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Notes I’ve taken from The Book of Mastery:
1.) The Book of Mastery [Paul Selig] – [1]
2.) The Book of Mastery [Paul Selig] – [2] The one you are reading
3.) The Book of Mastery [Paul Selig] – [3]

  • Now you must understand this concept: “Can only be in truth” means that it’s true. And what is not true is fear, what is not true is hatred, and what is not true is an agreement to harm the self or another for any reason. You must understand that these things exist in lower vibration and, consequently, are not in alignment with the eyes of Christ.
  • Finally, we would say that anything that befalls anybody is an opportunity to grow, high and low, and whatever you claim at any of these levels you are in consort with.
  • You must all understand that a collective creation has been made by all f you at a higher level to move this frequency to the next level of incarnation of the species you are in. Mankind is at a level of awakening, and the resistance to the awakening, and the resistance to the awakening is causing some mayhem that may be attended to through physical experience, or can be chosen to be realigned with in a higher way. 
  • You are in a creative act everytime you see anything. You are interpreting data and deciding for the self what it means.
  • You think you are not Divine. You think you are our fear. You think you are what happened to you. And you think the one beside you is this or that as well, and none of it is true. It’s a way of knowing the self in interaction on the physical plane, but it holds a lower vibration.
  • “I am seeing with the eyes of the Christ”
  • Now the eyes of the Christ hold no judgement, do not perceive in fear, has no investment in being right or making another wrong. She knows who she is, she is unafraid, and, consequently, what she sees is the perfection tha is inherent in all things. And we said “all things” intentionally and that includes death that you are all so frightened of. If you could understand the inherent beauty in the transition you would all make eventally, you would not be afraid, but so much ahs gone into protecting the self, and the manifestations of the self, that you can’t even see who you are.
  • The Divine Self does not judge a thing, she sees the Creator in all before her.
  • Am I wrong to fear those who do harm to others? How you attend to this person is not to be in fear with them, but to honor the Divine that is intrinsically there that is hidden in shadow. That heals you both. If you wish to judge, you may, but you cannot be the light and hold another in darkness. That is the hypocrisy of most of your religions, “I am holy and they are not.” Those who have been led astray, who have followed a path in fear, are as deserving of love as those of you who are complacent in the worth. 
  • “If some of us align to this level and others refuse or resist, do they go into two camps, are there two realities that coexist?” In fact, there is only one reality. All the aspects that you perceive are illusory, but because you engage them and call them into manifestation in environment, in social class, in all things of the physical realm, you begin to understand that two men may stand side by side in a garden and one will be in Eden and one will e in hell based on what they know and what they claim and what they see.
  • Do not expect others to embrace this teaching because it has served you; their path may be very different and perfectly appropriate to whatever their needs are. As you align to the Christed Self, as the one who sees, you no longer decide what is good for the next person You have no right unless it’s your child, or you have been called to caretake for someone who cannot choose for themselves what is the high way for the next one, or the ones after that. Each man s given jurisdiction of her choices and her right to choose. There are many roads up the mountain and, as there should be, there are different ways of moving up and beyond what you have known as a physical reality.
  • Here is a list of things that do not need to be there: Fear, in all its forms and in all its creations. And here is what is fear: war, poverty, greed, anger, abuse and violence.
  • If you wish to know what it means to be a master, it means to change matter though your own conscious manifestation and expression and it is done, every day, by each one of you and you don’t even know it.
  • As you trespass on your own fears, you will be encountering yourself through those creations that are simply there to shepherd you forward.
  • As you walk the mountain, you do so naked, and we don’t mean without your clothing but without the names you have dressed yourselves as, that you have worn. “I am the mother,” “I am the child,” “I am the one who works so hard,” “who never gets it right,” “who will never climb the mountain to the top because I know I can’t.” Whatever those names are that you have used will beckon you and invite you back. As you rise, as you release, as you reclaim, as you move to wonder and the awareness of all that can be, the song that you begin to emit as your vibration is one of joy – and we say “joy” intentionally – and we are saying this for Paul, who does not believe he will know joy; he will always be a cranky man who worries far too much about things that may never happen.
  • The level that you can comprehend is what you can attend to and no more. You do not give trigonometry to a child who cannot add two and two. She will be baffled and ashamed.
  • You will be addressed by this teaching and by our call at the level that is appropriate to you at whatever stage of evolution and growth you are now at. And we say this again: As we teach you where you are, we also understand that one day you may be very good at trigonometry, but that does not mean you should get the lesson book now. You must be taught at the level of awareness you can attend to, but you will not be left behind. You must understand that the teaching of right and wrong that all children receive is taught through their entire lives in very different ways. 
  • But we will say each time you encounter the fear, or move beyond the blame, or attend to the lower nature and lift it to the higher, you give yourself permission to progress. As you stand there facing the tiger in your own paralysis, the path still waits for you to rise up to. It will never be gone. It will be there when you are ready. In this lifetime or the next, it will be there.
  • Nothing happens here without your consent. We are teachers; we are not your masters.
