to have in my head today because I feel so empowered, I have so much hope for humanity. Which is going to sound pretty perplexing if you read the rest of this, which is all about negative entities in the world :)

Awoke at 3:30am this morning. Many visions. 3 nights of visions about a guy I know. His soul (as a child) pleading for help. Sharing with me ways I can help, even feeding me exactly what to say. But when I wake up. My gut says “Hell, no!”

No way is he going to understand my visions, no way can I tell him what I’ve been shown to say. And who is to say that my visions can be trusted anyway? Could be just unconscious mesh-up of thoughts, dreams. My own mind playing out different scenarios; “figuring shit out”.

On the other hand, the visions have helped me

It helped me clarify something I’ve been in denial about my whole life.

Last week, a friend from the past called up, told me about demons. I said, don’t bring that into my reality, my reality is free of demons and evil and stuff, and that you get what you think about. Discussed it with another friend who is on another level for what I’m going through, who told me the same thing she did, that just because I don’t think they are real, doesn’t mean they aren’t. 

My thoughts were that we get what we think about, and that if I stay in denial, then they don’t exist in my reality.

But then it has been playing on my mind. Both because of those 2 discussions in the same week, and the 3rd person, seems to have something controlling him. Something on him/in him. Angel otherwise, but something keeping him very much in the lower vibrations and darkness.

This whole game of challenges, and levels.. my life has been flat out weird the past few months. I mean, yeah the past few years but especially the past few months, everyday something miraculous or out of this world happens, or an unfolding sequence of events reveals itself as all being connected.

So, some kind of evil does exist, and it’s feeding off our negative vibrations?

Even if that’s true… How does that change my life? Not much.

There’s really not much at all I would need to do differently than what I already do. My life philosophy, when followed keeps me in the higher vibrations, where demons/reptilians or any kind of evil shadow that people seem to believe in and bring up, cannot live/survive, right?

They are attracted and seem to dwell in negative energies: those who are stressed, fearful, angry, weak, sad, low vibes, depression, etc. My whole purpose has been to raise the vibes.

I admit, I’m completely ignorant about negative entities. This is not an area I’ve been interested in learning or resonate with, and I’ve only had limited exposure.. maybe a few months of conspiracy theories, about 20 hours or so of David Icke, probably the same amount of time with Holographic Kinetics, and a little bit of Dolores Cannon recently, as well as the websites I scoured this morning looking for anything that can help my friend.

My thinking is (unless someone wants to correct me), that nothing much changes in the grand scheme of things. I still help everyone raise their consciousness and vibrations, I still love unconditionally, and still keep myself in-check by ensuring I am continually raising my own vibrations. Between myself and everyone else who is consciously & unconsciously vibrating high, my beliefs and tactics do not have to change dramatically. Positive beats negative. Love over fear. 

Just a slight adjustment in my belief system and thought process to realize that I may not just be dealing with low vibrations, that there are parasites out there that are feeding off them and implanting things into their mind.

The way to help others seems to be exactly the same.

And I’m not afraid of them. I feel empowered and confident and kinda happy to be made aware.

It certainly explains a lot of the evil and low density areas in the world and why people do the things they do.

However, it would be much easier if we didn’t sound like complete nutcases. Ignorance really is bliss and in so many ways, it would seem better not to know, but I think now that I’m coming over to believing it, that maybe it’s just important to not “fear”. Ok, they exist, but they are just parasites that can be diminished with love. Nothing to fear.

Just another level, another challenge, in this weird game of illusions of the mind.

I don’t think I need to get deep into this, just be aware of it, and help people the same way. Raise their vibrations and trust my intuition if it says “stay away right now”.

Help them when it’s safe to do so. 

Help them by raising our own vibrations.

They don’t need an exorcist or anything, they just need to get out of the pits of despair.

Love, unconditional love, will find a way.

I’m not giving up on this guy, although just as I was driving right now, thinking about this, and right before I turned off the car, I was listening to a Dolores Cannon audio and out of the speaker came:

“We’re not supposed to try and change anybody’s thinking. That’s a big no-no. We can’t influence anybody else. If we try to, it will just go over their head and they wouldn’t understand because they are not ready to understand. But when they get to the point where they’re asking questions, then we will have the answers. Otherwise, we’re not supposed to interfere with them, you’re just supposed to let them live their lives and make their own decisions. This is the planet of free-will. We’re supposed to just show by our example.”

I’ve already learnt that from when I tried to help others with natural healing. It just doesn’t work. You have to just be the example.  Was this a timely reminder message from the universe?

(Update – yes it was a timely reminder lol, never disregard these seemingly random, coincidental messages! This ended up being my “lesson” and I received many messages over the course of the day trying to make me aware, and I didn’t listen)

The problem is, I see his soul yearning to be activated. To be released from this dark place. How can I abandon him? I can’t. I won’t.

Maybe Dolores is not right about this, or maybe I’ll find out that she is. Until then, I want to at least try.

And, I would be living “out of authenticity” if I didn’t. Being “who I am” on any given day. Knowing that everyday I am being authentic to me, even if I don’t bring over yesterday’s beliefs and even knowing that tomorrow’s beliefs will not be the same as today. Today, I am honoring my own truth as it is right now. The urge to “fit in” has gone. I really feel much better when I’m being whoever I am, whoever that is, on any particular day, in any given moment.

