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Sat 24th Oct 9:32am Morning pages

I like to think about things,
try on things (beliefs),
see if they work for me, help me, & if they do, try and share in a way that I hope can help others.

Reality – I just want to ever-improve myself and have an arsenal of ways that I can help others who are experiencing suffering. I want to be my best self and others to be their best selves. 

Is the nutshell version of my entire philosophy.

Now, I have so many “things/thoughts/ways” that help me, and I have trained my mind to be open to look for what I need to adjust and use and feel in any given moment. And I’m not done. I love continually learning, and every moment allows you to expand and grow. Every moment you have a choice on what to think. Victim or Victor. 

Pretty much, my life philosophy is:

1.) Accept whatever is happening as if it is helping you in some way.
(Accept as in “letting go of any negative thoughts about it”)

2.) Adjusting your beliefs and letting go of old ones “on-the-fly” to deal with the situation at-hand.

3.) And loving everyone for who they are.
Living in integrity & love. Being ‘what love would do’.

Because it works for me.

(Update: Put this through the wringer today, and need to add “try and find the funny side” in there somewhere!)

The other stuff I dwell and get into, are just ways to make the journey way more fun, allows me to communicate with others who are exploring a more fun way of looking at life, and gives me way more expansive ideas on how to help others.

The truth? Seems to be that there is no “one” truth.
It’s whatever you need in the moment.
It’s whatever you imagine it to be, to help you.
You get to create a good life, or a shit life, from having good thoughts or bad thoughts.

That’s it.

My goal was to be happy all the time. I’ve reached a place where I’m pretty damn close.

I have challenges. I get that wave of sadness, worry, stress, resistance to what is, or frustration. But I know how to “lift” out if it now. 

I want to help those that don’t know how to move through the wave, they ignore the first wave and then, the 2nd wave comes… from discomfort to major resistance & helplessness, then suffering, sabotage, stress, illness, and irreparable relationships ensue, drowning in their own pain.

It went from something very easy to lift/shift (if you know how), to world war 3 or absolute darkness & misery, awaiting “someone else” or something “outside of you” to help you lift/shift it. 

I suffer when others suffer. I pain when others pain.
I want to share this philosophy with others but their beliefs restrain me.

I really feel like there is so much that I do now, that can help others, and I don’t know “which bit” will help them in the moment, because everyday, I learn something new about myself that helps me, I adjust everything “on-the-go”.

I’ve also been delving into more of the unknown to continue my path of happiness (I love learning everything I don’t know). There’s so much in the world already that can help people.  I need to know that I’m at least doing something for “their” pain.

I’ve come back down to earth today to share a bit of logic to my crazy various beliefs and thoughts that I use, and check where I’m at with them today.

  • The 3D/4D thing. I’m not totally on board. I’m 5% leaning towards the 4D thing being reality for me because it fits nicely into my philosophy. It’s another “tool” (belief/thought) that I can use to not only keep myself in a better place, but also keeps me striving to help others. It gives me purpose. No idea if true. But my philosophy “fits” that. It helps that. So I switch that on and off depending on the moment too. But it’s a sway towards, not a firm belief excepting when I do believe it, life gets insanely interesting and magic. The whole world changes when I’m in that zone, I’m a true believer and it’s out-of-this-world awesome. But when I’m not in it, I doubt it. Today is one of those days where I’m more 3D than 4D lol, so I can talk like a semi-normal person today which is also good :)
  • Positive thinking. 100% on board.
  • One-ness, Fits my philosophy, so I’m “Leaning towards.”, not 100%, but I lean towards that way, because that belief serves the entire universe, not just our local community :)
  • Love everyone… 95%. Heavily-leaning towards. The 5% away is 2.5% because people are so used to “normal” that they tend to actually be a bit “meaner” towards me if they don’t understand that I love them but don’t want to marry them and have their babies. I just want the best for them and yes, I see them as angels, and forgive their demons. The frustration of this not being understood causes some people to be nasty. And 2.5% for not knowing what I would do if someone murdered/hurt someone I love.
  • Miracles… 95% (Life trips me out! Once I leaned towards this, I started seeing them everywhere, sometimes instant-manifestation.. but you start to notice patterns and signs, symbols, and have trippy experiences that are hard to describe, so yes.. “miracles” are an absolute 95%, unless I’m 95% crazy already)
  • Thoughts create reality… 95% towards, and the 5% is for when things just don’t seem to work that way, but otherwise, 95% seems very accurate for my life.
  • You choose / have control / have power over how much you suffer… 100%
  • Multi-dimensional beings or telepathy or mind control… 100% – Why 100%? Because I get the same “messages” as others all across the world. But I do not 100% believe where these ‘messages’ come from. Could be other people, multi-dimensional beings, could be something completely outside what I’ve thought of yet, or it could be some kind of mind-control experiment – from who? no idea. TV is definitely a mind-control device to the masses (that you can observe very clearly when you no longer watch tv). Who is to say anyone is immune? And possible that this whole thing (the life we are conscious of) is an experiment of some kind. Who knows – we don’t know shit.


Everyone is delusional.

It’s ludicrous and delusional in a very negative way to want to spend your whole life doing what you don’t want to do. Living as a slave to your family, friends, community, government. Killing people in other countries. It’s delusional to think that living a life of hate and power and wanting to control everyone is a good use of your time here.