  • When you walk up the mountain, you will be met by several people, several entities in different forms. They may appear in spirit, but more likely they will appear in flesh, and these will be the people to support you when you need to reset and re acclimate to where you are. It may be a friend yuo know, it may be a visitation in a dream, but each one of you, when you have the opportunity to rest, will be greeted with joy and with comfort, “Here I am, taking my time to ponder my life, to understand my needs, to understand my progression as I go forward on this next stage of this adventure.” The trials you face on the road are part of the adventure. You are not being punished by the creations you attend to. Welcoming your perception to be lifted by the encounter with the thing that would challenge you.
  • Imagine that everything that ever happened to you, good, bad, whatever you would claim it as, was brought to you for a reason, whether or not you know it.
  • “To the truth of all” means you see in truth and you do not lie to the self about your perceptions anymore. The vanquishing of the fear-based heart, the releasing of the fear-based self, is part of this journey, yes, but you cannot go very far up the mountainside unless you know yourself in truth.
  • The Christ as you does not run away. She may depart a situation in a claim of truth, but in her true essence she is never afraid because she does not align to fear. It does not exist as her. When you know yourself in this fashion everything changes. The world is new because there is no ear to taint it.
  • “On this day I choose to witness the one before me as she knows herself, as he knows himself, in the vibration of truth. We claim you before us in your perfected sate, and as we know you in truth, in alignment with truth, we claim you as the one who knows who she is, what he is, how he serves.”
  • “At the beginning of the text you said that nothing is real. What is the contradiction here?” There is no contradiction. All is real in God. Nothing is real as perceived by the small self who demands to know herself through her creations. That is that teaching.
  • The Divine as you, the spark of the Creator, is ever present even in your denial of it.
  • The Divine is always present, regardless of what you see before you. But because you have been given free will, you can dim the light, you can shut the door, you can do as you wish.
  • When someone acts in fear, they are acting out of an alignment with their own awareness of their Divine Truth. When someone accuses unjustly, or uses another to bring themself to a place of fame in a negative way, what they are actually doing is deciding for themselves that they will not be in alignment, and that is their choice. We will tell you this much: There is no man born here and hereafter who has not encountered these things as they progress through their lifetimes. Some may be a missionary, some may be a slave master, some may be a king, some may be a pauper. You have all played all the roles as you progress forward in this play that you call your reality; consequently, you don’t have to give it great credence. But when you are on the initiatic path, a path where you encounter sages of initiation, you are encountering, always, the names yo have known yourselves through in relation to others. We will explain this for you. When you meet a challenge in your life, you are actually encountering the thing you need to learn to move beyond. When you meet a hero on the path, a soldier, perhaps, who does good deeds for the benefit of all, you are having an image of what may be known as you, one who gives you the purview, by expression, to see what may be known. When someone’s behaviour is not what you would like it to be, they become an example for you, perhaps of what you do not require, but in fact, all they are doing is expressing at the level of consciousness that they can attend to.
  • This is the key: When you are presented with false evidence, the challenge is to see the truth. When you see someone in your life, anyone, perhaps, who is behaving in a way that would be contrary to what you know to be good, you are actually seeing evidence of a lack of alignment. A lack of alignment, very simply, is a lack of the awareness of the self-worth, and true self-worth, we say, never recriminates, never bullies, never harms, it has no need. Once you know who you are in your worth you have no need to prove a damn thing.
  • “Look at me, look at me, look at me I have scaled the mountain How victorious I am! is truly at the base of the mountain. 
  • We need you to understand that the Infinite Self that you are is always in progression. As you reach the top of this mountain, as you welcome the fine air, as you witness the gifts that may be known at this level of collusion and collaboration with the Divine Self and the Infinite, you will also notice that there is another mountain just down the way.
  • The small self, in her alignment has not reached the top in the way she thought she would. She has encountered those aspects of the self, the fears she has known herself as and through, the false idols she has worshipped, the memories that were born in distortion. She has witnessed these things, acknowledged them, and ascended beyond their purview.
  • Each one of you calls the lessons you require to the self at the time you need it. So if what you need is healthy esteem, we say “You know you have the right to be here just as you are” means you will call that lesson to you.
  • There are mountains to follow, yes, but the Divine as you who leads the way will begin to call to you each opportunity you need to re-know the self in the truth of who she is. 
  • “If he treats me well, I will love him” has nothing to do with love. When you can love another with no expectation of a return, you know love.
  • What you bless, you lift; what you damn, what you curse, you cast out. Now when you cast something out, you align it to the darkness and there has been teaching that things should be cast to the darkness for the good of all. But what is cast to the darkness grows in force, and the intention of the darkness, as you understand it, is to cast a shadow to preclude the light, to stand in its own defiance. When you lift something to the light, you give it the opportunity to heal. When you cast something into the darkness, you actually give it power. So the intention to damn anything you see, to put it outside of God, is actually to empower it. Blessing all that you see, even when it disguises itself in great fear, will support you in aligning to the light that will dispel the darkness.
  • As you lead on your path, you are incarnated as the shepherd, the one who calls forth and shows the way to those who will follow in their own way.
  • By example, you can say you lead, but more importantly, by your field, by the vibration you hold. There is a level of dialogue, word, or the hand, or the skin. There is an exchange of vibration in occurrence in all matter, and every thought you have, high and low and in between, actually has impact.

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