I’ve never been in this position before. I’ve never been consciously aware of it before. I never believed it before. So this just adds a whole new dimension to the series of awakenings that I’ve had.

I feel like I’ve evolved 100 years the past 3 months, and every single day, changing-up my beliefs, seeing something else, some new way, some new angle. And I still feel like a child. Learning things for the first time. Always in “new territory”. Seeing the world/reality in a new way, and something keeps changing the rules lol.

Nothing changes, and yet everything has changed.

Everyday I feel this way. New awareness, differnet ways of looking at things. New perspectives, and new situations to deal with and grow from.

Still like a baby.

Not getting shown the entire picture, just what I can handle at any given time. What next? The next piece, the next level, the next challenge.

Trust the journey. Maybe I can’t handle the whole picture. My mind isn’t ready. I’m not evolved enough to understand. I need bite-sized pieces.

Do you know anyone that is being manipulated by negative energies? Can you or were you able to help them? Or do you just let them be?

So with my limited understanding of this, here’s the basics of what I know:  

Parasites Feeding off Negative Energies 
(decided to create a new blog post with my notes, cos it was too long)

I hope this is not another one of those “I’m sharing this because this is what I need to know – another message that was intended just for me” :)


So much for being “back to earth” and acting like a normal person. I guess that lasted all of 2 days. I guess I’m not cut out for normality lol.

Now I’m back in crazyland. And, I hope I can still help the people I am meant to help from this crazyland-headspace I live in, cos now that I’m here again, life is too cool and amazing to leave. I don’t want to go back.

I’ll continue to do what I said I was intending to do yesterday on Youtube, and that is “Create a podcast series or video series on how to raise vibrations and have a positive mindset”. 

I might have to let the crazy out in some of them though because I think people are ready to hear, some people are ready to know, and hopefully, if I’m not “too crazy sounding”, the other people I want to help will just take what they want from the other stuff. That people will only see what they are meant to see at this time. 

I think people who are waking up need to know what they are aiming for. What our higher purpose is.

That we are primarily here for 2 reasons:

1.) To explore and expand our awareness. (personal spiritual growth)

2.) To raise our vibrations to love, which will help others vibrate higher. (our higher mission to the collective)

Read this 3D/4D article to see why I keep coming back to this. As much as I stray away and my logical mind keeps wanting to default back to normal scepticism, I can’t help but keep coming back to this and when I’m here, seriously – I don’t want to leave. (I keep stepping out though lol).

What Do You Mean The 3rd Dimension Is Going Away?

Nothing changes, except the importance of it all just got stepped up a whole new level.

Instead of just being love and being exactly where we are, doing what we feel called to do and helping others, expanding and growing at every opportunity, in every moment, there are good souls on the line – people we care about. But still, free will. :/ They get to choose. But I can’t help but really want to give them the best chance of coming across to the new world, the new dimension.

Why would I feel this absolute calling to do this if I wasn’t meant to do it?

I’m just supposed to sit back and not do anything, not take any action, not help others find their way?

I feel that I need to step up my game, and I need to help encourage others with this calling to step up their game. Let’s help millions more come over to 4D and experience life through the eyes of love. Many have heard the call and not known what to do about it. Dolores saying “nothing” is all good and well for some, but for me… I feel compelled to do “something” to help everyone. Many are still living in depression and illness because they don’t know their true purpose of being here. Like literally part of the crew that is supposed to help, and they are wasting away somewhere instead. 

Heaps of people have led the way and been the beacon for all of us when we needed them.

I think it’s time for others to join them, to support them. OMG.. I sound like I’m trying to start a revolution, religion or cult haha.. 

I just think that “normal” is the new crazy and evil. I feel like it’s time to wake the sleeping. All those who have movement in that area anyway, those that feel like something is wrong with the world and that they are supposed to help in some way but they don’t know how. This is how. Get yourself out of the darkness and start helping.

It’s time to show people the world they couldn’t see but now have access to. 

In masses we need to collaborate by stepping up our game.

Start a podcast, create webinars, get a website, record videos, start attending meetups. Stop hiding from the world. Your story matters. Share your love with others. Share your positive vibes with others. From where you are, the town you’re in, the workplace you’re in, the hospital you’re in, whatever. Help people. Stop being part of the problem and start loving people as if they are all angels, because they are. 

Get out there and share with people how you got out of the depths of despair. Show them how you overcame that challenge. Allow people to hear about how you healed yourself. Show them your world, your reality. Show them what’s possible for them. With just a change in thoughts.

I want all the good people of the world to make it. Can we step up and make that happen I wonder? I think anything is possible if the cause is just and people work together. Ok, I think that part, was a message to me. Fine, I’ll get the new website up and start recording positive messages.

In the meantime – if you have any advice, I would be grateful for any tips on busting out of my own ignorance about these things by anyone who has had a positive experience. Noone should not have to endure this suffering and mind control manipulation. He is an angel. An angel that is suffering and I believe that he can have an amazing life, free of this. I see it. I feel it. I know it. I just hope there is still some part of him that knows it too and is willing to get there. 





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