You are not evil. (Parasites Feeding off Negative Energies)

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This is an “add-on” to my last post (The dark days are over. Back to Crazy-Land!)

The post was getting a bit big, so I decided to have a separate post with my notes on negative entities (evil/reptilians/demons, etc.) (of which, for the record, I didn’t believe in and still on the fence about, but that “even if there is truth” to it, it doesn’t change much about anything, except to be aware, stay vibrating high and trust your intuition if you get a bad feeling. I see nothing good out of hovering in this realm, or digging any deeper. Just vibrate high and trust your gut. 

Nutshell version of this whole page:

You are not evil. You have some ankle-biter parasites feeding off you & manipulating you, and you can convert your negative energy into positive energy just by changing your thoughts/feelings. There is nothing to fear, in fact – fear is the cause.

  • They thrive on your suffering and your pain. It gives them the ENERGY they crave.


  • The reptilians literally feed off of our fear and anxiety.
  • The reptilians can turn up the sexual arousal mechanism in humans with little or no effort.
  • Not only will the abductee have these kinds of erotic dreams and act upon them in the dreamscape but also he or she will receive erotic mental imagery even during their waking hours. Telepathic suggestions will be utilized to encourage the abductee to engage in sexual intercourse. 
  • A male abductee that has had his endocrine system altered can emit pheromones that will literally repel women.

This is not conjecture or speculation. Thus we have male abductees who can have their libido manipulated at will by the reptilians and yet be unwittingly forced into extended periods of celibacy. This sets the stage for the astral dreamscape manipulations which may lead to this person’s conscious or unconscious adoption of AN alternative lifestyle.

A male abductee will find himself in an astral dreamscape environment that is highly charged with sexual energy. He himself becomes aroused as the reptilians manipulate his libido. The male abductee will find himself in a bedroom setting. There may be one or two beautiful women lying on the end. As he approaches the women, they begin to assume very seductive postures and positions on the bed. The male will find himself extremely aroused. He may begin to hear telepathic suggestions encouraging him to engage in intercourse with one of the women. He will position himself so as to penetrate the woman. At exactly the same instant he penetrates the woman, he feels an intense pain in his anus as a reptilian being sodomizes him. 

At this point the male abductee often times wakes up from the pain he feels. He feels an icky tingling energy in the bedroom and feels this energy throughout his whole body as if it had tried to penetrate his very being, but is now exiting his body. The icky tingly energy seems to hover directly over him but gradually begins to dissipate and finally goes away.

  • Many people who use crank have confessed that their sexual desires became more and more deviant as time went on. They began to visit the child pornography sites on the internet or began to mentally sexualize women in a sadomasochistic and bondage and discipline fashion.


  • “David” (abductee) told me that the reptilians began to work on him when he was in the midst of a deep depression. He was at a low spiritual ebb for having lost a job and was psychologically, physically and spiritually vulnerable to Reptilian mind control. David made it very clear to me that the reptilians set out to take control of his MIND.
  • Many abductees “hear” beeps, clicks, radio transmissions, tones, high pitched whines and other assorted sounds inside their heads. So it is with David. During this deep depression he began to hear a loud ringing in his LEFT EAR. Shortly after the ringing in his left ear he was besieged by “a flood” of sadistic mental imagery.
  • At first he began having fantasies about clawing his girlfriend during sex. He said he actually felt as if HE HAD CLAWS. He would fantasize about slashing women with “his” own claws or with broken glass. Later he imagined and thought constantly about harming and killing women in horrible ways.
  • Sexual Dysfunction with his girlfriend was never a problem before. He and his girlfriend have always had a passionate and robust sex life.
  • It is important to understand that biting, clawing, kidnapping, restraining, ritualistic sex torture and murder are behaviors which reptilians and reptilian controlled serial sex offenders mentally confuse with what we call SEX. To them all of these heinous crimes are part and parcel of sexual activity.
  • There was an undercurrent of anger and frustration within David due to his sexual dysfunction which seemed to increase whenever he tried and failed to have sex with his girlfriend.
  • The male abductee then began to have mental imagery of things that can only be described as horrifying. He began to fantasize about violently inserting sharp and jagged objects into women’s vaginas. He just COULD NOT prevent these images from coming into his Mind.

Eventually David overcame his problem. He gets along much better with his girlfriend and is able to engage in sexual intercourse again. He was able to overcome these demonic impulses because the human side of him won out in this internal conflict.

He was unable to have normal thoughts prior to and during sexual intercourse. Indeed when he would attempt lovemaking with his girlfriend his mind would be flooded by thoughts of biting, clawing and murdering his girlfriend. Due to this and the reptilian sexual manipulation he endured is it any wonder that he was unable to perform sexually? And is it any wonder that his thoughts of sex were replaced by thoughts of cruelty and sadism not only towards his girlfriend but towards women in general? This is an absolutely key point to remember and which I will point out again and again during this treatise. Ideations such as cruelty, sadism, sexual torture and ritual serial murder are entirely typical of the reptilian mindset despite whatever propaganda the Reptilian hive consciousness would have you believe.


  • Do Not Be Afraid
  • Naturally you will feel fear when you come to know all these for the first time. There is no need to feel afraid or fear. Know that it is part of their nature and what they do to induce fear. Bring out the courage within you and know that you are safe and that you are being protected by your higher self.
  • It is part of the plan by the soul for some people to experience encounters with dark forces or be involved with their activities. Therefore there is no reason to be afraid unnecessarily. Believe that you are safe. Experience joy and love and it will help to raise your vibration and those around you.
  • It is important that you expand your awareness, expand your consciousness and continuously seek to know the truth so that you are aware of the events surrounding you, enabling you to have the ability to see through the deception and lies that you have been led to believe.





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