It’s also delusional to think that we can create anything we want. That we can heal ourselves, live happy, create a world of peace, harmony, and love. But which delusion would I rather live in?

Preferably, I would like to live in any delusion that:

1.) Provides me freedom to live how I want to live. That makes me happy. That is interesting & expansive & exciting. Where everyday is new & fun and allows me to grow and interact in a good way with others. And to be healthy, vibrant, confident, & loving.

2.) That wants the same for others. That’s where the ‘loving’ kicks-in. For everyone to live their best lives. For everyone to make-it. A life of caring, deeply-caring for the happiness and freedom for my fellow humans, and all the earth. That even wants the best for the spider or the ant. To want the best for everyone, whatever their version of ‘best’ is. End slavery. Create your own happiness. Live free.

Which delusion do you think I want to live in?
Which delusion will change the world?
Which delusion will ultimately lead to world peace, harmony and love?

Which one do you think I live in “right now”?

Regardless of all of our delusions (negative or positive or somewhere in-between), whatever reality you have created for yourself, whether it be the delusion of religion, spirituality, or positive thinking / good mindset, if it supports my delusion of “love and wanting the best for all”, being “free”, and happy, and lives in integrity with what “love” would do, I support it.

I don’t believe it personally, it has guidelines to use for a better life for all, but it is still a kind of mind-control/slavery and I want to be completely free to believe/think/do/live however I want in the moment, because sometimes the best thing to do in the moment, is not to force someone to be a certain way against their will, is not to turn un-believers into enemies and evil-doers. Sometimes it’s best to think for yourself, what would “love” do here? rather than “what does my book say that I need to do now?”

So from all the religions, spirituality, people with good/positive mindsets, I take in what I need to serve my life, to serve the moment, to be the best version of myself. There are some great things to learn from all. And some things serve you in the moment, and others do not. Some things are the best thing to do for the moment, the right thing to do, to live authentically and with your own integrity and what feels right – what you resonate with, and some things do not. There is not “one right way” to do things. 

I choose to be an angel rather than a demon.
I choose to see others as angels, rather than demons.

I don’t believe in angels as per other people’s descriptions/experiences with them, but if they do – that’s perfect, that’s great. When I say that I choose to see the angel in others… it’s seeing the “best” in them, wanting the best for them, having compassion for whatever they are going through and loving and encouraging them to be their best selves. Basically, I don’t want people to suffer. Anyone.  

I believe thoughts, our individual & collective thoughts make & break this world.

Regardless of what the “real truth” is, of which we may never know, but which thoughts can we individually have, no matter what they are, will end your own suffering and with your own suffering now gone, can get you into a good place to be able to then help other people who are suffering?

That’s really the nutshell version of my beliefs and thoughts I choose to explore on a daily basis.

I got to a place where the truth doesn’t matter. It’s fun to explore and seek, but it ultimately doesn’t matter.

I explore it just to learn more, to have more understanding, compassion, love, and because that’s kinda what we do, and that the more you learn, the less suffering & judgement. I have to “up-keep” and keep ever-exposing myself to people who are sharing how they help themselves and others, to keep my happy “life is wonderful” mentality, to keep me vibrating “high” so that I inspire & be the example to others to do the same for themselves, and then ultimately pass-the-baton onto the others they care about.

I don’t see the world changing to be in peace & harmony if everyone is too busy dealing with their own shit.

I have hope for all of humanity that as people wake up to positive thoughts – whatever modality they choose to get there, that it is a chain-reaction.

One smile can change a person, that person’s “smile” can change the next person, and so on.

This fantasy of mine, to be free, happy, and help others do the same, is not so beyond your imagination is it?

I think this is our natural ‘inner-knowing’ state.

To live in love. We started out that way, and it was brainwashed out of us, but now that I live this way, even if it feels like I’m doing it alone a lot of the time lol, I get to live my life “in love” with life and with all, and for “me” that is the ultimate life. I never thought I would get here, I never imagined it would feel like this. It’s just… a place where you don’t “need” other people to validate your existence.. you just be your loving self, and feel love for all, and life is happy. And when others appreciate it, it’s even better, but it’s not a “requirement”. 

What would happen if you could trust everyone around you because you loved them and wanted the best for them?

I live in that reality now.

What would happen if:

  • You were homeless and could still live a life of purpose, still feel free, still have love in your heart, still want the best for yourself and others, still live in integrity?
  • You could go to a meaningless (in the grand scheme of things) job you hate and still turn it around to be a life of purpose, to help others end their suffering, to start the smile-chain-reaction, to make other people’s days & lives better?
  • You could heal yourself of depression and disease, no matter how far gone you think you are?
  • You could die, knowing you were able, for a time, to be yourself, you knew you did good, that you made a difference, so you no longer fear death?
  • If you could appreciate every moment for what it is?

I live in that reality now.

Today, I have realized my peace on earth.

Today, I truly realize that freedom is a state of mind.

Today, I live true to who I am in this moment.

My thoughts, beliefs and ideas about truth change daily, to suit the moment. To give me freedom/power over the moment.

Accept what is, let-go of what was, live in love.

Live True. Live Free. Love.

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